Friday, May 31, 2019

Kidney Beans

Ava's arraignment ..she looks resplendent. DA lady busts on Scotty: I smelled your aftershave in the hall. He says it's his hair gel!! LOL She says NO DEAL. Ava pleads not guilty and Scotty wants her out on bail. Ava gives a look like :HELL yes, then I can finish Ryan off! Oh she got bail! $100.000!

Robert, Finn, Anna.  Robert congradulates Finn and says he wants Anna happy. Finn leaves. Robert tells Anna he wasn't happy she was getting married.  VERY great dialog here about how he's not carrying a torch for her but sees how happy she is with Finn and will miss their adventures together. AWwwwwwwwwwwwww. 
They talk  about PETER and he wants to find out if he's Dimitri Merrick's and ALex's. She's like I don't care. So why did she care about ROBIN being her's?? HUH?? Anyway, Dimitri is living in Hungary. TWO Dimitri mentions in a month.  Robert things Alex will want Peter eventually.

Ryan and Curtis. Ryan says he'll see Jordan in hell before he gives her a kidney. He wonders what the kidney is worth to Curtis.  He tells him Off camera. Curtis goes to Jordan and tells she and Laura that Ryan wants all charges dropped. WOOT! They should say yes, then kill him. Anyway, Jordan says no way. Laura says maybe if they take off the Texas death penalty. Jordan says NO!! 

Finn talks to Ryan ..he says he's there to make sure his kidney is disease free. And he thinks it's stupid Ryan didn't bargain better for the kidney. Something about not thinking it through. He's trying to get Ryan to question his ideas. Some psychological intrigue there. 

NEW OLDER DANNY! JEZZZUS he's like 8 now?? As old as Aiden?? Sure looks it!! I about fell outta my chair LOL I guess it was his birthday and he had a party at the camera. Scout's still asleep there OF she's not around. She tells Jason what Julian told her about Wiley.  Sam wants Jason to come home. In  a weird edit, Jason is all of a sudden coming BACK to the apartment, bringing Danny a present. They tell him Jason's moving back home. 'BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER' Danny says. 

Peter Maxie and Lulu..doing something with a dating app? Not sure. wasn't paying attention much.  Oh, she's doing an investigative piece for the mag about apps. Lulu leaves...Maxie wants to try to get Dante back because Lulu's not happy. Well, that's dumb.  She mentions her dad and how the WSB used him and he never came home. Again...dumb.

Lulu runs into Kevin. She tells him it's hard to forgive him. He tells her about Trauma and how it's affecting her. She says she understands now that 's what Dante his going through and it will take him as long as it takes to get 'over' it. 

Jordan tells Laura she wants to resign. Laura says she'll find a filler until she's well. PLEASE BE ROBERT SCORPIO!!!!!!!!! 

END: Kevin goes to see Ryan

Anna is leaving for Zurich to see Alex ..and Peter's leaving to find Dante. Oh I bet I know what happens here LOL 

Finn to Curtis "We'll just make sure he goes under the knife and never wakes up"!

Valentin to Sonny "let's talk about Jasper Jacks" 

Sam's DOD Tattoo

Well, we haven't seen it but I did ask people on Twitter what they thought it said and I got some fun answers.
I'm hoping he wrote: "Property of Shiloh aka Hank for all the money you stole from my Dad" 


(Ok this one has to be a fave because it combines a nice picture with their Smoosh name LOL!! 



Help, I've fallen and I can't get up     
(@Wubscomplaint Dept) 

'SCRATCH AND SNIFF" --- (@DawnofDay1)

:please water if dry: -- (@SoapGranny) 

I(Because you all know I can't hear Sam)

"Quarters Only'!! --@PhyllisFontaine

You have any? Since she hasn't shown us what it is,we can only guess. Shank said it was "smaller, more intimate than the others) 

If your older, you'll get this!! LOL 


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Kiki's Birthday

I came in when Ryan was waking up looking at RoHo!! My two fave guys! yippeee!! Franco is talking to him about Kiki. Ryan calls her boring!! ahahaa. Franco is VERY measured with him and calm. Tells him he's an idiot. Oh damn, it could have been such a good scene. How often do you get 2 serial killers in one room!!?? 
Franco says: You lose, enjoy prison. Leaves. 

