Friday, May 31, 2024



OMG I've watched allll week live!! HOLY MOLY ! 

Sonny visits Jason in the coffee lair. He wants to tell him he is leaving Dex alone and he also wants nothing to do with Jason anymore. He still wants 1/2 of the business back. Jason says no. Sonny says yes, WHY are you here? Jason: Not for me, for you. Awwwwwwww. He's trying to keep the legit coffee stuff up so Sonny's not hauled off to jail. Which makes no sense but hey! Jason says Sonny's unhinged and let me help you. Sonny tells him to get out of his way or ..well he's dead. That escalated quickly.

Molly finds Carly and wants more info on the Wedding Brawl. Carly's like: I wasn't there. Molly says you're family, you'll know!! Please tell me, Kristina is carrying my baby! Carly says ok but Molly better NOT even use this as an ADA. Carly tells Molly how upset and scared Kristina was. She just REALIZED what a real mobster Sonny is (OMG seriously?). Then Carly tells her it's going to be hard being a mother and worrying and yada yada. 

Molly goes to GH and sees TJ. She hedges where she was today. Then Portia takes Molly to yell about the headline and the DAs office better nip the Heather getting out of jail in the bud. 

The Invader Headline is about Laura wanting Heather freed. She says she JUST WANTED information. Jordan says; I told you this would happen! Laura says she's a free citizen and can get info if she wants it. She sends Jordan to the records room. 

Curtis shows Portia the headline. He can't believe it. Must be more to the story. He leaves. 

Curtis wants to talk to Laura. He asks if she's opening the case up. She says she's only looking into it but yah, Heather deserves to have her case reviewed. Oh lord.  He says what if it was your kid that was stalked and all that? Laura tries to explain herself but frankly, the dialog is dumb. It's just dumb. He tells Laura he will fight with everything they have. Also mentioned Brando, Britt and the other victims. 

Liz is going to get multiple copies of the death Cert for Chase for all the stuff he needs to do as executor. Then they talk about Finn's drinking. He basically tries to make excuses. Liz listens but isn't convinced. 

Jagger wants to take Brennan back to Pentonville. Portia won't let him. She says she has to wait for the surgeon to sign him off. Brennan is like Neener Neener. They banter awhile about Pentonville and FBI and old days at WSB. Anna, Dante and the hit and stuff. 

SONNY sent a shooter to the warehouse but Jason's bat ears hears him first. Ends in a shoot out with 2 guys firing at Jason. 

Thursday, May 30, 2024


 Molly runs into Blaze outside of Bobbie's. Blaze wants to double date and hang out. Molly says yes because she's dying to know what happened at the wedding. She didn't know about Krissy's breakdown over Sonny beating Dex! Blaze tells her but says Kristina is okay now. Molly goes off to her Mom's house. 

Krissy and Sam at Alexis. Like the Q house, Alexis has wall paper, Trees. Anyway, Sam says that she thinks Kristina will do the right thing even if it comes to a cost to Sonny. Alexis comes home. Then Molly comes in. She tells them Ava Jerome turned her in. Everyone hates on Ava. Krissy gets a text to go to Bobbie's to see Dante. Molly is alone with Alexis and tells her about Kristina seeing Sonny beat on Dex and she's not sure if she should tell TJ. Alexis says keeping the baby healthy is the only thing that matters. 

Dex meets Dante at Bobbie's. Dex says he's not pressing charges because of Kristina, the trial and Sonny wouldn't get much jail time anyway. OMG Dante is like, my father never OPENLY Flaunted the law but now he's just doing whatever he wants. Dex must have left then Krissy is suddenly sitting down. She says it was like Sonny was wearing a mask and Dante must have seen him like that when he shot him. Dante said, no he's was cold. Kristina says "well, it was a mistake because he didn't go to jail". Dante's like..wellll...nooo....He says he was happy as hell to have a father, no matter who it was. He also loved Morgan, Michael and Krissy. 

Sonny is jogging in the park, sees Joss. Tells her to speak her mind. She tells him Dex isn't pressing charges for his children's sake. She says to thank Dex that he's free. Then Joss runs into Blaze. Blaze says that Joss was right about Sonny.

Sonny sees Dex on a bench in the park. They talk and Sonny says "It's DONE"..meaning I guess he's not going to kill Dex. He says he's done. He doesn't even think about him Dex looks all sad. 

Willow is still telling Drew he's the biggest hero on the planet. Wants him to RUN SO BADLY. Then Michael comes home and she says "TELL MICHAEL"! Michael doesn't think it's a good idea because of Curtis' Wellness Group at Aurora and the fact his stocks would have to go into a blind trust. Not a good time. Willow disagrees!! SQUEE! He's BE SO GOOD!! :eyeroll: Then Willow does a speech about Drew's goodness and how he'd make a great politician and it's SO convincing MICHAEL changes his mind!! Drew is running. 

Maxie's house. The kids want Spinelli to move back in and so does Felicia. Felicia takes the kids out for ice cream and Maxie misses Spin too and wants him to move back in too. Spinelli doesn't want to because they aren't a real couple and he'd be in the guest room and it would be weird. BUT!! THEN he decides to move back in! Everyone is all happy. 


Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Here We Are


Drew goes to see Michael at the Gatehouse but he's out with Wiley. He tells Willow about the congress-person seat and that she can't tell the Qs. She thinks he'll be SO GOOD in government. She won't tell anyone. 

Ava stomps into Crimson says that Nina "Broke their deal". Maxie is there too. Nina was supposed to publish some artists from The Gallery but "didn't have room". Ava's furious and they exchange fun barbs. KSTORMS looks amazing. That coat is amazing. Ava leaves. They talk about Drew next. Nina basically says the sex is good enough to cross out the arguing. 

