Friday, May 24, 2024

Finally: Tracey


Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she can't say because she's Co-Chief of Staff. TJ and Molly go to lunch. Liz stops Molly looking for Alexis (I guess to talk to her about Finn's drinking). Molly says she's in Albany. In the locker room, Liz finally tells her that Finn drank. Portia stares ahead. 

TJ and Molly go to Bobbie's for lunch. They talk about Alexis and her chances. Then she says that Krissy isn't answering her calls. 

Brook and Violet at Bobbie's. Violet wants her father to live to 100. 

Alexis, Diane and Fergus at the hearing. Yada yada...yada yada.  Alexis says Ava clearly was angry she divorced her brother (Um. NO) -- and the Jerome family has a vendetta against her as does the Byrne family. She states her case. Then Fergus has a rebuttal of her bad cases as a lawyer. He talks about Carlos Rivera and that Julian murdered him. Then he mentions his brother Brendon being murdered. He says he thinks Alexis destroyed his family. 

Chase and Finn talking about Gregory and Finn is crying. Finn is upset he drank and yelled at Liz and did things badly with drinking.  Chase says it's ok, he understands and then Finn tells him to throw out the bourbon. Violet and Brook get back. Finn is going to make her lunch. 

SO, get this.. Ned and Chase were going to go tell Tracey. Then the next scenes they were back and we heard NOTHING other than Ned saying his mother would be "fine" because she's not emotional. SO TODAY, Tracey comes in from riding the horse and CODY IS GOING TO TELL HER???????? WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS HAPPENING ON THIS SHOW? This is ridiculous. Tracey goes on and on about Cody being so like the Young Gregory she imagined. She ends up telling him she's not going to the house or to see Finn and leaves through the tack room. 

Tracey goes to GH To see Stella. Stella is sorry. They sit in the break room. Tracey asks about the cause of death. Stella said peaceful. Tracey also wants Stella to make sure she gets any bills associated with his case. Stella said she was being extraordinary. Tracey says that Gregory changed her "For the better" says Stella. 


  1. ----yes I am being childish, but the writers are HORRIBLE in continuity! Ned said his mom knew - Chase went to tell Tracy and then CODY tells her?????? And Tracy says 'my friend' to Cody? I didn't mind Cody/Tracy talk - I minded the STUPID WRITING!
    -----Liz telling Portia was stupid and it will serve Liz right when it comes back to bite her on the butt.....cause Finn is gonna lie about meetings and not drinking..where is Terry
    ----I LOVED Julia and Mason so I wouldn't mind Fergy CHANGING HIS NAME and then staying in PC --------------- for Alexis------------------Marty still gone???? Need another lawyer!
    ------Stella + Tracy = all day long.
    ------DO NOT CARE one iota about TJ, Molly, Krissy, baby - etc DO NOT CARE....
    -----so we gotta wait 30 days before the verdict? We know she gonna get her license back - Fergy's outburst proved that ----- cause it wouldn't have lasted this many days......and somehow Gregory's good luck piece will factor in Alexis and Finn convo....
    -----Monday-Wednesday are officially sweeps days - it's my daily shoulda been Pikeman and Pills.....not wedding/Alexis/Gregory's death
    ------How will Ava justify to Sonny what she did with his daughter's mom?

  2. Elizabeth confides in Portia telling her Finn's drinking was probably a one time thing after she treated him like he killed someone. The Liz we know would have stayed and kept Violet busy.
    Cody telling Tracy was just weird. I don't mind him but it was out of left field.
    Fergus is nauseating. Don't like the actor at all and I hope they do not put him any closer to Alexis but it seems inevitable.

  3. Lane Davies is awful. Hope he doesn't stay

  4. Lane Davies is phenomenal. I hope he stays.

  5. First Valentine, next Ava, now making Liz weird. Stop now please, these are a few of everyone's favorites.

    Love Tracy, Chase/Brookie, Ned/Olivia/Lois, Dante. Baby story is just ok but I really like the actresses playing Kristina and Molly. Blaze is just meh for me. Bring our Ava back to herself please writers.

    1. They sure are acting like JPS and Maura West are leaving the show. Ruined their characters

    2. I forgot; Laura is OOC too

  6. I will focus on the positive today: I do like Lane Davies as Fergus (he has gravitas) and I like the burgeoning friendship between Stella and Tracy.

  7. Well I guess if we have to wait a month to hear the verdict in Alexis' case, I'll check back in a month. Maybe they'll have sorted the writers out by then too.

    1. I know, I forgot to put that in the Sunday Surgery. Dear LORD A MONTH

  8. Cowboy Cody's horse house:

    Cowboy Cody and Tracy: Yeah what the hell!!! Yesterday I was thinking that it sucks that we didn't get a scene with Ned and Chase telling Tracy about Gregory, and today she doesn't know?! HUH?! Come on writers get it together!!! What happened with Ned and Chase telling her? If this was the 1970's they would be kissing by now! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Portia and Liz: That's nice that they are worried about Finchy. Will Portia spill the beans about Finchy? Looks like she will.

