Tuesday, September 30, 2014


OH THE GLORY....OH THE SPLENDOR!! Can I dare hope it's going to be on the ABC Store site to buy for your VERY OWN!

Hahahha. I love that they made it so...wonderfully grotesque. Carly..walking around with that on her neck. LMAO 

Shawn bursts in the door to save Mikey..guy grabs Michael. They stand there with guns on each other.  Kobe and Michael tussle for the gun. It goes off.. and...Michael shoots/Kills Kobe.

Rosey is freaking OUT.. like badly.  Sonny comes over, they remove the body in a BRIGHT BLUE TARP (??) and Sonny tells Rosalie to shut up. "NOTHING Happened"!! 
Carly is there too...she's mad that Michael managed to murder another person. 

Franco shows Nina his phone/necklace app.  Sonny asks Carly for a kiss but his phone goes off. Just when Franco is going to find out about Michael killing the goon... Nina stole his phone and put it in her BRA lol 

Ava told Morgan/Kiki about AJ (which I love that Morgan knows before Michael LOL). And that she got CARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlos to confess. AND that Carly knows. Kiki thinks Michael should know the truth. 

Alexis asks Julian if he's working for Luke. Julian swears on everything and everyone's life he's not. Cause it's NOT LUKE..get it???@!!  Julexis MAKE OUT.  Then start to go at it and Julian stops it.  HE says..all you're going to do is leave.  She says NO.and they do it on the couch! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Beautiful Day...

It was too nice to watch GH today--I went to a pub and had PUMPKIN BEER!! Yes, I DID damn it! LOL
So, how was it? Should I bother to watch or will Sonya's recap be enough?! 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Bump in the Night

It was a mobular shoot out extravaganza! We did get a little Ned, Alexis and Julian which was nice. It was mostly Franco, NuJase, Ava and Robin in the mix of things. Helena made an appearance as well.  

Quite a few extras lost their lives this week with the shootout at Julian's and Helena plugging some poor guy in Anna's.  #MomentOfSilence 

So, let's get going! What should we have today? I say martinis from The Metro. They look pretty good up there! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Breakfast in Bed

Morgan brings Ava some breakfast.

Kiki is playing cards, thinking about Morgan. Ugh

Jordan and Shawn..Shawn knows Ava hit NuFaceJase 

Fluke sent a new goonie man (KOBE) to set up new security for Julian since he messed everything up so badly. 

Tracy visits Lulu.  Dante asks her if Luke could be Julians' boss.  she gets a sick look on her face. 

I guess NuFace is still in surgery. Cause.......nothin' on that front.

UGH...phone call in the middle of GH 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Patient John Doe

Why would Ava go to Morgan's house? I mean seriously. He's 20 something, does zero and isn't very smart. Great running. Did she park her giant Caddy Escalade out front too? She tells him Sonny is going to take the baby and then kill her. He won't believe it. Knits his eyebrows.
Ava wants to hide at the Brownstone.
where? In the Attic? Belfry? 

Jules looks for Ava at Sonny's. Sonny taunts him. Julian leaves. Shawn says he's going to find Ava. 

NuFaceSt.Jase is wheeled into GH-- the lights dim and hush falls. Liz puts an IV in his royal arm. His face is all banged up. SURPRISE!  Liz tends to him and asks him who he is. You don't recognize that belly button? She has to give him CPR.

Alexis and Ned. Alexis is jelly of Olivia! They are on a "date" together. Julian then walks in and Alexis certainly smiles like she is glad to see him.  She goes to talk to Julian and Olivia walks in and sits with Ned not realizing that 

Flea and Mac see Maxie

Lante sees Rocco.  Nik and Britt find out Victor and Stavvy "died"...Who the hell ever really dies on this show?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Halloween Wedding?

That's what Franco Wants!! Yep...

Sonny's mad that Carly said yes. Shawn comes to tell him too that Ava escaped.

Morgan and Kiki are blabbin at the Brownstone. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Jordan tells people SHE was driving. Switches cars with Ava.  NuFace just lays there. And LAYS there. Most desolate road ever. GEESH

Helena plugs a goon in Anna's apt. Robin leaves and Skyes with Anna Patrick. She says that she's in Paris. Anna and Patrick are like: COME HOME!  They are like come home for EMMA!! Robin says no, she can't give Emma what she needs. Anna should have smelled trouble RIGHT THERE! geesh! Come on.

Ava goes to Morgan's house....

They find "Helena's Body" in the clinic....

Helena is taking Robin to Paris. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Carly Princess Jacks..Will You...

