Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday in Port Charles...

I am actually staying off FB and Twitter today because I haven't seen Downton Abbey yet and I don't wanna know ANYTHING!!!! I'm not even looking on Buzzfeed or any news sites just in case. I feel all in a cocoon! 

How did you like the Golden Globes? Tina and Amy were hilarity!! PDiddy was drunk-I loved Emma Thompson 'being' drunk.  (which I think was a total act).  And GEESH JackieBisset?!! AHahahaaa. 
I wish Tatiana would have won for Orphan Black--but eh Robin Wright is awesome too. 

I'm hoping that Carly doesn't have to run in those boots!!  This is getting OLD. Come on.  I wish Heather would sing "Singing in the Rain'. At least I could pretend it was A Clockwork Orange.
NICE BLOOD! all gooey!! 

Yeah that Alexis is talking to Sam.  About time.   Still don't care about this Nina chick though. Another angst for Sam. Does she have a job? The neatness of the PH is bothering me too. I wish there was crap thrown all over the place and Sam was running ragged. ONCE I'd like to see a soap character running ragged with a kid--for more than a scene or two. 

Morgan To Julian: Where's my MAMA? 
Kiki to Ava: WHERE'S MY MAMA? 
Michael to Dante: WHERE'S MY MAMA?

Why is Dante being so casual to Michael? Geesh.. "it's the tumah" ..wait 48 hours. LMAO-- if it was ZULU MISSING he'd be going nut-bags.
Dante and Michael see Morgan and Julian talking in the garage.  Ut..oh. 

Letter to Franco.  Todd on the floor crying.   "Get out of town for a few days".   They are putting Kiki and Todd together a lot aren't they? That's fine with me, Totally. 

Sabrina's acting like she's on a telenova!! Hand to mouth! Gasp! Big Eyes!! LOL... Who saw the green elephant lamp in her apt?!  'Carlos--it's NOT CHO's MINE!! 

UGH I am going to hate this macho cop stuff. ugh.  I don't care if Silas poisoned some lady. Don't care.  Silas' getting all upset-- don't care.
Nathan: "That's Miller..with two L's right"..Um, hello, when have you ever seen Miller spelled with on? Miler? Isn't that MILE-er? hee hee. 

WONDER if Ava and Franco will have grief sex? Hmmmm. 

Did you see I did the spoilers yesterday?  Looks like Ms.  Jones aka Mama Partridge will be in with the Cassadine clan? Interesting. (we hope!) 


  1. I watched the Globes last night. I liked Tina and Amy but didn't feel they were on often enough. Seems they introduced the show and then really vanished.

    I dont pretend to understand what it is like to win an award, but if you are nominated, you have to at least have some kind of bullet pointed list in your head "just in case". For instance:

    • Thank Hollywood Foreign Press
    • Thank Director
    • Thank cast and crew
    • Thank family
    ... then get off stage.

    Its a FORMULA. You stand in front of people and cameras for a living. In fact, it is one of the reasons you won the award. You should be poised by now in your career.

    Didn't watch today's show, and I see I didnt miss much. Shirley tied to Cassadines? Delicious. I always thought it would be great to have them do a small arc with a Helena "origin" storyline. Where they have a young Helena, very nice and virtuous and prim and proper and for us to see why she turned so evil. It would have had something to do with Mikkos and meeting him and being engaged to him. I would want Florence Henderson to play Helena's mother and be evil incarnate. I mean, so evil and so rotten to Helena that we see that her mother had a definite inpact on her evilness. Florence could definitely pull it off.

  2. Prop of the day: Alexis's tata's!! Very action-filled day, I thought.

  3. I just hope Helena's really alive and we can see Shirley Jones and Connie Towers on screen together. That would be a real treat!

  4. dave, know I've wanted Helena's back story. I think she's from middle town America and schemed her way into the family, that's why she hates "commoners" !!

  5. Police station: McSilas wins the line of the day!

    McSilas: Back when your biggest problem was trying to figure out what cartoon to watch on Saturday mornings.

    ROFL! Love that line! Oh and look what kind of soda is on the table! Cola Crisp! ROFL! What?! :) Does the soda taste crispy? :) Oh!!! McSilas is being set up! And I bet by Ava!!!!!

    Q boathouse: Oh oh Carly was stabbed!! The knife is bloody!!! It looks like strawberry jam! :)

    BobbyFrancoTodd Baldwin's home: Awww Starki cares about Bobby! Oh oh don't let Michael hear you say that!!! A selfie of the afterglow of Carly and Bobby and it's framed! ROFL!

    Julian's home: This is so funny! Ava thinks Julian did something to Carly and vice versa! HAHAHAHA!

    Car garage: Gee Michael, Dante, Juilan, and Morgan didn't see Carly's car drive up hahaha! And they didn't see Zombie Heather either and she JUST ran out of there! They are all blind!!!

    Sabrina and Felix's home: Oh damn I love Caaaaaaaaaaarlos!!!! :) He is so funny!!!! :)

    Sam's home: Wow Sam is wearing a shirt that doesn't show her ta ta's! Amazing! And Alexis is wearing something that shows her cleavage. :) They have a sweet scene! Oh oh Alexis has to go to court! She is going to court dressed like that?! ROFL! McSilas and Sam scene! Yes Sam! It's Ava who is setting McSilas up! :)

  6. Todd, Kiki, McBain, Carlos, Sabrina. All my faves were on today. NOT. Put them all in one room and make it explode.
    Even Patrick and Michael both of whom I sometimes like I can not stand when paired with Sabrina and Kiki respectively.
    The only thing that saved the day was a brief cameo by Alexis.
    I hear the Chief of Staff is going to be a surprise. That rules out Patrick, Robin or Monica. I hope it is a good surprise like Lucas or Kevin or Lesley. Britt I could live with or bring back Tom Hardy Jr or Simone. Does the Chief of Staff have to be a Doctor as it is mostly an administrative position? Give it to Alexis and let Scott and Diane hand all the towns legal issues. Or give it to Laura.
    If they make Dr. O Chief of Staff it is an insult to Dr. Hardy's legacy. Yet it is cheesy, over the top, unbelievable, cartoonish so seems like something Cartini would do.

  7. Nice to see Alexis back. Sabrina still being such an ineffective, sub-par character. Bad acting award of the day goes to RH dealing with Carly's letter. Wonder where all the blood on the knife came from.


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