Trina and Joss are at The Gallery. They are going to look at apartments...Ava wanted her to open it because she had business at Crimson. They talk about the wedding while eating lunch and also about Sonny and Dex.  Then Ava comes in and tells Joss to stop gossiping. Joss says, UM I was there. Ava asks if she SAW IT. Joss says no but Kristina did. Ava basically says that Pregnant women are hysterical and when men drink, they fight. :EYEROLL: Thank God Trina was like "let's get going"... 

Chase and Brook are talking about Finn and Greg. BORING. They talk about how great it is to be married. 

Alexis is home and Finn comes over. She cries and says she's so sorry. She's sorry she missed the wedding too. Finn tells her about Gregory faltering during the ceremony. He tells her about his drinking. She understands. I really like them together.  Then Finn is suddenly gone and Diane is there. She's sorry about Greg. She also says she'd like to file a harassment charge against Fergus. Alexis tells her what happened the night before at the diner and the whole Byrne's brothers inheritance. Diane is going to GH to read Greg's will to Chase and Finn. Alexis is mentioned too. Alexis guesses that Gregory wants her to be literary executor. 

Finn is in GH talking to Liz and apologizes. Tells he went to a meeting and Chase helped him. Liz is pretty cold to him about it all. Says he didn't seem very understanding yesterday about Violet when he was drunk. 
Finn and Chase go to his office to wait for Diane. Chase is named executor ... he leaves his literary stuff to Alexis, each son gets 1/2 of the estate and Violet gets his library. He wants to be creamated and have an open air memorial by a tree he loves. 

Alexis goes to see Ava. Says do you know Fergus Byrne? Ava finally says yes and she was happy to help Alexis get disbarred. Ava tells her it was about the fact she hurt her brother over  and over again. Yada yada and yeah, she called but it was Alexis' fault to purger herself. This makes no sense but Maura is acting the hell out of it. Ava believes Julian would be alive if not for Alexis' "LOVE". 

Alexis threatens Ava. 

Willow fawns all over GOP nom Drew

Liz says she'll pick up Violet and seems to be ok with Finn now 

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

I don't know where I am


Anna asks Jason about the Sonny/Dex fight. She tells him he's not pressing charges. Jason is glad Anna wants to hear the whole story from Jason. He tells her that Sonny said he'd empty guns into his and Dex's head. Anna can't figure out why he'd do that in public. They talk more and more about that night and Kristina and Jason says he called Carly. "Carly to the rescue again" says Anna. He's like what? 

Sam visits Spinelli and wonders if he's going to help her with the FBI situation. I don't get this. Even if they find out WHY--what is she going to DO ABOUT IT? Go to the CIA? What???? It makes ZERO sense. She says she's doing it for Danny because he might lose Jason again. I ask; HOW CAN YOU HELP THAT SITUATION by finding anything out???? OH! When Spinelli brings up the danger, Sam says 'it's worth it"  Maxie barges in and Sam leaves. Maxie wants to know what they are talking about. Spin tells her everything. She says it's insane to hack into the server and it's a FEDERAL CRIME. Spin basically wants her to tell him not to. Oh, Maxie says OK!! Go ahead!! 

Carly is visiting Brennan and says "I see you stabbed yourself for me". More flirty banter.  Then he basically says he's a spy and lies and gives her what spies do in their "code". Smoke and Mirrors and he's not been on trial because they are afraid of the truth. Then he talks about Anna and his spy days. This is STUPID. 

Chase and Brook Lyn are at their apartment and a knock comes at the door. Tracey brings them some nice Italian wine. She's sad they didn't get to their honeymoon. Tracey and Chase talk about Greg's death and how much he meant to her. Chase says it's his fault he died because he pushed him too hard to do the wedding. She leaves. Brook and Chase drink the wine. Chase says he feels badly he got on Finn's case for drinking and here he is, drinking. Brook says it's not the same. 

Alexis is at a cafe and Fergus sits down. Yada yada. I guess I so don't care. He talks about Ava signing the affidavit and then about his brothers dying. They argue, then he leaves. He didn't even have a coffee or soda or ANYTHING! 


Alexis calls Greg's phone to talk to him and Chase tells her he's dead. She handles the medal he gave hr. 

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Terrible SAD News, Johnny Wactor Killed


I feel like GH has just gone through the wringer!! Johnny Wactor was reported killed by TMZ today. He was car jacked and shot. His mother, Scarlett confirmed the news. 

SO tragic. Thoughts are with his family and friends. 

Sunday Surgery: Father's Day


WELP! Another week where quite a bit happened and quite a bit was just off-kilter. Sometimes you just have to take a pain-killer and carry on. My face is Alexis up there! 

I decided on Father's Day for a title because Greg is gone and Kristina "lost" Sonny after his rage-beating of Dex. It's not even June yet! 

You know my week was jumbled due to my attempt at cutting the TV stream but ABC live HAS to be on a service and I finally just said the hell with it and signed up. I tell you what tho, watching it on Hulu was a joy. SO short and I didn't get all bored  after the 9 commercials we have to watch in between. 

It's a marathon this week--sorry...grab some caffeine and let's go! You will note my text color editor was not working so enjoy the red/black extravaganza! 

Friday, May 24, 2024

Finally: Tracey


Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she can't say because she's Co-Chief of Staff. TJ and Molly go to lunch. Liz stops Molly looking for Alexis (I guess to talk to her about Finn's drinking). Molly says she's in Albany. In the locker room, Liz finally tells her that Finn drank. Portia stares ahead. 

