Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Michael Corinthos III Part Duex

Many rumors swirling about the reason Drew Garrett is leaving the role of Michael so quickly. Actually, sources tell me it was in the works for awhile and despite some people's 'surprise' it was a known fact to some for at least 2 weeks. So why the switch?? Not anything the actor did--rather the chemistry they were looking for with the newbie female(s) coming in. There was no 'situation' that caused the parting as some are saying. I hear Garrett has been nothing but hard working and professional.
More to come as I'm sure other sites/peeps will be weighing in on the matter. I really wanted to say something because I don't think some of the crap that's going around is fair or correct.
Stars are tweeting their support to Drew, mainly saying he'll "land on his feet" and wishing him luck.

BTW, thanks for the comments, I agree it sucks. As one put it "Going in another direction." NOTE TO ABC PR department: If you were doing your JOB half way decent, there would BE no speculation or rumors---the entire OLTL situation was done so poorly, it's laughable and this?? To leak info to SoapNet and SID so abruptly was wrong, especially if you're not giving any reason why. He's a fan fave and it's only going to cause people to be pissed off.
Just saw this on twitter: A petition drive if you are interested in helping to keep Drew:


  1. Karen if this is true and it is because of the new couple they wanted to do with Michael and the new ward girl it is still sucks...
    Because it feels they wanted to choose a guy that was better looking than DG, and it is wrong because DG is a good looking boy ,and he will get better with age look at Steve Burton who was at the start good looking but today he is just beautiful, So will be DG....
    DG is amazing talented actor and they Should have let him try with the new girls and see how the viewers will react...
    I am with Steve SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS

  2. I don't buy it. The man had chemistry with everyone, and the new chick was not even cast yet. As much as rumors are just rumors its amazing how many of them prove true. Shoot just ask Elin Woods and Sandra Bullock.

    I remember a blind item ( not sure if I read it here) about a cast member who was not happy with an upcoming storyline maybe this was DG.

    DG was amazing as Michael and it was proven in the industry which talked him up, and his cast who graced him with a pre-nom.

    I will never buy the PTB's version of things because of Kish, Greg Vaughan fiasco but I could see them glossing over things to prevent a young actor being labeled a racist or unprofessional

    Just my two cents

  3. Okay, if this is true, it makes no sense. Since Drew was already in the role, wouldn't it have made sense to hire new female actors that he has chemistry with rather than hire the newbies,find there is no chemistry and then recast the person the fans have a connection with, rather than recasting the actors the fans have yet to even see? Or how about waiting to see what the fans thought of the "chemistry"? What a joke- talk about doing things ass backwards...And by the way, there is nothing wrong with DG's looks- whoever said there was is crazy. I think he's much better looking than the new kid they cast...

  4. I agree with mosbp2003. You don't recast a proven established actor so they will have chemistry with a newbie, you recast the newbie to have chemistry with the proven established actor.

    The worse thing about this is it might taint viewers against the arrival of the Ward girls. I was thinking their arrival would be a breath of fresh air.

  5. Something else that has been irking me. A Spencer (Ethan) is alleged to have beat a Cassadine (Kristina). Grandma Hella is in Port Chuckles...would it be to much to ask for a scene with Alexis walking in on Hells visiting Kristina and/or Luke walking in on Hells threatening Ethan?

  6. I saw someone mention it was because of the new ward girl but that would be gross they are still related. cousins... It just said. It would seem odd to me that they would recast of a proposed future pairing. Everyone knows that the pairings the are planned out before hand rarely work out. Its the ones that are more organic like life that work.

  7. So, let me get this straight....they are replacing DG, new but highly proven young actor, with somebody that will have chemistry with an actress we haven't even seen yet? Mmmm....why is that I find that a little backwards?
    Seems to me they should find an actress that will have chemistry with him. Don't you think?

  8. Guys... it's not because he's not "good looking" enough, or his chem with the other actors' he's with. The new Ward girl IS cast, btw-- I'm just passing on the most plausable explaination I've heard so far. I didn't want people to think Drew did anything that started all this. And, BTW, he's not had a real female counterpoint his time on GH. It's been in the works for a bit. It's the whole "Going in another direction" thing.
    I agree it sucks.

  9. I also like to add that it seems that this decision was made at the last few days ,You know why??
    Because Ingo said on tweeter that on Friday he filmed long long scenes with Drew.. and Laura said that she gave him a hug so he was on GH yesterday...

