Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday: MORGAN is a RECAST!!

BREAKING NEWS!  It'ss official: Aaron Refvem will be recast as Morgan. Aaron Sanders takes over the role on April 14. #GH" /via @soapsindepthabc. Aaron R got a pilot for primetime. This pic may be a bit old...not sure. He was on Passions, I guess.

Speaking of, read the "Another NuFace WUB"!! Do you realize I've written A LOT of NuFace Wubs over the years? LOL...let me know if you like it. Should have waited to write my NuFace WUB.

OLTL: Ok, you need to know this:  Roxy gave birth to Sky--who they thought was going to die. So, Allison Perkins handed him to her SISTER Dr. Joplin who saved it. In the meantime, Alison just took some kid she found in the hospital, gave it to Roxy, telling her it was her baby-- and then Roxy gave it to Mitch. So, Sky is really Mitch and Roxy's--and Rex's is no one's. That we know of yet. Thank God this happened in the 70's when there were no hospital IDs or security. When they showed Mitch naming the baby "REX" all I could think of was NO WAY..he'd say Rextafer Luke Mitchall Dugan Lawrence or something... I mean..REX???? LOL.
GOOD GOD...longest most weird baby switching ever!! And Rex/Sky aren't even brothers! :/
How did Mitch save Shane? Was it not Mitch in the bed? Coininkindink? Is he also related to Gigi? oy!!

GH: Nice courtroom chaos!!! Poor Krissy, watching the mayhem. Heh, Coleman loved it.!!
Ronnie and Dante were good. The judge was so homey and cranky. Johnny's in TROUBLE!! At the end, when the judge said the jury was going to be isolated, Coleman is alike "I think Sonny Corinthos is innocent..ah, I have a virus"...trying to get out of it! LOL. Judge said No go.

Tracy and Nikolas!! Jane E looks fab... I love her wardrobe. You rarely see those two together. Which, is weird because Tracy is SO Cassadine! Ignore him..he's prone to "gothic drama"!! LOL.

Michael Learned is taping this week. Mama Walton in the house!! Steven Lars will be involved with the story as well.
Next week? GH goes dark...everyone gets a week off.

In my obsessive FRANCO NEWS: James Franco has been accepted to Yale University's English PhD program. Says Digital Spy. Maybe he can come back to GH and write some scripts!!


  1. Mitch named the baby "Rex" because it means "king" and he had just said the baby would be a king among men.

  2. really like the actor that plays morgan...sorry to see him go. will they replace all of sonny's kids???

  3. TPTB will probably say there was a blood switch and Stacey was the one who really saved Shane. I just love that the writers forget what they have written only months ago.

  4. HEY! ANONYMOUS! Really!!? Rex means KING? God! Duh, that makes total sense!! when he went "REX" I thought, oh..really bland. LOL

  5. Tracy looks amazing, TOTALLY AMAZING!
    And NLG is showing some cleavage today but no lung cancer scar!
    Gonna miss the actor who plays Morgan but congrats to him for landing a pilot.
    Will Sonny's court case be clued up before nu-nuMicheal shows up? I assume they would want to wrap the storyline witht he current actor so they can do flashbacks?

  6. I don't know how they'll do the flashbacks..maybe just Claudia falling?? The new kid is due on April 15th

  7. Since the writers love recycled stories I'm hoping that the "surprise ending" to Sonny's trial will be that he is shot. They having used this plot since Carly shot Tony.

  8. Are nurses supposed to be incredibly rude and bitchy to Hospital Board Members and Guests of the Hospital (considering the hospital is a public place and Ethan is innocent until proven in a court of law)

    Was really disappointed today in the way they wrote Epiphany. The whole role of the big bitchy black woman can be fun at times, but today it was disgusting and just plain sad for the character and the actress.

  9. As usual, ITA w/Frisco. I love Tracy's hair, she looks great. Also, I've been noticing NLG's cleavage lately--there seems to be more of it. And, of course, I'll TOTALLY MISS Morgan, he is a wonderful actor, no wonder he got a pilot. I also thought he looked so much like Dante, it'll be very disconcerting for us the viewers (and, I imagine for the actors), to have 2 new Corinthos children. We should start campaigning now to save Kristina and Molly!!

  10. Hi. I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I wanted to remark about NLG and the scar not showing from her lung cancer story line. Only because I have just experienced this myself, do I know why you don't see it. I just had part of my lung removed because of cancer and they did it from my side not my chest, as it is less evasive and less painful for the patient. This is why we don't see a scar. I only hope that I recuperate as quickly as she did. LOL!

  11. I'm glad someone mentioned the Epihaney rudeness towards Ethan at the hospital. Right now at my hospital they are puching this thing called AIDET,basically it is a more professional way of treating the patients,doctors,staff,visitors,ect
    If I had treated a visitor that way,how Epihaney did,I would be fired! So that was pretty horrible to write that for her. But then again,the soaps don't really care about HIPPA(privacy) or ethics! LOL!

    Ok now to my biggest gripe: I am going through Dante and Lulu withdrawls and finally they have a scene together and it is like 3 seconds! WTF?? Please tell me that TPTB are giving up on these tow already?

  12. I like that they are having Johnny on more with Maxie and Lulu. They will be his sympathetic ear and he needs that.
    Sick of Saint Sam. Love that she stands up for her sister, but quit trying to be the big, badass. Your closet has a few hundred ghosts in them. Watching a child get kidnapped or having a gun held on them is just as bad as a child getting beaten.
    Now Sonny is playing the "I didn't know my daughter was in there" routine instead of the "I didn't know that was my son before I shot him." Same crap different kid.
    DAR-I was hoping the surprise ending was Sonny being found guilty for once...

  13. I hope they're going to spend as much time with Sam and others apologizing to Ethan as they have slamming him. Sam in particular got really physical with him and he should charge her with assault.

    I didn't like Epipheny's attitude towards Ethan either. She didn't yell at Sonny and try to throw him out when he was accused of shooting Dante. A little professionalism, please.

    I'm not surprised aaron got a new pilot. He's a very talented young actor. At least the rest of the cast won't have trouble remembering the new guys name. lol

  14. Aron ( the actor who plays Morgan now) is on contract at NBC now because that is where his new show is.He & his mom tried to work it out since he is only recurring on G.H but ABC decided to recast without telling them about it.They found out by reading it in the press the same way we found out about it.

  15. Re the stem cells saving Shane, you don't have to be related to donate bone marrow or stem cells. In fact, most donors are NOT related to the patient.

  16. Awwww I loved Morgan! If they replce Dante I will cry histarically! Dante is my husband sorry LuLu lol!


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