Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shirley Jones TO GH!

First it was Mama it's Mama Partridge! William DeVry tweeted this photo of them on the set. Who's she playing? Hmmmm. Maybe Nina's Mama (coma woman?)

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  1. Perhaps she Nina's last name was really Walker, and she was the younger sister of Dusty Walker. Dusty put her in the coma before he came to Port Charles in 1987. Dusty's long gone, but his momma just realized a long suppressed memory of a fight between Silas and Dusty. Following her instincts she tracks down Silas. To atone for his part in his sister's coma, Dusty will be forced to sing "HEY DEENIE" whilst wearing red leather pants and a scarf at the next Nurses Ball.


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