TJ and Molly go to Bobbie's for lunch. They talk about Alexis and her chances. Then she says that Krissy isn't answering her calls. 

Brook and Violet at Bobbie's. Violet wants her father to live to 100. 

Alexis, Diane and Fergus at the hearing. Yada yada...yada yada.  Alexis says Ava clearly was angry she divorced her brother (Um. NO) -- and the Jerome family has a vendetta against her as does the Byrne family. She states her case. Then Fergus has a rebuttal of her bad cases as a lawyer. He talks about Carlos Rivera and that Julian murdered him. Then he mentions his brother Brendon being murdered. He says he thinks Alexis destroyed his family. 

Chase and Finn talking about Gregory and Finn is crying. Finn is upset he drank and yelled at Liz and did things badly with drinking.  Chase says it's ok, he understands and then Finn tells him to throw out the bourbon. Violet and Brook get back. Finn is going to make her lunch. 

SO, get this.. Ned and Chase were going to go tell Tracey. Then the next scenes they were back and we heard NOTHING other than Ned saying his mother would be "fine" because she's not emotional. SO TODAY, Tracey comes in from riding the horse and CODY IS GOING TO TELL HER???????? WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS HAPPENING ON THIS SHOW? This is ridiculous. Tracey goes on and on about Cody being so like the Young Gregory she imagined. She ends up telling him she's not going to the house or to see Finn and leaves through the tack room. 

Tracey goes to GH To see Stella. Stella is sorry. They sit in the break room. Tracey asks about the cause of death. Stella said peaceful. Tracey also wants Stella to make sure she gets any bills associated with his case. Stella said she was being extraordinary. Tracey says that Gregory changed her "For the better" says Stella. 

Thursday, May 23, 2024


 I'M BACK! I caved and got YOUTUBE TV back today. I lasted what? 3 days LOL 

Dex and Kristina talk about turning in Sonny or not. He ends up leaving and I'm not sure if he's pressing charges?? Oh he said he'd think about it. 

Carly and Anna talk about Jack Brennan stabbing himself. He said he wanted to get out to see Carly again. Carly's like: UM, I barley know him. She leaves. Then Dex comes in to ask advice about Sonny. Anna wants to know what happened but Dex says it's off the record. He wonders if not reporting Sonny would taint the badge. 

Brook tells Ned she loves him. They hug. Lois and Ned talk in the kitchen about their marriage and being in love. How great Brook Lyn is and that Gregory is missing out on having a grandbaby. They drink wine. Hug. Lois' nails are all new. In one night. Gio arrives to stay at the Qs house. 

Finn and Liz. He's like, You're saying to give the bourbon up for you? Liz says NO! For that little girl! Finn tells her to either stay and make bracelets with Violet or leave. She's not talking Violet with her. She leaves BUT She calls Chase at the Qs and tells him to get over there. 

Chase and Brook go over to Finn's. Brook sees the liquor open.  She takes Violet for a walk. Chase wants the whole story about Greg and the booze. 

Violet is in Kelly's and tells Brook that she's afraid to lose HER dad. 

Alexis and Diane and Fergus. Mumbo Jumbo. Alexis says she was never given the chance for a fair hearing first time around. She has the right to know her accuser: it's AVA JEROME!! what????????? what the HELL is this??????? AVA???

Ava is talking to Sonny and telling him Kristina was probably hysterical due to her being pregnant! OMG. WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO AVA!?? THEN Sonny says Kristina was probably scared because Jason grabbed him. :EYEROLL: Ava says it's all Jason's fault. Then Carly knocks on the door. She asks if he's seen Kristina. He says no. She says Krissy is really hurting. Then he tells her what happened and says it would have never happened but JASON stepped in. She asks what he will do when he's out of people to blame as traitors. Ava just observes. I hate this for her. 

Kristina and Blaze talk and Krissy calls the baby "my baby"... I think Blaze heard that. 

THIS IS SO strange today. The whole AVA think turning in Alexis to the board because Julian said he knew she was seeing Neil or something? Made ZERO SENSE. 

and Tomorrow Tracey is on talking to Stella so we didn't get to see her reaction !!! I mean, why not have a Chase/Tracey/Ned scene???????

Is He in Heaven With the Angels?


Oh, VIOLET .. ahhhhh.  What a good little actress!! OMG... and the memories.  I forgot he was on 4 years which is so long in a kid's lifetime. Oh I did cry a little. Then Liz comes over and can tell about the booze, sees it and WITH HER EYES does the whole scene!! 

Chase is still at the airport. Then they had to tell the Qs. I LOVE NED. 

GIO is 21 and at the Q house!  

Dex: I Dunno if I wanna press charges and Michael's all: well, Krissy and I don't think so. Stupid Michael. Like Kristina is so frail. AND JOSS AGREES!!??? Then she goes and gets more coffee? And she hasn't changed? LOL 

Dante was superb!!  This would be SO MUCH better if Sonny wasn't off his meds!! Seriously because he's just going to get out of it!! 

Ava and Sonny--I don't know what to say. I HATE this Ava stuff. 

Kristina and Blaze. I am not into them, are you?  FINALLY Krissy realizes that she's not THAT fragile.  YEAH she called Dex! 

Diane and Alexis... And Lane Davies!  Fergus Byrne -- what a name.  Alexis' eyeballs when she finds out he's Neil's brother. 


Michael Easton's facial expressions when he's with Liz---are weird. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sadness Comes


UGH poor Fin and GREG... and was the wedding on a Thursday or a Sunday? Oh well.. that's not even the point.  Greg Harrison looked so.. passed away. WOW... the make up and everything.   ME Broke my heart.  The aftermath was done perfectly. Having to call someone and the shaky voice and hands.  The coroner coming and when they took the photos and all that was so REAL.  Finn should have called LIZ!! WHY didn't he? 