    Tolly: Ooooo I love Molly's shirt! :)

    Tracy and Stella: Great scene!! Yes Tracy you do have a loss too! :( What?! No autopsy?!!?!?! :0



    Molly: Your my domestic partner. How about DP?

    DP?! Oh for crying out loud just say partner! *Facepalm* Anyway when they were talking about if anybody else were carrying their baby they wouldn't be acting like they are acting with Krissy. Oh for crying out loud! You didn't want the person carrying your baby to watch scary movies!

    Brooky and Little V: Poor little V. :(

    NY courthouse:

    Fergy, Diane, Alexis, and the judges: Fergy is all yelly! Oooooo another brother!!! I knew there were 2 other brothers!! Wow this Fergy guy is threatening Alexis!!! Come on judges you saw him threaten Alexis! So Alexis should get her license back! Oooooo Carrrrrrrrlos talk! Damn I miss him. :(

    Finchy's home:

    Finchy and Chase: Awwwwwwww! Great scene!!! Dammit it made me emotional! Bye bye Alcohol. :( Poor thing. So disrespected.

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to Valerie and Curtis* WOW! I completely forgot that Valerie and Curtis were together! 2 parts to it.

  9. sonya said,"DP?! Oh for crying out loud just say partner! *Facepalm*"

    *** I yelled the same thing at my tv. lol So self absorbed that they feel they have to be unique, different from everyone else. It's just making them look and sound ridiculous.

    1. "Di says, I yelled the same thing at my tv. lol So self absorbed that they feel they have to be unique, different from everyone else. It's just making them look and sound ridiculous."

      Hahaha. Yes it does sound ridiculous! DP sounds like an STD! :)

    2. It used to be called common law but nowadays the little snowflakes would never use the word common. lol

    3. snowflakes - he hee - explains everything

    4. "Di says, It used to be called common law"

      Yes!! Common law marriage!

      "but nowadays the little snowflakes would never use the word common. lol"

      ROFL! And probably would never use the word marriage! :)

  10. Okay since today was a repeat, I'll just copy and paste what I said at the time. Then make new comments.

    "V.C.'s home:

    Vanna: Anna! V.C. is making a home for you two! Enjoy it!! :) Oh oh hello Charlie! :)

    Vanna and Charlie: Man Charlie is so rude to Anna! ROFL!

    Charlie flashback: WOW! Great scene. It was a long letter and a long scene!!!!! :) That letter is full of lies! BAHAHAHAHA!

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Gregory: Oooooo Gregory has a bucket list!!! :) Very nice.

    The hospital:

    Exercise room:

    Gregory and Alexis: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The look on Alexis's face! Hahahaha. She is a really good friend. :)

    Private room:

    Finchy and Chase: Chase got pepper sprayed?!!?!! By whom? My poor Chase. :(

    The nurses station:

    Finchy and Tracy: Oh I hope they show a scene with them playing their special game! Ooooo Tracy is on the board again! YAY! That means she is sticking around. :)

    Tracy on the phone with Monica: What the?!! Monica is at home?!!?!?!! :O

    Tracy and Chase: Oh boy! Well, I'm glad Chase knows now that his dad has ALS.

    Tracy, Chase, and Finchy: Awwww poor Chase. :( He has every right to be upset. :(

    Chase alone: GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Made me cry! I want to hug him! :( *BEARHUGS* Chase

    Sasha's home:

    Gladys, Sonny, and Sam: Great scene!!!! The only thing I believe with Gladys, is she did love Mike.

    Gladys and Sonny: Great scene!!! Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: Stop whining!

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Sonny go around town and tell people to stop whining! :)

    Gladys, Sonny, and Sonny's bodyguard: Ooooooo! Bravo Sonny! Bravo!!! Throwing her in exile!!! :) Will you do that with Nina when you learn the truth? :)

    Ferncliff: WOW! Great scene!!!! :) I'm glad Janice told Mac the truth! The actor who plays Dr. Underwear, is fantastic. Di and I were talking about how he would be great in a horror movie. He does evil very well with his eyes. :) Yes Cowboy Cody! It's over you are right! :) Now you and Sasha can start being a couple! Or find out your twins!!! :)

    NYC hotel room:

    Sprina: Making the wuv. :) Oh oh Spencer had to say she completes him. UGH! Now I am not interested in them anymore. You don't put that burden on her Spencer! Who the hell wrote that drivel?"

    Today's comments: Awwww Gregory. :( I miss you Gregory! Gladys! Can she come back please? Well Sonny kinda exiled Nina. By divorcing her. :) Hmm Chase shirtless. :) I don't mind that, but why is he shirtless? He is only having water spritzed in his eyes. He could just use a towel to cover up the wetness. I mean you don't get naked when you get your hair washed at a hair salon! :) MAC!!! I Can't wait to see him again soon! Not sure when. Charlie should come back!!!! I miss Sprina and I miss Spencer!

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