Monday, March 1, 2010

One Life To Hospital.

One Life To Hospital.

HAHAHAH. I wrote that by mistake. Whoops. But, I LIKE IT! 

I meant to say, so great it's wonderful. The sweeps are stopping my heart in all kinds of ways. Dorian freeking out at Andrew--Creepy Allison Perkins, Langston is Lustful...Jessica kissing Christian.  Jessica is so cute. "Do you remember High School"??! 
Mitch and she were so spooky together! 
Cole and the nuChick Hannah? Please. ugh.  I want to see Cole/Starr really struggle with parenthood-- big time. 
Oh, Melinda the piano player died.  Where is ADDIE??!

General Hospital is just really making me as bored as I've ever been with the show. I wonder if they really think the whole Liz/Nikolas/Lucky thing is anything else but a frustrating rehash of every other WTD stories GH has had. (Last count must be about 300). Not even Helena can make me give a crap what happens. TC seems to be just walking through his scenes and has for a long time. He just seems as bored as I am. :filing nails: and besides, although Diane and Alexis are giving a good show, another Sonny trial just reminds me why GH frustrates the hell out of me. The Keifer thing is taking FOREVER and I don't think they are making him sympathetic enough. All you want him to do is get run over by a bus.  Point is, I'm not running home to DVR or watch GH. 

Today's show...I HATE LISA!!! And she's a horrible drunk. Meaning, she didn't convice me she's ever been drunk in her life. How contrived is this? I mean, Patrick, wake up. A lady starts talking to you about her BRA..GO HOME!!!  At least Coleman was on. Did you know Coleman's first name is Mitchell??
Maybe Laura Wright was tweeting during that scene! She's @lldubs on there, btw. 
Sonny's still trying to make Dante Wub him. I can smell a HUGE Wub coming on this. 
Sonny: Dante, you are my son!
Dante: I am a cop.
Sonny: But we are alike! You like Pasta, I like stand up to pee..I stand up to pee...

Hee hee. 

Luke today was talking to Lucky about his you remember that Disney banned smoking on daytime awhile ago??? I sure do. That was a BIG thing when it happened. 
NIZ: zzzzzzzzzzzz. 
The prosecutor is such a casting FAIL!!! She's about as nasty as a fence post. I mean, she's an ok actress but to hold her own with CH and NLG they needed a big time vet with a nasty streak. 
Only bright spot: Ethan/Johnny...and Johnny getting the cigars for his Daddy. 
Haunted Star: Making $48.55 since December. 
I do believe that is Carolyn H's hubby in the bar Coleman yelled at today.

BTW: Nancy Grahn tweeted that she did NOT submit a pre-emmy reel. She didn't last year either. 


  1. I disagree wub queen, I myself like Claire. As long as we get more of Kristina, I'll tolerate that storyline, too. I do agree however abou the Niz crap for the 50th time: BORING. These 2 actors can be really excellent. Just not together.

  2. Hi all. Just a few questions after today's show:

    After watching way too many prime time shows, I wonder if a detective could have figured out the exact distance that the bullet was shot into Dante based on the bullet wound, exit wound and location of entry on the wall. Could they prove that the bullet was not self-inflicted and then spring this evidence the day Dante is testifying to prove he is a liar and could not have possibly shot himself? Watch Dante tongue tied on the stand?

    (again, I watch way too many prime time legal dramas)

    How I wish David E. Kelly would jump on the show and help write for a 2-week trial story! Can you imagine THAT?

  3. Delcodave. I think the same thing! I am a big Bones fan, so when Dante was shot, I just thought, Bones would have this figured out in an hour. Dante should have had gun residue on his hands if he was the one that pulled the trigger. and the way he was shot doesn't look like an easy way to shoot yourself.
    Plus, didn't Lucky say something about how all they had to do was have forensics check something out and they would know that Dante lied. Well, why didn't they do that?

  4. re: Sonny: But we are alike! You like Pasta, I like stand up to pee..I stand up to pee...

    I believe that Sonny has such bad aim (evidence - Dante, Carly, etc.) that his housekeeping staff insist that he sit down to pee

  5. Wake me when the Sonny show is over! And kill me unless Jasam & Niz end also. I think I am the only one that isn;t bothered by Lisa other than her trying to steal Patrick back. The actress is better than the last one. Back to Sonny, if Diane & Alexis were working together for someone (anyone) other than Sonny I would love it.

  6. Delcodave, prime time is not representative of the real world (neither is GH), but funnily enough GH is a bit better at not allowing CSI stuff to determine the end result of a case (or have it show up within 24 hours). Forensics do not actually work that way. Shows like Bones, CSI, and their ilk really do not help people that work in the CJ field deal with frustrated victims and their families, who think that forensics can solve all crimes within the span of an hour-long television show. My friend worked in a crime lab for awhile, and people always thought that the results should be in quickly. It drove her nuts.