HELL-Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AHAHAHA Not only is Helena in Anna's room, she's CHANGED HER OUTFIT and Jewelry EN-Sam!! ahahahaahhaa. 
She has an iPad to show Robin she can see in her house and threatens Patrick and Emma if she doesn't come with her

NuJase gets taken by a goon just as he's going to open the door.  drops his little exacto knife. LOL  And he's in a car..and he JUMPS OUT OF THE MOVING CAR! Scraaaaaaape the face!  Ava's on the road..so you know what? You know she's gonna run over him. YEP. She does

Josslyn's Jr. Bridesmaid's Dress? 

Todd..er..Franco (but come on, that's TODD there) is going to spill.. but NOPE! He asks Carly to Marry HIM INSTEAD!! I'm sure to totally use that tape at their wedding. heh.  Carly says yes, btw. 

Ava plays dead until she tries to ..do something to Max's kneecap? WHAT? LOL!! Oh, she's going for his Gun! DUH..
BTW, all those gun shots, guys rotting in the hall and NO ONE called the police????
Jordan walks in and pulls a gun on Shawn. She tells Ava to leave in her car and get out. Shawn lets her go. Ava wants her pills. Jordan says NO TIME! JUST GO!

Patrick tells Anna that Robin was at the clinic. Anna is stunned. Whoops. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Dear Franco..

Quickie today:

Robin and Jason are driving to PC-- and She tells him that Danny is really his kid. (he doesn't even grunt)

Franco is playing cat/mouse with Carly. Then he asks Kiki if Carly and Sonny slept together.  And she TOTALLY CAVES! Yep, she tells him!!!! He's going to go all MOCA soon!! 
HE's PISSED and gonna tell Michael about AJ! 
There are only 6 people at his party, btw LOL 

Anna walks in on a very close DUKE and Lucy! GEESH!  It's Duke!! HE'S ON THE TV!! Anna doesn't even blink. She's like: I trust him.  Lucy leaves, the go to bed, then have a martini. She says " I have something to tell you" (about Faison) 
and Lucy interrupts again so she doesn't tell about Faison OF COURSE!! 

Lucy and Bobbie are going to make Scotty choose. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . Is he a leg man or a boob man? Hmmmmmmm. 
HE CHOOSES: Bobbie!!! 

About 45,000 bullets are sprayed to get AVA out of her apartment. geeesssssh. Shawn and Max are up there. She's talking to her pills (they spill all over the carpet).

Sam asks Sonny if Fluke could be taking his biz down. He thinks Spencer is making stories up. 

END OF THE SHOW:  Jason is walking up Sonny's driveway and Robin is knocking on her Mom's door...Ava might be faking cramps, can't tell. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Shock and Oh....

Last week was AWESOME--well the first three days were anyway. The show was just the way I like. Mayhem, murder--so much going on.  I was tweeting like a maniac! 


well, then...the lull came. In true GH style--it goes from 150 miles for 3 days to 10 for two. Wouldn't 5 days of say--90 mph be better? 

Did you get that? LOL

Ok, well, let's start out with some shock then oh..:   steak and eggs followed by some bland yogurt. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Today's the Scotland Vote! One must celebrate--either way. Yea or Nay!!! Have a nip with me because today's GH is the filler day of ALL FILLER days!!

Nina and Rosie: we gotta get Kiki! 

Kiki and Silas: I know a secret! 

Michael and Morgan: So, you and Kiki--what's going on? 

Franco and Carly: Birthday Sex 

Shawn and Sonny: We gotta get Ava 

Olivia comes in to say Dante is ok.

Ava and Sabrina: Sabby tries to apologize. Ava rips her a new one. Sabrina gives Ava a prescription she "left at the hospital".. pills. You know those are naughty pills 

And.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I mean, seriously? SERIOUSLY? They couldn't have put SOMETHING in about the explosion? And not only that, everything on today was rehash!! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's THAT Time Again....


Helena Cassadine, the early years! 


Yeah, that's all I care about--my Hells. !!!  Geesh, enough FILLER TODAY???!!! GOOD GRAVY.. Nik told the entire Greek-Russian empire history of the Cassadines.
Liz and Patrick? GET OUT! Alexis and Sam? WHO CARES ..just get the BOOM GOING! 

The Embryo--those idiots just left it there. LOL Great.  HELENA KISSES IT! 

