Friday, January 5, 2024

Characters More Deserving than St. Jasus

I'd take any of these characters back first--either back from the "Dead" OR just back from wherever they are: 





Julian Jerome 

Dillion Q










Star Manning



Donna Mills 


Homeless guy Carly fed 


  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 to the homeless guy Carly fed. I agree, though!

  2. Yes to all of the above. We don't need the same old Jason again.

    1. Maybe Steve will play a different character? I hope!

  3. Bring back Roger H as Todd Manning and pair him with Carly again.

  4. I love that you still call her Donna Mills, instead of the character name :)

  5. do we comment on this blog about today's show? I will start - it's the next day so Anna and Felicia ----------- did Carly ask them to clear out Bobbie's desk? Not complaining cause they were incredible together - just odd the next day and Lucas isn't even home yet.

  6. Helena, Stavros, and Victor...I want a full blown Cassadine reunion (the strong ones anyway)

  7. Heck bring back Faison too....great villains are needed!!!

  8. ----I swear Nina STILL thinks she did nothing wrong - poor pitiful me/passive agressive - gimme a break
    ----Sasha saying 'you and Willow are two of the most forgiving people I know' was laughable......
    ----SHOCKED that Cyrus told Laura it was Sonny BUT didn't tell the whole story....STILL hasn't said he posed as a priest LOL....and why would Dante arrest Sonny when Cyrus DIDN'T tell HIM? Cyrus loves putting distance between Laura and Sonny
    ----LOVE Lois and Sonny's friendship
    ----like dark Drew i.e. he is having different moods, which is good ----much more interesting
    ---just wondering who will tell Sonny about Bobbie? and I guess Dante, Sam, Liz, Finn, Portia, etc don't know? WHERE IS TERRY?
    -----guess modeling is VERY lucrative if Cody can afford purchasing an estate???? with Mac outta town I think Felicia won't tell Mac the truth....

    1. "Mufasa says, with Mac outta town I think Felicia won't tell Mac the truth...."

      Maybe Mac will disappear and Felicia will have to go find him, and then when she finally finds him in the summer she can tell him the truth! :)

  9. The hospital:

    The picture wall: GAH! So many people who passed! :(

    Felicia on the phone with Recast Maxie: Whoa! We got the same blonde recast as the other day! Felicia and this recast look alike I wonder if they are related. Maxie don't want to help Felicia. She wants to work to distract herself. :(

    Felicia and Anna: Awwwww! Love the hug!!! :( Dammit made me all emotional!

    Bobby's office:

    Felicia and Anna: Great scenes! So many pictures! Bobbie's nurses hat!!! :) Bobbie was 5'4! In that old picture she was 28! They talked about how their hair was back then awwwww. :) OH! Felicia gets a phone call!!! It's the results for the DNA test! I wonder if Sasha did something to it.

    Nurses station:

    Dante and Laura: I like their scene together. No Laura! Dante don't know who beat the crap out of saint Cyrus! :) OH! She notices that he is waking up.

    Cyrus's room:

    Dante and Cyrus: Yeah Cyrus isn't saying who beat him up. Dante you should go talk to Tommy the Tapeworm. Maybe he saw something.

    Laura and Cyrus: WOW! Cyrus spilling who beat him up. Yeah Laura don't trust Cyrus. I don't blame her.

    Laura and Dante: It's like the game telephone! :) Cyrus tells Laura, then Laura tells Dante! :)

    Sante home:

    Sam and Drew: Drew stop being a hypocrite!!! You didn't tell Sam what your plans were so you both are even! Drew spills about Nina and Sam will probably tell Nina off. :)

    Sasha's home:

    Nina and Sasha: Nina whining again.

    13 year old Nina: Willow won't want to talk to me. She hates me. She won't ever forgive me. Sonny hates me too.

    Sonny's home:

    Lois and Sonny: Lois wins the line of the day.

    Lois: Has the cleaning crew been here already? I see no signs of a rampage.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah you are right Lois! Did he even drink his booze?

    Sonny: People change Lois.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww. :( So no throwing barware? No shouting to Nina you are dead to me? No telling her you faithless liar? Nothing? :(

    Lois: Not that much.