Jax and Nina . Jax tells Nina he wants to increase branding--and to up PR. She has to cut issue cost by 1/3 in order to do that. She said she has no idea about business so he's going to help her. Valentin walks in. He's not happy Jax bought the mag. 

Alexis and Lucas. He wants help with keeping the baby secret. She says she'll work on sealing the adoption and not to worry. 
Jax comses to drink champers with her too. Oh no, it's sparkling water.  He says he bought 1/2 of Aurora...Print Division. Niceeee. SO if Billy Miller comes back they'll be partners. I can see that.  

Julian and Sam. He wants help with keeping the baby secret. I missed the start tho, so not sure how's she's supposed to do that. Oh, it appears Julian is telling Sam Wiley's Daddy is Shiloh. 

Curtis and Jordan find out Ryan is a viable donor. He has to agree. Curtis is going to go "talk" to him. He tells him he saved his life-- he'd better give it up. Ryan says.. I have to mull that over. 

Liz and Lulu are going to help Willow keep her job. 

Chase wants to throw FAnna an engagement party. WITH their PARENTS. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Krissy and Alexis.. even at 2:15 she hasn't told her!! AHAHHAA. She is alllllllmot telling her and then Sam comes in. She tells her that the DOD was a lie and she was just getting out the 'pledge" .
Krissy is mad "You made me feel like it was all my fault you were there and you lied to me"?
ARE WE GONNA SEE SAM'S TATTOO?? BECAUSE...that's a payoff I need. And are they going to get to the part where they audio recorded them?? I guess there was a flashdrive in there too. ?? So that's the audio?  Yep, that was the audio. She burns it. Alexis tells Sonny that the secret was about HER not HIM. 
I'm going to yell this so.....

JaSam go back to bitch at SHank. Jason tells him to cut a deal because "you messed with the wrong people".  I can't believe they'll let him live. That's just cray.  Margo comes in later to talk to him. She should have been in the cult story from the jump but she wasn't and I don't care.  So, she did the 'pledge" but didn't go thru the tattooing or rape thing? I guess not. ?? 

Jason gives Sonny the envelope on Margo-go. Her "pledge" --it's that she knew her mother had her father killed and destroyed evidence.  Which he knew but now he has it in writing? 

Michael and Willow--oh they'll probs leave him alive for the baby reveal? I hope maybe it's a murder mystery.  He tells her to use Diane as a lawyer. They hug. NINA sees them.  Michael leaves. Nina lays into Willow. Oh I really wish I could see how Michelle plays the moment Nina finds out Willow is her daughter!! 

Jason gives Willow back her pledge. AWWWW Someone better save Daisy! 

Maxie and Lulu have lunch. They need to be roomies. I think Jax bought Crimson because Maxie is bitching about the budget. 
Yep! At the end, Jax is in Crimson and Nina walks in and he says "Welcome the new Owner of Crimson" 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Give Me 15...

Looks like I'll be in 15 min or so late per  day.. Which means I could REWIND AND WATCH from the start. I'm weird tho--I like the "RealTIME"!!

Ava's in the PCPD with Scotty , He wants her to plead Temp Insanity... she says NOPE it's premeditated and she doesn't care.

Julian and Kim.. He finds out Ava was arrested, he leaves. He talks to Scotty and finds out she's pleading guilty. Not happy.

Later, Joss comes over and Kim gives her Oscar's guitar ....Drew comes and tells Joss they are going to spread Drew's ashes on Mt. Kilamonjaro .

Jordan and Curtis. He tells her that she had a cardiac episode and she needs the kidney. Monica says Ryan's out of surgery and not sure if he'll make it.  

Sam and Shiloh... she's yelling at him. He says whatever. you did everything willingly. Jason comes in with the tox report (Monica did that in like 3 seconds)! Shiloh said she drank it willingly. Jason says they have him on tape. Shiloh says it's attempted murder...Jason says See you in JAIL, pal... They want Kristina's pledge or they'll tell the cops. I HOPE this is a damn lie and they'll still turn him in??? 
He says he'll give up her pledge. They go to the lighthouse and Sam has ANOTHER DAMN FLASHBACK. Ugh If I have to watch Shiloh UNZIP THOSE PANTS on the daily I will HURL. 
They find the MARGO"S (that's mean)..
PS. Didn't he record them???? SO???

