Friday, January 10, 2014

"You were awfully hard on her"

Happy Day!! I put this on twitter and FB today because it's FRIDAY and I want to have a scotch in a helicopter! Hee hee

Ok, today's show: Got in late because I was at lunch! Yum. Sourdough, turkey and cranberry sammy!! YUM!

Saw Todd and Starr conversation. He still thinks Heather is dead. Kiki thinks it maybe her mother that has Carly. 
OMG did you see that sex selfie in the room of Carly and Todd? LOL. geesh.

POOR POOR Morgan..wah wah.. He had to tell Ava to get out. Sonny "You came down pretty hard on her".  And then he texts her that he 'had to make it look good'. 

Felix told Robin that Sabby is PG. hee hee

Shaun threatened Julian. zzzzzzzzz

AJ AND MONICA!! And a nice fake forest behind them which is really GREEN FOR THIS time of year. 
 Hell, must be their one airdate this month. 
OMG..COME ON. Carly could make a HELLA noise with the gag on!! you can SCREAM through a gag!!! You can grunt, moan. Ugh I hate when shows do something like that. If you're going to NOT have her make any noise, then don't put Monica and AJ in there to 'not' hear her. Geesh. We are not stupid!

Sorry, that just bugs the crap out of me! And Heather's knife stuff is just....... eyeroll worthy. 


  1. Yes, Karen, ITA, SCREAM, Carly, SCREAM!!

  2. Monica and AJ were the best scenes today. Heartfelt.

  3. Carly's home: OH WOW!!! Awesome Michael and FrankToddBob Baldwin scene!! :) GO MICHAEL GO! Shut up StarKi! Are you on FrankToddBob's side?!!?!! Wait so Mikey and Starki went out hiking!?!?! In this cold weather?!?!!?! Oh so Starki wants to stay with FrankToddBob and makes an excuse to wait for Carly there?! While Michael goes to find his mother?! Yup she is on FrankToddBob's side!!!!

    Michael's restaurant: I hope Sonny is having fun watching the Morgan and Ava show ROFL! Too bad Sonny isn't eating popcorn. Come on Morgan do you really think Sonny is believing this crap? ROFL! Oh here comes Michael worried about his mama! Morgan remembers Juilan threatning him with his mama!

    Q boathouse: Come on Carly why are you so weak?!!?! Are you starving? Is Heather not feeding you? Come on! AJ and Monica are right outside! SCREAM for crying out loud!!! Wait so AJ hears a noise and wants to check it out, but Monica doesn't?! HUH?!!?!?! So stupid!!! Come on Carly you can take the gag out of your mouth! Oh too late. Heather is back! She has a knife! OH OH! AJ and Monica scene! Oh come on AJ snap out of it! You did not kill Connie! UGH! Who cares what other people think! UGH! Stop whining and drinking!

    Julian's home: Oh give me a break! Shawn stop waving around the gun and threatening Julian! Just leave him alone already! So stupid. The scene is saved with Julian winning the line of the day!

    Julian: Morgan the little piss ant went wee wee wee all the way home to hide behind his daddy.


    Julian and Morgan: DOH! :)

    The hospital: Oh geez! Felix and his big huge mouth! Now Patrick and Sabrina know there is a bun in Sabrina's oven!

    Felix and Sabrina's home: Oh yes! I love Caaaaaaaaarlos's idea! Yes you two leave town and you can raise the baby together. :) Sabrina don't be stupid and leave town with him!!!! Oh there is Patrick.

    FrankToddBob Baldwin, Starki, and Ava: Hahaha FrankToddBob grabs Ava ROFL! Wow FrankToddBob and Starki are a team! Michael won't be happy about that.

  4. If Monica and AJ are both addicts why is there so much alcohol or any alcohol in that house??


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