Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Into That Good Night

This blog will be mostly about Oscar's death because let's face it,  that is what this week's main focus.  I was actually into the whole thing despite my non-love for the character,. Finally  things were  coming together in this story. 

What do we have a wake? My people have platters of meats, cheeses and some kind of pasta.  The Q's might end up with pizza!

Photo thx to @SoapTweetsGH 

First things first. Friday night was the Creative Awards for Daytime Programming and General Hospital won-- best editing. 
BEST EDITING. You all know my complaints about editing with this show. It's chosen by what is submitted so the episode could have been edited well (like Dante's funeral)-- and we all know it's not a day to day refection. Still, I'm glad it won this because I didn't see it win anything else that night! **See at the end of the blog for more Emmy Info

Let's get into Oscar's demise right away. If you were on Twitter, you know there was an "OscarIsDeadParty' happening because so many people have been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever. Many never liked the character and most were just into that snarky soapy fun we like to have in the face of doom.  On other message boards I glanced at, so many people really loved Oscar and Garrett that it was a surprise to me. I got a lot of messages on FB and in email about people not wanting the kid to die and a last minute miracle to happen. 

My take on the entire "Oscar Journey" is what I fundamentally have with GH in general; too choppy, too disjointed and chunked together in weird ways. Because the cast is so huge, even the JossCar romance was done in fits and starts. Cameron got SORA'd a bit too late as well. Then there was the problem of HOW he was diagnosed. I'm not sure the reasoning behind Kim not telling him 'a year ago" about this whole thing because it really made everything just--weird. Oscar should have started having seizures, been diagnosed then and there and let the story unfold that way. 

Drew's inclusion was great and since he has gotten away from "I used to be Jason Quartermaine and now I'm "just Drew" I've seen such a change in Billy Miller (in a good way). I like him with Kim and it put him in the Q orbit.  These last few weeks have been good ones for him-- and his deathbed talk just gutted me. 

The writers chose to tell Oscar's last day 2 ways; one with a 'fantasy-hallucination" that Oscar had while Joss slept, and the other more realistic one after he actually passed. The fantasy sequence was a little clunky but I enjoyed it because it had the ensemble work and nods to Edward and Lila. Better than have everyone parade in and out of the kid's bedroom to say goodbye. The day after (Thursday) was amazing in both dialog and pacing. Longer talks and more emotion that I could handle. Sniff.


THE RYAN-RUSE:  I was so here for this. It had so many characters, including Flea and Mac, how could one not love it? Lucy freaked out, Franco was flumbuttoxed and Lulu was having a bit too much fun filming it all! 

AND WHERE ELSE IN DAYTIME HISTORY did we ever get a funeral for a hand? Tell me...when?? LOL.. I loved this--played right into my bizarre stuff that can happen on soaps. 

KIDNEY CONNECTION: WE ALL know where this is going... Jordan, be prepared to get a Q kidney!! 

CULT CLUB INFILTRATION!! by Milo no less!! I was shocked--and he did a great job playing the sad-sac of losing his girl and wanting help. I really thought they would have used Spinelli for this role but I for one am glad it's Milo!! I also hope there's a scene where Epiphany finds out he's doing this! She'll KILL Shank in one second flat LOL 

JESUS BE A DRUG DEALER:  Curtis is in Canada, trying to find Ryan. He found some dude who knew about the drug-store break in. Dude said it was a lady though. Either Ryan was dressed up-or he had help. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: How do I pick just one? There were so many wrenching things happening. Drew saying goodbye to Oscar,  Kim's breakdown at her apartment door and host of others. I chose this scene for one reason: it was unexpected.  We all know Cameron has been trying to avoid Oscar and "the end". He didn't visit him in the hospital even when he was volunteering there. Hardly called Josslyn. I remember being that age and when someone my age had died I refused to go to the funeral because I said I wanted to remember her alive. It was so painful I couldn't handle it emotionally. So when he found out, acted all tough with Liz and then went into the hallway to ugly cry, I just felt all the feels. Then when Joss texted him and he started to text...erased it...started to text again..erased it and threw his phone I thought :Yep, so true to life. How may times as adults have we struggled with the right words? Joss was waiting for her friend to reach out and he couldn't be there for her. I expected the opposite--Cameron holding Joss and staying by her side though this. I love the twist and unexpected that happened. 