Brook and Chase at the airport.  Oh it's going to be so sad.  Finn calls them as they are going to board. Oh... man :sobbing: 

Alexis and Diane were fun with the shower thing. OF Course Diane had a portable steamer! Alexis was good at being nervous. 

Kristina doesn't mention talking to Sam when she says "I have to talk to my family"?  She calls Michael. Which he DID get shot in the head because of Daddy but.. I still think she should have called Sam. "Dad is a product of the choices he made long before we were born" very Camus.  

Did Dex and Joss sleep in that park?  I guess they are back together.  Joss made him pancakes at Bobbie's then they have coffee at the park? LOL.. Then Michael comes by and asks if he wants to press charges. 

Sonny and Dante.  I couldn't figure out why he went to Dante until he said to talk to Kristina which makes sense.  He's the drunk uncle that sobers up in the morning "YEAH I hit him, what of it"??  When he explained the Krissy thing and her flinching.. was so good.  Then Dom Z is so great in his delivery as well!! We have such good actors on this show. 


Violet's home....oh no. 

GUYS I can watch GH SO fast on Hulu. I only wish that I could do this closer to when the show ended for you!!! 
Thx for the recaps Sonya.

Thanks for still reading, Wubbers!! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

GH: Monday YET Tuesday


I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FOX and NBC but not ABC! Seems to be an area issue). 

Sonny and Carly. I get pissed about LW all over the place but this was a great scene rich with history.  Mo looked wrecked. 

Gregory.. ugh. WHY. Such a good actor. Even like Finn's talk with him. Violet was even cute. The helping Gregory into the PJs was poignant. 

Finn calling Alexis was okay but too bad Alexis is in NYC. 

Kate Manzi was AMAZING in her reaction to Sonny. WOW. I mean we know Kristina should KNOW but that was a huge shock/upset perfection. 

Why didn't they address the Jackie thing before this? We would have kept our mouths shut.  Did Brook Lyn need that robe over her giant silk PJs? 

Joss and Dex... She's all in girlfriend mode. Oh she loves him. Awww. 

Anna and Brennan. Please just wrap this up already. He's charming but he's in jail and is he going to come out of this? Because how. She knew he shanked him self. 

OMG THE WHOLE GREGORY MONTAGE made me tear up. It did. Great job-- and losing Greg Harrison is going to be hard.  He did a great job. 

Monday, May 20, 2024

Antenna To the Rescue ??


Well, today I'm off to see my Aunt in RGH after she fell and broke her hip. It was all fixed up in a like an hour--amazing. BUT rehab and all that. So I'm going in the afternoon. 

I did get an antenna to try to see if I can get local channels....wish me luck. You should know by Tuesday if that came to pass. 

The only thing I wanted to see today was Krissy's reaction to Sonny ... that's about it. 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sunday Surgery: The Wedding Singer


Oh boy, the news going on BEHIND the show was the real tea this week!! Buzzworthy Radio broke the news that Patrick Mulcahey is OUT as co-head writer after only 3 months! That may be a record!! Korte is the only one at the helm, with CVE doing breakdown writing. This comes when ratings are scraping the bottom. I do think the show does well on Hulu so...??? 

Anyway! It was 2 days of dull then 3 days of the wedding. I think I'm just going to stick to the wedding days. 

Friday, May 17, 2024

Day 3 Of the Matrimony!


Lots of wedding chatter.  Finn's upset he drank the champers.

Everyone compliments Violet and then Geo on their talents.

Maxie hugs Jason, she glad he's home. Anna talks to Jason and tells him to mingle more.

Sonny asks Anna how Dex is doing at the Academy and she's like: Just go away. 

Sonny tells Lois to tell Gio to stop taking to Dex. Lois is like: Stop making something out of nothing.
Geo is telling Dex that his dad died in Afghanistan in 2002 before he was born.

ChaLyn dance...lasted a long time. Everyone dances. Then Dex talks to Gloria about being a cop and Sonny's not happy he's talking to people. 

Spinelli agrees to help Sam "investigate the FBI since Jason is an infomant"

Violet catches the bouquet.

Sonny confronts Dex and tells him the Curello's are LIKE HIS FAMILY and stay away from them. Dex is like, I'm not your enemy and Sonny decks him. 

Then THE HORSE HOUSE: Sasha didn't go to the wedding because she was making food for the 'after party"..:eyeroll: and she brought Cody a picnic. The talk about wine. Then he talks about a big wedding and he can't afford it. 

Prison. Brennan is shown getting a shank blade in a towel. Then some big guy tries to take it and he drops him. Then Brennan stabs himself in the belly and puts the shank in the passed out guys hand. I guess he wants to get to GH. 

Sonny is beating the hell out of Dex who's not fighting back. Jason grabs Sonny. Sonny yells he's going to kill them both and put a gun to their heads and Kristina sees it. Drops plate. 

Brennan is taken to GH 

And..that's that.

My free trial is up Sunday so the blogs may be a day late as far as content goes. I'll watch on Hulu. 

Thursday, May 16, 2024



That's right.. I guess Patrick couldn't deal with Frank and has left GH. Chris Van Etten is stepping back in as co-head writer!! What does this mean?? Well, I wish Patrick and Chris were the two staying but I also think Patrick was like: I'm OUTTA HERE. 




