Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blame Game on Ethan--GH is Not Easy to Watch but WORTH it.

Between the whole beating thing and now poor Ethan (whom I really like now) being blamed by Krissy, it's hard for me to watch GH!!! It had better turn out OK! Maurice was awesome today. Kristina lying about this is just UGH, so frustrating. We get she's mad at Ethan but she has to know Sonny would go out and kill him. She just could have said she didn't see whomever it was, they were robbing the house.
Jason had to talk Sonny down. LOL... and he's telling him to kill Ethan in his cell. BUT! Jason reminds him he's Luke's kid!! I did like the "son" talk between Jason and Sonny.  Jason was the voice of reason today. Johnny too!! yeah!

Sam has all flashdance thingy on. Nice job from KeMo TOO! I've said it a million times, I am SO GLAD they SORA'd the kids on here. SO much more dramaz. Her having to tell Alexis that Krissy was having sex!! Tracy and Alexis--nice scene.

HELENA!...Well, I guess I understand the whole Spencer switch now. Can't anyone EVER have a baby that's not DNA compromised?  I don't care who raises the kid if it gets Hells on more :) Helena went in and told Liz she wants "to know her better"!! Heh.

So..even though I am FINDING IT HARD to watch--everyone is doing a GREAT JOB all around on the Kristina story... Kudos to writers and actors. Great show today, watch!

Are you enjoying this abuse story?? Which part is your fave?? There are spoilers about who figures out what on the Wubs Net


  1. I am enjoying this storyline. It's been playing out for a long time. You could see bits of this happening, which I think plays true to life. It is hard to watch, but it has pulled me in. The Sonny trial, eh... We all know what's going to happen.
    ~ Andrea
    (FYI, I can't understand why I can't log in with my google account??!! :))

  2. no I am not enjoying this storyline. I am sick of violence on top of violence. nothing against the actress who plays kristina but she looks 14 years old and all the makeup and dress only make her look trashy. I think they needed an actress a little older for this storyline. I thinks she is mad at Ethan because he does not have a crush on her like she does for him.

  3. Love this story, love the actors performances. Kristina by far stands out for me. It' difficult for me to feel for Sonny, especially after being reminded on previous posts what he did to Karen. Love the Sam, Alexis, molly, kristina bond.

  4. I think the fact that Kristina looks like she is only 14 strengthens this storyline....makes her appear more innocent, sweet and niave.

    The Alexis and Tracy scene was great. I was trying to rememeber if they have ever shared a scene before. The lack of cast interaction is what annoys me most about this show. Characters talk to the same 3 or 4 people over and over again.

    As I am sure people are sick of me saying, I wish Bobby was around more. So many chances to integrate her into so many storylines.

    I kept expecting to see Lulu today as her brother just arrested her other brother.

    I was also expecting to see Alexis hyperventialate. I guess they have forgot that she does that when she is stressed/worried.

    I didn't get Johhny going to Jason to defend Ethan. I guess it is suppose to confirm for us that he and Ethan are new best buddies.

    When Lucky told Ethan to call his lawyer I kept wondering who he would call? Certainly not Alexis or Diane? Maybe the new prosecuter (claire?) can really annoy Sonny and defend his daughters accused beater? It would be great if Luke had to reach out and ask Scotty to come back to town to defend Ethan / keep him from being deported. Or perhaps we can find out Lucas has been away at law school, following in daddy Jake's footsteps, and Bobby gets him to come home to defend his cousin Ethan!!!

  5. remind me...what did sonny do to karen??

  6. remind me...what did sonny do to karen????

  7. Why did Kristina have to say it was Ethan?? Carly is Luke's niece, Ethan's cousin, so I can see her being one of the people to figure this out. But Sam should too - if they go back to all the timing of this - Sam was WITH Ethan when it all went down. Tracy will have to hire one of her Quartermane lawyers to represent Ethan. I liked seeing Dante watching Sonny with Kristina.
    Damn - Lucky finally has a kid and won't know!!! I am not liking Nic anymore - all he cares about is himself.

