Friday, January 31, 2014


I'm actually still not feeling well, so I'm going to nap now and watch GH tonight while my hubs is out. sooooo, post if you want. Wait if you don't.  

Are you enjoying the show? With this happening now, (Robin stuff coming) everything is further splintering, imo. 


:) It's a Feta Day, watch out for those Cassadines.

OK so I'm watching!!
Victor looks spooky fun...and he's director of WSB!!! WOOT!!! Nice. I thought he bought the hospital. heh... 

brilliant end..with the wig heh :) Those BLTs!! They are everywhere! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Auntie Ava"

Sam tells Ava to "take a seat' Ava's busy texting Morgan. Hey, I have your lunch all packed here, you forgot it!!
ahahaha  (Ok, I made that up)

Silas and Franco are McBain and Todd ..Just give it up
Todd to Silas "Ava's having sex with a barely legal mobster's son"..."Hey, Si, can I call you Si"??
Michael tries to strangle Franco while he's in lock up. Silas just sits there and watches heh.

You'd think Heather would have moved Carly. Oh well.  She tells her her DAD made her BLTs, that's why she loves them. And her Dad left her when she was a little girl. wah wah
"Payback's a Bitch, and so am I"! Says Heather.
Ava said Nina had money and Silas was supposed to get it. Sam runs over to the jail, asks Silas he says yes, and she storms off.

Cam tells a lie and invites himself over to Wyndemere for a play date. LOL.hey at least Liz had on a winter coat and scarf. WOW. Knock me over!!

ROBERT with EMMA..oh my gosh!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! He tells her to take care of her Mom and Dad

The  kids GOOGLED Chupacabra today, to find out what the monster was. So did I--that's it. Hmm, maybe looks like Carly? LOL 

Who's framing Silas? maybe Nina woke up and is doing it. OR her mother? 

ROBIN gets nabbed by a hand...I SMELL FETA!! and tomorrow it looks like Britt may have fallen in the lake, she's all wet. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time To Go To Jail

Lucy's story:
Sleep with Scotty
Feel guilty.
Rinse, Repeat.

Alexis isn't on enough. She's kinda inserted  into stuff now.  Slow day? Alexis talks to Sam..another gap? Put her in with Julian.
Hey, Ric's coming back. Now Alexis can see all of her baby daddies whenever she wants!! 
She and Julian make out. Rather sexily, I might add. 

And Duke and Sonny. @@ let's have a scotch and just dish. 

Lante and Nathan.   I guess Lante's bac together. don't care. 

Kevin and Franco. Poor Kevin. LOL..he has no clue what's happening!! Where do he and Lucy live? Do they live in the old place they used to? hmmmm. 
Chandra was a fun addition. I totally desk straighten other people's desks. LMAO 
It's night and Kevin's having appointments?
Kevin finks out Franco! Franco's goin' to jail next to McBain! mean, um, Silas! 

Robert and Anna were great as usual but it's his last day!! wahh!! Robert's leaving to "go help Holly and Ethan". Whatever. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Those Ribs tho..

OMG Unless TJ is going to knife Rafe, I don't care!!!!!! GET THOSE JR. Mints off my TV!!

Sonny, could you LOOK anymore like Marlon Brando ?? GEESH. "How could you betray YOUR FADDAH"!!!?? 
Morgan is tryin' to 'splain..but Sonny won't listen.  Then Morgan finally says "But Dad, he threatened Mom and sis"!!
You know Sonny's going to forgive him. He wants him to give up Ava though. Um, Sonny, Corinthos men dont' give up their bed mates!!

Ava. You are nuts. Morgan broke up with her via text ahaha

Lulu talking to Officer NorthWest. COME ON...geesh, like he's going to give her advice. What a weird scene

Anna and Duke "here put this bib on, it's going to get messy"   DUKE YES! YES! I'm working for SONNY!! So sue me! LOL 
All I wanted them to do is eat those ribs ...heh.  They never did eat them!!

GREAT Duke/Anna scene right there!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Last Act

I came in at 2:44 today..saw:

Lucy and Mac and Flea

HottyPants Cop and McBain and Sam

Julian telling Anna that Duke is working for Sonny 

Ava and Morgan, she tries to give  him  a gun. (oh, yeah)  He doesn't take it. They say "I LOVE YOU" aww...

Olivia and Sonny. Hey, I must have missed the bar ware throwing today!
Junior Mints were on

Do Mac and Flea have a house or...??

