Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dante: Open up, Mama has a Lasagna For YOU!

OLTL: YEAH! The Zombie Ghost of Stacey PEEPEE! I'm so happy I got to see her for a bit. And isn't FORD the little nasty boy? Heh...opening the shirt to the waist. LOVE the Jessica acting all High School. "All I'm doing is staying home with a KID"?!! Great double marriage proposal ending!

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Now, why would Helena make Liz think she's carrying a Cassadine if she's not. She wouldn't want any stinkin' NON-DNA Great-Grandkid.!! Makes No sense. Cassadine DNA would be imperative!! I KNOW HELENA people, and this does NOT wash! Connie had on another new outfit today!

Robin and Sonny xxoo. All kissy. Robin's sweater of a hot pink nature sure DON'T FIT in Sonny's house. Nice of her to then go take Liz to the hosptial.
Lante..are so damn cute. I think everyone has a tattoo but me!! Or maybe people YOUNGER than me. Nevermind. Loved Olivia telling Dante she used to change his poopie diapers. LOL. How fun. And the whole "It's little.... I mean, it's not little..the pain I mean". whahaha Poor Livie with the whole "I don't trust you". :(
Sonny got all in Krissy's face!! woot! Keifer should run for the hills while he can.... She's holding Keifer's hand while talking to Sonny. Goodness. Who was Ethan with? eesh. She's an associate of Bernies! And Krissy puts on lipgloss to make teh move on Ethan cause she's all jealous. LOL. Ethan tells her off and to stay away. Must be why she's all mad at him.

DOUBLE DIMPLE ALERT: Sonny to Patrick " I wish you would have told me sooner (about Dante) I wouldn't have shot him".
Patrick: laughs "Donte wouldn't have been shot if you didn't pull the trigger"!!

BILL CLINTON MASK! :) HEHSpoilers are showing that Keifer and his family are going to be on the front burner coming up real quick. I can't wait for Alexis to find out that Krissy has been hitting the sheets! Get the brown bags out!


LISA LoCicero is auctioning off the Snugglie she wore on GH's 12,000th episode! She also wants everyone to know, Steve Burton was also in a scene with it! Your money, should you win goes directly to the RED CROSS!!

YEAH! New Modern Family tonight! Great..I've missed them.


  1. Loved One Life today. Again. Todd is such a jerk. Ford has no redeeming qualities beyond his abs. Langston is in for a world of hurt.
    Sonny has someone new to blame for his shooting a cop point blank in the chest now..Patrick. I like Maurice Benard but hate the character of Sonny. I really wish Maurice would decide to take some time off. A long, long time.

  2. ok who is in the president"point break"mask??

    Sonny is sounding like a damn broken record! STFU already! You shot your own son,can't white was it.Just take responsibility already!

    seriously don't care about Kiefer or his stupid family! Front burner story,WTH?? STUPID!

  3. TwilightEternity= It is Johnny!
    It is obvious to me that Ethan's dating Bernie's secretary because he is using her to get inside info on Sonny's business. I think it would be cool if he teamed up with Dante & Ronnie to finish taking Sonny & Jason down.Speaking of Dante he looked SEXY today without his shirt and all those tattoos!!

  4. Helena skulking around in corners? She's not Elena Nikolas! (Santa Barbara fans will be the only ones to get that.) Regardless, is it possible that Helena is rigging the tests so that Lucky could be the father? That way, she can be the only one to really "watch over" the Cassadine-Spare in addition to igniting another "Spencer-bombshell" to blow up down the road? I don't know. I don't read the spoilers, so...

    Hated the Sonny-propping again today. Yes, Patrick is "perfect" and "never makes mistakes." Of course Patrick makes mistakes. He buys regular Coke instead of Diet Coke. He forgets to unload the dish-washer. He puts the garbage out on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays, sometimes. Oh...but, he doesn't "mistakedly" shoot an un-armed cop in the chest!

