Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Gagged

Kelly T tweeted this last evening! She and "Spencer" are adorable!! More proof I want a Cassadine wedding! Why did I put this photo up to start the blog? Well, given how this week was pretty dull, I thought I'd do a nice 'behind the scenes" one for us!

Yes, this week's GH didn't grab me in any way, shape or form. The Heather Stuff? Oh, please. The mob stuff? Over it.   Don't get me wrong, the show is still good, but it's sort of like when the holiday season is over. Everything seems a little less-- exciting.

Ok, get ready to go!! I'm going to have a nice cup of Corinthos Coffee and a scone from Kelly's!

Sometimes, the show just takes a break--and this seems to be a time of a lull.    When I think back to what happened this week (without peeking) I think of:

Heather kidnapping Carly
Morgan and Ava's "Break Up"
Monica and AJ
Bobbie was on
and..oh, yeah, Scrubs found out about the baby.

In that nutshell, I guess a lot did happen! Just felt like it took an age to get there. Some of my fave characters/actors were together this week though. Here they are (in no particular order)

Lulu, Luke and Bobbie eating lunch
Michael and Bobbie
Robin and Sonny
Starr and Todd--um, er..Kiki and Franco.

 I am going to not even talk about the mob stuff (the warehouse shooting/TJ and Rafe) because I don't care. LOL I will talk about the Morgan/Sonny/Julian situation however. While I love the Morgan 'idea'..I wish they would have written this particular part a bit differently. It was too soon and too easy for Morgan to just tell Sonny he's "OUT". I also hope that at some point he spills what Julian is doing and they double-cross him. With Morgan a mole, they could set Julian up for a big-ass'd fall. 

AJ stumbling around in the woods confirms my theory that he's been on a bender since we last saw him. Geesh! Glad for the Monica scene-- HATED the fact that they had Carly not be able to make any noise while they were right outside. That's just..stupid.  You can yell thru a gag--hell, she was talking with Heather with it on!! I would have rather have had that Mon/AJ scene inside and not even involve Carly if they are going to play it that way. 

I wanted to see Max go home-- and Diane go with him and pamper him a bit and say she's moving in until he's better.  It would have not taken a long time and it could have been a nice way to tie that up. Milo could have made them dinner or something. 

Something's missing with HottieMcCopperGuy. Not sure what. I mean, he's good to look at and hopefully he'll get over the stiffness/nerves when acting.  It would have been kinda cool if he had worked with Dante back in the day or something. Some tie to town? 

Sam being so nuts over Silas being married was strange. we all know her back story.  The "coma" story could be Claus VonBulow. I still don't get why Silas didn't divorce her after say, 7 years?  Oh well. Let's see how it unfolds.  You know she's going to wake up sooner or later.

Was it me or...did they totally stick in a Lucy/Kevin/Scotty scene in there on Wed? WEIRD

SCENES OF THE WEEK: My favorites were the convos of Lulu/Bobbie and Luke and also Robin and Sonny. LOVED them. I SO WISH Julie Berman was there though. Not a dig at Emme but I just wish I could have had a cute scene with the 3 of them in it, that's all.  

AWESOME ACTING AWARD: Which I don't usually give-- but I have to give it to the scene(s) of Ava and Morgan. Sheeze, they SELL their relationship. I so love Ava's desperation with him. She vacillates between vixen and 13 year old girl in a heartbeat. Their "pretend fight" was perfection.  They are a bit "cartoonish" sometimes--especially the boy and mob-moll situation but they always deliver the goods. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Carly's Sex Selfie!! WOOT! Goodness!! Cute AND hot! 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Michael freaking out over Franco and Mama. Look at Kiki too--she's going "Dude, calm down" LOL

PS is Sonny's restaurant EVER open for biz?? I mean..geesh! 

I'm looking forward to Sabrina selling Patrick the fact that the baby is Carlos'. Hmmmm. THAT Should be a good one! 

Congrats to the Barash Family! Hope you saw that they had a little girl on the 8th named Harper Rose. The cast has been tweeting photos of them meeting the bundle of joy! I think Kris Alderson was one of the first to hold her. 

Have a great week! 


  1. Hope the Kanan getting canned rumors are false again.

  2. I agree Karen. The show was very odd this week. Very choppy, random characters popping up, with strange, awkward dialogue...I don't know what's happening at GH lately but they need to fix it ASAP.

