Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shirley Jones..

Here's TV Guides take on her first few days:  Shirley Jones Guests on.. GH! Looks like she may have info for Dante. I was hoping for a Cassadine connection. Well, still could be?


  1. Karen,
    Any idea how long this Carly held hostage story will drag on? I am already really tired of it.

  2. I hope Shirley Jones plays a Cassadine character! :)

    Julian's place: Now we are back to the boring headlines. Cuckoo for Carly. The last headline was funnier! Oh Julian talking to Ava about the past!!! :) Julian wins the line of the day!

    Julian: I didn't sleep with Tiffany. But I slept with her sister. A lot.

    ROFL! Oh yeah Julian tell your sister about sleeping with Tiffy's sister and how much hahaha! Julian did a lot of digging and found out Lucas is his son oh oh! :)

    The hospital: Nik misses Liz awwww! And she misses him awwww! :) Roller skating Liz? Really? You do realize that he might take Britch with him right? Oh Britch calls! :) She is with Spencer awwww! :)

    Police station: Oh a slideshow!!! :) *sits down and eats popcorn* The flashbacks were boring, but the fake flashbacks I loved! So funny! BobTodd stabs Carly and she talks and talks ROFL!

    Q boathouse: I love Zombie Heather's sweater. Oh there is Carly! Wait that doesn't look like a serious stab wound on her arm! Hahahaha! Oh come on now! :) All that blood and her arm doesn't look that bad! ROFL! I'm dying here ROFL! No pun intended.

    Carly's home: I love Lulu's sweater and Bobbie's white coat! Detective West wants to give Dante Lulu's regards. Awww he should have said he will give his regards to broadway! :)

    BobFranTodd Baldwin's home: Oh Sonny is waiting for BobTodd. Sonny is talking BobTodd's ear off! Does he want to kill BobTodd like that instead of a gun? Come on Sonny! Someone else took Carly! It's Zombie Heather!

    A scene I forgot to mention.

    Robin and AJ: I forgot to mention when they first saw each other at Kelly's.. They talked about how they came back from the dead. AJ says welcome to the club. There is a club?!!?!?! I wanna see it! I wanna see the meetings. :) I bet the room will be packed! :)

  3. I am hearing that Shirley Jones will be playing Nina's mother, who is also the former lover of Victor Cassadine. Nina is their daughter, making her also a Cassadine. This storyline will involve (at least) Robin, Franco, Silas, and the entire Cassadine family. Stefan and his daughter should be showing up soon. I'm also expecting Helena and Stavros too. Am also hearing that "Valentine" will show up. My theory here is that Nathan is actually Valentine. Maybe that's just hope. Either way... FINALLY SOME CASSADINES!!!

    I also have a suspicion that Alan may be back soon...


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