BOOM! IT took long enough. That's where Jason's face change is coming in...you know Helena escaped. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maze of the Clinic

Lesil shoots Victor before he can say he's NOT Nathan's father to Anna. I'm thinking his real Dad has to be Fluke, or whomever Fluke was before looking like Luke. You know what I mean. She was all scared about it.

Stavvy and Dante--Lulu..tussle, tussle...

Robin is chained up. Jason can't talk, he gets her out of the cuffs.  Sam says it's his bday tomorrow BTW

Tracy and Michael are gabbin' away, I don't even care. 


Nathan teaches Maxie to shoot.

Patrick and Sam didn't go thru with it. Awww. 

TODAY'S ENDING IS HELLA fun--LOL!!!  IT's awesome in so many ways. Camp--weird stuff, you want people to shut up and run!!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Back In The Saddle

I'm giving it a go today! Two of my five kids were sick today so I got a short one. Still coughing all over but doing better. 

Ian posted this on Twitter today "Birthday Dinner"... Is that Marc Anthony?  Sure looks like it to me.

Anna's in the clinic with SWAT people that Robert sent. They are loyal to him--NOT Stavros. Anna finds Dante..Lulu is dragged off to be implanted with the zygote. 

Nathan finds out that Victor is his Daddy. Ok, watch the one scene with them. It's like everyone forgot their lines. TERRIBLE--wow 

Sonny and Olivia with Rocco--filler

Peter Sr and Peter Jr. gonna "kill Maxie". ahaha, you know it ain't gonna happen. He pulls out a dagger that was made from the Aztec Jewels.  And...Nathan shoots Peter Sr. before he can stab Maxie. 

Patrick and Sam-fight over who is going to pay for the food. *sigh*  Chinese food so they can talk about St. Jaysus 

Ok, so the show went NUTS at the end:

Nathan is NOT Victor's kid ....which is a shocker to me! Anna shoots Victor in the hand, and then Lesil holds the gun on her

Nate shoots Peter Sr. Maxie stabs Peter Jr. (whoop!!) 

Jason escapes his restraints.

Dante finds Lulu as she's on the table tot get the implant in there.

THIS was totally a Friday show LOL

I think SamTrick is going to do it. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Observation Deck

Well, it was one of those weeks for me. Not sure why I didn't hook into GH, but I didn't.  I was busy yes, doctor's appts and then sick but I usually make time to watch my DVR. Not going to lie though. Even IF Stavvy was on waving a fertilized egg around, I just couldn't muster up the interest. 

So, this week, I give you Sunday Surgery from the observation deck. I am choosing the week in pictures and using my own commentary.  Keep in mind--I only watched Monday's show and saw about 3-5 min of Thursday's.

PLEASE feel free to add your snarks/cheers/jeers as well. 
Do you like the direction of the show? Jason's going to be coming out-- are you ready for Billy Miller? What about the Spense-A-Dine hybrid that Stavros is holding in his evil hands? 

Let me know.  I'm going to have some thera-flu and OJ today. Sniffle sniffle.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bad Week To Blog

And...today I have a dental appointment!

I haven't watched Tues or Wed and it's sad, but I have no real desire to in the evenings. Geesh--with all the Stavvy stuff, you'd think I'd rush right in. Reading the blog and twitter feed though, I just don't care right now.

Sunday Surgery will probably not be what you think LOL--especially if I decide to just FF thru the eppies in about 10 min flat. 

Such a busy week. And wine touring Saturday and Black Keys concert Sunday. Just NO TIME for GH right now!!

The other thing that's changing is my desire to live tweet. Since most of the major East Coast markets aren't at 2 when I get it, it's just not as fun. I could wait until 3 and watch via DVR "live" but by then I'm like, eh-- nope. Other stuff to do!

What are you feeling about the show? I'm not seeing the 'regulars' as much in here either! I guess we are all having a moment.

Speaking of-- it's 9/11 and just want to say I'm remembering today like crazy. We went to the Trade Center memorial this summer and it was just stunning/moving/sad.  Still hard to believe. On a GH note, that was the time the Cassadine "End Game" was scrapped.  Perhaps we are seeing that played out now? 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An EggStory

It's time for a Spence-A-Dine!! Nikolas isn't one ....not REALLY. he has no Luke DNA. This one will be a Luke/Stavvy hybrid. 


I still say GH is way to crowded for it's own good. Lucas? Where are you? Bobbie? Gone again..Lucy. Oh hell, you know I could go on AND ON. 

You know, Maybe LUCAS could help Tracy find his Uncle? That would put him right in the middle of stuff and make sense. I do miss NED-- :( MORE NED no more NEWBIES!! 

