Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crazy Thursday: General Hospital Spoilers

I've had a crazy, confusing day and will be going to my hometown again for another funeral tomorrow. It's been a heck of a 10 months, that's for sure. I did get some Spoilers up, I think they are interesting. Especially that Lisa and Patrick get trapped in an elevator!! wahahahhaa! I mean...reallllllllly. I think in this day in age that should be BANNED as a plot device. Please.

I saw a bit of GH today, caught Helena...saw Alexis and Liz. Lucky with the mask in Johnny's face. LOL. I also got a glimpse of MR. FRANCO's face. :/ he haunts me,  I tell you!!

Have a good couple of days.  I will be on Sunday to do the Sunday Surgery Blog.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a loss, Karen.
    I read the spoilers and can't quite figure out why the heck Olivia would have to testify about Dante's childhood. What does that have to do with Sonny's murder trial? Since Kate will be back for about 5 minutes I'm assuming it's her turn for Sonny to blame for
    Dante's shooting. Big sigh.
    Hasn't Patrick all ready seen Lisa naked? I'd rather see Lisa in a falling elevator, alone.

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope that last night's Modern Family provided some laughs. The reactions to the little girl appearing to say "Mommy" had me cracking up.

    So it's Kate's turn to receive Sonny's wrath? I think he's accused everyone this side of Jessie Brewer of being responsible for him pulling the trigger.

  3. Did he accuse Mike yet? Somehow that will happen.

  4. Sorry for your loss, Karen. I have to say I laughed out loud when Sonny blamed Patrick for his shooting Dante...somehow I don't think that's what they had in mind, lol...What's next, Sonny faces the camera and blames all of us???? we knew and didn't tell him either, lololol...oh I need some springtime! lololol

  5. Hi Karen - I tried to catch you on twitter. I hope you have a safe trip. I'm so sorry that you are going due to another tragedy. xoxox

  6. i agree completely with cyndib's post.

  7. Sympathy for your loss Karen.

    About the only reason I can think Olivia would have to testify about Dante's childhood, is so the prosection could show Sonny was a criminal even then, since that was one of her reasons to keep quiet about Dante's paternity.

    But it will probably turn into a pity party for Sonny, and how he was cheated out of being a part of his first born's life. I just hope someone calls a Q to the stand to testify how Sonny took Michael away from them. How is it that no one has mentioned it to him whenever he rants about missing Dante's childhood?

  8. Does anyone know what way gh is leaning with this wtd story for Liz. I have always loved the character and don't fault her for the lousy writing that she is getting ( IF GUZA DOESNT LIKE HER OR "LIZ" WHY NOT JUST WRITE HER OFF) I hate hat they have done to her... she was so great when she was with Jason and Sam needs to get a life and get away from Jason... I hope she is the next one shot by accident

    Sonny: If I knew you loved her I would not have shot her
    Jason: I did not think you needed know
    Sonny: well its your fault then

    And BTW why does Sam go after every guy that has been with Liz and Carly?

  9. Betty- sam goes after every guy that has been with liz and carly, because the writers have no idea what to do with her. this character has been forced down our throats since day one. there really is no place for her. she does not fit in. the only thing she can do is be jason's lap dog.

  10. Betty- sam goes after every guy that has been with liz and carly, because the writers have no idea what to do with her. this character has been forced down our throats since day one. there really is no place for her. she does not fit in. the only thing she can do is be jason's lap dog.

  11. I disagree about Sam not having a place. I loved her with GV'S Lucky. I love her with her sisters and Maxie as well. She has a place, just not with jason, IMO. Don't get me wrong, they have chemistry. And their scenes of late have been sweet and sexy too. However Guza wrote a year of scenes where Jason threatened to KILL her! Not to mention everything she did to Liz. Guza now is back peddling and now making Liz the bad guy and writing crap for her to have to act out with the Niz storyline (or lack thereof). When JJ's Lucky returned, most of us Liason fans were thrilled especially once we saw their magic on the screen. I wasn't even happy about his return but JJ proved me SOOOOO wrong. I now want L&L not liason. But putting jasam back together is so unbelievable and so against everything Jason stangs for. Kind of the same way the Niz thing dnever worked with any viewers. We watched nik & Liz be friends for so long never ever was there a hint of attraction.

    I have to also say I am rooting for Ethan & Kristina. Love them!

  12. So sorry for your loss Karen.

    Yesterday was great because it was a no-Sonny day. Helena once again looked fabulous. I would like her to meet up with "Natasha" at some point.

  13. Well, Nik did have a crush on Liz when Lucky was "dead".That was when her and Jason were having feelings for each other for the first time.
    Sam..I think she could be written better. Ever since they put her back with Jason, they haven't even said anything about her PI business and all she does is break the law for Jason. That is not a very good role model for her sisters.
    I am completely against anything Jason or Sonny, so, as a former BIG Liason fan, I hope that Liz finds her way back to Lucky. Or at least someone new.
    I'm all for Johnny and Ethan bringing down Sonny!!
    I am glad that Nik is having a second paternity test done because he knows his family. I just hope Helena doesn't find anything out about it...
    How about A Nik/Lisa relationship and they can both leave together!

  14. Karen, I'm so sorry about your loss.

    As for The Office, that was high-larious! Especially Pam breastfeeding the WRONG FRICKIN' BABY! Best eppy since the wedding.

    Hellz must have some secret Cassadine potion that makes her invisible because NO ONE in that hospital noticed an uber-glam older lady bedecked in diamonds lurking in their midst...



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