Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Disney Nurse's Ball

From the great mind of DelcoDave and Yours Truly:   Every year on Dancing with the Stars they have a "Disney Night", which is a shameless plug for the company. I often wondered why GH was never told they needed to incorporate Disney songs in the Nurse's Ball. We know that Disney has had their share of product placement on GH through the years.

Imagine if you will, a "Disney Nurses's Ball" where all the numbers were Disney songs. It would go something like this:

The Little Mermaid
Song: "Part of Your World"
Song: "Poor Unfortunate Souls"

Jax as King Triton, asks where Ariel is.. her sisters (Amy, Deanna) tell him Ariel has gone to "see the people" Joss as Ariel singing "Part of Your World" all the nurse extras dressed as sea creatures. Cameron as Price Eric. Then... Dr. O as Ursula comes and makes her sign the paper to take her voice. 

Beauty and the Beast 
Song: "Gaston"
Jason as Gaston
Spinelli as Lafou
It kinda writes itself, doesnt it?

OR "Be Our Guest" ...?? 

there could be a LOT of cast members in this... 
Mrs. Potts: Epiphany  Aidan as Chip
Lumeiere: Ned


Song: "A Whole New World"

Chase and Willow ride the carpet....Scotty Baldwin as "The Genie" 

Song: "Let It Go" 

Nurse Amy belts this one out of the park

Sleeping Beauty
Song: "Once Upon a Dream"
Lana Del Ray Version:

Ava as Maleficent. Rocking those horns like only Ava can. Hit that link to see the song and imagine just how awesome Ava would look coming out of the mist! 


Snow White 
Song: "Whistle While you Work"

This will be "Snow White and the Seven Strippers". Elizabeth will portray Snow White and Magic Milo and crew will be dressed in miner garb complete with pick axes. They will break into a strip number and at the end will reveal the names of their dwarfs on their butt cheeks! 

Lady and the Tramp
Song: "Bella Notte"

Spencer and Emma performing the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp with Ned serenading them singing Bella Note. What could be really really FUNNY is if Olivia is serving the spaghetti and she keeps interrupting their eating like a typical Italian Mother. "Is it hot enough? I didn't spice the sauce too much did I? Here Spencer let me help you" (and she twirls the spaghetti and feeds him) all the while Ned is trying to sing the song and can't get through it! She keeps running off to the "kitchen" off stage and just brings stuff out and interrupts them and talks through the entire song. Finally Ned walks over and says "Olivia!" and she says "Ned. Shush. Cant you see they're trying to eat?"

Song: "When You Wish Upon a Star"

At the very end, the closing number could be the entire group singing
 "When you wish upon a star" (Led by Billy Miller so that Karen can cry again)


  1. one more comment from yesterday - and maybe it's the editing------CHASE went BACK and sat down and watched Cam's performance (which was my fav yet) after Curtis CALLED him and said Ryan was on his way? THAT made no sense.

  2. You have such a great imagination. I want to see this show NOW! lol

  3. This it PERFECTION! From the song choices to the "casting". I would 100 watch this!

  4. Hahahha! This is wonderful! I especially give 2 thumbs up to Whistle Why You Work!

  5. I love the idea of the strip to the Snow White theme!! LOL

    1. cut off flannel shirts. (unbottoned) - short denim shorts. yellow hard hats. tan construction boots with pick axes for props.

      hey did you notice that jax is shirtless and chase is wearing a vest with no shirt underneath?

      (I know what i am doing...).

  6. where is everyone talking about todays show?

    i thought it was really good.

    when lucy thanked 2 obscure people towards the end... i think one of them was named Doris. was the other Frank? was she doing a shout out to the creators of the show? if not, then who were those mysterious people?

    the end... reminded me of the ending of scream 2 for those who saw that movie.

    Ava is just... damn

    was that lisa really singing with wally? i didnt know she could sing if it was her.

    so much happened today. a lot came together. storylines are moving forward. vets are shining. i know it is the nurses ball and tradition dictates all hell breaks loose, but this is the way it is supposed to be EVERY DAY.

    good show today. it is going to plastered all over Karen's Sunday Surgery

  7. The two people Lucy thanked were Donna as in makeup artist Donna Messina who died I believe in January. I had read that she was like a den mother to everyone there. The other name was Dale (Carson)a lomg time cameraman who retired.

  8. Thanks, bobbyb. It's only fitting that they mentioned them and it was a perfect opportunity.


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