Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meet Harper Rose!

I had a bet with my friend that Kirsten's baby would be named Harper. I KNEW it..such an uber hip-cute name!! Harper Rose. 
This is the twit-pic she posted: Instagram. Since it's private, I 'll have you click!

Didn't see todays' show..I was teaching my son to make ROGAN JOSH!. That's a curry, not a person for those of you that don't know.



  1. Beautiful baby!! How could she not be?

  2. oh YAY Hulu+ has GH back on, and on much earlier than it used to be.

    Karen--yes, watch today. Bobbie was good (I'm usually not a fan of her big-eyed overacting--but today she was spot on). A reveal I expected to take another month! And Michael/AJ/Sonny/Robin, all good stuff. Check out Kiki's face in the background while Sonny and AJ have it out and Michael's getting between them...possible "face of the week" for a few of her looks.

  3. Sabrina and Felix's home: Oh wow so it's been a few days and NOW Caaaaaaaarlos wakes up? ROFL!

    Kelly's: Robin and Sonny scene YAY! Awww he heard about her being alive so he wasn't shocked to see her. How anti clamatic. :( Ah well. Woah Robin has this lint or whatever she has on her white sweater. It's very distracting. Hmmm the director must have thought it was distracting too, cus all of a sudden it's gone ROFL! Sonny vs AJ scene! LOVE IT! LOVE Robin and AJ hug!

    Q's boathouse: Really!?!?!!?! Heather takes Carly at the boathouse!?!?! REALLY?!!?!?! Well Heather wins the line of the day.

    Heather: It boggles the mind that anybody could miss you.


    Michael's restaurant: Wow Ava changed clothes! She isn't wearing her cape anymore! Awwww! :(

    Carly's home: Bobbie and FranToddBob Baldwin scene! LOVE IT!!!! She hates him! She tried to shut the door on his face! ROFL!


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