  7. delcodave, as Liz said, primetime tv is also completely unrealistic. My husband is a cop and he absolutely hates shows like CSI because they give real police work a bad name! But, even if they were realistic, I think they would have had to have examined Dante's body (as if he had died) in order to come up with any formula for that. Lucky did say something about how Dante had to hope nobody did a gun shot residue test on him while he was unconscious. But, in reality, when 911 was called the police would have responded also and we wouldn't have to deal with all this crap!

  8. Heh- Karen-- I watched some today from my sick chair- didn't have the energy to do anything else. I did laugh until I coughed when Sonny said "I want to spend time with All My Children". Remember Maurice as Nico?

  9. Best part of today's show was Cam in his new big boy hair cut and Jake sporting is "Jason Jr" hair! Such cuteness!!!

    It's a shame that Lisa'a bra isn't so tight that it cuts off the oxygen and circulation to her head (rolling eyes):D

    One other small note - I wish they would cut back on the product they are using in Lulu's hair. She has such pretty hair and it looked filthy today.

  10. Tyler Christopher acts like he's been shot with a tranquilizer dart most of the time. I can't say I blame him because the storyline he and Rebecca have right now puts me to sleep, too. Is he the one that's ready to walk?
    Carly bursting into the courtroom was so unrealistic today. Wouldn't the guard grab her when she came flying in like that? And she probably would be held in contempt of court, too. I know I held her in contempt today.
    I liked the scene with Jason and Lucky and got kind of a kick out of Johnny and Ethan stealing just a box of cigars.

  11. I forgot to say I hope that Robin doesn't just skulk away and she kicks Patrick and that skank Lisa's asses.

  12. Yes, Lulu looked like she had major "dirt" by Jonathan in her hair!

    Laura, I did hear the All My Children thing! LOL

    And I do think they could have easily figured out if he shot himself BY THE GUN-- and also it would have been a much closer wound
    I don't know, I know this isn't CSI but to have NOTHING is rather lame.

  13. We all know this is a soap but since they use actual real life "Call 911". Yep, the police would have responded not just an ambulance. Police must respond to all 911 calls...period.

    Also, every Port Charles resident has basically screamed in every public place that Sonny shot Dante. Is the PCPD deaf too?

  14. Re Claire, I look at her and all I can see is the next Sonny baby momma.

    Re Keifer, I hope that they don't make him sympathetic, and explain his abuse of Krissy by giving him an abusive family. As a therapist, I have seen many victims of childhood abuse who are so kind that they NEVER would hurt another human being, ESPECIALLY since they were abused themselves, and know how it feels. Sociopaths, who abuse and otherwise harm others, always play the victim and use whatever happened in their past to justify bad behavior, that is part of their pathology. In reality, abusers can come from non-abusive homes, although I do believe that abusive homes do perpetuate the cycle, often with the children of these homes becoming the VICTIM of further abuse by spouses, etc.

    As for Dante's bullet, as Sonny was not accused of shooting him, there has been no official "crime," hence no investigation, at least that's how I see it.

  15. The one part I really liked today was Jake and Cam's visit. How adorable is that Jake. I'm so glad they're having an actual toddler stay in a role. When Liz said I've missed you guys, he said I missed you probably an ad lib and so cute. And then he just marches over and starts taking his coat off. I love the reality of this child. And is is as cute as a button!

    P.S. Keifer and Lisa can take the bus dive together. Both are as interesting as an old shoe. They'd better not try to make us sympathetic to him. I don't care what his homelife is like. THER'S NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE, Guza. ( But then again there's always an excuse with him when it comes to men abusing women!)

    And TC is also putting me to sleep as is that whole storyline.

  16. OLTL: Cole and Star mentioned that Addie was off doing one of things on her "bucket list" when they needed a baby sitter.
    Mrs. Goose

  17. HELLO Guza shouldn't it have been Stephan or LUCKY to bring the boys by? Why would Nik have access to them?

  18. OLTL-I was really sick of the guessing game with Dorian and who was hurt/killed. Cassi, Langston, Addie. Just tell us and save the Dorian overacting! Loved seeing Jess and Christian. I started watching OLTL when they were a couple.
    GH- I loved Lucky telling Jason the story about Jake and his cars and the pained look on Jason's face. he deserves that pain right now. I'm also glad they had Lucky be smart and watch over Jason before Sonny got his verdict. What I didn't like was that Lucky talks to Jason about his issues with Liz.
    Cam and Jake are the cutest kids. And Becky does such a great job with them too. Loved Cam's new do, but I miss those cute curls!
    I also thought it was odd that Nik brought the boys back. Audrey has to know what is going on right now, and to let Nikolas take them to see Liz was something I would never do.
    Becky and JJ at the end was heartbreaking.
    Courtroom scenes...Yawn. I would like to say that so far, I like Claire too.


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