Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Falling For You

No, this isn't a performance piece 
The Ball
The Fall and
The Shock and Ya'll 

Nurses Ball Fun... Shiloh Mess and Ryan's back 

OH! Have you tried the new Egg-White Bites at Starbucks? So good. I hardly ever get food there but these are low carb and delish. 

I always enjoy this!  There were some good acts and also some fun audience reactions. If you need a laugh, just watch Robert's face when he's not 'on' and has to just sit and watch. LOL. Hilarious. Missing: TJ and Molly- you'd think they'd have the interns going? Even IF he had to work part of the time, get them in there! 

She said YES !

#tristanrogers #michaeleaston moi
Finn's checking on Roxy 

A couple of notes on The Ball: They really should have a donation number for AmFar because after all, this IS about HIV/AIDS research. I realize Kim can't get to GH every time they want but a little SKYPE?? And why no Emma?  

Cameron can really sing and so can Joss
Dr. O and Franco were fun
Llama was great
A Proposal is becoming an annual event

The other big thing that happened was that Shiloh found out that Willow had his baby and got IN-HER-FACE over it.  Great moment! Nina's bitch to Willow was also soapy.  Lucas figured out that the baby is probably the one they adopted. 
Oh everyone (except Julian) is going to be SO surprised when this is all over! 


This Plan. 
Welp.  This plan was... just plain dumb. No other way to put it. Krissy was out and 'deprogrammed".. Shiloh had a "secret" but-- Sonny could have killed him and set that house on fire in a minute. They could have made Kristina just tell them what it was-- and done damage control. Is the PCPD going to believe a Cult coming to them with a 'statement' made under duress? Nah... 

This Sam mess. Who remembers that SHank was first introduced as the guy who's father was ripped off by Sam? The cult angle was interesting but this whole weird tangent is just ..not entertaining, imo. Hey, I'm all for murder, mayhem and the like but the "man holds a woman captive" is SO OLD. The mind-bending Cult story was timely and could have been so much better. Especially if Daisy, Harmony, Willow and Kristina would have banded together to get the idiot out. Hell, let him tattoo Milo! BUT NOoooooo, because we have to see a damsel in distress, her breasts heaving, her gown getting tight and the 'bad man' unzipping his pants. 
Please. This went out in the 1980's. The part when St. Jaysus jumps out to save her? Such Old Bond Movie action. 
And ALL FOR NAUGHT. Because now Sam has flasbbacks, PTSD and I'm sure we'll have to deal with that for months. :eyeroll: 

Where does this take us? Who knows. The Willow Baby Story should be good but????  


AND...just like that...Ryan's back! He knocks out Scotty and manages to truss up Kevin like a deer carcass...all with one hand!  Ava has a plan to get him to her new Lake House which she bought from Lucy especially for this very moment.  If you haven't seen Friday's show, GO WATCH It. Skip all the Sam Lighthouse junk and watch Maura and Jon work some magic. The ending is awesome. I don't want to say it here because there's a chance a few of you haven't seen it. It was very unexpected! 

Ryan had a knife... but Ava had a gun!! 

I've been laying here and there's a kidney just running all over PC? GO GET THAT!! 

Yeah, Jordan is about ready to go--ergo, Ryan's will be used. How they'll get it, who knows. maybe Kevin can release it if he's next of kin? 



FACE OF THE WEEK:  Yep, that was us.. when Ava turned and stabbed Ryan!! I screamed a bit tho!! 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  I wanna hold your hand... 

A good week but I could have lived without the whole Sam/Shiloh part. If Maura West doesn't get a damn Emmy next year, I'm going to go on strike! LOL. I'll mention again what a good move it is to have Laura being the Mayor. She could get across the border faster and also tell the cops not to shoot Ryan on sight (over riding the DA). Speaking of the DA, she had some weird scenes with Sonny-- it's like she's "on canvas" but never really 'on canvas". Like supposedly she's in the DOD but--we never see it? Anyway, the actress is going back to YR so I guess MarGO will be a GO GO. 

See you during the week-- I'll be here as often as I can!! Check out our Disney Nurses Ball post if you haven't may just smile a bit. 


  1. I for one am glad if Margo is a GO GO. Don't like her. Plus, I think Sonny has had enough affairs already. LOL

    1. Ditto. Damn....he let this one get away.

    2. "Michelle Ditto. Damn....he let this one get away."