    The Robin/Patrick stuff is just a mess. Just a friggin' mess.

    Great "obligatory" scene with Monica and're right, probably won't see them again for weeks.

    I'm with you on the Hottie NuCop. Hope it is just nerves because his acting is really not that great. I kind of wanted a little spark with him and Sam but NOT ONE, if anything there was negative spark (lol), which I guess is good seeing as I'm a Siam fan. Love that Silas will have a messy past but it still doesn't come close to Sam's GIANT closet full of skeletons. Her reaction to his news was written completely out of character, but I also think Ron and his team have been writing pretty much everyone out of character, especially when it comes to his pets.

    Still loving Ava and Morgan!!

    And poor Rebecca Herbst. I really hope she leaves when her contract is up. It's such a shame that Ron is refusing to write for a legacy character and a fantastic actress. Not sure what that's about but it's very annoying. BH needs to leave GH in the dust, she'd be a great fit on Days, a soap that knows how to integrate the characters into all the storylines at once.

  3. OH, NO, DO NOT WANT SK or BH to leave--PLEASE, PLEASE, writers--give them lots of good story!! BH is a long-time fave, and SK, a GREAT actor, we just got him back, WE NEED FOR HIM TO STAY!!

  4. Karen, I also wonder, why is Sonny's restaurant never a restaurant? I thought Michael was running it, what happened to that?

    And, PLEASE, will someone explain why none of the younger people seem to be in school/working!

  5. Like you, I think the show has become way too choppy. I'm really over Heather and I'd like Sabrina to take Carlos up on his offer and go "home" with him.
    My main distraction with the show this week was the spot on Robin's shirt when she was at Kelly's with Sonny ;)

  6. I totally agree with everything that has been said. The show has been choppy to say the least. RC does not inter grate the characters well at all. I could think of at least 2-3 scenes this week where Elizabeth could have been used.. I also find most characters are not being written true to themselves.. They jump from story to story nod sometimes leave us hanging for so long that we don't care anymore.. While I still love GH, it seems to be getting very annoying as of late..

  7. How could Robin just stand there when Sonny went ballistic&crazy on AJ? She didn't even look like she was at all awkward.... I know her character grew up on the soap - but somehow her character is never wrong when in reality - Robin has done some stupid things.

  8. KAREN!!!
    YES! Dang I should have mentioned it!! I noticed it was so distracting. I did see they removed it in a subsequent scene, so someone must have noticed!! LOL

  9. I have been thinking that instead of waking up maybe Silas' wife will be "killed" when somebody (maybe Ava) pulls the plug on her ventilator and, of course, Silas will be blamed.

    It drives me crazy that besides Liz having no story , Alexis has no story. I was so hopeful when the OLTL fans talked about how this team liked to write for older actresses. Nancy Lee Grahn is such a good actress but she isn't getting any stories despite the regime change. So disappointing

  10. The show was very choppy this week! I too am sick of the Heather thing! What is she? A cat with 9 lives!! I'm over Silas and Sam too! They are really boring. tPTB are using Kelly M for sex! She's such a better actress than that.
    The Nucor Nathan is good looking but that's all!
    You know Silas's wife is going to wake up at some point!!!!

  11. My favorite scene of the week was Monica and AJ. It was so sad when AJ said that rehab/AA meetings don't work. :(

    I can't believe Spencer is getting a story while so many vets are on the backburner.

  12. Yes, I saw the spot on Robin's shirt also, then saw it gone in the next scene! I want a storyline for Alexis, AND I STILL WANT LUCY, LAURA AND THE SPA!!

  13. I agree - not a good week. The best was Monica and AJ and then the Sonny/Robin/AJ scene. So ridiculous that Carly couldn't have made some loud noise. Would like to know how Heather gets a car, clothing, a wig and a gun. And how she gets away especially after killing Maggie. If she was committed she should been under constant watch - so ridiculous. Cute picture!!

  14. "Karen says Sam being so nuts over Silas being married was strange. we all know her back story."

    I don't think it's strange at all. :) Obviously she has changed. :)

  15. I guess Sonya but it was like he was married and his wife was right there, in town! LOL

    and YES to the Liz stuff. What is going on?

  16. I saw an ad for Rake tonight and it looks like our "Spencer" is in it.


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