Alexis,Neal and Krissy. In what should have been a decent scene of Kristina telling ALexis about the secret, they chopped it to BITS. I counted..THREE SECOND SCENES.  STUPID. IT took the whole hour to get Krissy to say "it's not about Dad"... 

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Falling For You

No, this isn't a performance piece 
The Ball
The Fall and
The Shock and Ya'll 

Nurses Ball Fun... Shiloh Mess and Ryan's back 

OH! Have you tried the new Egg-White Bites at Starbucks? So good. I hardly ever get food there but these are low carb and delish. 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Watch Your Step


Sam and Shank. Good God this is so gross.. so OLD SCHOOL..'holding a woman against her will" crap.  They could have written a really exciting, intricate STING operation.  Instead we get Sam in a "gown" like the olden days almost being raped and ST. JAYSUS saving her. 
BORING and just not acceptable. 
Shank falls down the stairs. 

Next thing you know, Sam's at the hospital. Perfect hair, make up. Still groggy .. talking to Jason. She's crying her face off.. like WHAT DID SHE EXPECT????? Now she has all flashbacks, dreams. Great. MONTHS Of PTSD. can't wait. 
Shiloh is still alive. Sonny goes in to taunt him. Why doesn't he just kill him now?? Oh, because it's going to be a murder mystery I bet. SO many people want him dead. 

Curtis doesn't want Ryan shot because of the kidney. Lucy is at GH..I wonder if she knows where Ava's lake house is because she sold it to her? YES! Ava bought it for a remote location to take Ryan to.. they know where it is. Curtis wants a head start to go get his kidney. 

Brad and Julian. I still think they should have an old fashioned affair. YEP I said it. Brad is telling him about the Ball and Shiloh knowing about Wiley. he's all upset. 

Stupid scenes with Sonny and Margo. Ugh. Just not needed.  They are throwaway. Basically she just says it's Sonny's fault she went to DOD. 

Ava and Ryan: They show him saying Don't Shoot, you love me..and the gun going off. Did she hit him?  NOPE she just fired a warning shot. CAP HIM IN THE KNEES DAMN IT. He's not capable of feeling anything like "hurt" . She wasted 2 bullets. 
Ryan said that Kiki didn't suffer long. he didn't want her to feel much pain. He tells her that Kiki's last minutes were terrifying and she cried for Mommy..Mommy..(I think he's trying to confuse her)  Ava still yells at him. Good stuff. 
Just when Ava's going to shoot, CURTIS COMES IN: Don't shoot!! I need his kidney. LOL You can't just TAKE A KIDNEY. Derp. Ryan (even Ryan) would need to give consent. Oh, Laura says they'll bargain with him. He's killed like 4 people..bargain how?? Death penalty off the tale on the Texas murders? 

Welp.. Ava lets Curtis take the gun. PCPD comes in. 


Thursday, May 23, 2019

'Two Sides of a Coin"

They got Kevin down..Ryan got him out with one hand, that Wizard! 

Brucas talking about Willow and Chase. Lucas figured who's kid it is. Willow and Michael come out. Lucas confronts her "You should have told the bio father about the adoption because now we could lose our son"!! Michael is like UM, WILEY IS YOUR KID?? My GODSON (ahahahah little does he know!!) 
Brad is still being a dick and won't think badly of Shiloh.  

Ryan is at Ava's New Lake House.. ??? WhereEVER that came from. Ryan comes in. She says she's happy to see him..and please put down the knife. He doesn't believe her and says he needs to hear how she feels about him killing Kiki. She said she knows why he did it. Kiki was causing her pain. That's all their relationship was; pain. She loves Ryan. Ryan puts down the knife. Ava pulls out a gun. 

Stupid Sam and Shank. I'm kinda hoping it's a murder suicide. Shank, Murders Sam, kills Self. 
Sam drinks the drink ...Shank tattoos her with a "small one to be more intimate" .. and he starts touching her. Jason and Sonny are listening and jump out to "save" her. They go in, beat up goons and Jason gets to the room/
They are gone. Shank took Sam to the lighthouse. This is dumb. I'm saying it. It's so dumb. She sets herself up to be Tattoed and RAPED? When they had at LEAST 2 women who could have testified? This isn't even exciting or 'good soapy tv' it's just stupid. ugh. She's splayed out on the map table like some princess in distress (that gown sets that stage too). 