    Frisco and mosbp2003 I agree with you

  10. Penny,

    It has already been established that the Ward girl slated to have a relationship with Michael is NOT a blood relation to the Quartermaines and therefore not Michael's cousin.

  11. Karen,

    We realize that the Ward girls are already cast, but they have not appeared on screen yet, so it just seems to make more sense that they would be recast, not DG. Sorry if it feels like we are taking our frustration out on you, we know you are just trying to pass the info along. It is Guza and TPTB that we think suck...

    Also, it was one of the people here on this site that suggested that he might have been recast because he is not a "heart throb"...

  12. I really did hesitate to put up ANYTHING but I really didn't like the other sheeze that was going around. The Disney Machine, IN MOTION!! ugh

  13. IMHO Drew is a cutie and even cuter than the newbie. This kid has talent and Ilove his softness towards Morgan & kristina. Damn them, this is what we hate. This kid was fun to hate when Michael overstepped and then fun to see his softening side. I am very disappointed.

  14. Sorry Karen If I made you mad it wasn't my intention..
    I know you are trying to give us the info as much as you know...

    But they are saying that this is because of a story direction , and we all know that Michael will be paired with ward girl, meaning that he didn't had chemistry with the girls they addition ... and that makes me mad, Because Drew has amazing chemistry with all his fellow cast mate , he fit right in with the 3 powerhouse names Steve maurice and Laura and that is a real hard thing to do ,
    and he also has good scenes with Lexi..
    So they couldn't find a girl that will fits him .Urghh

    Sorry again

  15. DANA! lol...you didn't make me mad! I knew if I put this up, people would be all over it and rightly so!!
    No worries. Maybe someone will find out more than I did today. There are other people with more sources than I have!!

  16. I agree with Karen. Like most breaking entertainment stories out there, there are always facts that have not surfaced and it is hard to speculate until we hear all parties involved.

    Just look at all the broken celebrity relationships.

    I am sure now that the story has broken, bit and pieces from "reliable sources" will start filtering their way to the web. And we will be talking more about this in depth as the days go on. Thanks Karen for letting us in on what you know so far.

  17. I would sign the petition but i do not want a GREAT actor like Drew to waste his talent on CRAP like G.H.

  18. I thought Drew looked like he could be Carly's son and that he looked very mature. The picture of the new Michael looks like a cute kid but kind of "baby-faced". Michael has been given some really dark material and I hope this new kid has the acting chops for the way the character is being written, post-coma. While I didn't like the way they wrote the character sometimes I think Drew did a fabulous job and wondered if he would leave the role soon to go on to better things. I hope that he has great success in the future. He's very talented; he can show intensity when needed and is versatile. It's GH's loss, and a loss for the viewers. Keep us posted if you hear more details, Karen! Thanks again for the great work you do for us GH'ers.

  19. and Drew looked a lot like Steve Burton too, which helps since that his his blood uncle.

  20. Let Frons and Co. know you are unhappy with the decision to fire the young and talented actor Drew Garrett who portrayed Michael Corinthos. Follow TeamDrewGarrett to show your support for Drew and let TPTB know how you feel. Tweets will then be printed out and sent to ABC.


  21. if his firing has to do with the chemistry between him and the new girl that they wanted to pair with him, shouldn't they have hired a girl that he did have chemistry with? I mean back in 99-2000 when they went looking for Carly #2, they tested Tamara Braun and the brunette chick, who ended up being cast as Angel (Sorell's daughter) because Maurice really liked her and they couldn't choose between the 2--they both had chemistry with him, which was why they were chosen in the first place. This excuse is rather flimsy in my mind.

  22. Well I also wish Drew the best...at first it was hard to get used to him but I am now & it will be sad that he will not be able to finish this storyline. Plus with all the s/lines coming up about Kifer he'd be the best one in that one thats for sure. I don't like the 'Ward's at all already. Personally, they don't even need to show up. Since theres no Mary Mae (rip Rosalyn Cash) and no Justice Ward....theres no point in this s/l. Of course , Georgie's ghost is this Friday for Maxie. Georgie is another whom should still be alive. So I will miss Drew I'm sure he'll go far....another stupid 'not well thought out move' by Guza/Fron's & company....but what else it 'new'.....

  23. If there's a problem with lack of chemistry between Drew and the new girl, replace her. She hasn't even been on screen yet. Drew is doing a great job.

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  25. Pretty helpful material, thanks so much for the article.



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