MULTIPLE SCENES OF THE WEEK:   I just loved Wally Kurth this week... hes' such a pro and someone that carries a scene beautifully. His presence reminded me of both Edward and Alan as he's the oldest living male Q now. He had fabulous scenes with Monica in the crypt, Drew on the stairs and telling Joss about the Nurses Ball song. If you watch his face at the end when they are carrying out Oscar, it's just so crushing.  Taking all of these together, I have to give it to Wally and the dialog writers for making Wubsy lose it. (photo credit: @NivFansGH twitter) 

PROPS OF THE WEEK:  Well, the department outdid themselves with the Oscar memorials. Notes, flowers-- you name it, it's there!

RUNNER UP: Franco's painting he gave to Drew. In times of sorrow or joy, artists paint. Ergo, nice touch. 

FACES OF THE WEEK: Josslyn 'feeling' Oscar's good bye kiss--smiling, content. Two seconds later she looks over and he's dead. Oy. Great stuff by Eden. 

WUBS FAVE OF THE WEEK:  The ol' switcheroo!! OMG This was a blast and Nancy herself said how much fun it was. We need more of this. Plus, it was during a Sexis scene so I actually liked Sonny for a minute!

That's that!! Another good week for me, and that makes 3 or 4 in a row! I hope the public is tuning in more and the ratings go up. I want this show to keep on keepin' on for years to come. Hell, we have a kitchen now...can't lose that! Coming up will be Jordan's kidney and the Nurses' Ball. Jax will be back for that as well. I'm thinking there will be a memorial for Oscar. Krissy' Cult Club should be decided soon and maybe we'll get to see Sam naked? Heh. The other thing I really want to watch is Josslyn confront Cam about all of this. Wonder how that will play out. 

WATCHING THE EMMYS:   Check out EMMY WUB POST for the details. I will be on Twitter RT the highlights (@Wubsnet) and will update the blog as much as I can. Game of Thrones starts at 9 and sorry, but I'll be switching to that after an hour of the Emmy show. We have a whole family thing planned every Sunday at 9!! And come one, after last week I have to pay attention to who died and who didn't. (Since I couldn't SEE anything with all the dark going on!)

Have a great Sunday.  


  1. Agree with every word of SS today.... It was Cameron in the stairwell that affected me most. Maybe because I have grandson's his age and I was projecting. Wonderful week. They sort of ignored all the drama during Oscar's battle to live, but they made up for it all with the fantastic story of his death.... I love GH!!

  2. Thanks Karen

    Great week, I agree. I didn't see the scene with Cameron. Need to find that one.

    1. It's good Lindie. I believe it's the last part of Friday show.

  3. I was curious if the 4/29/18 was actually Anna Lee's Date of birth. It wasn't. She was born January 2, 1913. If she was still alive that would put her at 106 years old. My grandmother was born in 1901. I had a much older grandmother.

  4. Thanks for this great blog. The Cameron breakdown was perfection.I agree that Wally did a great job allowing us to see Ned's sadness while he was strong for others. One moment that really got me was when Franco brought his painting and tried to find the right words while speaking with Drew...his struggle and emotion in that scene was one that truly tugged at my heart.

  5. I THOUGHT Oscar's kidney would be for Jordan, but I think too much time will have passed, I think that's correct. Plus he is too little for Jordan.
    I think Ryan's kidney will be given to her. OR we could still have a storyline with someone DONATING a kidney - and keeping a kidney.
    so-----whoever wrote the episode with Oscar ----- brilliant ---- SO true that often patients don't want to leave their loved ones behind if the loved ones keep hanging on. My grandmother was hanging on and when my mother told her 'I'll be all right Mama - you can go see Jesus'....she passed away within 5 minutes.....
    it DID make me wonder though - Julian and Kim - was that just because at this time they are together?

    1. "My grandmother was hanging on and when my mother told her 'I'll be all right Mama - you can go see Jesus'....she passed away within 5 minutes....."