Sonny calls DA lady  to tell her about Shank. They are in the DOD den. That's stupid too. 

TJ is in with Jordan!! Curtis comes in. When she learns Ryan is loose and in PC she goes into defib and passes out. Monica comes in to check her. Her heart is failing. Cutis figures out that Ryan could give Jordan his kidney. Leaves to find hijm. 

OMG Laura is yelling at the DA Lady "It's your fault a woman is dead!" Mac tells her she should have known better based on Ryan's history. Then he says "Our plan failed, we need to let the PCPD handle this" DA says WHAT PLAN? "That Ava was in love with Kevin to lure Ryan out". Lucy says I KNEW IT!! SOMETHING WAS UP! 
DA makes Lucy leave and the gang tell her about the "Ryan Plan" She tells Chase to find him and use lethal force against him. Chase says, can you order that? She said she didn't care. Just do it. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019



A Disney Nurse's Ball

From the great mind of DelcoDave and Yours Truly:   Every year on Dancing with the Stars they have a "Disney Night", which is a shameless plug for the company. I often wondered why GH was never told they needed to incorporate Disney songs in the Nurse's Ball. We know that Disney has had their share of product placement on GH through the years.

Imagine if you will, a "Disney Nurses's Ball" where all the numbers were Disney songs. It would go something like this:

The Little Mermaid
Song: "Part of Your World"
Song: "Poor Unfortunate Souls"

Jax as King Triton, asks where Ariel is.. her sisters (Amy, Deanna) tell him Ariel has gone to "see the people" Joss as Ariel singing "Part of Your World" all the nurse extras dressed as sea creatures. Cameron as Price Eric. Then... Dr. O as Ursula comes and makes her sign the paper to take her voice. 

Beauty and the Beast 
Song: "Gaston"
Jason as Gaston
Spinelli as Lafou
It kinda writes itself, doesnt it?

OR "Be Our Guest" ...?? 

there could be a LOT of cast members in this... 
Mrs. Potts: Epiphany  Aidan as Chip
Lumeiere: Ned


Song: "A Whole New World"

Chase and Willow ride the carpet....Scotty Baldwin as "The Genie" 

Song: "Let It Go" 

Nurse Amy belts this one out of the park

Sleeping Beauty
Song: "Once Upon a Dream"
Lana Del Ray Version:

Ava as Maleficent. Rocking those horns like only Ava can. Hit that link to see the song and imagine just how awesome Ava would look coming out of the mist! 


Snow White 
Song: "Whistle While you Work"

This will be "Snow White and the Seven Strippers". Elizabeth will portray Snow White and Magic Milo and crew will be dressed in miner garb complete with pick axes. They will break into a strip number and at the end will reveal the names of their dwarfs on their butt cheeks! 

Lady and the Tramp
Song: "Bella Notte"

Spencer and Emma performing the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp with Ned serenading them singing Bella Note. What could be really really FUNNY is if Olivia is serving the spaghetti and she keeps interrupting their eating like a typical Italian Mother. "Is it hot enough? I didn't spice the sauce too much did I? Here Spencer let me help you" (and she twirls the spaghetti and feeds him) all the while Ned is trying to sing the song and can't get through it! She keeps running off to the "kitchen" off stage and just brings stuff out and interrupts them and talks through the entire song. Finally Ned walks over and says "Olivia!" and she says "Ned. Shush. Cant you see they're trying to eat?"

Song: "When You Wish Upon a Star"

At the very end, the closing number could be the entire group singing
 "When you wish upon a star" (Led by Billy Miller so that Karen can cry again)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Got in at the last minute:  NOTE: I started watching at 2:34

Cameron was FANTASTIC. What a great little singer!! Really good. 

Saw FAnna in the hotel room-- and he tells her about the ring and Monaco. 

So, Nina overhears that Willow had a baby. Willow says that she knows why Charlotte is so nasty. Nina says no wonder you can't control your classroom, you couldn't handle a baby. !! WHOA! and she walks away. 

