Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soap Opera Blog Coalition Thursday and other Hot Topics!

As the World Turns' Terri Colombino and One Life to Live's Bree Williamson and David Gregory popped up at the 25th Annual Starlight Children's Foundation Gala on March 4 at the Marriott Marquis to help shed light on a worthy cause. Check out photos from the event. (Daytime Confidential)
In the spirit of ABC's "Rediscover" campaign, we've put together our own... Rediscover Hillary! With the reveal this week that Damon is actually the son of Hillary Wilson, one of Tad's former loves, this is the time to get to know her. Also the PVB is appealing to fans to get Carmen Thomas-Paris back in the role she created. (Pine Valley Bulletin)
The only thing in the world more pleasing to the ear than Olivia's righteously angry smackdown of Sonny would be the sentence "Breaking News: Bob Guza Fired!" But since we'll probably never get the hear the latter, the Serial Drama girls will just play (and re-play) the former when they need a pick-me-up. (Serial Drama)
If The Bold and the Beautiful's Steffy does just one thing right, she will convince the new owners to change the FC name from 'Forrester Creations' to 'Freakish Creations" or something because in my mind, that is the only way the buying public will ever be able to relate to these wretched retailers. (Soap Opera Examiner)
Wub Tub Sunday Surgery explores March General Hospital spoilers including the Keifer drama, newbies coming to Port Charles and some great tweets from your fave stars. (Wubs)

OTHER HOT TOPICS: Well, the KISH News is taking the net by storm...Twitter is all a tweeting over the outrage of it all.  Soaps are supposed to push boundries. Not ONE ABC soap will have a gay couple on canvas. With all the gay hate out there, it would be nice to show a loving, adorable couple IN ACTION. But no, blame the bad ratings on them. grrr. I'm writing snail mail and trying to get them to listen to reason. "mainstream' INDEED!! NOW Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens is saying Destiny, Shaun and the whole Evans family is going EXCEPT boring ass'd GREG! :/ Oh, I am NOT HAPPY PEOPLE!!

Tonja Walker aka Olivia Jerome is going to be on Tristan Roger's REALITY BYTES!! I love her. I can't wait until it airs!! I'm going to be doing a feature on it soon with interviews and such. I want to go to a taping too! Maybe JetBlue will run a deal.

GH today: Lulu finds Dante an apartment..awwww. Spin tells Maxie he lied. I HATE LISA, I HATE LISA! She's just boring and a time filler. There's NO chem between she and Patrick. I loved Epiphany's eyeballin' her when they stepped out of the elevator. Kristina looks like she's about 33 in that dress! whoo!! Hell , the Haunted Star was hummin...guess they had petty cash hanging around to get some extras.
So, did you see the clip of Krissy after she's beaten up below? OUCH! :( not fun. BTW, we do NOT say "Card" here, we say "Proofed" (to show ID at a bar) ... they need a regional person to help them out. Drives me NUTS. I also find it hard to believe that Keifer would beat on Krissy with Sonny as her daddy. I mean, I get it's a story but after that look he got at Kelly's, you'd think he'd run the other way. Ethan grabs her hard and calls her a little brat, which will bolster her claim he's the one that beat her. ;/
Max and Milo having fun with the island girlies. heh. Very cute.

GH is going to be ugly in the next couple of days with the beating and all. Hang in there!


  1. I am sooo hating this bit with Krissy/Keifer/Ethan. Kristina and Ethan are being written so out of character - she was never that dumb and he was never that mean.

    Is it just me, or does that apartment Lulu found look very much like Franco's studio?!

  2. The sad part is even writting or calling won't change Guza and his Ideas... Come on he thinks the GH ratings went up Because of JaSpam not the Dante, Lulu, Liz breakdown and even though it sucks the WTD. Why would they listen to fans About KISH they didn't about Liason or Niz or John/Nat, or any other..... THEY DON"T CARE ABOUT US THE FANS.... Prob cause no matter how mad we get or FF thru sucky couples we still watch

  3. Ok so Kristina falsely accuses Ethan of beating her up. Isn't that against the law? How's Alexis gonna get little Krissy out of that one?

  4. I hate that Kristina pointed the finger @ Ethan, however I LIKE that this story will bring Alexis & Sonyn together, and will show different views with Jasam (the spoilers show he believes ethan sam believes her sister). Finally! The old Sam will think for herself! No more: here girl, here girl, wanna treat? And I think this is what vistims do they protect their abusers. Kristina better show some serious remorse. The actress is fab so I think it will pan put and end up showing Kristoina & Ethans chemistry even more. If Luke can rape Laura, kristina can certainly make a false accusation out of fear. I was surprised that in that clip Alexis didn't react more shocked at kristina's face. Even my knees felt week.

