Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, Monday--Maurice Speaks about Drew!

OLTL: was rocking today...loved it. So fast!! Loved all the characters interacting--but I really hate the fact that Scott Clifton is gone ;/ ugh... He's too good to go! Now, they are also saying that he's not been asked back to GH. That doesn't mean he WON'T (one can hope!) Hey, Bree Williams is PG...will they write it in the storyline? Marco is the stupidest guy on daytime. OY!

The SHOW:  Luke was kinda mean going to see Krissy I think.  He kinda sounded creepy too!! I am so glad they showed the whole barware drama with Sonny again. LMAO.

Shouldn't the court be PACKED? Is it a closed court? Now, isn't it funny the judge asked COLEMAN his opinion. LMAO.

Maxie and Georgie!! There's a reminder of the single worst decision in a LONG time for GH! I so miss Lindze!!! wahhhh. They could always bring her back, it's not like they've never done that. Wow, it was a short stay.
Loved when Johnny went to talk to Maxie and "Maxie" was watching...and she was all "I'm so embarrassed"!! Then Spin wheels in...very touching scene, kudos to BA.

I have an idea: Helena should be all over the Krissy story..being all mad, vowing revenge. That way she'd kinda mend something with Alexis and be in scenes with her FAMILY! I know she hates Alexis..but NLG and CT would LOVE a chance to do something other than fight and maybe Hells would like the IDEA of Kristina. :? People on twitter disagree with me though.
This Conan guy is a hoot! He was on again today-- asking if they could do something so people "wouldn't feel like they might get shot" in the restaurant!

MORE GH: Maurice spoke out regarding Drew leaving GH. I really REALLY think it speaks to the "diva" rumors that are flying around about him. Coworkers DON'T do this if an actor is not respected and liked. I still say my sources are correct about why he's leaving: (from SID)

How does Benard feel about Garrett's firing?

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) seems to be just as upset about the firing of Drew Garrett (ex-Michael) as GH fans. The Emmy-winning actor was asked about the abrupt firing of Garrett and admits he was shocked by the news. “Everybody knows how I feel about Drew,” he says. In fact, it was only a couple of weeks ago that the two did a Soaps In Depth interview along with Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), in which their fondness for each other was quite clear. “We had a bond,” Benard insists. “On camera and off.” Was he informed or asked about the switch before it happened? “No,” he says. As for the shake-up coming at a time when GH is clearly at a high, with important story for Sonny and Michael, Benard says he’ll have no problem carrying on with the plot. “Sometimes,” he says, “you have to put personal feelings aside.” Daytime newcomer Chad Duell is already in place and has taped several shows. When asked if he’s worked with the actor yet, Benard said, “no,” leaving it at that.

Performer of the Day:  Bradford Anderson
Best Moment: Alexis going all Natasha on Luke saying "You didn't expect me NOT to come down here and go all Cassadine on you, did you"??

Check out Drew Garrett's fan movement on Facebook, hey, can't hurt to try to get the kid back!!


  1. Karen, every since this Kristina storyline started I've been saying that Helena should be part of it. Not just because Kristina is a Cassadine but because her accused attacker is a Spencer. What if Hell's kidnapped Ethan, the truth of his innocence comes out and Alexis and Luke pair up to rescue him? Throw Tracy, Lucky, Lulu, Dante, Nicholas into the mix and what a great storyline. Could evn bring Emma Samms back as Holly for an episode or two. AND what if in their rescue mission Luke and Alexis stumble upon Valentin or whatever the new Cassadine's name is suppose to be? What a great way to introduce this new character.

    Georgie was used as a "lure" to get the tmk and then put into hiding with Felicia. Maxie has a turn for the worse (medicially) and Felicia returns to town with Georgie. Perhaps then Dillon will return to Port Charles to reunite with Georgie.

    Okay, day dreaming over. None of this has anything to do with Sonny so won't happen...

  2. With regards to the empty courtroom, it's actually one of the only examples of them following legal procedure. People on the witness lists can only be in the courtroom when they're testifying so they can't change their testimony to match with others' testimony. And since 90% of the town is a potential witness, they can't be there. As for the rest of the trial, it's completely inaccurate.

  3. Frisco...

    Didnt they do this before with Laura and Lesley? Both were presumed dead for a long time and then the elevator doors opened and there they were.

    Cant they do this with Felicia and Georgie? (Although Felecia is alive, but technically dead to the writers...)

    also, since johnny hates sonny so much that there is steam coming out of his ears, why doesnt he just take a gun and shoot him? Isnt that the way things are done on this show? Violence, Violence and more violence?


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