Wednesday, March 24, 2010

General Hospital: Delightful LUKESON Day!!!

LOVES me some Maurice and Tony scenes!! And with JJ on in other scenes, all I could think of was their funny camping trip. heh. GREAT actors in a GREAT scene!!

SPOILERS are up and a pic of Maya Ward! : WUBSNET please hit a sponsor to keep me in Biz!! Thank you. Rumors are FLYING about Keifer's demise. One: His father beats him. Two: His mother beats him Three: Either Mom or Dad beat him bad enough he dies. Four: Michael does it. ...there are a million of them out there. Everyone but Dr. Matt is rumored to be in the mix. Why not Dr. Matt? He's still invisible. Or he's a ghost. Fight Club!!

Oh Dang...Lulu tells Ethan Luke raped Laura!! oy!! wow.

Dante and Claire scenes were so BORING today. All they had to say was "leave Michael out of this"... it seemed to last about 2 hours.

Lisa/Patrick/Robin...Robin trying to talk to Lisa about Sonny being innocent. Heh. LISA, please go away with GHOST OF DR. MATT!

Damn Lexi did so WELL today. When an actress can cry it makes all the difference!!!!!!! She was so great, I got a little misty.

LOOK AT THIS: (click for larger image)--giant soap star charity event in Michigan! Lisa LoCicero, Brandon Barash...Carolyn Hennesy, Tyler Christopher and many more: I so wish I were closer! wow!!



  1. I actually wish Sonny would kill Ethan. He's good at shooting people at point blank range. So, go ahead and kill him. And then Kristina will reveal that she lied and that Sonny killed an innocent man over her protection of Keifer.

    Can you imagine the fallout? Luke versus Sonny, because his innocent son died due to the lies of a teenager.

    "I didnt know he was my son!!!" er, sorry. wrong standard MB quote. "I didnt know he was innocent". Yeah, we will hear that about 6 times per day. To state that it is OK to kill someone if you didnt know they were innocent.

    Not that I want Ethan to leave the scenery, but I just think the storyline based on the fallout could be a whole lot better than the drivel we are getting now.

    Lulu can side with her dad and Dante can side with Sonny. Jason can stare into space. Sam will karate kick the casket. Matt would be invisible (God, I LOVED that Karen!)

    ps. do lulu and dante kiss and makeout in EVERY scene their in? Is this the storyline? Is this ABCs attempt to recapture "love in the afternoon?" No substance.

  2. karen I agree that the scene with Luke and Sonny was good. but for me it was too short.....
    I loved the Carly figure it out that it was Kiefer.
    I love that both Carly and Jason think that Ethan didn't do it ,and Carly for the first time in this story points out for Kiefer....
    I loved the Luke and Lucky scene and them standing for Ethan , Lucky should have say that Even Jason does not think that Ethan did it....

    About Lulu was it a stupid reason that Ethan did it. just because her father Raped Laura that doesn't mean Ethan beat Kris, She knows Ethan for over a year and he was never violent with a woman
    Rebecca anyone???

    I loved the Sam Kristina scene that was real cute and Sam is such a good big sister...

    Aww so many rumors about kiefer dying.... Just please don't let it have another mystery death or another cover up.. we didn't finish with Claudia Yet LOL

  3. I do think if Sonny kills Ethan it would be 'over the top'. I think perhaps the fallout would be the end of General Hospital. There is only so much the fans will tolerate, and the show walked a very fine line when Sonny shot Dante. Not to mention, Tony Geary would walk. Just sayin'

  4. OMG- I tweeted you....did you see Perez Hilton's item about Vanessa Marcil!?!?

  5. Hi Shireledee...

    yeah, i know it would never happen. just wishful thinking on an interesting storyline. The chain of events would be explosive, but you are right, it would be the end. I know there are lines that they wont cross.

    Here is a question. Has GH every acknowledged that Tracy was a former Mob Boss?

  6. I think GH is trying to lose our interest anyway. They are making Sonny worse by the day. A character I used to love so much and now I despise. If it wasn't for MB great acting, I would be ff his scenes as much as I do Sam's.
    Robin again rooting for Sonny. Saint Robin. You have a different life now, Robin. You have a husband and child to worry about. Sonny should be the least of your worries!!
    If Ethan used to have a background of beating women, this storyline would be much better.
    I don't get that Jason and Carly can find the answers but our very own PHPD can't figure it out. Seems like Lucky is riding Jason's coattails with this case, as he has with other cases in the past.

  7. Lexie was just amazing! I just hope the last scene we see or saw of Drew wasn't him hiding behind a potted plant. Sonny/Luke scenes were good. I do like Jason and Lucky working together - kind of softens Jason a bit and they do have a long history.

  8. Sonny show everyday every year yuck.

  9. I think Keifer will commit suicide...that will give the show a chance to make PSA for that "cause". It will also give his parents a reason to hang out and throw blame around to all the characters involved in the whole mess and make K feel even more guilty.

    Luke has always been more suave than Sonny! How lame to throw out the whole rape thing and insinuate that the acts of the fathers would make the son be the same....and at the same time be having a storyline of Sonny and Dante being so totally different.

    And, just for the record; I'm sick of Robin's storyline. Why can't she just be a Mom/wife?

  10. I agree. A more "real" storyline of Robin as a mother/wife/working woman would be a breath of fresh air. There are a lot of storylines pertaining to the hospital that could be done.

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