SHE TURNS AND SHILOH IS STANDING THERE!! tomorrow's previews show him just screaming at Willow.

So, Laura calls Kevin to tell him that Ryan is alive AND KEVIN IS KNOCKED OUT!!!!! WOW!! And there's a gloved hand that gets a rose. Ava is singing --oh Maura is just so sexy!! 

More Ball!

LOVE these dresses..and ladies!

Today I'm probably not going to make it for the blog. Tuesday and Thursdays are tough with my schedule at the moment.  Dave and I are preparing something fun for Thursday's blog (hopefully it will be ready!) But today, just feast on some photos I found!! 

I found out that was a Coldplay song.. I'm so out of it. 

Risa and Sonya 

Monday, May 20, 2019

Get Down

First Number: Fun, happy!! All the Nurses Dance to The Best of My Love. 

Krissy's with Joss...she didn't want to go to the Ball so she's happy to stay with Joss and watch movies.

Jason and Spin are doing the surveillance stuff...

Cam: Hello, anyone lose a Llama? LOL Yep, it's back 

I think Dr. Neal knows Shiloh..his eyeballs got big when Alexis mentioned him. Jax sits down with them. Nice-- Alexis is all flustered. He finds out Jax is her "Ex Husband" 

Mike bring Yvonne--she has the ring on and everyone's looking at it. Suddenly Finn knows too? Bad editing?? Anyway, he asks Sonny to get it back. 
Sonny tells Mike the ring he bought is fake...Finn suggests he replace it with the ring HE has. 

Anna talks to Robert... she thinks he loves her. She says she loves Finn..he says: I get it. 
Later, Finn tells Robert he got his ring back. Robert wants HIS ring--and Finn says SORRY!! LOL Yvonne loves it. 

Chase sings a Coldplay song... he does a good job. Pulls Willow on stage. 

Cam goes to Joss's house to ask her to come to the ball. He has a message from Oscar for her.

Anna gets up on stage to tell the history of the Nurses Ball. Awww... "Where there is life, there is hope" 
There's a ring on stage at Anna's feet? HUH? 

AGAIN, for another year, the BALL IS NOT THE BALL because THEY DO EVERYTHING ELSE BUT NUMBERS. UGH. So boring.          minutes were between numbers. 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Had A Ball

Shall We? 
What a week.. I am happy to say I loved almost every minute!! Yes, I did. From Monday's memorial to Friday's Nurses Ball, it was really a pleasure to tweet and blog. So, slap yourself and get ready to read a positive blog again this Sunday.
Scary, ain't it? 

Grab your champers and get reading! 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday: Nurses Ball Kick Off 2019!!

Some of the "extra' fun cast members we never see unless it's the Nurses Ball.. 

Well, at least they LOOK pretty...

LOVE her little purse...and both of these people always looks stunning. 

OH LUCY in some python print!! She looks so fab every year!

I always love the Nurses Ball..even when it turns out not to be as great as I want it to be. Here's hoping this year will be fantastic!! 

Chandra Wilson:  Sydney "Val Jean" get it?? Nina and she are hosting it's the Grey's Anatomy lady.

Kevin and Ava stirred things up on the red carpet. 
Maxie: Scotty, who are you wearing?
Scotty: Expensive! 

He's angry about Ava and Kevin. So is Lucy. They are planning on doing something tonight to break them up? 

Franco gets a limo for Felix, Amy, Dianna and Epiphany. He and Liz walk in with them all. 

CarSon. WOW, Laura looks fab in that Ruby Red dress!! Sonny says every year he doesn't really want to go because of Stone's memories. Then he 'hears' Stone say : GET OFF YOUR ASS and go. He's always happy he did. 

OMG..Nina and JAX! He offers her champagne outside when she's coughing and she literally sees him and SWOONS! NiJax comin?!!  She can't talk when he's on the red carpet. She is so cute. Sydney takes over . People on twitter are  calling them NinJa !! LOL 

CarSon meet Sasha.  No biggie there. Her dress looks more prom than ball. 