Ava pulled a gun on Julian.

Ho-Hum. Tomorrow looks ...zzzzzz

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Ze Boss!'m a bit kerfluffled! 
This week's all a blur. I had a bad cold for most of it, so I was half in and half out of the show-- usually while on cold meds. 
So, take all this with a grain of salt. Maybe it was the illness ...but this week was VERY up and down for me.  (literally) I laughed so hard I cried on Tuesday,  and then  by Friday I was snoozin' again. 

Strap on your face masks, I don't want to pass this on, and get ready to scrub in! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Rick Hearst is Back To GH!

Rick Hearst checks back to GH according to SOD and DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL! YEP..filming scenes with Haley Pullos and hopefully all of the GH cast.  Are you happy he's coming back!?

Blogger on the LOOSE!

Well, blogger and gmail were down..but I can get in here to write about the show finally!

Lucy's Lust..happened again!!

And..come on..either that pharmacist was paid off..or it's CALEB who filled that prescription!!

Lucas is a player--whoa. AND we find out Brad is ASIAN QUARTER CONNECTED!! woot!!
Those of you not old enough to remember that era, too bad. 

Julian got beat up..sigh. I wonder what's going to happen to Morgan. Scrub out the restaurant? 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Want Some of My Muffin?

Says Sam to McSilas. Sam's dressing like it's  August. Well, that's not new but she's at Kelly's for godsakes, put a sweater on her! Bobbie comes in, so does Lucas.

Dr. O rips into Brad  about being late and other things. Felix and Brad are going on a date (See Below)...

Nathan and Anna.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

OMG today's show was SUCH a huge snooze!! GEESH!

BriK was a but fun 

What was WITH the dock fog??  Sonny better be setting Moronigan up. Nope, it shows tomorrow the light bulb goes off for Sonny. Duh.
Oh, PS. Sonny can't DIMPLE DAZZLE Anna! She's immune!! 

OH SNAP@@!!! wow... Lucas slept with Brad last night and then they kissed in the office!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Will Spencer DO?

Against the EVIL Heather? LOL..he's standing there like the prince he is. I have to be gone until 3 at least. I'll try to pop in after I watch the episode. With my cold, I may just come home and pass the hell out!! It's 1 degree here. OH!! NO!! Oh well, looks like that's going to be our weather for awhile. 

Saw the second half...!!!! Ha ha...Carly's knocked out!! Cameron isn't ready to lie-- but Spencer sure is! He's Helena's kid.
Loved Dr. O being nasty to Sabby and Felix. Heh.. I really can't wait to see Epiphany in a scene with her! WOOT!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today's Show: MY CUP O' TEA!!

OMG...Mac and Robert with Emma.."Do you have Bieber Fever"???? ahahha.

Spencer to Cameron: "GO date Josslyn Jacks, leave Emma alone, I'm a handsome PRINCE"! ahahhaa.
Emma comes to play and Spencer wears a smoking jacket. Pfffft Did you see Baby Ben snoring ?

I'm dying!! 
The people's reaction to Dr.  O --Priceless. Robin's gonna choke her. Monica's just standing there like DOH!!!! Seems Dr. O had something to give the WSB in exchange for her "good name" back! What was it? Snowden?

"Even gagged, you talk to much" says Heather to Carly. Carly's in Wyndemer's stables. Where do they put the horses in winter?

Liz says that she's going to tell Patrick about the baby, and is telling Sabrina not to hide it. Did she ever tell the truth about any one of her kids in the beginning?!

Oh yeah, Kiki and Michael were on too.  yawn.

AHHA Spencer is going to Harry Potter Heather tomorrow!!

Delia's Back To GH!

Via: Daytime Confidential!!
 Ilene Kristen is reprising her Ryan's Hope and General Hospital role as Delia Ryan, according to Soap Opera Digest.


Monday, January 20, 2014

MLK Day: In the Name of Love

One of my favorite song tributes to the late, great man!! 

But I have to show you this graphic of me...not giving a damn about the Robin/Sabby/Babby/Paddy sheeze anymore.  Whatever.. . *sigh* ... Just tell me when it's over, m..kay?

I MADE THIS FOR YOU!! Hit the last's a flip o gram!! 


Today's show:

Luke sees Heather, Luke gets gun from Heather..henchmen knock him out. Sigh. Time for a TG vacation

Sexis was on doing some legal work, they were adorable

Robin and Patrick run into Sabby

Franco wants Starr to hide Todd 

Julian tells Lucas Julian is alive (it was weird, trust me) ...Lucas says "I'm Lucas Jones, your son"... 

