Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Michael next to Dante: GH recast

Now, I want to see what you all say...there's a LOT of people on Twitter saying he looks a lot like someone on GH, but I'm not saying you aren't swayed. Thanks to GHspoilers (@GHspoilers on Twitter) for this!


  1. I think he looks like a cross between Spinelli and Tony Jones...and not to be too stubborn, but I already don't like him and want DG back!

  2. He has a huge head like Alan but he has tired eyes like Spinelli.

  3. OMG mosbp2003 you might be on to something. When Carly was pregnant with Micheal she was not sure if the father was AJ or Tony. Imagine if we now found out there was a dna test mix-up and Tony is actually Micheal's father!!

    Grandma Bobbie is then his stepmom?
    Kristina is no longer his sister.
    Molly is no longer his cousin.
    Maxie is his new cousin.
    Mac becomes his uncle?

  4. I already don't like him
    I Miss Drew So Much......
    And the good thing was that he was so much Like Laura and Steve you could feel that they were family..
    This new kid is not...

  5. He looks like a more filled out Lucas...
    Kristina and Molly aren't blood related to him anyway, since he is AJ's kid.
    He wouldn't be related to Jason or any of the Q's and that would leave Jake, Ned and Dillon as the heirs still around.
    I don't think that Mac was related to Tony either?
    Tony and Frisco were brothers.

  6. Mac is his cousin Max's father figure, that was why I put Mac being his uncle with a question he wouldn't be technically
    I am aware Tony was my brother, haha.

  7. People on twitter said: Spinelli, like a LOT of people!! I think he looks like Cole on OLTL a bit too

  8. I'm so sad we are losing Drew Garrett that I was in tears today just watching him and knowing that shortly I won't be seeing him again. He has such great character as an actor. The new guy appears to be just a pretty face for the summer and his baby doll looks will never win me over. We are obviously moving into summer teen sweeps.

  9. It would be interesting if Spin turned out to be a Quartermaine, because this new Michael DOES look like Spin and since Michael is a Quartermaine. Actually, so is Jason......Wow, maybe Spin is A.J.'s son too then him and Michael are bros and Jason would be Spins Uncle. What do you think WUB Queen?

  10. It would make no sense whatsoever for Michael to turn out to be Tony's son. Tony has been dead for years, so no drama there. What would be the point? LMAO!

  11. The way GH re-writes history, is anything sacred anymore? Or implausible?

  12. Ok, first off let me say that I completely and totally adore DG. I think he's a phenomenal actor and I will miss him sooooo much as Michael.
    However, to play the other side momentarily. I also remember a time when I (and quite a few other people) swore that Sarah Brown would be the only actress worthy enough to play the role of Carly. Now look where we are, LW is insanely wonderful as Carly and let's face it, Tamara Braun filled some big shoes after SB left and she was positively brilliant!!
    I may end up eating my words; but for now I think I'll just let the chips fall where they may before rushing to too much judgment.

  13. I don't get it - he doesn't look much older than DG (if they're going for the whole Michael against Dante battle) and he's not as cute!??? DG can certainly act and if they were concered about chemistry with the new Ward girl, all I have to say is that he had chemistry with his on screen sister for heaven's sake! Recast the freakin Ward girl - the audience isn't attached to her. It's so frustrating.....doesn't make sense to me what TIIC are thinking.

  14. That is my brothers Dante & Michel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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