Day TWO of the wedding! I really liked yesterday. Interactions, all the dresses and suits. Just a lot ore interesting that what's been goin on lately!! I think my fave dress is between Sam and Jordan but I also loved how Maxie looked!! Joss was great too-- geesh!! LOOK at me! Even Brook's dress was nice. Wasn't sure they were going to pull that off LOL 

OMG TODAY'S SHOW! So, Greg is still stumbling and having an episode. Tracey goes up to calm him. Tells him to breathe and take his time, no one minds. He drops the papers and Violet picks them up. :SOBBING: Then Tracey keeps calming him and he CAN FINISH!! OMG I did cry a littl' bit. Emmy moment right there. 

The whole ceremony went on and it was very beautiful with nice moments. WATCH IT 

Tracey and Greg have some nice moments as well. Then Brook and Chase leave and everyone throws birdseed. 

THE WHOLE THING was a one-shot--and lasted about 20 minutes! NO INTERRUPTIONS or cutting to another story!!!!!!!!! :Clapping: 

Reception and Drew and Jason see each other and they are like, oh well..then walk away. 

Photo shoot montage. LOVE The flowers. Many peonies. 

Portia and Jordan discuss why they were invited LOL. "Maybe Ned wanted to schmooze with the Deputy Mayor" And Portia thinks she and Curtis were invited because Brook books people in his club. Cute scene.

Gio talks to Uncle Sonny. Sonny paid for his violin lessons and put him through 2 years of college

Maxie tells Spinelli she loves him and they kiss!!!

Lois' mom gets an eyelash stuck and Anna gets it out--fun. Then out in the reception site, Mrs. Cirello asks Jason if he ever became a doctor! LOL.. he says no. She says "I can't stand the sight of blood either"!! 

Liz and Jason talk and Jason wants to take Jake out on the lake either to fish or go speed-boating. 

THE ENTIRE SHOW WAS THE WEDDING!!!!!!!!! WOW! NO interruptions. 

Finn gets handed a glass of champagne. HE DRINKS a bit during the toast! 

Violet sings a wedding song she wrote herself. Ned plays the guitar. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Wedding WHOOPIE!


Today's the day! Let's start the wedding shennanigans!!  HOW YOU DOING!? Good I hope. 

HERE WE GO: All the ladies are in VERY flowery dresses. 

Ned and Tracey share a good moment at the Q house. She's sorry she missed his wedding to Lois. It's a really nice speech and Ned is surprised. 

Liz, Finn, Chase and Violet are in Finn's apartment getting ready.  Finn tells Liz he's scared his Dad can't finish the ceremony. Greg comes out and gets ready to go. 

Church: A bunch of people but you need to know that Jordan was looking at Curtis and Jordan kiss and was a bit jelly!! 

Everyone arrives. Gio comes in with his violin. He's Brook's cousin. Joss talks to him. He says he's there to play for the wedding and he also FIXES CARS and is looking for Sonny. 

Sonny arrives with Eva LaRue and Blaze and Krissy sees them together. Kristina tells Sonny to be extra charming. Blaze isn't happy her mother is there with Sonny. They walk in. Sonny tells her Dex is an employee that's been disloyal. Then he cold-shoulders Michael. Tells LaRue that Michael disappointed him. 

Jordan and Drew decide to sit together. 

Jason and Spinelli see each other for the first time. Spin jumps and hugs him. Jason says he's sorry he didn't see him yet it's "COMPLICATED". 

Spinelli is all nervous waiting for Maxie. He talks to Anna about wanting to have another chance and it scares him. Anna tells him it's nice to start over and exciting. Spinelli sees Jason finally and tears up. Jumps on him basically. Jason says he's sorry he hasn't seen him but he's been busy.

Drew sees Jason. Stares at him. 

Brook gets ready in her bedroom. Her mom is proud. Lois has on a dove gray and white pant suit with necklaces and a giant flower. Meh. They talk about life, love yada yada. Tracey also has some really nice words. She gives Brook Lyn a bracelet that was Lila's. 

Jason sees Drew and the Q's ...says Monica told him to go. 

Lois and Ned walk in and Brook Lyn comes into the foyer. Maxie is with her. Maxie's dress is nice. Ned tears up. 

WATCH THE WEDDDING. At least the last 20 min or so. Wally K made me tear right up with his speech to Brook Lyn. 

Willow and Maxie are matching because they are bridesmaids. Love the dresses. 

Gregory Harrison did his "episode" with his speech SO WELL and SO true to life. WOW. 

Announcement: GOT the Free Trial


So I got the Free Trial for YouTube TV so I can watch Wednesday-Friday this week. Then, it will be Hulu in the evenings. 
You have me for a bit more!! YEAH!!  SEE YOU at 3pm (when I post today's blog!!)

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Day TWO Without ABC


SO, I think we know how to get around the You Tube thing but not today. I don't think I'll miss much! It's Wed I'm worried about anyway. 

I saw what happened yesterday (for the most part) and the ONLY thing I care about is Anna yelling at Carly. I don't think that's going to stop Carly tho... because it's CARLY.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Stupid Streaming Services


I should have just stuck with cable LOL.. I can't seem to "verify my location" on You Tube TV today so... no live show for me! I'm hoping I can get it straight by the ChaLyn Wedding! 

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Let's Go Crazy


I feel like this is church and I'm needing to say: We gather here together in this place called WUBS. You don't want to hear the SAME old thing each week I'm sure but there's not a lot more to say!! Just another 5 days of confusing dialog, coffee bean bags and jogging in the park. 

BUT! I'm here, you're here so let's give it a go. 

Friday, May 10, 2024

Mac is Coming Back!