  8. frisco, Jake is not Lucas' father, Tony is. I think Jake was long gone before Lucas came on the scene...

  9. Agree with you Mrs. B. I feel little sympathy for Sonny when he regularly abuses people himself. More recently he regularly trashed Claudia. His examples, of verbal abuse at the least, did not help Kristina form a healthy view of relationships.

    Jason is much more level headed than Sonny, who acts on his impulses too quickly, always with disastrous results. Funny though how Jason and Sonny want revenge, but think Johnny has no right. That is reserved for them.

    Will Sam have to admit she was with Ethan at the time of the crime? Or will she lie in her desire to punish Ethan?

    As others have mentioned, some of the power of this storyline is being diluted by having the response to Kristina's beating be more violence. Anger is justified, but Sam kicking Ethan is as wrong as what she blames him of doing. Violence is never an appropriate response. But as also was pointed out, this show regularly sends a double standard. We saw the perfect example of that when Jax was raped to protect Carly and her family (which she never respected) and Jason and Carly laughed about it. Women attacking men is OK on GH.

    One more thing,has anyone else seen posts (in other places, NOT here) responding to Kristina with "I want to slap her" or something similar? Don't they see the irony there?

  10. Didn't Sonny boy back in the day when he was with Brenda...take a round out of her for wearing a wire?

  11. Bobbie and Tony adopted Lucas. He was Tiffany Hill's sister Cheryl's son. I can't remember who his father was.

    I hate this story. The writers can't allow Kristina to be a sympathetic character. She has to be a vindictive little brat. She saw Sonny in full bloom at Claudia's party and knows what a violent monster he is. Blaming Ethan is just horrible.


  12. Another round of amazing performances by the GH actors today. (ok I confess, I did not watch Niz at all, sorry lol) The writing was top notch even though I really don't like the violent storyline again.

    I am really proud of the way this showcases the actors that we love and support day in and day out even when the writing is horrid. We all sit through a lot of garbage and they have to act through it. Right now I just want to stand up and applaud them all.

    RE: Lucas - his parents are Cheryl Stansbury (Tiffany's sister) and Julian Jerome. Bobby and Tony adopted Lucas when he was a baby

  13. I just finished watching today's show and I'm feeling sick to my stomach, not because of what happened to Kristina but because of her lying and accusations against Ethan. What message is this sending to people who watch this show that may be in the same situation? That it's Ok to blame somebody who is innocent? Are the writers crazy? I don't feel bad for Kristina.I feel bad for poor Ethan.

  14. I hate the Kristina and the Liz story lines. Boring and annoying. They can't wrap these up fast enough for me. Alas, the Liz stuff will drag on forever. I used to like her and Nic. Now I can't watch either of them. Blech.

    Looking forward to the trial. And can't wait for more Q time.

  15. I'm enjoying the storyline for the drama, but does it feel to anyone else like the directors didn't tell Nathan Parsons that the audience knows Ethan didn't beat up Kristina? His portrayal is just a little too ambiguous. Which would be great if this were a mystery...but right now it's just frustrating because you want him to freak out defending himself. I can't wait to see how Kiefer plays it. His shock today with Molly was awesome.

    I also love the SORASed kids, but I'm not getting too attached. I hope they actually have a long-term investment in these teens, and don't kill or storage closet half the characters in 2 years (Scott Clifton, Lindze Leatherman, whoever played Sage, Brooklyn, etc... and then, of course, all the adults that went the way of the dodo with them...Ned, Flea, Mac for a while, Lois, Lorenzo....)

  16. When Sonny caught Brenda wearing a wire, he went apesh*t on her. I don't think he beat her, but he did break a mirror and threaten and intimidate her. He certainly gripped her tighter than Ethan did to Kristina the other day.

    I don't like the storyline. GH has perpetrated enough violence against women in countless other stories, and Sonny has enough opportunities to nail himself to a cross anyway. Plus I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I just don't care enough about Ethan to care that he's being railroaded.

