Friday, January 3, 2014

WUBS Fearless Predictions for 2014

Dave got me started..let's see what we can cook up! Add your own below in the comments!

I predict... Carlos, Julian, Morgan and the newbie Nathan will have their shirts off at least 20% of the time in the next year.

I predict... Big Baby Ben will be returned to Lante--during a sweeps period. 

I predict... Luke will come to town..and leave again ..and again and again

I predict...AJ will struggle with the bottle

I predict.. Ava will threaten at least 2 people per month

I predict... someone will have a medical crisis

I predict.. someone else will save someone from a medical crisis

I predict... I still won't care about the Jr.Mints

I predict... There will be a car crash 

I predict... There will be at least 17 shootings, with 2 only reaching their intended targets

I predict... someone will come back from the dead

I predict... someone else will "die"

I predict... Monica will have 6.8 airdates between now and October 2014 

I predict...Lucy will get all manic over-- whatever she's talking about that day 

I predict... Alexis sleeps with Julian

I predict... McSilas "secret will threaten he and Sam's new relationship"

I predict... SOD will have the title "Will Change Port Charles Forever" 32 times in the next year

I predict...rumors of Brenda's return will surface 55 times within 6 months

I predict... Someone will be skulking in Wyndemere's tunnels

I predict... TJ's mama will show up and Shaun is his real daddy

I predict...Liz still won't have much of a story line 

I predict... Duke will find out about Anna's secret, and she'll find out about his

I predict...Scrubs will have a bumpy ride with Sabrina's baby news

I predict...Sabrina won't reveal the truth about said baby until a sweeps period

I predict... Robin will deliver said baby in a: Cabin, tunnel, well or woods. 

I predict...Lulu will still bug the crap out of me

I predict...Epiphany will be all in someone's face at least 2x this year

I predict... BLTs shall be mentioned 12 times before August 

I predict... I will still fall asleep during Michael/Kiki scenes

I predict... Sonny will throw..hmmm let's go for 4 glasses and 2 decanters this year. 


  1. I would have to agree with every one of your predictions LOL...and that is sad that the show is so darn predictable.

  2. "I predict... Carlos, Julian, Morgan and the newbie Nathan will have their shirts off at least 20% of the time in the next year."

    OH! I hope so!!!! :)

    "I predict... There will be at least 17 shootings, with 2 only reaching their intended targets"

    2?!!?! That's wayyyyy to much to ask for. I say only 1. :)

  3. I've been away and trying to keep up. Any news of Faison being alive? (He could return in 2014)- heck Jerry too?! Where the heck did he go? Is he in somehow with Julian?

    Hoping Dr. O becomes Chief of Staff somehow still...

  4. I personally hope to see Helena, Stavros, Faison and Dr. O all together to make life miserable for Port Charles...

  5. I don't think Alexis will sleep with Julian. She is getting no airtime at all. She is such a good actress but it seems as though the people in charge (not matter who ) just don't like her.
    I predict Sonny will be on too often and behave like a fool.(just like the last 20 or so years).
    I predict that TJ will go away (this is just wishful thinking)
    I predict that they will trot out at least 5 new characters that I don't like or care about at all..

  6. Heather and Carly will team up to battle and bring down Ava Jerome

    The kids will slowly disappear. The only ones remaining with be Molly and

    All the predications for Sabrina's pregnancy are right. Robin will deliver
    the baby and then Sabrina will

    have complications. It will be revealed before her death that her mother
    is indeed Lily Rivera and Sonny

    is her father. This will bring Lily back to the canvas. Patrick and Robin
    will want to raise the baby

    since it is Patrick's but Lily will put her foot down for a big battle to
    raise her grandson on her own.
    A huge court case will once again pit Alexis against Diane, and once again
    test their friendship.

    Carlos really is related to Lily

    Brenda and Jax will return for a few weeks during the nurses ball. When
    Brenda sees Lily with Sonny, she

    gets very jealous and of course forgets that she is with Jax. (How many
    times has she done THAT?)

    When it is revealed that Ben is really Lulu and Dantes, Nikolas kicks
    Britt to the curb. As she is

    leaving, Victor C. asks her to stay in the castle and she winds up in an
    affair with him.

    Stavros/Helena will be back for a few weeks. They will kidnap Lulu again
    and her original portrayer

    (julie) will come back on the show.

    The Silas reveal will be lackluster. The chemistry on this couple is
    non-existent and the writers will

    start to realize it.

    No return of Maxie, Spimoni or the Redhead. The writers will say that it
    has to do with too many

    storylines, but in actuality, its budget cuts. THey are going to close the
    chapter on Luke and the

    Cassadines once and for all, and to do that, they need to bring in a
    plethera of actors to carry it out.

    Slimmed down nurses ball this year. Lucy will want to dedicate it to
    Robin, who is too humble to be the

    focus. It will not be as grandiose as last year.

    Monica's cancer will return. At this time, you will see Tracy as the
    strongest that she has ever been and

    will do everything in her power to help MOnica beat it. Also see more
    screen time for Lesley to help her

    "frenemy" go through the cancer. It will be a powerful storyline for 3
    incredible mature actresses.

    AJ off to rehab with love and support from Liz. I agree that Liz STILL
    wont have a realistic storyline.

    The new cop, Nathan will be bi-sexual. Along with a relationship with
    Lucas, he will also be persuing Lulu.

    Michael and Kiki will continute to be a boring couple with no chemistry.
    But the writers will insist we warm up to them.

    In a big confrontation with Sonny at the docks, Julian proves who is boss
    by shooting Morgan in the stomach in front of Sonny.

  7. I copied and pasted and have no idea why the spacing is screwed up. Sorry folks!

  8. GOOD Predictions!!

    Jerry Jacks went away on Julian's boat to find a cure, I think.

    Faison..we don't know. They made us "believe" Anna and Tristan killed him but never really said. SO, they could have had another plan. No one ever is dead lol

  9. how cute was Emma with the vows???:)

  10. I predict... I still won't care about the Jr.Mints

    I have to ask who are the Jr.Mints?

  11. I predict Emma will get sick and need baby bone marrow, blood, or other bodily nonsense, thus ending Sabrina's noble effort to keep the baby secret. Then her baby will die and we can see PATRICK CRY SOME MORE.

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  13. I predict I'll quit watching GH for good.

  14. I don't think the show is all THAT predictable. Ron comes up with good twists so I'm choosing to wait and see.

    I'm kind of bored with it for now, though, mostly because I hate that Sabrina is pregnant no matter who the daddy is. Hate those kind of stories. Am indifferent to the character and the actress, so I'd like less of her, not more.

    I think Lulu was bady recast and I cannot warm to her, and why she would walk out on poor Dante made no particular sense. I still like Dom, but cannot believe this actress is Lulu--she's a completely different type from Julie. I thought Julie was the perfect casting--she even resembled Genie, but this girl is just NOT Luke and Laura's daughter. Not at all.

    I hate that Sonny has a main story--he should retire to the back burner ASAP. After years of putting up with glamorized criminals, I feel he has overstayed his welcome by about 15 years.

  15. Does anyone think that Silas and Ava are hiding Jason? I just have a feeling. Thoughts?


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