So, Kevin is told a woman is in distress upstairs in room 804 and can he go tend to her for her anxiety? It's LUCY! trying to talk him out of going with Ava. Meanwhile, Ava is taken away by Scotty.  Scotty goes up to the same room and goes: AH HA when he opens the door. (they had planned to have Lucy get Kevin in bed to break them up) but it failed. 

Flea and Mac come in...look great of course. He mentions POOR MR MARBLES!! Long live MR. MARBLES! 

That rando lady on the Red Carpet was Kin Shriner's GF in real life. 

Curtis and Laura are tied up? Um, Ryan would have KILLED THEM by now. COME ON. They wake up and smell gas. Laura says that Ryan wants to kill her like he "died" in the Fun House explosion to get Kevin back. They get out of the ropes just in time, run out and the house explodes. 

Remember, this Ball was established for HIV/AID research. Back in the day they'd have a donation number at the bottom of the screen. Here's a link to AmFar if you'd wish to donate: 



Thursday, May 16, 2019

late but here.

Maxie wants to go to the Nurses Ball with she and Peter. Lulu cries over Dante. 

PETER AND Anna. Whatever...talking about Robert. ZZZZZ.

Carly's baby is ok but she needs more tests for other conditions since she's so old LOL 
Yvonne and everyone toasts with cupcakes that Michael brought. Yvonne knows Carly? Um. Okay. Sonny wonders where Mike got the ring--he says he bought it in Brooklyn. 

Sam and Alexis and Neil.. Sam isn't sure if she should talk to Krissy--will it jeopardize her recovery? Alexis says, well you'll have to lie anyway so she doesn't know you're stringing Shiloh along to get her pledge. Neil is like what you talking about? 

Awwwwwww, Finn wants that exact ring for was a Monaco Blue Sapphire. 

Spinelli is in charge of the Porn-taping of Shiloh 

Kim and Drew go over her bills and cards. Jules comes in. 

Molly talks to Peter about doing a story about Dawn of Day since she's A LITERATURE MAJOR?? (HUH?) and is graduating soon. -- he gives her his card. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Cruel Cabin

Anna says she doesn't wanna get married. Robert makes big eyes to Flea and Mac. Anna thinks that Finn and her relationship is perfect the way it is now. She goes on and on. Robert eventually goes to the hospital to give Finn the ring. He says it's the least of his problems. Finn sees the ring and loses it: WHAT Is THIS? this isn't my RING!! 

Silas and Jordan play a popular 80s game 

Sonny and Mike..Mike's all excited to propose..Sonny's like: WHOA there-- talk to Stella about it first. 
Jordan/Stella. Stella's mad Jordan didn't tell Curtis. She tells J to call him in Canada. Jordan says no, he has to stay on the case. Stella gets  call from Sonny and she sees Marcus and takes him too.  They decide to let Mike propose. They see the ring and about faint !!

Curtis and Laura. That lady calls back, Says she's ready to talk and they go back to the house. They get there and Laura's like: Um this could be a trap. Curtis says we need to go in..the door is open. Laura tries to get cell reception and Curtis goes in. April lady is dead.  Laura goes out to get cell service and Curtis gets knocked out. Laura is seen screaming her head off into the camera. 

SHank and Sam...ugh. In the park. He wants to leave Krissy alone. "because she brought you to me" BARF. Why isn't he all chopped up feeding Oscar's garden with his minerals? 
OH FK.. Sam's taking SHank to the Nurses Ball. UGH

Carly and Jason. They are talking about Sam...and Carly has pains. They go to GH. Epiphany says she needs to be examine her. She says she's ok. BUT the DR wants her to come in tomorrow because her test results are in. I wonder--- has there been a Down's Syndrome baby on soaps?? Or another syndrome?? 

Tomorrow: Spinelli is on, Anna talks to Peter about the 'marriage proposal" -- and looks like Carly is alone seeing the doctor about results?? 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


SO, it's snowing in Toronto? Ummmmmmm huh? Okay..well, Maxie and Peter have a Cheese and Meat tray--and Curtis and Laura are 'visiting". I'm cool with Maxie/Laura time. 

Finally the snow lets up. Laura and Curtis go to the woman's house. Laura uses the name LUCY JOHNSON..remember that?? LOL I SURE DO!! It's when she and Luke were on the run. The lady doesn't want anything to do with them. She shuts the door in their faces. We see a newspaper with a story about Ava and Kevin in it. 

