Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Auntie Ava"

Sam tells Ava to "take a seat' Ava's busy texting Morgan. Hey, I have your lunch all packed here, you forgot it!!
ahahaha  (Ok, I made that up)

Silas and Franco are McBain and Todd ..Just give it up
Todd to Silas "Ava's having sex with a barely legal mobster's son"..."Hey, Si, can I call you Si"??
Michael tries to strangle Franco while he's in lock up. Silas just sits there and watches heh.

You'd think Heather would have moved Carly. Oh well.  She tells her her DAD made her BLTs, that's why she loves them. And her Dad left her when she was a little girl. wah wah
"Payback's a Bitch, and so am I"! Says Heather.
Ava said Nina had money and Silas was supposed to get it. Sam runs over to the jail, asks Silas he says yes, and she storms off.

Cam tells a lie and invites himself over to Wyndemere for a play date. LOL.hey at least Liz had on a winter coat and scarf. WOW. Knock me over!!

ROBERT with EMMA..oh my gosh!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! He tells her to take care of her Mom and Dad

The  kids GOOGLED Chupacabra today, to find out what the monster was. So did I--that's it. Hmm, maybe looks like Carly? LOL 

Who's framing Silas? maybe Nina woke up and is doing it. OR her mother? 

ROBIN gets nabbed by a hand...I SMELL FETA!! and tomorrow it looks like Britt may have fallen in the lake, she's all wet. 


  1. I actually liked Heather's story about her dad. Deep down she has a heart and is a mother, the only problem she has the most screwed up way of showing it. We never hear about character's families unless they were once or currently on the canvas. I am not saying I feel sorry for her or have any sympathy for the crazy loon, but I did enjoy hearing about her family.

    I like the idea of Nina's mom framing Silas. So, who is it Karen? Donna Mills or Momma Partridge?

    Robert's goodbye was short, sweet and touching. At least they had the respect to do that to Tristan and the character. That really is respect for the actor.

    When Ric Lansing returns, will his first scene be walking out of an elevator? What the over/under on that happening?

    They are bringing in 3 actors (Mills, Hearst and Jones). Is this because they know that Rogers and McCullough are leaving and the actress playing Lulu is rumored to be leaving? And Geary is always on vacation. Kristen is on maternity leave. Are these temporary replacements to fill some of the void? Are some of these actors around for long term? (I know they can just use the vets that are already around, but we all know they never do that, so lets not beat the dead horse).

    And what is the dead horses name that everyone beats? Has that ever been established?

    I read something interesting online today. Was wondering if anyone ever heard this before. The age old question is "What came first, the chicken or the egg?". Well. First came amoebas. They evolved into tadpoles. Tadpoles lay eggs. Riddle solved.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the Super Bowl. Oh, by the way... just wanted to remind everyone the Super Bowl is NOT in New York. No No No No No. It is in New Jersey. Yeha!

  2. I do know it's in NJ!!

    I would love Ric to walk back out of the GH elevator.

    I'm thinking Robert didn't leave easily? Maybe it happened off camera

    Shirley Jones isn't on long,I don't think. Rick H is like 6mo so far. So is the guy that plays Victor. maybe longer if they choose.
    Donna Mills? WHO the hell knows.

  3. The Super Bowl is certainly in NJ. I got stuck in traffic because they closed down a highway when the Broncos were leaving the training facility in Florham Park. It looked like a presidential motorcade.

    Thrilled that Ric is finally getting off the elevator.

    Since it is not Ava framing Silas I really really do not care who it is. Please do not let it be a vampire I will have to shut off my TV. But I do not hold out much hope since that Chupacabra thing is apparently a vampire like animal.

    Sad to see Robert go, but nicely done.

    The kids were not as cute today doing the same thing.

    How long do you think that Ava and Morgan can stay away from each other?

  4. Ok, am I a wuss for bawling like a baby when Tristan walked out the door? Huge fan of the Scorpio clan here and these days you just never know when or if you'll see them all together again. Don't tell my bro-buddies that I cried over a soap...They would never let me hear the end of it!

  5. I cried when Robert left too. *sniff* I'm glad he was given a chance to say a proper goodbye.

    And I didn't find Spencer cute today either. Since when did he start talking to his father like that? I can't imagine Nicholas putting up with the sarcastic back talk. I guess these characters are having a personality change too.

    And I don't understand why Sam was so upset when Silas said his wife left him her money. Isn't it common for wives and husbands to be beneficiaries of each other's estates?

  6. Di,
    I agree. What rich person has no will ? How many married people don't leave their estates to their spouses?If there had been no will he still would have been the heir. Just silly

  7. Dave, Heather is not really crazy, that is, she is not psychotic, although everyone says she is. She is a sociopath (now called anti-social personality disorder). She does not have hallucinations, doesn't even really have delusions, she is totally rational in pursuit of her evil intentions.

  8. Ava's home: Ava trying to text message Morgan but he won't text message her back. :( Oh come on Sam! What a waste of time! Did you really think Ava was going to admit to you she put Nina in a coma? Give me a break! Oh! Nina put McSilas in her will and gave him everything?!!?!?!?! Hmmmm interesting.

    Jail: Oh boy! So much drama! Michael yelling and grabbing at BobTodd, and then Sam being mad at McSilas for the will! :) It's nice that McSilas and BobTodd are bonding. :)

    Sonny's home: OH! Michael and Morgan are yelling at StarKi! LOVE that! :) I want them to yell at her again. And have more people yelling at her. :) StarKi calls the station to see if she can visit her father, but he isn't allowed visiters? Of course he is!!! Sam just visited him!!!! Ava visits Morgan!!! I love their scenes! Yes she is acting like a teenager, but I don't care! :) I love them together.

    Wyndemere: Spencer is looking up Chupacabra on the internet hahaha! I never heard of Chupacabra before. Nik and Britch are wondering what he is doing hahahaha! Oh Cam shows up! Britch has her claws out with Liz! :) Cam and Spencer want to go outside with the fireplace pokers! ROFL! I'm glad Nik stopped them. :)

    Wyndemere stables: Carly wins the line of the day!

    Carly: I am sick of you and your stupid blt's! What is it with bacon lettuce and tomato that turns you on? It's a sandwhich! No seriously why are you so fixated on it?

    ROFL! Good question Carly! :) Heather's story about her father! Wow! Awesome!!! :) Poor Heather. :( Oh oh Cam and Spencer outside!!!

    Robin and Patrick's home: Emma looking online for Chupacabra too! ROFL! Goodbye scene with Robert awwwww! :( Someone grabs Robin! OH OH!

    "Karen says The kids GOOGLED Chupacabra today, to find out what the monster was. So did I--that's it. Hmm, maybe looks like Carly? LOL"

    ROFL! Or maybe it's Heather who wants a BLT bad! :) And what is Feta?

  9. "Delcodave says When Ric Lansing returns, will his first scene be walking out of an elevator?"

    Oh I would LOVE that!!!! :) I hope that happens that way.

  10. OldSchoolGhfan, you and me both boohooing at the Scorpios - I always do. I will be boohooing even more if they don't get Tristan back again. Those scenes were nicely done. I wonder where Spencer picked up that attitude from - certainly not Nik. I don't care if Britt is reformed - she still has someone else's baby and that is criminal.



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