Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Delia's Back To GH!

Via: Daytime Confidential!!
 Ilene Kristen is reprising her Ryan's Hope and General Hospital role as Delia Ryan, according to Soap Opera Digest.



  1. The last thing this show needs is more cast members...

  2. As I said before this is turning into a retirement home.

  3. Yank Sean from running Kelly's and put Deliah in charge. I'd watch that! She's great and adds a good kick to any show and hey, anyone that carries on the torch for Ryan's Hope gets my vote.


  4. She is a hoot. She'd be great for running Kelly's, but i suspect she is just showing up for a couple shows in the Silas story. But letting Shawn and TJ go and adding Ilene would make sense--she would add a lot!


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