      Awwww. Beautiful! :(

  6. I love a soapy death scene. I don’t think Jordan will get an already dead Oscar’s kidney though.

    “Not Today”

  7. Another great SS following a great week of GH. Everyone did such a good job. Eden McCoy was a stand out.
    Now it's time to bring the dead baby story to an end and let Michael have his child back. Way too long. And he needs a spunky love interest to liven him up. Good guys don't have to be boring. Ex: Ned.
    Good Sunday to all! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    1. Yeh we complain alot about GH but when they bring it, they really bring it! Wish they could do this all the time. Last time was when Jason fell thru the ceiling. As for the baby, yeh that needs to end like yesterday! Love Lucas and hope he drops Brad like a hot potato. A leopard never changes their spots and he needed to put his big boy panties on and tell Lucas from the start! Michael deserves his baby!

  8. Karen, when I read your comments about the script being “too choppy, too disjointed and chunked together in weird ways...”, it reminded me of something Michael Easton said. I had the pleasure of seeing him and Roger Howarth at a small venue Q&A session, followed by a personal “Meet & Greet” afterward (my husband gave me tickets as a birthday gift). Anyway, Michael said the show used to be filmed chronologically, pretty close to how we see the episodes, about three weeks before they air. But now, the producers have chosen to film the show “piecemeal.” So, for example, if Michael is on set, they’ll film as many scenes with him as possible. Ditto for all the other actors. Then with the magic of editing, it’s all put together to flow as it should. He further said that this can make it difficult for even the actors to know in advance how a storyline will play out. I suppose I can see the economic advantage for filming this way — especially for Roger Howarth who commutes between New York and LA. But I think this method would pose a continuity nightmare. Imagine what the set directors have to go through, as well as the dressers and glam squads — making sure that the actors are made up, dressed and coiffed exactly the same way when one day’s show may have been filmed over a six-week time period. Eventually, and in keeping with your comment, this method is bound to result in episodes that feel choppy. I’m sure the producers didn’t think that viewers might notice that Alexis’s hair seems to have more highlights than yesterday’s show even though she’s acting in the same scene.

    The Oscar send-off was one of the most touching I have seen since BJ’s. Bringing in “Edward and Lila” was a gift to us old-timers. I hope the relative newcomers to GH can appreciate how poignant and touching that was.

    Finally, thank you for referring to Hank as “Shank”!! I post comments at another GH fan site on FB, and I can never bring myself to refer to him by his DoD name. I’ll add that the worst part of Oscar’s goodbye was when Shank showed up at The Q’s and threw all kinds of gratuitous comments at Drew. Billy Miller handled that scene like the pro he is.

  9. ok, i can do without seeing Sam naked. thanks for that image, Karen.

    i have a big complaint with this week. maybe i missed a scene, and if i did, someone correct me. but i never saw jason once give any comfort to drew. i dont care what a robot jason is, this is your twin brother and oscar said one of his dying wishes was to see the two of you get along. i expected to see jason to say at least 2 words or offer some kind of support. nothing.

    did i miss this?

    and yes... billy miller rocks.

    the actor playing cameron is a natural. he is going to grow into the part and be around for a long time with this show.

    as for food... cold cuts? pizza? nice choices. but we have olivia. when an italian is anywhere near a funeral, there are trays of lasagna and baked ziti and eggplant parm. i bet olivia is STILL in the kitchen cooking

    diane at kellys... omg why or why isnt she a regular on this show?

    thats all i got. (for now)

  10. Watching the pre-show live on Facebook. The actress who plays Jordan is wearing a beautiful pink dress, love it! Man Wed Ramsey is like the golly green giant he's so tall!

  11. "These last few weeks have been good ones for him-- and his deathbed talk just gutted me."

    GAH! Me too!!! :(

    "The writers chose to tell Oscar's last day 2 ways; one with a 'fantasy-hallucination" that Oscar had while Joss slept,"

    Actually, Joss was awake. Cus before Oscar woke up, she was awake and THEN fell asleep.

    "THE RYAN-RUSE: I was so here for this. It had so many characters, including Flea and Mac, how could one not love it? Lucy freaked out, Franco was flumbuttoxed and Lulu was having a bit too much fun filming it all!"

    Someone needs to bring Lucy in on it!!! Come on!! You can trust her!!!! Couldn't they see how hurt she was?!??!


    Hahaha. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. :)


    YES! I agree! Scene of the week goes to Cam and his pain!!!!! :(

    "WUBS FAVE OF THE WEEK: The ol' switcheroo!!"

    YES! It was perfect!!! :)


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