Tracy and Monica were on too. 

the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT..WHO IS CHIEF OF STAFF??  DID My Dream come true?? YOU KNOW IT DID!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S my Dr. O!!! 

Kim McCollough is Leaving GH AGAIN

Read her interview at Daytime Confidential 

Revolving door! After months and months of "Robin is Back"--this is happening!! You know what? I love Scrubs and I love Kim but kill of Robin. I can't see HOW they'll ever explain how she'd leave Emma.   AND KILL THE CHARACTER OFF...chop  her head  off in front of me. Make sure there's no mask on. Robin could have come back with radiation poisoning from all her research and died in Patrick's arms.  

I get soaps have comings/goings and people popping in and out. That would work for Bobbie or other characters that aren't "core" --but Robin? She's been made to be a CORE. What a waste this time has been, and yep, I think it was a WASTE.  Sue me.

This pisses me off. And I guess, in that regard, KMc got that right in her interview. So, belly up for Sabrina and Patrick and THEIR "baby reveal".


 DC: Have you filmed your final episode for this go around?
KM: No.  I’ve got a couple weeks left.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Light Bulb

I struggled with putting this blog post into a different one all together--separate from Surgery. Then,  I thought what the hell--let's try to combo this together. We can review the show and I can give my two cents about the light blub moment I had this week.

Light bulb moment being that production is totally screwing with the flow/tempo of the show--NOT the writing. See, I usually bitch about the writing. It was so evident this week however that it was production messing with my story that I went "AH HA!!"  Yes, I do have problems with the stories but, maybe if they weren't all spread out and they could contiue uninterrupted,  they'd be better.

Strangely enough, ratings are at a big high. This thrills me to no end. Seriously, I love this damn show-and like a sports fan I love it high OR low. Hell, we lasted through some pretty low lows and we're still here. We don't just go to church on Easter, no sir--we are there every damn week!! 

On that note, Let the bitching begin. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Donna Mills Headed to GH

In "Mystery Role". I'd comment but it would send me back to some coke-induced shoulder pad flashbacks.

Friday, January 17, 2014

AJ'S Giant Breakfast

Well, it was HUGE... maybe it was for the whole family but--eesh.  Tracy was there!

Heather still has Carly tied up..with a flesh wound.  

I can't wait for Sunday Surgery. LOL. This week was another dull one for me. I'm not even sure I'm watching Thursday's show. It's on my DVR and I should watch it, but -- eh. 

Lucas is home. I'm sure many people out there are like WHO the hell is Lucas? hee has been a long, long time.

AJ is drinking and remembering. RUMOR has it Sean K is out of GH again-- Hmmmm. Could be true. They certainly haven't been writing much of anything but angst and Vodka for AJ. 
Sonny, telling Julian to vacate his office

Sonny's in Julilan's office, spinning in the chair.YEAH for getting Olivia into the mob mix. She and Sonny make a good team without being all soppy and stupid.  Julian is out of Cawnie/Kate/Todd's old office!! 

LUKE SEES CARLY! This can't end good.

I have a sore throat so I guess I'm just cranky.LOL

SPOILERS are up!! Please hit a sponsor for me!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shirley Jones..

Here's TV Guides take on her first few days:  Shirley Jones Guests on.. GH! Looks like she may have info for Dante. I was hoping for a Cassadine connection. Well, still could be?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Deep Down Inside He Loves Me"

What's up!? Here I am...I rushed home to blog the show. I hope it's a good one....

So, Kevin, Scotty-- Duke,  Felicia, Bobbie   and Lucy.  Guess they are wheeling out the vets they hardly use.

Sonny's sitting next to a bunch of Hefty Bags in that warehouse. Are they for bodies? Morgan is hugging the enemy! ut. oh!!  Duke meets Morgan.  Sonny better be double crossing on this because he CAN'T be this stupid... ugh. "Don't tell anyone Duke is with us because of Anna".

Scotty and Franco. They need to put these two together more if they want me to care.  He went to see Kevin and was acting like TODD so much!!! 

Lulu, shut it, you're not a detective!! And Mr. can't just go around discussing stuff with ANYONE!! I so hope they don't go with Nathan and Lulu because..I just don't. Then, Maxie will be back and she'll like him and Dante will also be all pissy. 