      ROFL! Yeah damn!!! I'm surprised he let her get away. I thought for sure they were going to sleep together. It looked like it was leading up to it.

  2. Thanks Karen. LOVE your Sunday Surgery. It was mostly a great week on GH. Liked the ending Friday, for once we get something unexpected at the end!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great as always, K. Okay let's go positive first:

    The Nurses ball was better then its been in years. So many talented cast members and great performances. Stand outs Cam. Valentin, Ava and really liked Obrecht/Baldwin duet. IT was a soapy hot mess table side with Brucas, Nina/Willow and when Alexis tried to explain Jasper to Neil.

    Loved the Cam/Joss scenes they are going to be interesting to watch over time. Wish Trina had been invited as Cam's guest or have Jake or Spencer in attendance or performance. We REALLY need the younger cast to start developing on this show. Molly not at the ball was silly. She would've lit up Shiloh and it would've been glorious. Having Maxie say all that to Sam while sitting next to Peter who kept her husband hostage for FIVE years is ridiculous. And Sam should've called her out on it.

    Why is it ALL LUCY, ALL the TIME. Have Head Nurse Johnson. Elizabeth & Bobbie come out and tell about the progress of HIV/AIDS research and achievements since the Nurses Ball began, they could speak on what they've seen from Stone to the present. Why is Monica the Chief of Staff (yes, she's grieving) at least do a brief moment of what the Stone Cates Center has accomplished but more funding is needed and have Jax, Sonny, Valentin bid for top dog (like we did in the past).

    Loved the best AVA vs RYAN. Since ATWT they have had amazing chemistry and it continues. Hope AVA/KEVIN remains a thing EVEN if its SURVIVING RYAN friendship for the future. Can be the new #AnotherWorld Cass & Felicia always having each others backs.

    Sam, Shiloh, Jason, Spineless, Kristina & Sonny this is story line is a mess from the M to the S. Its pointless, tactless, thoughtless, and destructive to the character Sam McCall Morgan - Cain was and is. It also negates everything Franco did since Sam used the same tactics on Shiloh

    Finally, When the bouncing baby news rocks Port C NOW that SHOULD be fun. If you DNA then Shiloh won't be a match, but then neither will Willow. If you do a switch and make Nelle and Chase be the parents then even more soapy goodness will ensue. BUT CarSon finding out Brad has had their grandchild this whole time and said nothing..... the wrath of Sonny should be tempered by the fact that Brad's family is in charge of the Asian Quarter Mob and that card should be played. Make Daisy of DoD Brad's sibling, bring her into the younger cast or does she not warrant being saved from Dawn of Dull by Willow, Kristina, Sam, Jason and this idiotic plan.

    **Spoiler: Can't wait for the upcoming addition to the younger set from Quartermaine land..... this should help Joss see Cam in a whole new light.

  4. Face of the week, yes! I knew it!! I couldn't believe Ava stabbed Ryan. He got to her though...always.

  5. Ok wait....Peter kept Nathan hostage for 5 yrs????

  6. I still say that they should've shown Krissy's deprogramming process from her point of view, they left it all out. It was a timely story due to NXIVM, which is still making headlines, and was a good way to explose these colts. Making it become about Sam's idiotic plan, however, ruined a lot of the story. Maybe Sam lost her mind when she came up with this plan, but then everyone else went along with it? MADE NO SENSE!!

  7. Sorry, Margaux isn't going anywhere at this point. She's only visiting Y&R. EH will be doing both shows for awhile.

  8. Thanks for another great SS, Karen. I actually FF'd through all the Sam/Shiloh scenes and most of the Sam/Jason ones. It made for a much more enjoyable week.

    Jason should have thrown Shiloh off the lighthouse so we could be done with this cult nonsense. It deteriorated so fast after the first few weeks.

    Ava/Ryan scenes were good. I also jumped at the unexexpected ending. (Chase's face is hilarious.)

    I hope the baby story doesn't drag out til the next sweep's period.

    I'm glad Margot is going. Hope she takes Peter with her.

    1. Oh NO. Just noticed laroc post as it came up while I was typing. WAAAAHHHH....I want her gone.

    2. I hadn't heard that she is going 'til Karen's mention today, now it looks like she is not . . .

    3. Di I hope on Tuesday, they reshow Ava stabbing Ryan! I want to see that again, AND Chase's face!!!! :)

  9. I have 2 questions I want to ask the wubsketeers. From watching soaps for over 40 years, 2 things stood out to me this week and based on a lifetime of soapdom, I ask you this:

    Question 1:

    What day this week does everyone think Ryan will escape the hospital room?