LOOK WHO'S BACK AT GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna questions Dex about the police academy. He's happy. Anna wants to know if Dex thinks that Dante would make decisions on Sonny's behalf. SHE ASKS DEX THIS? Then Dex says they trust each other and Anna's all concerned. 

Dex and Joss raced in the park. They talked about Joss changing her major. 

Jagger visits Jason in the coffee warehouse and asks him why Carly would visit Brennan at Pentonville.  Jason says NO WAY-- he did NOT. They forget Carly listened in when they had the door open--idiots. Jagger tells Jason to find out how Carly knows and leaves. Then Anna comes in and finds out about Carly visiting Brennan. Jason says the only way she'd do that is because she thinks she's helping him. Anna's upset because Carly may have tipped off Brennon. Oh, btw, Jason figured out Carly listened in the warehouse and found out the info. 

Eva LaRue and Sonny continue to have nosh at The Metro. Sonny disses Ava. Then he talks about the wedding. He asks her to go, she says yes. 

Sam and Dante are in the park. She says "OMG guess what! Jason has been working undercover at the FBI" He's all OMG really? Then he's like: OH YEAH, Sonny told me. WTF. THEN he says "So did Jason but I was in the hospital and I guess I forgot". They talk about the whole shooting thing. zzzz Sam says she believes Jason that he was made to stay away from home and she wants to help him and Sonny. 

Ava scratches off a Rx number from Sonny's pills. It's the refill number. She goes to the doctor to see if he can get more for the trip and she wants to know more about the drug. It's the pharmacist that is doing the tampering for Valentin. She keeps asking things and leaves with a smile on her face. 

Sonny gets home and Ava is still there. She apologizes for running off at the Metro and she shouldn't have gotten mad. She likes their relationship now and trusts him and that's why she has to move out. 


Sam and Dante decide to find out what the FBI has on Jason

Anna thinks Brennan is going to strike someone in the FBI . 

Joss will switch her major to Environmental Science but will life guard at The Metro this summer

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Where's Danny ?


Laura goes to visit Alexis. She has on a great pink shirt. She wants to talk to Alexis about HEATHER AGAIN. Can her case be revisited? Alexis pulls out some things but says it's going to be really hard. Laura asks if she would help. Alexis says as a human being she doesn't want to but maybe as an almost lawyer again, she wants to help anyone. :eyeroll: Laura leaves. 

At Laura's office, Jordan comes in as Laura is talking on the phone about Heather's case. Jordan tells Laura about congressman's money but first wants to hear about the Heather call. Laura explains the metal poison and Jordan is like: SO WHAT. LOL Laura tries to plead Heather's case. Jordan is like "have you thought about the victims families and she killed a COP"!! 

Speaking of Pink, Blaze opens her door in one too and her Mom wants to know what she's wearing to the Q Wedding because she's going too. Blaze says she's taking Kristina. Her mother doesn't think that's a good idea since it's such a public venue. Social Media and all that. Blaze says she loves her mother and she's grateful but she has to make up her own mind on this. She's going with Kristina period. Her mother accepts it but says, watch out because she's going to be right. 

Sonny is at a table with Ava and she asks about the painting he wants to donate and he says he's "moved on" and is staring at Jordan. Weirdly. Then Olivia comes over and talks about the wedding reception. Ava's acting like she's going. Then takes a call from Trina. Olivia asks if he's taking "That person" to the wedding. He says no. Ava comes back, Olivia leaves. Ava says she got a great new dress for the wedding...Sonny says "well, you're not going". Ava says she's not going to live with him either. He says FINE... I'll get you another place. Ava says she can take care of her own life and child. 

Sam runs into Jason's Warehouse and asks where Danny is. He left his phone at home on purpose and skipped school. Jason says that Sam is training Danny to lie to her by putting a tracking app on there and stuff. HUGE arguing. Sam even mentions Jason's tatts and WILL DANNY WANT THEM NOW. He says she's pushing Danny away. She says he has no idea how to be a parent. Danny was actually AT school and they didn't mark him there. Then she asks where Sonny is and what's going on. He tells her about being undercover for the FBI and now he's just working for them. She can't believe it. She asks WHY..he says he can't tell her but it's why he's been away for 2 years. He'd NEVER DO THAT WILLINGLY. Which is BULLSHIT ! lol he did do it... for CARLY 

Finn an Chase tried to talk to Greg but Greg beats him to it. He decided not to go to Coney Island. Then Finn says they need a caregiver to stay with him. Greg says no. Fin'n says it would put Chases' mind to rest and then Greg loses it because Finn didn't attend HIS rehearsal dinner with JACKIE BACK IN THE DAY. Whoa, out of the blue... and then FINN leaves. Greg tells Chase he's nervous and lashed out at Finn. 

Finn goes to Alexis' house to talk to HER about his Dad. Not Liz'...this is weird. I mean, I get they are AA buddies but ??? Finn says he needs a meeting but also wants to stay with his dad tonight. Alexis says she will. 


Alexis asks Greg to help her go over her notes before she goes to Albany

Sam leaves the warehouse

Jordan tells Laura to leave the Heather case alone. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Another Day




to try to watch the show. 


Lois and Brook in Kelly's ...Lois recognizes Jagger. Lois goes over. They are all HELLO! It's been FOREVER! He says he owes Brook an apology for questioning Danny the way he did. Brook says thanks. Lois finds out he has a son named Stone. Brook decides to leave. Jagger and Lois have coffee. He says his son is 21 living in a group home in Quantico. 

Carly's at Pentonville questioning Brennan. She says she heard Anna mention Pikeman. He's like: not true. He asks about her. They talk about Donna's dance recital (seriously) Then she says PIKEMAN again and mentions her BFF Jason being back and PIKEMAN and the FBI like Brennan is going to tell her anything. She says she knows about the FBI thing because she knows Jagger Cates and proceeds to tell him he's under investigation. WTF..who does she think she is? 

