Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wed: MAYA Appears...SKYE comes out....


Maya made a good debut...yelling at Ethan about a car wreck.  She did pretty well. Loved her coat. Liked her already!! I can spot those goodies from day uno! Edward!! Trees in full bloom?! Uh, no. Not here!

Carly tells Kristina "Sonny was verbally and emotionally abusive...but so was I"...wonder if the shot in the head will come up??! LOL She did say they had a turbulant relationship. I'd say so! I mean, he did shove ladies around...but that's the soaps!

Tracy tries to explain Maya's connection..and says the whole "relative" thing is shaky. Yep. It is!!
She wants to leave Port Chuck with Luke and Ethan.

"She's the most inappropriate person on the planet"-- Carly about Robin...and Olivia says it's "all about her son now" when Carly asks her about testifying...can't anyone say: IT'S ABOUT THE TRUTH?? Just tell the truth!! :throwing up hands: Robin does talk to Olivia and Patrick over hears her. Ergo, that whole thing was just to give SCRUBS some angst. ;/

Liz: wow, looks PG all of a sudden! I can't believe Becky has two other kids!!

Luke asks Dante to help him find the real beater with Lucky. Dante says: SURE!

Drew Speaks out in SID: DG said he went to work, did his scenes and had a meeting with JFP at the end of the day & he was informed "they were going in a different direction & that direction would not include myself
"It didn't feel real." When he told people they thought he was joking. He's never been fired from a job before.
According to set insiders, MB was not happy. DG said "he assured me it was not about my talent, or my acting abilities & encouraged me to refocus and move on."
I'm going to move on. I know I did the best I could. I have no regrets & no guilt" he says, adding that despite wild speculation about the "real" reason - conflict with directors - is not true.
And I don't care what the others say, I KNOW it was the chem testing and the testing that's gone on since he "woke up" from his coma. They ARE going in a "different direction"... Hell, they obviously didn't even TEST THE NEW kid with any of the vet cast!! Plus they haven't even cast Zoe yet. ugh..this is just horrible, imo.

New Spoiler pics up, but I did put one up for you here!


  1. Karen, I know the trees aren't in bloom yet in Brooklyn, so they surely aren't in bloom in upstate NY! Why have they switched over to springtime sets/no coats in March? When I was growing up in upstate NY it sometimes snowed in May!

  2. I know! I mean, they should respect the weather at least. LOL

  3. seriously,I am dying here! What is going on with Dante and Lulu?? Have TPTB moved on? UGH! I don't care about Sonny's stupid trial or About Sam and Sonny making Kristinas beating all about them. I don't care about the abuse story either. Where the hell are dante and lulu???

  4. Personally, hate Maya. just what soaps need, another sterotype jump to conclusions at the drop of a hat yelling I'm a victim woman. (More OLTL than GH to me.)

  5. I liked Maya. And in a "I notice the strangest things" file, Ethan's hair has seemed a lot less greasy lately.
    I am glad to have Skye back but just hope it does not mean Tracy looks her spunk and becomes all soft and desperate to keep Luke. If he shows interest in Skye Tracy needs to set him straight right fromt he get go. She's a strong woman not a Luke chaser.
    I am not looking forward to the Keifer hit and Run storyline. didn't we just do this a year ago?
    Robin needs a real storyline. Perhaps she can get pregnant again and do a real HIV pregnancy storyline.

  6. At least Tracy explained how Maya is related. Uh so she's Justice's niece...

  7. Dierna, we already knew that...we have discussed this ad Maya is related to the Quartermaines and how Zoe is not...enough already- let's move on...

  8. I liked the talk with Carly and Kristina and liked that Carly was completely honest with Kristina and treats her well, considering Carly doesn't like Alexis.
    I didn't like that Carly was practically calling Olivia a traitor for not siding with Sonny for the sake of her son...Sure it will happen in the end though.
    I don't like it, but I am really starting to dislike Robin. Give up the saving Sonny crap!! Focus on your own family!

  9. Anonymous, why did you attack Dierna, that was really rude!

  10. Completely random, but did you see the commercial for Alyssa Milano's new show? Jared from OLTL is in it. Is that why they had to kill him off? (sorry if you have already discussed this, I haven't seen it in any of your blogs but I could have overlooked it).

  11. I can not believe they fire people just because MB has some sort of little issues. Here's a tissue, MB...go cry in a corner you pig. I wish that idiot would just retire. Enough is enough of the MB worship from TPTB.


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