Felicia and Lucy--old times, old times.  Did you see the sugar she put in that coffee? LOL  Felicia was so into the gossip about Scott!! yah!! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's In the Trunk?

Today I have many meetings for my real life so...Do It Yourself Blog! Hopefully, Sonya will recap for everyone (or if someone else would like to, go ahead!!) 

Do you think Carly's head is in the trunk? ahahahaa. 

I hope Bobbie knows Josslyn only eats CORN flakes!!!

Have a good one. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday in Port Charles...

I am actually staying off FB and Twitter today because I haven't seen Downton Abbey yet and I don't wanna know ANYTHING!!!! I'm not even looking on Buzzfeed or any news sites just in case. I feel all in a cocoon! 

How did you like the Golden Globes? Tina and Amy were hilarity!! PDiddy was drunk-I loved Emma Thompson 'being' drunk.  (which I think was a total act).  And GEESH JackieBisset?!! AHahahaaa. 
I wish Tatiana would have won for Orphan Black--but eh Robin Wright is awesome too. 

I'm hoping that Carly doesn't have to run in those boots!!  This is getting OLD. Come on.  I wish Heather would sing "Singing in the Rain'. At least I could pretend it was A Clockwork Orange.
NICE BLOOD! all gooey!! 

Yeah that Alexis is talking to Sam.  About time.   Still don't care about this Nina chick though. Another angst for Sam. Does she have a job? The neatness of the PH is bothering me too. I wish there was crap thrown all over the place and Sam was running ragged. ONCE I'd like to see a soap character running ragged with a kid--for more than a scene or two. 

Morgan To Julian: Where's my MAMA? 
Kiki to Ava: WHERE'S MY MAMA? 
Michael to Dante: WHERE'S MY MAMA?

Why is Dante being so casual to Michael? Geesh.. "it's the tumah" ..wait 48 hours. LMAO-- if it was ZULU MISSING he'd be going nut-bags.
Dante and Michael see Morgan and Julian talking in the garage.  Ut..oh. 

Letter to Franco.  Todd on the floor crying.   "Get out of town for a few days".   They are putting Kiki and Todd together a lot aren't they? That's fine with me, Totally. 

Sabrina's acting like she's on a telenova!! Hand to mouth! Gasp! Big Eyes!! LOL... Who saw the green elephant lamp in her apt?!  'Carlos--it's NOT CHO's MINE!! 

UGH I am going to hate this macho cop stuff. ugh.  I don't care if Silas poisoned some lady. Don't care.  Silas' getting all upset-- don't care.
Nathan: "That's Miller..with two L's right"..Um, hello, when have you ever seen Miller spelled with on? Miler? Isn't that MILE-er? hee hee. 

WONDER if Ava and Franco will have grief sex? Hmmmm. 

Did you see I did the spoilers yesterday?  Looks like Ms.  Jones aka Mama Partridge will be in with the Cassadine clan? Interesting. (we hope!) 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Gagged

Kelly T tweeted this last evening! She and "Spencer" are adorable!! More proof I want a Cassadine wedding! Why did I put this photo up to start the blog? Well, given how this week was pretty dull, I thought I'd do a nice 'behind the scenes" one for us!

Yes, this week's GH didn't grab me in any way, shape or form. The Heather Stuff? Oh, please. The mob stuff? Over it.   Don't get me wrong, the show is still good, but it's sort of like when the holiday season is over. Everything seems a little less-- exciting.

Ok, get ready to go!! I'm going to have a nice cup of Corinthos Coffee and a scone from Kelly's!

Friday, January 10, 2014

"You were awfully hard on her"

Happy Day!! I put this on twitter and FB today because it's FRIDAY and I want to have a scotch in a helicopter! Hee hee

Ok, today's show: Got in late because I was at lunch! Yum. Sourdough, turkey and cranberry sammy!! YUM!

Saw Todd and Starr conversation. He still thinks Heather is dead. Kiki thinks it maybe her mother that has Carly. 
OMG did you see that sex selfie in the room of Carly and Todd? LOL. geesh.

POOR POOR Morgan..wah wah.. He had to tell Ava to get out. Sonny "You came down pretty hard on her".  And then he texts her that he 'had to make it look good'. 

