Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Blogging: Something To Talk About...

Lots of stuff going on. I'm going to include the Extra clip with NLG and LA about teen abuse:

This story has stirred so many emotions in the daytime community. Not only is the content powerful but it's brought out stellar performances in every single actor involved. For GH it has also given the cast much needed integration. Having Sonny, Luke, Tracy, Alexis involved as families is awesome. I am really liking Ethan more and more. Lucky and Jason are going to keep working together-- and of course, Keifer's family introduction. Mac Daddy even got some airtime!! Having Maxie in the hospital at the same time draws our attention back to where it should be: GH! Liz running around doing her DNA thing, Hells in the hallways stalking lab techs. Ahhhh. All we need is Nurse Amy and her gossip!! Helena moving into Wyndemere made my whole week though.  Sorry, but her saying Gramma Hella" to Spencer just made me squeal! Of course the news about Brook Lynne coming back is fun because the Q house will be full once again.

New Spoilers are up. Don't forget to hit a sponsor. I've donated another $50 to Joining Hearts and Hands--our goat holders!! Tomorrow I have some twit pics to show you, a great Tony Geary interview link.  Sunday Surgery is my FAVE blog o' the week you know!!

And let's dish two minutes about Sandy Bullock-- :/ WELL, good LORD, what the HELL is wrong with people??! I just feel horrible for her. I wish I knew where to send her a bottle of tequila or something. After her whole "He's the only one that has my back" sniff... Men just can't deal with success or what?!

What have you been watching in Prime Time? Me?...reruns or Discovery Health...sometimes I'll find something fun on Sober House. It's March Madness so-- bball all the time. Syracuse beat Vermont so people will be crazy around here a bit longer.


  1. Be kind of difficult to have Nurse Amy running around the halls of GH, since Shell Kepler passed away a couple of years ago.

    Any idea how long it'll be untill the truth comes out about Ethan being falsely accused?

  2. Chris I think Karen knows Shell passed, she probably posted it first. She meant we need that type around and all would be well.

    karen I agree that GH has made some good waves with this story, I am very pleased to be looking forward to this show. I do wish Diane would have had a scene with Alexis about kristina however. But the performances have blown me away and I haven't said that since JJ returned.

  3. I like Ethan a LOT more since they started putting him in scenes with more than just Luke (i.e. non-block taped stuff!)

    I love that are having multiple non-mob stories simultaneously! I know we still have Sonny's trial going on, but even that lets us see Alexis and Diane more!

    I've really been excited about GH lately...which is a nice change from wearing out the FF button on my DVR remote!

  4. I hate Sam. HATE HATE HATE. I hate everything about this character and I used to love her.

    I would love for Sam to die. I cannot describe my loathing of her.

    That is all.

  5. Wow... Jamie. See I go back and forth. I disliked Sam after the whole witnessing jake's kidnapping thing and threatening Liz int he park with the boys. Then I liked her again with lucky. Then I disliked the whole Jasam reunion only because it goes against everything jason is. Then watching her be that same boring girlfirend lieing and cheating and breaking laws just for him, the hate kind of returned. But then it was wonderful to see her with kristina, and I am back liking this girl.

  6. I don't mind the Sam hate. After all look what they did to the charachter of Liz. It is so unreal that they wouldn't have Jason visit at shadybrook or the very least have him have angst about Jake's future. A short conversation w/Lucky doesn't cut it. Liason fans want a scene with this former couple due to the history they have. Jason and Liz are always there for each other no matter what the storyline. They don't have to be love interests; that's what histories are. They show over a decade friendship and no matter what transpires they hold true to it.

  7. Patti, I agree with you about Sam until the end of your post. while I can certainly understand her being upset and angry for Kristina I think she is acting like an ass right now and while I like the side she shows to Kristina, I hate everything else about her at this point...

  8. I like Sam with her sisters but I have to admit she was really being annoying being she is a private detective. Look at his hands woman! Then again even the police didn't look at them. I do also miss Liason scenes. They light up the screen together as friends or lovers and I do miss seeing that connection.

  9. Ok all i gotta say is i am soooo done with the Liz and Nic and Lucky.. although i love helena .. i hate her so much that i love love love her (does that make sense).. How much longer will we have to see sonny wanting ethan dead? i really like ethan.. just hurry and have kristina say it was keifer and move on.. but otherwise i still love my GH
    HOpe u all have a great weekend... 76 and sunny here in AZ so off to take advantage of this weather



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