Listen... our local stations are having the funeral for a fallen Rochester Policeman. First to die on the job in 55 years :( . SO, I'm going to watch GH later online.

Please use this to summarize!  Thx 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Soapy News

Kelly (Cawnie/Kate) Sullivan is the latest GHer to go to The Young and The Restless!! That's right-- SOD announced it on twitter.

Also announced: GH looking to cast a new male "40something" contract role... Because WE NEED A NEW CHARACTER LIKE...??? 


I shall be OUT today for the show. WHO do you think is at the Clinic Door? I'm predicting Stavros.  Who knows tho--could be Audrey Hardy! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Chain Gang

Yep, they are all chained up at the clinic. Good Gravy.

Anna is FINALLY on!! She's  worried about the missing people and the SWAT team. I think Britt and Nik live at the PCPD right now? I mean, seriously? Britt tells Nik that Nate might be his cuz. 

The scene with Anna and Dr. O was awesome. Lesil calls Victor to help her find Nathan. He asks if he's his son. 
Dr. O figures out Nathan must be at the clinic. She interrupts Anna JUST AS SHE's about to tell Britt and Nik what happened to Faison! UGhhhhhhhh

Victor takes blood off Nathan's face to test for DNA. Nathan is thrown in and chained by Maxie.  They talk about Luke a lot.

Maxie and Nathan are yapping away. LOOK to Maxie's right and you'll see a water bottle on that cart.
Yes, I noticed. LOL 

OF Course the kids interrupt when Pat's going to tell Sam about the clinic. OF COURSE! You know kids, you are going to be SO LATE for school. GEESH... Emma says that Spencer knows who did it.  Spencer finally tells him that Luke ran them of the road. 

WHOOPS forgot to publish this! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Close then Open

Have you all noticed the trend in my opening FACES on Sunday?
Here we are AGAIN! It' Sunday and time for my weekly review, snark and bitchin'!!! Like the show, you are probably sick of the same ol, same ol. I'm going backwards today. You'll see what I mean after the jump,

I think today I'll eat backwards to. So, I'm having some wings and beer. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cereal Bowl Tantrum

Emma is MAD! She chucks her cereal bowl on the floor. Good for her.. She should be all pissy. Aw, so sad. She wants mama to take her to school. 
Emma overheard Liz/Pat talking about the car accident. 

Josslyn is on! IN a nice green shuck color. She's so her mother. LOL

Morgan is shirtless--in the Brownstone with Kiki. God, if they take this long to finish it, it will be 2019 before it's "renovated".

Nina tells Rosie she's going to revenge on Kiki. But, she says "She doesn't have a career or money, there's nothing to take--except her boyfriend". Ah..Rosie is going to go after Michael?! Nina tells her she'd have a good figure if "she worked on it". Heh.  Their banter was awesome, I can't write it all!! 

Sam talks to Silas about the damn clinic. Everyone..JUST GO THERE ALREADY, stop talking about it. Sam says she was investigating Nina. 

A LOT of the little people today. Spence and Joss figure they can break up Cam and Emma if they try, Emma's going to spill the secret she heard with Spencer.
Oh, Spencer's driver's name is "Chandler". 

Previews: Dante and Lulu chained to a wall LOL 

The plane that crashed (you may have seen it on TV) is from Rochester, NY ...Larry and Jane Glazer, both really big business people here. So I missed parts of GH today. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

RIP Joan

You can say what you want about her, but she was one of the hardest working people out there. I remember her filling in for Johnny on the Tonight Show. She was really 'before her time' in the land of female comedy. Her first biography "Enter Talking" is a great read. 

Dull Day

Rosealie has nice bangs going....Nina spends her time skulking around the hospital. That card from the clinic is making it's rounds. Ava tells her she wishes she could have done "MORE" to Ava but she's pregnant. She googles something. Rosie thinks she wants to steal Ava's baby

Patrick tells Sabrina he thinks he knows who ran them down.  She still thinks it's AVA. 

Sonny and Carly kiss again but she manages to walk out before he can mezzmorize her into sex. 
Shaun comes in and they talk about getting Ava out of Julian's apt. 

Kiki goes to tell Todd about her "knowledge" BUT Carly walks in just when she's gonna spill.  Kiki doesn't tell him. She chickens out. 

Sam calls Spinelli to help her--but he can't do much. Alexis comes to talk to her.  Sam is wearing her ol' Flashdance outfit.  They have wine. Chit chat. Patrick comes over later. He's all shaved. 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gas Masks!

