Friday, January 24, 2014

Blogger on the LOOSE!

Well, blogger and gmail were down..but I can get in here to write about the show finally!

Lucy's Lust..happened again!!

And..come on..either that pharmacist was paid off..or it's CALEB who filled that prescription!!

Lucas is a player--whoa. AND we find out Brad is ASIAN QUARTER CONNECTED!! woot!!
Those of you not old enough to remember that era, too bad. 

Julian got beat up..sigh. I wonder what's going to happen to Morgan. Scrub out the restaurant? 



  1. More nonsense. The statute of limitations for attempted murder is 7 years. Silas could not be charged with that after 20 years. This kind of stuff drives me crazy. I still think somebody will pull the plug since there is no statute of limitations for murder.

  2. If they bring Caleb and the vampires back I will scream. Please NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

    So no one thought to question the pharmacist 20 years ago - and I thought the PCPD was bad. I guess the NYPD is just as incompetent

    Absolutely loved the Asian quarter connection. I remember the black pearls as Robin's dolls eyes.

    Morgan is in trouble. Ava needs to protect him.

  3. Mac and Felicia: Felicia won the line of the day!!!!

    Felicia: He's in a mood, and she's in a mood. and then their moods collided.

    ROFL! I wonder who wrote that line. :) Karen do you know who the writer was today? :)

    The hospital: Oh wow!! Brad has a conection to the Asian Quarter!!! Awesome!! His dad was a mobster! He died! Brad was adopted. Now I want Lucas and Brad together! :) I'll call them Brucas! :) Felix is so happy with his date with Brad, that nothing is going to make him upset! :) Including McSilas's mood! :)

    Kelly's: Uh Sam? I don't think you should be all smug until you get all the facts from that guy. Yup I was right! That guy is throwing McSilas under the bus. That guy is so lying!!! I bet Ava payed that guy to lie! OR McSilas's TWIN brother bought the liquid meds! Did Sam or McSilas forget that he has a twin?! McSilas arrested DOH!

    Pier: Duke beating the hell out of Julian! HA! Sonny knows 100% for sure that Morgan betrayed him!!!

    Ava's home: Oh Morgan quit all your whining. And stop with the constipated look on your face! Julian comes home all beaten up hahaha! Morgan knows now that his father is on to him! HA! :)

    Scotty's home:

    Lucy: Not the man that I,

    Me: Love? :)

    Oh Scotty and Lucy having sex again!!!! :) Oh oh. :) Time to divorce Doc! Oh Mac hits Scotty!!! Nice hit! :) Mac protecting his BFF Kevin awww! Love that Bromance. :)

  4. nice touch with the Asian Quarter connection and totally unexpected


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