Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today's Show: MY CUP O' TEA!!

OMG...Mac and Robert with Emma.."Do you have Bieber Fever"???? ahahha.

Spencer to Cameron: "GO date Josslyn Jacks, leave Emma alone, I'm a handsome PRINCE"! ahahhaa.
Emma comes to play and Spencer wears a smoking jacket. Pfffft Did you see Baby Ben snoring ?

I'm dying!! 
The people's reaction to Dr.  O --Priceless. Robin's gonna choke her. Monica's just standing there like DOH!!!! Seems Dr. O had something to give the WSB in exchange for her "good name" back! What was it? Snowden?

"Even gagged, you talk to much" says Heather to Carly. Carly's in Wyndemer's stables. Where do they put the horses in winter?

Liz says that she's going to tell Patrick about the baby, and is telling Sabrina not to hide it. Did she ever tell the truth about any one of her kids in the beginning?!

Oh yeah, Kiki and Michael were on too.  yawn.

AHHA Spencer is going to Harry Potter Heather tomorrow!!


  1. OMG, the junior junior mints set were soooo cute, Spencer is a hoot, w/his little smoking jacket! Karen, surprised that you didn't say more about them, they are beyond adorable!!

    I LOVE Dr. O, makes NO sense that she is chief of staff, but I guess we have to take her as we can get her!

    PLEASE PLEASE let Lulu have her own baby, they are making Britt seem sympathetic, but she is a MONSTER, keeping Lulu and Dante from the only baby they ever can have!!

    BIG storm here, got out of the clinic early w/my patients cancelling, then was afraid that GH would be preempted by storm coverage, but they actually showed the whole thing!!

  2. Man, I am going to miss the Robert and Anna dynamic. The current writers have a MUCH better grasp on it than Guza did. They are both badass and have each other's backs. Damn, I am going to miss Tristan, but am thankful that Fin will be around. Her and Robert talking shop today was completely cool!
    The kids running around was kind of flat, IMO. But, whatever...If I can stand young Lucky and Emily running around with their pet dogs and young Robin talking with a space alien, I can handle the current kid storyline.
    Dr. O kicks butt - making her HOS is pretty funny, I have to admit.


  3. Michael and Starki's home: Oh this is so boring! Starki not telling Mikey about BobTodd in the closet. BobTodd and Starki alone and she is mad at him, Oh oh someone at the door, so BobTodd has to hide in the closet again. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The hospital: Liz confronts Sabrina about the bun in the oven. Zzzzzzzzz. Liz don't like lying to Patrick about his baby. Zzzzz. The board meeting. Did Dr O sleep with one of the men at the WSB?!!?!?!! :) And also that guy at the board meeting sticking up for her?! Or she is threaning someone from the WSB and the board meeting guy. :) Robin tried to choke Dr O! ROFL! Seems like Dr O really wants so badly to have her daughter's love.

    Kelly's: Emma, Robert, and Mac scene love it!!! Emma is love sick! ROFL! She can't decide between Cam and Spencer hahaha! Mac says he already went through this with Robin so it's Robert's turn hahaha! Oh Robert and Anna scene! Yes what DID you two do to Faison? That is the million dollar question!

    Wyndemere: Oh wow!!!! Cam and Spencer's scenes were hysterical!!! Spencer wins all the lines of the day today! :)

    Spencer: Now we talk turkey. Stay away from Emma Drake!

    Cam: I thought you had a girlfriend in Italy?

    Spencer: Yeah I had to tell her arrivederci and say bonjourno to Emma.

    Cam: You're making up words.

    Me: ROFL! Oh no he isn't!!! :)

    Cam: They are not made up. Their Italian. Go date Josslyn Jax and back off! I'm better. I'm a handsome prince.

    Hahaha and he just goes on and on and on! And then he asks his dad if Emma can come over!

    Spencer: Father! I Beseech thee. It's imperative that Emma join our play date.

    Nik: Spener get up. Why are you talking like that?

    Spencer: Emphasis.

    I'm dying!!! ROFL! And then Spencer wears a jacket! ROFL!

    Nik: Where did you get that jacket?

    Spencer: I have connections.

    ROFLMAOPMP! I wonder what his connections are! :)

    Wyndemere stables: Really? Heather takes Carly to the Wyndemere stables? And Heather thinks nobody is going to be around cus it's winter. She was wrong about the Q boathouse! Oh oh the kids are going to the stables!! Oh no. Robin is supposed to leave because of a character. I was thinking it was because of Dr O! But is she going to leave because of Heather? Is Heather going to kill Emma?!!?!! :( Is that how Robin leaves the show?! :'( Oh Carly bites Heather ROFL! Oh Carly has Heather now!!! :) Oh no kids go away! :(

  4. So Spencer is an arrogant annoying pompous jerk like is dad. Can Zander come back from the dead and burn down Wyndamere? Please?

  5. I seriously was having so much fun tweeting and watching the show, I literally didn't have time to write enough about the kiddos. It was priceless. Their lines were so goofy and FUN!!! OMG.. I KNEW Scott Sickles at least was writing, and it turns out the other guy, Chris was too. ahahahaaa
    SO FUN and I can't wait to see how Heather gets outta this

  6. Who was that board member dude? How is that no one knew about Dr. O being COS? Aren't the Caasadines and Q's on the board? Did Nick and Tracy vote for her?

  7. Ooooh, SO GLAD that Karen and others remarked on the cuteness of the kids, I thought I was the only one who found it adorable/hysterical!!

    Sonya, yes, Spencer did have the lines of the day!! And the prop of the day?? His "smoking jacket."

  8. I thought the kids were a great change of pace. It's amazing what you can do when you have some actual little actors on board. And the more they give them to do, the better they'll get. (I find it a definite step up from Kiki and Michael.)

  9. "AntJoan said...Sonya, yes, Spencer did have the lines of the day!! And the prop of the day?? His "smoking jacket."

    Yes! His smoking jacket was perfect! :) Prop of the day for sure! :)



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