Well, you can tell GH is still off time-wise. Yesterday should have been a Friday, we recapped a LOT at the top of the show.

It was VICTOR that came into the cabin in the suit. He notices Nathan is missing. WHY DIDN'T  SILAS CALL backup!? Like RIGHT AWAY!?????? Before Victor threatened.  OMG that scene was so stupid. And Nathan's delivery was just flat. ugh....

Britt has to tell Dr. O that Nathan is rescuing Lulu and Maxie. Dr O wants to take him to lunch. She knew Levi was a con, btw..and said his accent was terrible.  Britt guesses that Victor is Nathan's Dad.

Kiki hears Carly talk about her and Sonny having sex. Carly says "DON"T TELL"!  Starr is like "I'm going to if I want to" Sonny's laughing. 

Sabrina tells Ava who she is.  AND the Carlos connection AND she think Ava ran them off the road.
GEESH!! IT'S official. WE DO NOT NEED SABRINA. At. All. We saw Carlos, now cut her loose. 
**Note: if you watch after reading this, Sabrina has no LIPSTICK on when she's out of the elevator. Half way thru their talk, she's got red on. Drives me nuts LOL 

Patrick comes to talk to Silas about the clinic. Silas says yep-- probably something weird going on there. 

Franco and Nina. Nina says she can have a baby--but it may be more difficult (cut to flashback of Ava's belly). 

STUPID "Stuff" NOTE: THAT Nathan scene? Where was the radio contact? I mean, if they haven't checked in in like 3 mintues, they'd know at the station. NO ONE is monitoring this "raid"?? Where's ANNA? Nathan was an idiot. 
There. Phew. 

AND, Ok, so Sonny knows that Franco knows he killed AJ. SO WHY would he be messing with Carly? Why make him angry? And on that note, why not just KILL the guy?
UGH..this makes no sense. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back To Fall...

And yes, I KNOW summer isn't "officially" Over--but in the soap world it's the beginning of fall. It's also back to school. Back to work for me tomorrow, ergo who knows when I can "GH It" -- ?? I am finding it very hard to engage with the show (can you tell) and maybe another rest is in order. 

Maura West tweeted this today

I don't know Billy Miller's work at all. I'm more reacting to the fact that Jason is being resurrected than anything else.  I don't think we need it. I know we don't need it. BM might be awesome but I'm done with Jason. Maybe he'll change after being "Frozen" Who knows. :throws up hands: 

So...what say you? Are you happy?  I hope so! Twitter went nuts, btw and Billy Miller trended at number 5 in the US--during Y&R LOL  (I guess they timed that perfectly!)  He's worked with Maura (Ava), Michelle (Nina) and Emme (Lulu) before. He was also on AMC for awhile but I don't remember him at all. 


Carrrrrrrrrlos is still on! But why is Sabrina? LOL.  Carlos tells Sabrina it was Ava that gave the order to Rafe to crash the car. (we know it's not true, it was Victor) so..I guess Sabrina is going to 'go after Ava'. ahahah AHAHAHA. Um, how?? 

Nina knows Ava by photos..Ava doesn't recognize Nina.  Ava's like "you won" so let it go. Nina is like "no way"...you got his child.   Nina calls Ava out "I think they call it SLUT SHAMING".  OMG, Nina is soo good at this. She is kind of a fragile-psycho. She says she can have babies "Just like this" (stares at Ava's stomach) then she caresses it! ahahhaa.  Oh too funny. You have to watch those scenes. 

Carly watches Franco work and thinks about Sonny... of course. Then, they have a picnic. 

Kiki and Silas. Zzzzzzzzzzz. They make plans to double date. @@ 
Later, Nina rolls into Silas' office and tells him they are a-okay to have a baby. 

Morgan and Michael go see Sonny--they finally learn about Lulu being kidnapped. LOL
Lulu and Maxie try to get Pevi to give it up. Too bad he's not a Cassadine, he'd have a tunnel out of there if he was. He comes out with Lulu as a human shield. 

Carly shows up to "talk" to Sonny. 

Cabin: Surrounded. Pevi drags out LULU..she elbows him, Dante shoots... he's down! Lante make out. 
OMG..GREAT ending and it surprised me!! Just like a BATMAN film!! WOW..

Confirmed: Billy Miller Is Coming to General Hospital

Ron/Frank had a little Twitter announcement to make... BILLY MILLER is coming. SO, let St. Jaysus rise up! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Peter Harrell You Tube

A good one to watch if you want info~! There's more on the story on youtube, just look down the right hand side.


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...