Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Broadway Photos!

Here's Berta and Cam Mathison..

Tony Geary on Stage with Natan Parsons and Brandon Barash:

No, unfortunately, Alberta did NOT make it on stage, there was a problem in wardrobe so she was too late to go on!

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Friday, March 26, 2010
Good Morning America Times Square Studio
1500 Broadway
New York City, New York 10036,
at 44th street
More info:

I won't be here for General Hospital today..sorry peeps. Need to work. Leave a comment about the show, OK? Thx!


  1. Today's show--warm spring in upstate NY in March? With flowers blooming? I grew up in upstate NY, there is still snow on the ground this time of year, people are NOT sitting around in parks in their shirtsleeves. (OK, there was some warm weather last week, but that was unseasonable and even freaky.)

    All the jurors talking about the trial, with the mayor yet? I don't think so . . .

  2. Dante, Diane, and Sonny were right on point during the trial stuff today. The mayor would have totally been charged with tampering with the jury for talking to Coleman and Alice.

    Alexis was amazing as usual today. I swear when NLG cries it totally gets me every time.

    And the fade out with Luke in the doorway of Sonny's living room!! I cannot wait for the confrontation!

  3. I am trying...TRYING...to not be annoyed with Kristina. She was just brutalized, and she's in a relationship with an abusive man. And yet...ARG! I don't understand why she's lying other than -- as it appeared today -- to punish Ethan for blowing her off. ARG! And it sends a weird message to the viewers that the victim is a liar. It sets Kristina up to be at fault in some ugly, twisted way. So...arg....

    And I love Jax and Alexis. Love love love them. Love love. Love.

  4. I was laughing at the picnic today too. I live in Western NY and although there is no snow on the ground the weather today was 38 and raining - definitely not picnic weather.

  5. what I watched today was the tv off and vacuming my little heart out.

  6. ITA with Jen! She needs to own up to her part in this mess. She is driving me crazy,I'm not feeling sorry for her at all,not a single bit!
    UGH,I just want more Dante and Lulu!

  7. Alexis is awesome - she is such a good actress. And Luke at Sonny's at the end was perfect - can't wait to see what happens next! OLTL was so good today with Roxi and Alison. Roxi asks her if that is a baby and Alison says, no, its a meatloaf - LOL! OLTL rocks - tho GH has been pretty good of late.

  8. I am still having a hard time with why Alexis keeps leaving Kristina by herself? First Ethan came when nobody was there, then Carly and finally Lucky.
    The jury being able to go home while the murder trial is going on? I don't think that is how it works? And I have a feeling that the case is going to get thrown out and THAT is how Sonny will get free this time. EYEROLL!

  9. I agree that they are definitely taking the sympathy away from Kristina with this storyline. It's making her seem connaiving and vindictive. She should be getting our full sympathy in an abuse storyline. Why do these writers have to have the woman in the wrong even when she shouldn't be? AGHHHHHHH!

    I also agree that Alexis should have arranged for someone to stay with her. Mercedis, maybe.Or have her sister stay home and keep her company. Having a male bodyguard would probably be a little off putting to a victim of abuse.


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