Monday, January 6, 2014

The West Family!!

When I hear "Nathan West"...I think of West Dolls!! I had a big huge Jane set. LOVED it. It's probably still in my parents' attic. 

Heather's back..all dirty ..but wait!! Todd is seeing her, but it's really OLIVIA! So, ,did Olivia transfer her LSD hallucinations to HIM? 

Sonny talks to TJ and finds out Morgan talked to Molly to get her to tell him about Carlos. Stupid MORGAN. He says he flunked the military part of military school. REALLY?! 

Rafe is just..whatever. ugh and GEESH can Sonny or Shaun tell TJ ONE MORE TIME not to go to the cops?!! 

AVA and Carly--Delicious.  Ava is so nuts, I love her.

I could only watch 30 min today--sorry!! 


  1. Sam talking about her sex life to Molly was a reminder that with Maxie gone Sam has no friends. Perhaps when Lucas moves to Port Charles they will bond. Regardless, having the sex talk with Molly was ick. Would have rathered if Sam had the chat with Alexis, Nicholas or even Carly or Robin.

    They are writing Carly so out of character. There is no way she would be head over heels for Franco. Just a way for Cartooni to pimp their OLTL imports I guess. I typically can not stand Michael but when he told his mother that her dating Franco was wrong and sick I was cheering him on

  2. I love a lot of what Ron and Frank have done with GH. BUT resurrecting Franco was a huge mistake. He was an complete psycho,(people loved to hate him) and in trying to redeem him they rewrote all the bad things he did to make them not his fault, then gave him a tumor to absolve him of all wrong doing, then REALLY rewrote history to make him not Jason's twin and Heather and Scott be his parents. And trying to shove down our throats a Carly and Franco pairing it is way to hard to stomach. GIVE IT UP.

    This was a complete failure. It is a shame because I love RH, but they need to cut their losses and get RID of the character of Franco completely. It was a bad bad move.

  3. I think Olivia keeps forgetting that Sonny is a killer too. She definitely has a type: Sonny, Johnny, Steve. Maybe she's angry with Carly because she wants Franco next.

  4. I agree re: RH. Great actor, but the Franco character died with James Franco, IMO. I've said it before but I'll say it again now: he should have been cast as the son of Alex Q and Tony Cassadine. Yeah, it would have been a fairly big retcon, but with 2 more Cassadines coming soon, he could have added to that narrative plus added another much needed Q into the mix. It could have been gold and maybe it's still not too late. Cartini - yank the Franco character now and bring him back as a Qassadine!

  5. I agree with Andrea about Franco. RH is a very entertaining actor and I enjoyed him as Todd, but Franco has turned into a joke now. Carly/Franco is just absurd. FF material for me and I haven't FF-ed much of GH since RC and FV took over.

    Today was just kind of bleh for me anyway, with only the Sam/Silas/HotNewCop storyline keeping me from FF-ing the whole dang eppy! Oh well, those kind of days happen on a soap.

  6. "Todd" should have come back as either the "Q" heir, later to be found to be Heather's real son. Maybe name him Ralph or something LOL. I DO like that he's Heather/Scott's son--just NOT FRANCO. Franco is James Franco. Period

  7. Friscogh: Yes, I felt that the writers were allowing Michael to speak for all of us, when he reacted that way to his Mother's dating Franco.

    Also, I don't see Carly as so out of character, as she always has made bad, impulsive choices. I did think, however, that Olivia was written TOTALLY out of character, I've never seen her act like that, even her facial expressions were different.

    Sam didn't actually talk about her sex life w/Molly, she referred to it, but didn't go into icky details (thank the Lord).

  8. FrankTodd Baldwin's room: Oh oh he is seeing things! He sees his mama!! But it's Olivia! He won the line of the day!

    FrankTodd Baldwin: Did you cut your hair? Did you color it?

    ROFL! And he tried to touch her hair hahaha! Wait! Olivia brings up Steve and that he is a killer?!?! HUH?! Oh NOW she defends Steve. What the hell was this scene all about?!!?!?!

    Metrocourt restaurant: Ava and her cape threatens Carly! Wants to wipe her off the face of the planet ROFL! Oh look Michael and StarKi overheard it! Woah Mikey is NOT happy that Carly and FrankTodd Baldwin are dating! GO MIKEY! :) Carly cries! Great scene between Carly and Mikey!

    Julian's room: Oh come on Morgan! You are so nieve into thinking you could just get out of the mob!!!! You are stuck!!!!!

    Detective West and McSilas: Detective West is hot, but he is so boring! This whole scene was boring. What was the point of it?

    Sam's home: Uh Sam, Molly is NOT an 18 year old! So quit talking to her about your sex life! And Molly, pull up your sweater! You are not an 18 year old! Detective West arrives! Why would he go visit Sam?! Very strange.

    Police station: Wow!!! Rafe is rattting out TJ!!!

    Kelly's: Oh oh TJ has to leave town! Sonny you should have offered your island!!!! Why does TJ have to go to be with his mother?! I'm glad TJ called Molly to say goodbye face to face. Oh oh too late!!! Here comes Anna and her cops!

    Boy I guess I was annoyed with the show today! :)ROFL!

    "Karen says When I hear "Nathan West"...I think of West Dolls!!"

    I keep wanting to call him Adam West! :) You know, the guy who played in Batman! :)

  9. "AntJoan says Sam didn't actually talk about her sex life w/Molly, she referred to it,"

    Yes Sam DID talk to Molly about it. Sam told her she had sex with him! And she hadn't done it since Jason. But she made sure to tell Molly it wasn't a one time thing. :)

  10. OH Everyone, I really need some help here.

    I don't have a TV or cable; I watch everything online. I've been watching GH on Hulu or for years, but they just changed their policy and now to watch online you have to give them your "premium provider" account info. Of course, I don't have one! Hulu is saying they'll have shows one week later, but who wants that with a soap???

    So, basically, does anyone here know a good quality, reliable YouTube channel who posts GH daily?

    So sad about this.

  11. I see ME is growing back his old weird coif. And Rafe has some really strange hair, too. How are we supposed to accept the "new" Franco when he just stabbed his mother and buried her - big booboo as far as I'm concerned? He could have called the police and had her picked up if he was truly redeemed. Liked Michael giving hell to Carly-she deserved it and Kiki had no right to say one word since she wasn't around then.


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