Felix told Robin that Sabby is PG. hee hee

Shaun threatened Julian. zzzzzzzzz

AJ AND MONICA!! And a nice fake forest behind them which is really GREEN FOR THIS time of year. 
 Hell, must be their one airdate this month. 
OMG..COME ON. Carly could make a HELLA noise with the gag on!! you can SCREAM through a gag!!! You can grunt, moan. Ugh I hate when shows do something like that. If you're going to NOT have her make any noise, then don't put Monica and AJ in there to 'not' hear her. Geesh. We are not stupid!

Sorry, that just bugs the crap out of me! And Heather's knife stuff is just....... eyeroll worthy. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meet Harper Rose!

I had a bet with my friend that Kirsten's baby would be named Harper. I KNEW it..such an uber hip-cute name!! Harper Rose. 
This is the twit-pic she posted: Instagram. Since it's private, I 'll have you click!

Didn't see todays' show..I was teaching my son to make ROGAN JOSH!. That's a curry, not a person for those of you that don't know.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby Girl Barash Arrived Today!

Our passenger has touched down and arrived. Welcome to our world. There has not been a more fulfilling day.


Shirley Jones TO GH!

First it was Mama it's Mama Partridge! William DeVry tweeted this photo of them on the set. Who's she playing? Hmmmm. Maybe Nina's Mama (coma woman?)

Screw You, Silas!

Boy..Sam and Silas were into it today. And Sam..acting all crazy because he's married? Well, guess she's changed!! LOL 

Heather: I have no problem putting a bullet in that CORN child!! ahahahaa. I'm sick of Heather for the moment.

TODD and Kevin...TODD and Scotty. And wait..that's Bobbie! She's going to eat dinner with Luke and Lulu!

So Silas' wife has been in a coma for 20 years. Nina has been hooked up to a machine because her parents won't let her off. Silas hasn't seen her the whole time.
NO idea why he didn't just divorce her though. Oh, he WAS having an affair with Ava when she went into the coma, btw. Nina tried to kill herself when she found out-- and she lapsed into a coma. 

Sonny and Morgan. Sonny yelled, Morgan cried. WHY in God's name would Sonny think that Morgan could just WALK out of the mob? Good Lord. Morgan should tell Sonny so they can double-back-flip on Julian.

Spoilers vs Blogging

there is no reason for this photo--- I just like it!

Someone is asking about Silas' wife and I want to let people know that the DETAILS of most stories are on WUBS NET. I do put some scoops in here but not all because some people are trying not to know "too much" when it comes to the show. I might write a bit about what's coming up though, so don't think this blog is "spoiler free".
HOPE This helps. Personally? The Silas Wife story seems to be much ado about nothing. GH is at a lull at the moment.  Side out, ROTATE!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BLT on Board!!

That's right..there's Heather in the elevator!! You'd think she could have asked Dr. O for some latex mask tips!!!
Sam and West. He was a bit stilted today. Hopefully, he'll relax. Sam would NEVER let him in the PH. I mean, come on. 
He tells Sam that Silas is "married"..Hope you read the SPOILERS!!! 
You can find out who she is!

Ava and Tranco would totally be understandable as a couple. And be really evil/deadly/sexy too.

TJ is AWFUL at lying LOL!! and RAFE? If you're going to squeal ...OWN IT.  He looked like he was going to puke.

Carly and Sonny..and skulking Heather.  Sonny's going to not be happy about the Franco thing. BUT!! He didn't throw any barware!! 

Julian wants Morgan to be a MOLE in Sonny's "import biz" and says he has to break up with Ava. OR he'll kill his mama and sister. Morgan is crying because, know. AVA is AVA and no nookie for awhile! 



Monday, January 6, 2014

The West Family!!

When I hear "Nathan West"...I think of West Dolls!! I had a big huge Jane set. LOVED it. It's probably still in my parents' attic. 

Heather's back..all dirty ..but wait!! Todd is seeing her, but it's really OLIVIA! So, ,did Olivia transfer her LSD hallucinations to HIM? 

Sonny talks to TJ and finds out Morgan talked to Molly to get her to tell him about Carlos. Stupid MORGAN. He says he flunked the military part of military school. REALLY?! 

Rafe is just..whatever. ugh and GEESH can Sonny or Shaun tell TJ ONE MORE TIME not to go to the cops?!! 

AVA and Carly--Delicious.  Ava is so nuts, I love her.

I could only watch 30 min today--sorry!! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The Harvest

Oh Daddy--wah... oh Dadddyyy..why GH So SHORT This week?

