Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's In the Trunk?

Today I have many meetings for my real life so...Do It Yourself Blog! Hopefully, Sonya will recap for everyone (or if someone else would like to, go ahead!!) 

Do you think Carly's head is in the trunk? ahahahaa. 

I hope Bobbie knows Josslyn only eats CORN flakes!!!

Have a good one. 


  1. Aww Karen! You should have put up a picture of Soda crisp! ROFL!

  2. That so looked like Jelly donut splidge on that knife! LOL

  3. Karen, yes, I thought so, too.

    I thought the show was pretty exciting again today. Lots of people in the scene at the police station, and it was good to see Liz.

  4. I know people hate Ava/Morgan, but I love them. They have so much chemistry! Fantastic scenes in the police station today, Morgan's body language was total opposite of everything he was saying to Morgan & Kiki. Great acting.

  5. The woman who plays Sabrina overacts so badly I feel as though I am watching one of those soap spoofs on the Carol Burnett Show. I wish she would go away.

  6. Brad and Felix: WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a great scene!!!! Go Brad go!! Brad was telling him how nosey he is, and how he doesn't have a life!

    Liz and Robin: There is Liz!!! :) Glad she is there for Robin. :)They talk about Sabrina being pregnant. So great to see Liz! Altho is the next time we see her is another two months? :(

    Parking garage: Morgan wins the lines of the day!!!!

    Morgan: How's she gonna fit in there? Oh, you're sick Michael.

    ROFL! And then when BobFrankTodd Baldwin shows up and he says Is that blood? Morgan says

    Morgan: What does it look like asshat!

    ROFL! Oh Morgan you are too funny! :) Oh Carly isn't in the suitcase! Oh the knife with the strawberry jelly has been found!!! Anybody have any bread? Oh oh Starki is sticking up for BobFrankTodd!!!! Michael thinks he did something to her!!!

    Police station: Come on Ava! Just admit to Detective Hot N Stuff Nathan that you tried to kill McSilas's wife!!! Oh oh he has to go he wants her to stay! Oh here comes Morgan! They are being close! Here comes Michael and the gang. Along with BobFrankTodd Baldwin!

    Sonny's home: Sonny is upset about missing Carly and has been looking for her! Which turns him on! And during the afterglow with Olivia, she thinks about Morgan. Ummmm ooooooookayyyy..

    Felix and Sabrina's home: BAHAHAHA! Caaaaaaaaarlos is great!!! Oh Sabrina don't blame Caaaaaaaaarlos for the lie! If you REALLY wanted to tell Patrick the baby is his, you could have! And even Caaaaaaaaaaarlos says it! :)

  7. Sonya, I was cheering when Brad called Fefe out! It's about time someone did!
    JPink, Ava and Morgan have grown on me too.
    It's funny, new/old characters I liked in the beginning (Sabrina, Felix, Heather) I can't stand anymore. And characters I did not like (Britt,Carlos, Brad, Morgan) I like now!

  8. Karen, that knife should get prop of the week, lol! That's the strangest looking blood I've ever seen...it looked raspberry coloured, yep very jelly looking!

  9. "Avalonn said...Sonya, I was cheering when Brad called Fefe out! It's about time someone did!"

    Yeah it was fantastic!!! Have Frank and Ron been reading boards? Hahaha!

  10. jpink
    I LOVE AVA AND MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ava and Morgan are my new favorite couple!!!!!

    Enough with Heather. Send her to an Shadybrook. No wait, send her to Liz's house it is more secure. She will be gone for month's at a time, and only show up for 3 minutes when she does appear.

    Sabrina and Carlos should go back to Puerto Rico together. I will not be able to take her crying for months and months.

  12. Ava and Morgan are growing on me, I guess. I think Morgan is a terrific actor, he really disappears into the role. Ava is a characature (can't seem to spell this word today) of a certain kind of woman often shown on soaps, she is sooo over the top!!

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  14. Am I the only one getting tired of Robin? She is just too arrogant and cold lately. Applying for the chief-of-staff job? Really? Has she even gone back to work yet?

    She and Patrick don't seem connected anymore, but maybe that would be the case after being separated for two years. Lately, I have been rooting for a Patrick/Sabrina real-wedding.

    Also, love the Felix/Brad scenes today. Brad was so right-on... Felix get a life!!!!

    Am bored with Heather, Franco, and most of the other characters right now. It has been a f/f week or more for me. And, although I've always loved Michael Easton, I can't stand Silas! Can't even stand the way he looks as this character.

    (noticed in last week's posts that many of you are from the WNY area. I am as well. In a East Buffalo suburb. And we didn't weather that storm easily!!)


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