Friday, March 26, 2010

General Hospital: Maxie and Mini together again!!

In a hopeful bow to the TERRIBLE mistake they made by killing off "Georgie", GH had Lindze Letherman visit a dying Maxie today. UGH, I hate it that Georgie is gone. Lindze looked GREAT but I'm sure she'll be on again Monday, she was only on a second today
Lulu visited Maxie--and had on a fugly blue Michael Jackson (circa 1985) leather jacket. eesh.

CLAIRE...ugh. In Johnny's empty garage. Zzzzzzzzzzzz Did I mention my fab idea yesterday? They SHOULD have cast a fiesty, spunky gal ala DIANE who could have come on canvas as her SISTER prosecuting this case. Just saying.

LUKE and Alexis! Even when they fight, they are wonderful. Good to have a scene with Dante and  Morgan as well. Morgan's been MIA lately, hasn't he?
CONAN--AHAHHA..was a riot at the Mobular Restuarant!! Very fun newbie character, I hope. He's Bernie's nephew! Although he looks NOTHING LIKE Bernie. He made Jason look tiny!! Lucky and Jason talk about Jake and Liz/Nik's new "baby".
Kelly's was the HUB of the Day!! Carly and Lulu's talk was heartbreaking. Love Lulu's love-hate with Maxie (mostly love).
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see Sonny!? He found out Ethan wasn't going to jail and threw and ENTIRE TRAY of barware AND said "I WANT HIM HANGING ON A HOOK"! whahaahahaa. It would have been too funny if Jason would have said "Like AJ"?? !!

YOU MUST watch Chrissie Fit's Subpranos this week. Hopefully, you saw last week's eppy that had the girl's looking for the LA Subway. (Hilarious) This week continues their quest and someone unexpected pops up.

Brandon Barash will be in BUFFALO this weekend! He'll be at the Variety Kids Telethon again this year!! You can see him at the bash or at Galleria Mall (Lower Level Macy's) from 11:3-1 on Sunday.

Check out GREAT photos from Caravan Girl showing GH stars on Broadway AND backstage at the Emmy's!!


  1. I thought newbie Conan said Bernie knew his uncle, not that Bernie was his uncle?
    I also thought they were doing a not so subtle Conan O'Brien reference...tall, red hair, funny.

    They HAVE to bring Georgie back. Have her been in hiding or witness protection program or something. In this once case I don;t care what silly story they come up with, just bring Georgie back.

    I hope they do this Maxie story properly. Please don't have her back at work next week. Give her a dramatic storyline that she can sink her teeth into...not to mention Robin and Mac.

  2. I thought that too Frisco!! yes... Conan, although I thought his hair was blonde. I wasn't sure if it was nephew or not, people on twitter thought so.
    Did Lindze look FAB????????!

  3. Karen,

    Was it you that once mentioned Camryn Manheim for the prosecutor role? Grant it, that wouldnt exactly be "Jump on Sonny" material, but I bet she could act the hell out of this role. (Emmy Winner)

  4. Sonny show again, smashing his barware. Oh woe is me sonny disgusting everyday.

  5. This was a episode that I actually enjoyed. first one in a long time. I thought Lulu was very good. Genuine emotions. The jacket was fug, but for some reason I liked it on her. I LERVE GEORGIE!!!!!!

  6. Conan said that Bernie KNEW his uncle. Anyway, Bernie is Jewish, no way Conan is Jewish, not with that name, and he looks Irish to me. (I'm Jewish myself and have a very small nose, blue eyes, and am tall and slender, so I know that Jews don't fit a stereotype to "look Jewish," but still . . .)

  7. AHHHHHH we moved and have no working tv right now. GEORGIE was my favorite. i am so going to have to hope i can find this on youtube or something!

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