  17. I don't feel to bad for Christina at all! Yes,I feel bad that she was beaten,but she is a spoiled little brat. She KNOWS right from wrong. She knows lies vs. truths. She KNOWS what kind of man Sonny is but she blatenly lies and accuses Ethan,knowing what Sonny will do.
    And Fricken Sonny, he is a delusional asshat,he precious little girl,he beautiful little princess.Its a wonder he doesn't call her Adella!
    How will he react when he finds out his sweet little princess is getting closer to being like her trashy sister Sam then her own mother. As well as all the lies she has told.
    This whole story is messed up and again its all about Sonny!!! God,that man makes me sick!

  18. This teen abuse storyline could have been good if a some reality had been interjected - missed: The cops didn't go to the crime scene, Ethan had NO bruises on his hands, Sam was with Ethan at the time of the beating, Sam told Alexis she found Kristina at the Metro Court restaurant when, in fact, it was at the Metro Court bar, Lucky arrested Ethan but not Sonny even though Sonny was threatening Ethan's life, on and on..

    Wonderful acting, totally trash writing. Ethan's story was really awful because he had witnessed Kiefer's aggressive moves toward Kristina on several occasions yet he never mentioned it.

    As usual, Sonny was totally 'over the top'. We now know that his friendship with Luke is completely 'one way' - It's strictly what Luke can do for him. Everyone is expendable.

    First it was the guy Franco poised (I've forgotten his name), now It's Luke's son, Ethan. The sad part of this whole thing is that MB is totally 'cool' with this s/l brutality. No second thoughts, no conversation - KILL HIM NOW! Disgusting!!!

  19. Don't know what happen, but I'm S

  20. See,Sonny said it himself...."god,you look just like your grandmother"!
    Adella worship!
    Yes,I know..he said that because seeing her reminded him of his mother...but there is no end to his world of violence. His reaction to the situation is more violence! UGH!!

  21. I think I'm in the minority cause I want to jump into my tv and hug kristina. She's a child. whether she knows right from wrong, she's an abuse vitim and is terrified. Of course this is about Sonny. Sonyy, Sonny, Sonny. Oh and now Sam too but at least I buy what she's feeling.

  22. I am HATING this. Ethan is one of the few decent characters on the show and he's getting pinned for this? Unbelievable. It makes me want to fast forward I just can't watch. I hate watching an innocent man go down and be treated so badly for something some little spoiled piece of crap did.

  23. The writing is so bad, I don't feel sorry for Kristina. I *should*, but I don't. Am I supposed to believe that an intelligent young girl who has been repeatedly abused by her boyfriend for months would break an important date to go running after another guy? Did she think Kiefer wouldn't come looking for her? It makes no sense.

  24. I'd care more if I actually liked Ethan.

    Anyone else notice how Lucky almost slipped and told Ethan about Luke being a rapist? I guess Guza is gonna keep letting that slide, after all.. Luke's past with Laura doesn't seem to matter anymore to Luke's character after his heart attack.

  25. One of the first things any cop would have done is checked Ethan's hands and noticed there were no bruises or marks on them.

  26. Chris said...

    One of the first things any cop would have done is checked Ethan's hands and noticed there were no bruises or marks on them.

    This is the sign of the Dumbest Possible Action in fiction. Clearly, Ethan would have telltale marks, more than a scratch.

    I really hope they finally let Johnny or someone take Sonny down. He or Jason NEED to go to prison, as characters. There's simply nowhere their dull and monotonous performances can go; and esp. MB, who is a good actor.

  27. The actors are on top of their game with the abuse storyline, I'll say that. Do I enjoy it? No. No, I don't enjoy watching another woman on this show, this time a really a girl not yet a woman, intimidated, abused, frightened. Can this show ever write a story that doesn't involve brutality and violence? Would a plot where someone wasn't physically threatened and harmed be too outside the box for them? Everything on this show is so dark. I read the paper, I watch the news...all dark, dark, dark. And this show is supposed to be escape for a few minutes every day? I'm taking a break from GH again. I'll continue to read here to keep up, hit some ads, and will most likely start watching again. But no, I can't say I enjoy this. At all.