 Another short week. Geesh--between that and the show skipping from Christmas Eve right to New Year's, I'm all turned around. 
Like, what happned to AJ drinking? It's not like they can show him all drunk now--or can they? Has he been on a binge since the 25th?

Anyway, get on your short-shirts and let's GO GO!  I've got my coffee and I'm ready to mouth off!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Foot Rubs

Shirtless Friday. THAT didn't take long!! Newbie has a nice Chest!!  He looks like Michael Saucedo to me in profile.  He's saying he's coming to Port Chuck to get into the "Julian/Corinthos" war. Then he tells Anna he's there for Silas and Ava. 

LOVE the Headline in the paper "DOH!! Sonny shoots own body guard"!! ahaha DOH! 

I don't remember Sonny leaving jail..although maybe he got bail when he was arraigned on Christmas Eve? Weird.  Ah, Anna said they "couldn't charge him"...

Um..why? Why not? 

Ralph was on.. I mean. RAFE. He and Molly talked about being "just friends" zzzzzzzzzzz
And..TJ and Molly talk ALL ABOUT the stupid mob war and Rafe listened. Of course. 

Siam after-glow with plenty of foot-rubbing going on!  Ava comes in to see Silas and sees "her niece" walking out. 

Morgan is in trouble!! OH BOY!! And Morgan is all cry-baby. Geesh. You can't be MOB if you're going to tear up all the time, son!! 
Sonny gives him is gun and says "DO IT!!" and Morgan cries like a girl. 

Julian wants to kill Morgan. Shocker. 

WUBS Fearless Predictions for 2014

Dave got me started..let's see what we can cook up! Add your own below in the comments!

I predict... Carlos, Julian, Morgan and the newbie Nathan will have their shirts off at least 20% of the time in the next year.

I predict... Big Baby Ben will be returned to Lante--during a sweeps period. 

I predict... Luke will come to town..and leave again ..and again and again

I predict...AJ will struggle with the bottle

I predict.. Ava will threaten at least 2 people per month

I predict... someone will have a medical crisis

I predict.. someone else will save someone from a medical crisis

I predict... I still won't care about the Jr.Mints

I predict... There will be a car crash 

I predict... There will be at least 17 shootings, with 2 only reaching their intended targets

I predict... someone will come back from the dead

I predict... someone else will "die"

I predict... Monica will have 6.8 airdates between now and October 2014 

I predict...Lucy will get all manic over-- whatever she's talking about that day 

I predict... Alexis sleeps with Julian

I predict... McSilas "secret will threaten he and Sam's new relationship"

I predict... SOD will have the title "Will Change Port Charles Forever" 32 times in the next year

I predict...rumors of Brenda's return will surface 55 times within 6 months

I predict... Someone will be skulking in Wyndemere's tunnels

I predict... TJ's mama will show up and Shaun is his real daddy

I predict...Liz still won't have much of a story line 

I predict... Duke will find out about Anna's secret, and she'll find out about his

I predict...Scrubs will have a bumpy ride with Sabrina's baby news

I predict...Sabrina won't reveal the truth about said baby until a sweeps period

I predict... Robin will deliver said baby in a: Cabin, tunnel, well or woods. 

I predict...Lulu will still bug the crap out of me

I predict...Epiphany will be all in someone's face at least 2x this year

I predict... BLTs shall be mentioned 12 times before August 

I predict... I will still fall asleep during Michael/Kiki scenes

I predict... Sonny will throw..hmmm let's go for 4 glasses and 2 decanters this year. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Your Ovaries are SHUT!

Poor Lulu--closed for further harvesting.  Whoops. 
Lulu is being a tad selfish with the "It would be YOUR baby not mine" 
Lulu's movin' out..wonder where to? I'm saying Maxie's other bedroom? LOL 

Meanwhile,  Betty tells the camera "I am pregnant--with Patrick's baby" just in case you're slow on the up-take. 

Sam looks gorge does Nikolas! 
Siam finally get down and get nekkid. HOT Sex.
Really HOT Sex!! 

LOVE THE NEW COP..holy moly.  I hope he can act!   He's subletting Maxie's apt.  He totally looks like a Cassadine, doesn't he??? 
I think he is!! No real info, just speculation

Patrick and Robin want to get remarried.  Emma marries them. AWWW.  Wedding flashbacks. 

Here We Are

  Drew goes to see Michael at the Gatehouse but he's out with Wiley. He tells Willow about the congress-person seat and that she can'...