Franco in the school meeting "Somebody here has a problem with the gays" ahahaahaha!! Willow put a book about "2 Dads" in the class library and some parents are mad about it. Nina is the one that explains WHY the book is a good idea. Much to the surprise of everyone, especially Willow. After the parents leave, Willow wants to talk to the principal about next year's curriculum and he says: Yeah..sorry, we aren't asking you back next year. SNAP!! 

Michael and Sasha. UGH. whatever. I like her but we know she's probably not long for this show? Not sure. Valentin reminds her that after he and Nina are married she should get out of town forever. 

Robert's looking for Anna's ring in the Metro Court (Mike took it ) .. Flea and Mac are like "Did you lose it on PURPOSE, HUH?! huh?!!" He tells them to shut it. He leaves. 

Finn and Anna are at GH. Chase comes in and goes: Oh ANNA! is that a new manicure?? He's looking for the ring! Finn's like Um, you have CATARACTS! They talk about Willow.  Very cute. Finn wants to find the guy she 'can't get free from"... and beat him up lol 

Anna goes to the Metro to have wine with Felicia. She tells Fe that Robert and Holly are on a break. Felicia is all "Ummmmmm, you think he likes someone in PORT CHARLES"? wink wink. Anna says you think he wants to stay in town? Felicia says maybe he'll find a lady wink wink.. Anna says I pity that woman. She leaves to take a phone call.
Robert comes back...he bought a replacement ring he thinks will work.
AND ANNA SEES HIM WITH IT! She's thinking he's going to ask her to marry him!! ahhaha

Julian give Ava and Kevin crap for being together in the park. Kevin tells him he's a terrible brother and Ava basically was vulnerable to Ryan because he neglected her. Julian punches him. The paps come out and snap photos. Ava clutches Kevin.  THEN the cops come and question Julian. He's like "Ava TELL them it wasn't my fault!" .. Ava's like SORRY JULES! You hit my lover!! LOL 

Monday, May 13, 2019


Joss and Jax..aww. Sniff. She's going back to school. Carly thinks it's too soon. Sonny thinks she should try it. I like this young love grief stuff. Could be good. SO glad Jax is on the show. They all get a text about a memorial for Oscar in the Plaza square. 

At GH, Liz and Dr. Terry get the text too, they will go together. 

Cam doing Park-Duty. Franco tries to talk to him. Cameron won't have anything to do with him. Franco leaves. Later he gets a text about the memorial. Trina walks by he says he doesn't want to go. She says: YOU'RE GOING, we need to step it up for Cameron. 

Q house: Monica, Ned, Olivia, Drew and Kim. Kim has Oscar's Urn. Kim isn't sure what happens next. Ned said that Oscar had a plan. Ned says he wanted them to raise a glass, and remember the good things. Everyone is all teary. Drew especially and it's killin' me. 

OSCAR'S MEMORIAL:  Jax, Carly, Sonny---Olivia, Ned, Jason, Drew, Kim...Dr. Terry--Liz Sam..Michael Trina, Monica.. Cameron.. Alexis, Julian, Franco--I might be missing some people I don't know. 

Trina tells Joss that Oscar wanted her to tell Joss that she has to still climb up Falcon Mountain even if she doesn't want to and she has to get to the top. Cameron remembers the trip to The Falls. 

Josslyn gives Jason an envelope to read with Monica. Oscar thinks the  Q house needs a tree house for the kids. Michael did the plans up. Oscar wrote on one condition: that you and my Dad work on it together. GAH they agree to do it .. sniff. 

Olivia and Ned tell everyone to eat and drink and then share stories. Michael says he doesn't have an Oscar story but he knew he was brave when he started dating his sister, Joss. "who's a handful" LOL. It's so cute. Cameron stands up and I'm crying-he talks about how Oscar made room for him on the blanket at the 4th of July picnic even tho Cam was a jerk. And how Oscar was so brave ..even up until the end. 
They keep going to Drew's face and he's just heartbreaking. 

Joss talks and it was heartbreaking. 
DREW STOOD UP AND I CAN'T TYPE. It's just to damn sad. SO GOOD. Emmy Reel. 