  28. I am in the minority But I love the story Yes it has problems I know But tell me a story that doesn't have problems...

    All the actors are doing amazing job MB LH NLG KMO ,yesterday scenes made me cry and that doesn't happen a lot...
    I don't like that Kris is blaming Ethan, But she is trouble kid and she never told the truth.
    But I still feel sorry for her.....
    I love that this is not only focusing on Kristina but they are showing that this effect everyone around her..
    You can see that ALexis is broken up by this she is always tried to protect her daughters from violence and she failed...
    Sam tried to teach her little sister about her past and tried to make sure that Kris will not go in her path...

    About Sonny - I didn't find him only talking about himself Not at all - Sonny had abusive past he saw his mother beaten, and he always tried to protect his kids and never let them suffer like he did, and now he saw Kris's face , and he sees his mother face again.
    I liked that scene and I hope Maurice will be nominated next year because he deserve it!!!

    I also liked Jason part in this , that he didn't go with Sam , he let her deal with her family and than when Sonny came and was all emotional Jason was his friend calming him down helping him focus on Kristina....
    I also liked that Johnny was the only one to believe Ethan , and him going to Jason and telling him to rethink that, Ethan owes Johnny he's life....

  29. Dana. I am with you about the part where I am liking the story. What I disagree about is how they are using Sonny's past as a way to get is son (Dante) to fall for him (as a father) and a way to keep Sonny out of prison.
    Loved the like where Dante told Sonny that if he shoots Ethan, he was sure that Ethan wouldn't say he shot himself. I didn't like that neither Dante or Lucky didn't arrest Sonny for holding a gun on Ethan or for threatening him? Isn't he on trial for murder and on bail? Having a gun is against some kind of law, I am sure!!
    I can't get with Sam at all because of her past. It was sad because Sam wanted to blame herself, but again, all I could think was....did you want to blame yourself when a kid got kidnapped while you watched? NOPE!
    Also, liked that Ethan talked about not having bloody/bruised hands, which shows he didn't beat her....Um, LOOK AT HIS HANDS LUCKY!!
    Though I know this is a soap, I expect a little realism in this. Shouldn't Ethan's blood also be on Krissy's face? Unless Ethan fights/boxes for a living, his knuckles should be bloody from the beating. UGH....this storyline needs help.

    I also think that Jason should have gone with Sam to the hospital for support. She always follows him to everything to help him!!

  30. Kristina is protecting her abuser. This is the example that the adults in her life (yes, I know this is a soap) have displayed to her for her whole life.

    I did like the fact that Johnny brought up that Kristina lied before. I understand that a parent wants to protect their child but Sonny always rushes to judgement and Sonny is ALWAYS WRONG. When Ethan is proven innocent I'd like to see Sonny apologize to Ethan for sticking a gun in his face and rushing to judgement. Sonny should have been arrested....or Lucky or Dante should have taken the gun away at least.

    Ethan shouldn't understand nor Luke...cause its not okay to do that....regardless of the situation. This show gives out the MOST irresponsible of messages. THE VIOLENCE HAS TO STOP.


  31. Okay. Yes, I agree, violence doesn't beget violence. But also understand, it's a soap. How boring would it be if things went just as planned? No drama. I think this is what the writers are trying to get, some drama. I am sure they won't let Ethan rot in jail for this (but then again, many an innocent man are) But, if you look at it that way, maybe it's easier to understand. How much bang do they get for their buck? MB in some intense scenes, the Davis girls coming together. A rif between SonLuke, Tracy standing up for Ethan. Lucky in something else rather than being in a black hole over NIZ.. So much going on here...My 2 cents.
    ~ Andrea

  32. I liked it ONLY because of the Dante/Kristina scene. Those 2 actors who play them are the BEST actors on the show and can make ANY piece of crap Bob Guza writes interesting.
    They are the reasons i watch the show.Dominic and Lexi(Kristina) can do better then G.H.


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