    As for Kish, even high schools are showing no tolerance for sexual preferences. In the South or not, that story of the girl wanting to go to prom with her girlfriend, broke my heart. the school shut the hwole prom down. The girl file da lawsuit since the actual "rules" said you had to go to prom with the opposite sex. Is this 2010? I am heterosexual but have 3 children. Chances are one of them will be gay. So what. Doesn't hurt me any who they choose. Who am I to tell them who to love? When are people going to MTB? This girl was pretty brave, bravo to her.

  5. Maybe Kristina believes since Ethan is Luke's son, Sonny wouldn't kill him.Her hurt at being turned down seems to have won out. Any hope of ever being friends with Ethan is gone though. He was upset with her, but it would have passed. Not now.

    Don't agree Kristina is being dumb though. She knows someone will be blamed and is still protecting Keifer. Misguided maybe, but it is common to protect the abuser, and it seems she will blame herself for making him mad. She's wrong, but it is realistic, unfortunately. Blaming Ethan wasn't the way to go either though. How does she know where he was? If he was on the Haunted Star, then the lie will fail fast.

    Max better hope Diane never finds out about those island girls!

  6. totally Francos!! It's huge. like a cop could afford that! LOL

    PIPER I hear you! If I lived in that district I'd be so pissed. I'd sponsor my OWN prom...where only gays could go. LOL

  7. I have always thought GH should do a gay storyline with sonny and jason. jason always puts sonny first and sonny has always been virbually abusive with women. it makes sense to pair them together. jasoony!

  8. the way I see it, gay couples are BAD and beating up a teenage girl is GOOD. Way to set an example, Disney.

    I find it so hypocritical that gay relationships are frowned upon and yet heterosexuals have not exactly been a shining example of family values of late (john edwards, rudy guiliani, just about every male politician in history...)

    So, no gay couples. How are our straight couples fairing on the soaps? Shining examples? Have they perfected relationships yet? um. no.

    some day someone is going to act out an extreme act of violence, and then say "well, I saw it on Disney's ABC soap opera. If it is DIsney, then it has to be ok, right?"

    Ugh. I am so upset over this krissy storyline and the fact she is blaming it on someone else. And then when she is found out, the response will be "oh, that's ok. as long as you say you are sorry, it doesnt matter who gets hurt."

    Sonny will probably shoot ethan in the chest (thats how things are solved on GH) and then Luke will retaliate and it will never end. Soon, everyone will be shot and the show will be down to just 5-6 mob people.

    And, for all those who mentioned it, I agree Bobbie can be an incredible influence in this storyline, but unless is it a wedding or funeral they will never bring Jacklie back.

    so sad.

  9. on OLTL Blair has been tossed around like a tennis ball but the one couple who actually had a GREAT relationship has run its course. they are getting a baby and there is nothing left to write? are you kidding me? that would have been storyline gold being its hard enough for fish to be comfortable with being gay, nevermind them raising the baby. i dont know what else to say. sad. just sad.

  10. Okay, I am in the minority here, but I didn't like the Kish story. I don't enjoy seeing that on my screen. I am not prejudiced, it is just not my thing.

    I wonder if OLTL's ratings will go up now. They are probably trying everything they can to get the ratings up.

  11. "Anonymous said...
    Okay, I am in the minority here, but I didn't like the Kish story. I don't enjoy seeing that on my screen. I am not prejudiced, it is just not my thing.

    I wonder if OLTL's ratings will go up now. They are probably trying everything they can to get the ratings up.

    March 12, 2010 1:49 AM"

    Same here...

  12. I actually thought Dante's new place looked like Courtney's old apartment set, just with brick walls.

  13. According to an article that I read the OLTL ratings already starting going up prior to the announcement that KISH is being let go, so how can they say KISH was the reason for low ratings? I love KISH- they have an honest, real relationship that has been shown in a very tasteful manner, IMO. I agree that OLTL is missing out on a gold mine of a story in having them raise Sierra Rose. I will miss them. I heard a rumor that there are going to be more people let go and if true, Karen you are really not going to be happy! I still have no idea why that brought that Gina person back as Kelly- still can't stand her. Her acting is awful.