Jason finds his way out of the warehouse and goes to Anna's to talk about...Pikeman. Anna shows Jason her box about him. She wants to know what the FBI has on him and Carly. He says the FBI has a recording of Carly telling the Five Families she's the head of the Corinthos organization. (When Sonny was in Nixon Falls)> Jason was supposed to do it but he was shot. So she did and the FBI now has evidence against her. Jason thinks if Carly knew he was saving her, she'd go to jail so he could get out of it. OH BROTHER. Anna doesn't think the FBI will ever let him go even if he does bring in Pikeman.

Chase and Finn talk in Finn's office about Greg going to Coney Island before the wedding and he thinks it's too much. Finn says don't say anything. Finn says he'll tell him it's not good to fly from a medical standpoint. Chase says no, he'll tell him. They talk about Finn's estrangement from his father long ago. He feels badly. They leave it as Finn is talking to Greg about staying home. 

Sam asks Dante how quitting the force went. Dante's like: Um, I didn't. Sam's not happy. She said she never should have gotten her hopes up.  They talk about it. A LOT. She says she did fall in love with Dante when he was a cop and shouldn't expect him to change. They kiss. Crisis avoided. 

Kevin and Laura eat lunch at The Metro. She can't believe she has sympathy for a serial killer. The Kevin talks about Colbalt poisoning. Then Laura wonders if Heather should be serving so much time. Kevin gets a phone call. Valentin comes over and they talk about Charlotte being in Switzerland. 


Finn has to find an AA meeting ... I guess he's struggling. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2024



IT's breakfast time in PC

Anna has Sasha’s old set! Bennett is having the cadets move her. Felicia comes to visit. Anna tells her Char is in boarding school. Felicia is like: YOU been talking to Valentin? Then the doorbell rings and flowers are delivered from Valentin.

Nina is lunching with Valentin. They are talking about Sonny and.. stuff and Crimson.

Sonny is meeting with Jordan. He wants to give money to the city. Then he mentions they are having a grandchild together.

Willow is meeting with Drew. He thinks she might be doing it just because he "saved her life" after Greenland. He tells her he wants her to take it but if it's too much, not to bother. This is so stupid. It's just another CONVO ABOUT NOTHING. Then Drew asks Nina to do a story on the charity and Willow for Crimson. Nina is thrilled.

Carly is meeting with Jason. She's talking about his erratic behavior. She mentions Ava tampering with Morgan's meds but doesn't think she did it with Sonny's. Why? He's been 'off' since Nixon Falls and what would she gain from it. They are trying to figure out who could get him to do his blood draw. Carly finally decides Stella might be the one. Then Jagger walks in to ask Jason some questions. Carly's all pissy and wants to call Diane. Jason says no. She leaves but stays to listen. Those idiots don't close the door and start talking about Pikeman. Oh THIS is how Carly gets her damn nose into this story. Got it.

Laura is visiting Heather. Gives her an update about Ace and a photo. And Heather talks about protecting her daughter. Heather expresses remorse. Laura says it's all from the poisoning. Heather cries. Laura looks concerned. Heather is sad she spent all her time in mental institutions and jail.


Basically Jagger tells Jason the entire Pikeman/Brennan saga and Carly hears it all and knows the Brennan connection

Drew tells Jordan he got the grant money

Sonny watches Dex jog in the park.

Monday, May 6, 2024

Chit Chat Day


MONDAY! It's basically a continuation of Friday.

Krissy is still bitching about TJ and the baby stuff.  She says she doesn't know how to not love a part of her. Alexis says that's a problem, not the loving but the attachment. They keep yappin on and on. Then Alexis hugs Krissy and says everything is going to be OK. Krissy leaves. Diane comes in. Now Alexis and Diane can talk about the surrogacy. Alexis tells her that it's legally Kristina's child. 

Sonny is still bitching about Carly. HE says "To hell with you Carly Corinthos". Ava says: You mean Carly Spencer. They keep talking. Sonny wants to get his blood levels checked and throw the results in Carly's face. Ava talks him out of getting checked. He leaves. 

Dante is still bitching about wanting to quit the force. Sam says she's been waiting for him to want to give up his badge. WTF? She says she laid awake at night hoping he'd leave the force.  She goes on to say she'd be relieved if he turned in his badge.

Anna and Bennett are doing paperwork. She says she's moving into her new apartment soon. She says it's all furnished and she's getting the stuff out of storage that she kept. Then Dante comes in to turn in his badge. They talk about why. His being torn. Then Anna says that it has been his BADGE that has protected him against Sonny's business and such. She basically tells him he's staying. 

Blaze and Mama are in the park talking about her "branding 'and what she's going to wear in public. Then they argue about some guitar solo on her record. Her mother mentions Blazes' brother. OH man, we getting HER BROTHER ON HERE NEXT? OMG they say he's a musician. His name is "ELOI" .. EEE-Lo-EE

Sonny sits with Eva LaRue in the park. They talk about daughters, then he tells her about 'his ex' and being bipolar. "She helped me but now she's using it against me".  Keeps talking about Carly. Then he asks her out for a drink. They go to his PH and AVA is there. LOL she asks what she does. Sonny says "helps me out"-- she's like don't you have a nanny? Then Sonny tells Ava to go get the 24 year old scotch. She does and tries to horn in on the conversation between him and Eva. HE says "Don't you have calls to make or something"? Eva says she loves his PH, he says he wants to redecorate, can she help? She says what about Ava? He says it's not like that and Ava hears him. 