Ok, so this is why I watch soaps. Today is why I watch them. YEP. 

They all go to the park. Ned said that the PC parks and rec set aside a part of the park for Oscar "Oscar's Meadow"--there's a plaque and everything. Olivia hands out flower seed packets and they spread them all over the field.
Kim talks..and I sob.  Especially when she talks to Josslyn about being his first love and how she needs to go on with her life and live it to the fullest. 

Final Scene is Kim at the stone and Sonny telling her how it's going to feel and I'm not even mad LOL-- Really good Tams and Mo scene.


I'm so glad you can't see my FACE right now. I'm ugly!! Watch today's show. Great ensemble work. SO soapy. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Slim Pickens

I will not tolerate shenanigans in front of the baby !!  

Oh, it's one of those weeks it takes me awhile to remember what happened so.. not TOO exciting I guess! (thinking) NO..not really! 

I had Pad Thai last night for my Mom's Day Dinner! So, leftovers!! By the way, did they even mention Mother's Day on GH?? I mean it was Kim's first Mama's day without Oscar... Ava's first without Kiki... 
I'm sure Carly was moaning about Morgan somewhere!! 

Friday, May 10, 2019

Freefallin' Friday!

Not sure if I will be back for a blog today.. 
If not, here's your space. 

NLG On Twitter: OH, this is a GOOD ONE!! 

How are you liking the show??---NOT COUNTING the DOD stuff. (because let's face it, other than the Willow baby-switch-Brad potential..EWwww) 
I'm Loving Laura being Mayor
Robert's back!
Jax is going to move next to Sonny! 
Mike stole the engagement ring! 

Ok, I have to run! Have a good one.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Shank in Bake

Mike/ about Courtney and stuff. "If I forget her, you remember her for me".. 
GAH!! Sniff. 

Willow and Chase...He's shirtless. She says Shiloh didn't know about the baby or adoption so he could sue for custody if he wanted to. 

Krissy/Alexis.Alexis says she can do whatever she wants but NO SHank.  Kristina asks to leave. Alexis lets her go but tells Michael (who was visiting Krissy) she's nervous. 

WHERE IS MOLLYYYYYYYYYY. Alexis said she cooked breakfast. God, can't management afford to have her on?? 

Lucas/Julian ..Julian wants to talk to him, says something is up with Brad. He knows Julian must know since the 2 of them talk in secret all the time.  Julian won't give anything up. Brad arrives and Lucas confronts him about him acting weird. 

Brad/Shiloh...Brad is telling Shiloh about the birth mother and the baby-- UGH DERP. Anyway, SHank wants to meet the mother!! DOH!
Kim comes to talk to Shiloh about Oscar. Brad Leaves.  She wants to thank him for the photo. They talk about OScar and what a good kid he was. He wanted to do a dinner for the homeless. Awww. He also asks her if Drew sent anything to her while he was deployed. HMMMMM! What is this about???! She said the only thing he gave her was the CD. 

Robert tells Anna he thinks DIMITRI MERRICK !! might have info about Alex during the time when she would have gotten PG with Peter... but she doesn't want to know. Dimitri was Alex's hubs on All My Children. 
Anna is like, whatever. He yells at her THIS WILL SEVER YOU LAST TIES WITH FAISON! Then you can leave Henirich behind for good! She says no..and he says he's EVERY BIT as devious as his father!! YELLS IN HER FACE! Finn says "That's enough"!! 
Robert tells her he always thought they had each other's back. Leaves.  

Robert storms into Kelly's and Sonny wants to talk to him about Dante. OMG I hope Robert just punches him lol.  They go outside to talk. He had put Finn's engagement ring down and MIKE FINDS IT! LOL! Picks it up. 

Finn of course, calls Robert to ask for his ring back. 

END: Krissy is at the DOD house to get her pledge back Oh stupid girl
Sam wants to finish the initation, film it and get Shiloh arrested. LOL maybe she just wanna have zex with him?? 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Becky Buding Back to GH

YEP..Entertainment Weekly just broke the news..she's back! So..if you're a fan of Hayden, be  happy! Will she have a baby in tow?? We all know it will drive a wedge in between Finn and Anna. Maybe Robert and Anna can have another chance? 

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

  I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FO...