    The Ford/Langston thing is skeevy, but at least it's going at a faster pace than the Kristina/Keifer thing.

    And, I love seeing my dead, drowned Stacy! One Life To Live is the soapiest soap that soaps! And that's why I love it so!

  5. I totally agree with Zak I love me some OLTL.GH smaeo sameo except for eye candy Dante and Johnny

  6. Here's something you dont see every day on soaps. Someone fixing a paternity test.

    oh, wait...

    ps. Zak, was thinking the exact same thing. That Helena was fixing results to be Lucky. I havent read spoilers and dont know, but it did dawn on me, and would be a surprise if it happened.

  7. What I think would be funny is if Helena paid that technician to "fix" the results for the baby to be Lucky's and then it turns out it really is his, hahahaha. I'd love to see her turn l4 shades of purple when she found out! lol. Love her beautiful evilness!

  8. or, better yet. she wants it to be Nicholas' child. Bu the lab tech isnt too bring and he mixed things up, and the results come back as Lucky and Helena says "No. Wait. Test them again. That cant be right. I paid top dollar to make sure that it was Nicholas' heir..."


  9. I agree with you Cyndib. Time for Maurice and the mob to take some time off. Seriously, if they didn't have to be front burner all the time, maybe the stories would make some sense. But when you need to have them doing bad things, and get away with it, where can it go?

    It's beyond pathetic that Sonny blames everyone but himself for the shooting, since he was the only one in the room besides Dante.

    Yet another WTD and possible baby switch. Never saw that before. Is it possible Helena has a "spare" she wants to insert into Nik's life? There is that lab under GH after all...

  10. If Sonny blames one more person for Dante's shooting I'm going to puke! Someone please lock Sonny and Guza in a closet and throw away the key.

    Loved how Patrick and Kristina stood up to him....blows to his over-inflated ego.

    Loving Dante and LuLu. Liking Ethan more and more. Liking Luke more when he is involved with his kids and Tracy.

    Please give JJ a scene where he gets to laugh his ass off....he most be the most depressed guy on the set.

    TC is a robot.

  11. JJ does need some lightheartedness. Feel for him there but at the same time he just sings to me when he's emotional. One of the best IMO. Hate the hwole WTD story but I look forward to the keifer story only because its something different. It can tie Sonny in without making it all abouthim. We'll have more Sonny/Alexis scenes which i always love. And I love the actress playing kristina. She is a gem. I can only hope an Ethan/Kristina romance is coming. I want him to save her the way Lucky did liz years ago. carly on the other hand is just being written mroe stupid than ever. Carly has been a lot of things over the years, but stupid usually isn't one of them.

  12. Keifer dating/abusing Krissie makes no sense, he would be TERRIFIED of Sonny.

    I also hope Helena switches the DNA to make the baby Lucky's, otherwise, I agree with Karen and others, it would make no sense.

  13. I can see Johnny and Ethan being a good pair. I hope the writers keep this going.
    I don't want Helena to change the paternity to be Lucky's baby. I want it to actually be Lucky's baby!! No WTD, PLEASE!!
    Again, loved the Lulu/Dante scenes and Olivia embarrassing him like only a mother can...great!
    I'm glad that Patrick was giving it back to Sonny. Only wish Sonny would actually get it.
    I hope Kristina keeps the daddy hate going.

  14. There's a great interview with Carolyn Hennesy on EW about her role on Cougar Town! Thought you might find it interesting:)

  15. I don't understand what Helena is doing either. She wouldn't want a non-Cassadine to be the heir . The only reason I can think she'd rig the tests would be so they all think it's Lucky's and " no one is watching the baby." That way in a year or so she can swoop in and steal him. (Although the dark hair and eyes should give him away if he's a

    I'm FFing throw most of the Sonny crap. It's ridiculous. And I also don't care about keifer and his family. Lisa is also starting to turn my stomach.

    I love Lulu and Dante! We need more of them and less Sonny and his ridiculous justifications.


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