    ROFL! I'm glad Lois went to see Sonny. :) Great scene. :)

    Dante, Sonny, and Lois: RA RO! Dante having Sonny arrested! But Cyrus don't want to press charges Dante. You can't do that!

    Maxie's office:

    Cowboy Cody and Maxie: This recast is so good!!! She is making me feel her pain! All the BJ talk and having her heart. Awwwwwwwww. :( Great scene!!!!

    Felicia, Cowboy Cody, and Maxie: Felicia bringing up the DNA test!!! WELL?!!? What are the results?!?!! I mean if it was negative, then Felicia wouldn't be going to see Cowboy Cody!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to May 24th 2006* Ric, Alexis, Sam, and Krissy! Especially Sam and Krissy awwwww. :)

  10. I would add the (not-dead) Britch, Lucas, V (remember her?), Matt, Celia, Emma, Keisha, Gia, Juan, Julia, Reginald and (not-dead) Emily to the list.

  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Don't want Steve Burton back as Jason. Arghhhh. Will take anyone on that list. Not a huge fan of Morgan but would take him instead.

  12. I will only accept Jason as a Quartermaine. I've said this for what now a DECADE??? The mob shit needs to be long over. The name and ground work of the show is General HOSPITAL. Have him come back as a doctor. It puts him in a whole different world....although not sure SB can actually ACT because he's always been a one note actor. Although his emotions would shine through from time to time depending on who his acting partners were...on GH. Not on Days. He was dead water there. Waste of time but he collected a paycheck. Whatever. I don't think this show needed him back at all. The character wasn't missed at all.

  13. Roger Howarth got fired for this mess.

    1. That is what irritates me. Did Roger's salary go toward hiring Steve back? Roger is a great actor. Fire Cameron Mathison (Drew) or Michael Easton (Finn) instead.

    2. I'd rather have Roger gone.

    3. They wore out Roger’s welcome on the 3rd character. Now we will have to put up with even more Carly and Sonny than we already have.

  14. I am all for "GH" trying to lure back the viewers who left. But... 1) look at Kelly Monaco's face in those photos from the special. She is NOT happy about Burton coming back. Maybe pair Jason with Elizabeth instead. 2) Firing Roger Howarth is wrong. NuDrew or Finn (whose character they have ruined) should have been let go instead.

    1. I think the best option would be to have Jason's memory as Jason Quatermaine return, and have him reintergrate with his family.

    2. funny that people see things differently - I honestly thought Kelly's face was her trying to do a coy/sexy look and she couldn't pull it off! I think if she looked unhappy Frank woulda had retake ----- and put in LIZ !!!

  15. The primetime special did very well in the ratings. It ranked as the second most watched program on network television Thursday night and led in key demographics.

    Here's an interesting tidbit from the article -- the regular daytime ratings "don’t include any GH viewers who watch via Hulu. The ABC soap regularly ranks among the streaming service’s top 15 watched television shows each day."

  16. I watched Bachelor wedding which had the highest ratings and I think people were SOOOOO hoping it would be good they stayed tuned (then for me the loud music ruined it) and I read years ago that the ratings don't include if people watched the whole thing! Happened when I did Neilsen ratings - I freaked out that my TV was on some stupid show and it would be counted!

    1. I know what you mean. I hate to think that shows I've turned off after 5 minutes have included a positive vote from me. Rating should be taken a few times during the show to see how many people turned off.

  17. I loved all the honesty in Friday's show. It's refreshing in a world of mostly lies and deceit. Like life nowadays.
    Unfortunately I will always see in my mind Sonny beating the crap out of Cyrus. Something we have never seen Sonny do to that extent.
    I never cared for Jason so I do agree about how many characters would be better brought back from the dead or wherever. I am surprised Morgan never appeared. I still strongly feel we have not seen the last of RoHo. Hoping.
    I read that Adam Huss is being bullied and trolled online for being Nikolas. I do not like him but that is just so sad. Sign of the times. :(

  18. Coleman and Ava would be the best thing that ever happened to GH. She deserves a great bartender.


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