Monday, March 8, 2010

Academy Awards: Sandy Bullock made the Long as it was.

Well, Cablevision and ABC finally called a truce and got the OSCARS on the air about 30min into the show. People were tweeting live stream sites by the millions!! I am a Time Warner person so it didn't effect me. But, the parties in NYC were all MAD!!
Anyone watch the horror pre-show on ABC? OUCH. Kathy Ireland? Who's idea was that? Who was that guy out there? Sheri Shepard was the only decent one. Terrible questions all round and so stiff. I'll stick to E! next time.

How gorge was SHE?? Wasn't it fab that she went to the Razzies and accepted. Shows CLASS, baby!!
 Miley Cyrus needd a push up bra and some posture lessons or WHAT?! And what the HELL was Miley doing presenting anyhoo??! Alex and Steve were funny. George Clooney looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. Good Lawd, get a smile going. LOVED the John Hughes tribute.  The music alone was awesome. When all of his cast members walked Judd Nelson looked like hell. LOL. What a nice touch.

The funniest team was Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr. So natural and great jokes. Ben Stiller was a riot. That lady that interrupted the poor guy WHAT WAS THAT??!

Soap Stars who tweeted during the Oscars were @lldubs (loves Meryl Streep) @TheMeganWard who tweeted: "SJP!!! NO GUM AT OSCARS!!" said Kate Howard. @nancyleegrahn: ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz. I forgot how tedious this is AND THIS:
I didnt hear a word charlize said. I couldt stop looking at the cinnabuns attached to her boobs

My Best Dressed: J Lo. This photo doesn't do the dress justice though. My other Best Dressed is Queen Latifah but I can't find a photo of her dress yet. It's a gorgeous pink. Worst Dressed is usually one of my faves: Charlize Theron. Princess Lea boobies!! Get this! Why Mo'Nique wore blue with a gardenia in her hair - it's what Hattie McDaniel wore! That's too cool.

I am loving the really constructed dresses this year. Penelope Cruise also looked great in her garnet red. Everyone looked really nice except Miley and Maggie G. (I'm not a big fan of prints at the Oscars)...Did you see Morgan Freeman's bracelet? It was some Nelson Mandela thing and it was so beautiful! Oprah looked glam jam and her speech to the Precious Girlie was better than winning I bet!
No wonder why I like the SAG or Golden Globes better-- I mean, come on 9:49 and only ONE actor award given out.

Glad Mo'nique won...nice speech. I totally forgot Heath Ledger was the winner last year and
couldn't figure out why Robin Williams was giving it out. Thank goodness for Twitter. I could ask and find out in a second!
The homage to horror was fun and a tad spooky!! -- but Kristen Stewart always looks so damn bored with life doesn't she?? Geeesh... she about blew a hawker on Taylor L. LOL. If she's so  uncomfortable at these events, I suggest she STAY HOME. Give the swag to someone that's good at it.
Yeah, good to see John Travolta. It's been worrying not seeing him. So glad he introduced QT's movie. Nice. Inglourious Basterds was a FINE FILM. I really REALLY liked it.
Demi Moore (always our Jackie Templeton) looked spectacular in her salmon gown with beautiful shoes. She did the intro to the dead people montage-- James Taylor was a good choice but we didn't see the people enough, imo. They could have knocked out the damn sound crap and had more of those montages. Farrah Fawcett didn't make the cut but she was in at least 7 films including award winning The Apostle with Duvall. hmmmmmmm.
And at 11:05 they were on EDITING or something... I'm just going to be a walking basket case tomorrow. This is one of the worst Oscars in a long time..just too much stuff and too boring. WAY too boring. At the end when the actors introduced the nominated actors?? Holy crap. It's 11:30 here people!!!! I liked it last year but this year it was just TOO long...
Jeff Bridges was so fun...I can't believe he was nominated five times, I had no idea. DUDE!! White Russians all around. I loved his Dad Lloyd in East of Eden as Samuel in the TV version.  Forrest Whitaker looks like he lost about 100 pounds, doesn't he??

Sandy Bullock got a standing O. She's so nice-- everyone seems to love her so much. I share this with my lover, Meryl Streep! LOL. Glad Kathryn Bigelow won or Babs Streisand would have been pissed. When Tom Hanks came out he didn't even announce the 10 best pictures, just said "Hurt Locker" LOL.
Ok, gotta sleep because I have giant meetings in the morning.


  1. So glad Sandra won.Bridges I can't stand I think Morgan Freeman should have got it.My daughter went into nursing and he paid half her tuition and she got to meet him if I can get the pic I'll send it to ya Karen.Very nice man and a big heart.Loved the gowns must have been in the restroom when Charlize was on.Loved the tribute to John Hughes.Not enough pics and how did Michael Jackson get in it and not Farrah.

  2. It's Alec Baldwin..not Alex.

  3. Cherlize Theron's Dress was horrible. The worst I saw. But I agree. The Oscars were way too long. I love the red Carpet stuff more than the show itself. I wass falling asleep on the couch and finally gave up at 10:45 after tyhe dead people thing. The home viewer missed the first 5 people because the camera was on James Taylor so maybe farrah was there and we didn't see it. We only saw Patrick Swayze for 1 second. I liked niel Patrick Harris, but I thought his sone should have been funnier.

  4. I thought that Steve and Alec did a great job. You could tell the younger people weren't getting the jokes as much, but I laughed a lot!
    There were a lot of people that looked uncomfortable on that stage this year!
    I think that Jeff Bridges deserved that Oscar. He did a fantastic job. Also loved that Sandra got her award, but it would have been better if Meryl and her tied for the award.
    Most everything else was about what was expected and it was waaaay too long.
    What was up with Clooney? Quit showing him on our TV if he is going to look bored to be there!!

  5. I think Clooney was in on the "joke" to look pissed at Alec. Made him look like a schmuck!

    So glad Sandra won. I wasn't a fan of the hurt locker (dick flick) hubby liked it though!



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