    We’ve seen it before. Evil never dies. Ryan has had more lives than a cat. Whenever a criminal is in a hospital room at GH with 2 armed guards out front it is almost guaranteed that they will escape. I can see Ryan being operated on to purge the kidney for Jordan and then they wheel him into a recovery room with guards out front and when Madame Mayor comes to question him, the bed is empty except for a plastic hand on the pillow. You might be thinking, “oh, this could never happen. He’s in custody, right? He’s going to jail…the storyline is over…”

    Think back to every soap that you have watched over the years. Do you really think this will end with Ryan’s death? Or will he keep getting reprieve after reprieve?

    Case in point: Let’s to an impromptu poll. Show of hands. How many of you reading this right now actually, honestly, with 100% certainty think that Helena Cassadine is really dead? Go on… raise your hands. Ill wait… Hmmm… no one? Exactly.

    Ryan escapes.

    Question 2.

    How are they going to redeem Shiloh and turn him into a fan favorite hero?

    I know what you are thinking. He’s a low life cretin. He deserves to die. And I agree. But if that was the case, why didnt it happen by now? Sonny is known for vanquishing all his foes, either by murder, drumming them out of town, or having Jason beat the crap out of them. One thing has always been constant with Sonny. He takes force fast and puts the fear of Corinthos in people upfront. He didnt with Shiloh. His family was in jeopardy and he played the wait-and-see game with him. The minute Krissy was involved in the cult he should have attacked. Hard.

    There has to be a reason why Shiloh is still alive and hasnt been removed. Except maybe because of the baby storyline and they needed Shiloh to be around for the truth to come out. But now that it has, will they dispense of Shiloh or find someway to keep him in town by redemption?

    Shiloh has his own level of disgusting, with drugging and raping women. And I agree wholeheartedly with Karen that this is an uncalled for storyline and women in peril has been done over and over. (This is a different level of peril, obviously) DOD could have been about a cult without this factor

    Soaps have had criminals and “bad guys” be redeemed since the beginning. The way they dragged this one out instead of having Sonny getting rid of him earlier can be paving the way for them to keep him on the canvas. Is character redemption on the horizon?

    Apparently it is:

    1. I think Ryan will barter with the PCPD, giving his kidney for some type of reprieve.

  10. we can only HOPE Margeaux is gone - serves NO purpose - let's get NORA in there as D. A> PLEASE????
    because Ryan has to AGREE to donate a kidney, yes, after the surgery that saves Jordan's life, he will go a psycho place and then he will escape-
    it's time to make Jason and Sam HAPPY again and show them as PARENTS - I will be SO mad if Scout is like 12 this summer......we don't know if we like them since Steve B returned because we haven't SEEN them together but none freakin' night.........
    I want Nina and Jax together and Ava and Scotty - there I said it....

  11. Another great SS...thanks.
    Best caption:I've been laying here and there's a kidney just running all over PC? GO GET THAT!!
    Shank in hospital with no guards? Sonny walks right in. Sex assault is still a crime right?
    They can't/won't kill Ryan. He'll be needed again. For lack of creativity these days.
    Margogo should really gogo.
    Maura West rules!

  12. "No, this isn't a performance piece"


    "Llama was great"

    I love the Llama! I thought he was going to do something this year, but nope. I think he is just Lucy's, and isn't supposed to do anything.

    "This Plan."

    Yeah very very dumb. Although I did love Jason throwing King Mufasa down the stairs like a rag doll! Hysterical! ROFL!

    "This Sam mess."

    Dumb too.

    "BEST ACTOR: Llama!"



    YAY! So glad Chase won!!!!! :) Priceless face. :)

    "I don't want to say it here because there's a chance a few of you haven't seen it. It was very unexpected!"

    "Yep, that was us.. when Ava turned and stabbed Ryan!!"

    Hmmmm. Changed your mind about telling eh? ROFL!

  13. Just saw previews for Grand Hotel. Thought I saw Bryan Craig.

    1. Yes, I had mentioned it in an earlier post, guess you didn't read it :)

    2. Yup you sure did! :) I’ve been seeing the commercial a lot! I’m curious about he show.

    3. AntJoan I just recently have been seeing the previews so yes, I guess I missed your comment about it. I also haven't been coming around as much.


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