Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Becky Buding Back to GH

YEP..Entertainment Weekly just broke the news..she's back! So..if you're a fan of Hayden, be  happy! Will she have a baby in tow?? We all know it will drive a wedge in between Finn and Anna. Maybe Robert and Anna can have another chance? 


  1. Yeah I read that on twitter and was going to share that here!!! WOOT WOOT! So happy!!!! So glad RayRay is coming!!! I hope their baybay is with her!!!

    "Karen says We all know it will drive a wedge in between Finn and Anna."

    That's my dream. :)

    "Maybe Robert and Anna can have another chance?"


  2. Hayden will arrive at Anna and Finns wedding and object. If Robert is still around he will object too

  3. she is not needed. I love finn and anna.

  4. I wouldn't have come back if I were Hayden. Finn blew her off last time. Of course, I'm glad she is back. I'd like to see a chem test with Hayden and Jax. I could see them being good together, if he's here for the long run. I'm looking forward to Liz and Hayden scenes.

  5. I do like Finn and Anna though. They have come a long way in their relationship and I can't see it fizzling it out. Is Robert here to stay even? Is Jax on contract, does anyone know?

    1. Not sure of either. While I love Anna and Finn because I love both characters/actors I am thrilled that Rebecca is back. I loved Hayden with Finn. I love him with Anna but it seems forced? Not sure if that is the word I'm thinking of?

  6. What's the point? I don't think they need her back. I like Finn and Anna very much.

  7. Ugh. No. I can't handle another R/A redo


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