Blaze goes to Krissy's apartment to show her her clothes. They bitch about their mothers. Then Molly stops by to clear things up from this morning. She says she's sorry about TJ's micromanaging. Then they argue about Sonny for a bit. 

Not much went on today but a lot of talking points. 

 and his name is like ELOY or ELOI or whatever and ... his mom says music is "in his blood". 

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Creating a Mess


Well, ratings are out. So much for getting rid of Dan and Chris!!! How'd that work out for ya? You see my friends, it's not ONLY THE WRITERS that should be taking the heat. Now someone somewhere has decided that "shaking things up" will somehow save the show and bring in viewers. How is this being done? Everyone changing careers!! Friendships exploded!! Couples we don't want together!! This week was SO messy I didn't even bother with Wednesday's show. Skipped it. Don't care. 

I'm not even eating, I'm chugging expresso today! Get ready to go go 

Friday, May 3, 2024

Poke The Bear


I hope some of you watch Neighbours: A New Chapter on Amazon FreeVee it's grand. I don't get mad at it like GH lol. 

Sonny goes to Dante's to bring him new boxing gloves. Says he's the only person in his family he can trust. Sonny's hair is SO BLACK ahahah. I mean SO black. He's also concerned that Dex is joining the PCPD. Tells Dante not to trust him. Leaves. Dante looks confused. Sam comes in later and they talk about Sonny's visit. He says he thinks he may have crossed the line between son and cop. 

Carly goes to Sonny's but he's not home. She tells Ava she'll wait for him. Ava says she's a guest in th house and Carly better cool it. Carly tells her she'll see the father of her kids ANYTIME SHE WANTS. Then Sonny pops in. Ava goes to the other room. Carly tells Sonny Donna is NOT coming over for sleep overs. Period. She doesn't want her around Sonny. They argue and Carly finally realizes he might not be taking his meds...she runs into the bathroom to check them. Grabs the bottles. Talks to Sonny, wants to call the pharmacist. He says you think so little of me? Ava just stands there and watches. FK this

Drew and Nina go to visit the congressman. (real outside parking lot shot!)  They go in and Nina mentions her father's connection to him 2x. He's the guy from the Tracey Ullman show. Good character actor. He tells Drew to leave, Drew doesn't shut up about some project. He and Jordan want to redo some of the docks, and get more hours at the library and more public transport. They need federal funds. Congressman says he's can't help. He has stage 4 lung cancer and is stepping down. Drew says stay on until December and DO This for the town, it can be his legacy. Congrssman wants to know if Drew would turn them into luxury condos. Drew says to trust him. Guy asks Nina if he should. 

Alexis asks Sam and Krissy which suit to wear to her hearing. Then Krissy feels the baby kick. She talks about how wonderful it is to carry a life and how important it is and yada yada. Sam and ALexis look at each other like: Um.. wow. Then Sam leaves to pick up Danny. Kristina and Alexis talk and Kristina is worried about TJ's attitude. Alexis says to give some grace since it's a new situation. Krissy says she's falling in love with the baby. 

Joss and Trina are running in the park. Joss wants to drop her major of pre-med.  Trina asks why. Joss basically isn't into it LOL. Trina says she'll work at The Gallery this summer and wants to be busy so she doesn't grieve too much. Joss says she only wanted to be a doctor to help Dex. :eyeroll: They have some weird ass montage of Joss talking about Dex and Dex getting dressed in the locker room? 

Carly thinks the dosage is off of Sonny's meds, He throws her out. Ava says she was out of line. 

I hate this

Dante thinks about quitting the force because of DAD. 


Thursday, May 2, 2024



I don't think I missed much yesterday!!  NOTE: I spell Aidan both Aidan and Aiden. Sorry. 

Ok, so some commercial test is going on at the Qs kids are there: Violet, James, Georgie (New one?) then Michael has Amelia and Wylie in the barn. Sasha, Chase and Gregory are in the living room. Greg is there too. I GUESS that they are trying out a new commercial? Scotty's taping it on his phone...IN THE LIVING ROOM. Brook is horrible and wooden. Lucy wants to take over. She's horrible too. Lois does it and is PERFECT! weelp 

In the kitchen Tracey bitches about the kids having off school and her hiring Sasha to cook without asking her. ANYWAY, Sasha is making lunch but she's in the living room...but she's making lunch and.. this is a mess. Tracey demands a dish for dinner.  Aidan is going to help Sasha lunch because you know, he likes to cook. 

Then in the stables, Sasha and Cody talk (don't ask) about her job and she's afraid that Tracey is going to fire her. Cody says that she can move UP IN THE BARN WITH HIM. Lordy. 

Hospital is having a staffing shortage and Felicia is trying to find people to work longer. Willow says she just did a 12 hour and then Liz calls her to please pick up Aidan because she can't get away. 

Willow takes Aidan to her Gatehouse where she can't find anyone (they are at the Qs) AND THAT'S A NEW AIDEN??  YEP it's a new Aiden. He goes to the Q house for lunch. Then Michael comes in with Willow (Wylie is at the barn still) and she wants to nap but he sees some brochure. I think it's the Bone Marrow place she might work.  She justifies wanting to work there. They make the love. 


Everyone wants to have Lois being the spokesperson

Tracey tells Sasha she can be the cook and doesn't have to pass any tests. 


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Later Alligator!


Break Day for me!! Allergies abound and my head is going to explode. SO!! Have fun and be nice!! 

WATCH THE SHOW TODAY! is still not working and it has a lot to do with technical things I have no idea how to do. SO if you're here! YEAH!! I'm...