    On GH, I watched the clip with Kristina in the hospital. I too was shocked at the way she looked- this beating from Kiefer is going to be a lot worse than I had expected. To be honest though, I did not think the acting in the clip was all that great. I know it was a short clip and hopefully there will be better acting throughout the story. But people were using the words "emmy worthy" based on that clip and I just didn't see it.

    Not to make light of a very serious story line, but if Diane finds out about the island girls, Max may wind up in the hospital right next to Kristina!

  14. Is there any way to get GH and OLTL to listen to the fans? Really how do we get what we want and if we do then they will get the ratings... come on

  15. I got it... Jason was kidnapped by Helena and the one that took back sam and started acting like this is fake Jason who is really Valintine.... The nreal Jason is being held by Hells and Jerry at Shadybrooke and Liz will stumble upon him and rescue him for a change and they will escape to the studio which happens to be in the same building as Dantes "brooklyn" apt. Lulu and Dante will help Jason recover his life and bring down Hells and Jerry for everything they have done and Lulu will find out that not only is Lucky the Baby daddy but Liz was Hypnotized by Hells to be with Nic to give her an Heir and a Spare. Lulu calls Sam and Lucky to the apt and they realize they like working together and that they need to help Kris and Ethan and find the truth about keifer. Sam and Lucky fall in to each ohers arms and realize they are a GREAT couple. Sam Breaks up with FakeJason and then run in to real Jason and realized what Jerry did to her and that Valientine is Helenas Bastard (so Sam and Val are not blood related)Lucky Sam DAnte Lulu Liz and Jason become the new 4teers plus two and they bring down the Cassidines... and Jerry. Now thats Soap writting and think of all the stories and Romance

  16. Cathy, I love your storylines, any chance TIIC will listen?

    I am still upset about the Krissy/K/E storyline. After the way that Krissy acted--ruining Ethan's date and brazenly stalking him despite his rejections--I almost want someone to beat the crap out of her.

    Of course, I detest violence, but this is not realistic, in my opinion--most battered women suffer from low self esteem. Krissy is shameless, manipulative and evil (at least part of her is), which dilutes the storyline, as it's hard to identify with/root for her.

    Maybe the point it, even if the victim is not a good person, she still doesn't deserve to be hit, which is true, but I still don't think it's realistic.

  17. As someone who lived in upstate NY and tended bar for decades, we did indeed "card" people. But I agree that they need someone to fact check these scripts. In a recent ep Molly asks Kristina if she's going to sneak into the city. Maybe go to Central Park. Hello!? Port Charles on Lake Ontario a good five or six hours by car from NYC. They do this a lot.

    PLus, it's my theory that Lisa has switched teams after a couple of bad relationships and she's not jealous of Robin, she's envious of Patrick. Let's see - she's a type A competitor, loves Nascar, drinking, and what passes for country western music now. That's got butch written all over it she wants Robin so bad.

  18. Why does a female that is a lesbian have to also be butch? Although I am not a lesbian, I know some that are very much feminine.

  19. To budugly: Ya know I rarely comment here and I certainly don't want to start trouble here but comments like yours is whats wrong with this society and are not welcome here. Very offensivenwhether you meant to be or not, think before you speak or type of course lol.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. I said nothing about all lesbians being butch.

    My wife says I am in touch with my feminine side. I cook, paint, can wear brightly colored clothes and hats and watch the soaps occasionally. But I'm not gay. She works on her truck, maintains the household budget, works in the garden etc but she's not gay.

    It was just a whimsical observation based on the hope that the writers could do something more interesting than "Woman Steals Husband." Why can't it be "Woman Steals Wife?"

    *edited for spelling and grammar errors*

  22. I'm glad to hear that ratings for OLTL are going up!
    I am a huge fan of John/Natalie, so I hope they keep going in that direction.
    Why must Max and Milo always look like buffoons?
    Carly can leave my screen anytime. First bothering Lulu and then Dante about getting Sonny off the hook for the sake of the kids?
    Two years ago, she was telling Sonny he was not Michael's father because he saved Kate instead of Michael. I think that anytime she talks, she looks stupid.
    I like Johnny with Spinelli and Maxie. Shows that he is still a good person. Just wants to retaliate because of his sisters death.
    Still not a great episode yesterday.

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  24. I personally think Dante's new apt looks like Patrick's old apt that Robin found for him. Who's KISH??

  25. Kish is Kyle and Oliver fish a male gay couple on OLTL


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