Friday, May 24, 2019

Watch Your Step


Sam and Shank. Good God this is so gross.. so OLD SCHOOL..'holding a woman against her will" crap.  They could have written a really exciting, intricate STING operation.  Instead we get Sam in a "gown" like the olden days almost being raped and ST. JAYSUS saving her. 
BORING and just not acceptable. 
Shank falls down the stairs. 

Next thing you know, Sam's at the hospital. Perfect hair, make up. Still groggy .. talking to Jason. She's crying her face off.. like WHAT DID SHE EXPECT????? Now she has all flashbacks, dreams. Great. MONTHS Of PTSD. can't wait. 
Shiloh is still alive. Sonny goes in to taunt him. Why doesn't he just kill him now?? Oh, because it's going to be a murder mystery I bet. SO many people want him dead. 

Curtis doesn't want Ryan shot because of the kidney. Lucy is at GH..I wonder if she knows where Ava's lake house is because she sold it to her? YES! Ava bought it for a remote location to take Ryan to.. they know where it is. Curtis wants a head start to go get his kidney. 

Brad and Julian. I still think they should have an old fashioned affair. YEP I said it. Brad is telling him about the Ball and Shiloh knowing about Wiley. he's all upset. 

Stupid scenes with Sonny and Margo. Ugh. Just not needed.  They are throwaway. Basically she just says it's Sonny's fault she went to DOD. 

Ava and Ryan: They show him saying Don't Shoot, you love me..and the gun going off. Did she hit him?  NOPE she just fired a warning shot. CAP HIM IN THE KNEES DAMN IT. He's not capable of feeling anything like "hurt" . She wasted 2 bullets. 
Ryan said that Kiki didn't suffer long. he didn't want her to feel much pain. He tells her that Kiki's last minutes were terrifying and she cried for Mommy..Mommy..(I think he's trying to confuse her)  Ava still yells at him. Good stuff. 
Just when Ava's going to shoot, CURTIS COMES IN: Don't shoot!! I need his kidney. LOL You can't just TAKE A KIDNEY. Derp. Ryan (even Ryan) would need to give consent. Oh, Laura says they'll bargain with him. He's killed like 4 people..bargain how?? Death penalty off the tale on the Texas murders? 

Welp.. Ava lets Curtis take the gun. PCPD comes in. 



  1. Maybe Magoo will kill Shiloh and we can get rid of both of them. Wishful thinking.

  2. That whole thing was stupid. Sam still doesn't have "the pledges". Why would Brad and Magoo still like a sexual predator? Guess they don't believe it.

  3. I think we should keep count of how many times we have to watch those flashbacks with Sam. GAWD!!!!

    I also was yelling "Shoot him in the kneecap, you idiot. He can't feel the wall's pain!"

    I think they showed the Margo scene because she had to show that she suddenly realized that Shiloh had raped her. Did you notice her face when Sonny said isn't that sexual assault? I think she will be the one to kill him.

    And if Ryan dies at the hospital they can still use his kidney. Kevin, as next of kin, could give consent.

  4. I completely don't understand the thing with Sam, she knew exactly what Shiloh was going to do. It is so stupid.

    Shoot him in the kneecap is right.

    Did Margoo already have her "ceremony" with Shiloh? I am confused.

  5. I was confused as to how the police "hand-cuffed" Ryan when he only has one hand.

  6. I thought the same thing. Did they handcuff his hand the the other arm? LOL

  7. Karen--I read your live tweets but I don't have an account and can't comment. But I really wanted to add #JusticeForNikolas to this comment you made:
    "Laura [to Lulu]: If Ryan took you from me, I don't know what I'd do. YES WE DO, LAURA because VALENTIN IS STILL WALKING THIS EARTH!!"

    That was just around when I stopped watching and just resorted to reading your tweets and blog. So dumb that TPTB were more interested in Valentin than Nikolas.

  8. Karen- Julian/Brad! What an outstanding idea. NEVER would of thought of it. So freakin cool. Evil mob boss Julian who once rejected his son for being gay ends up in an affair with his sons husband. There is so much there to unpack. Great angle.
    Other stuff... Handcuffing a man with one hand really got me thinking. TF.

  9. what is all this kneecap talk nonsense? shoot him in the crotch!

    1. David! ROFL! You a man would say that? I'm surprised!!! :) You win though!! Hahahaha.

  10. Did anyone see the trailer for the new show on ABC, Grand Hotel? Looks like Morgan is in it.

    1. Yes, I've seen the promos on tv a few times already and it's not set to begin till June 17.

  11. Ok....what? Am I late to the party? Jules is gay? Please, he's with Kim.

    1. no he isnt. it was wishful thinking on Karen's part.

      wishful thinking on MY part is Chase and Lucas. just saying...

  12. The Sam-traps-Siloh ending was rediculous. She sets out to trap him so they can get leverage on him and get back Krissy's pledge. She knows ahead of time that he will drug, tatoo, and rape her. So what was the purpose of her being having nightmares and being so upset... She KNEW what was happening. And to top it all off she didn't get the pledges back. So what was the point except to create a "Perils of Pauline" story for Sam, who I cannot stand!!

    1. ur so right about sam.totally agree. I also detest sam.

    2. I agree. Sam was a complete idiot. I know what she was doing but of course we didn't expect those 2 guys and Margeaux. Sam is still an idiot.

  13. The whole thing was stupid. Sonny and Jason would have had someone break in a LONG time ago to get the "pledge" and just killed Shiloh in his sleep. No one knowing the wiser. End of story.

  14. The lighthouse:

    King Mufasa and Sam: Damn. They are going to have the colt jiggy dance right there on the table full of maps?!?!!?! Sam should have a gun. Oh look! St Jason flies in with his cape!!

    Jason and King Mufasa: Jason throws him around and throws him down the stairs like a rag doll!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was hysterical! :)

    Jasam: Saint Jason saves the day!!!

    The hospital:

    Laura, Curtis, and Lucy: Oh! The wrap around dress that Lucy is wearing, looks so great on her!

    Sam's room: Oh no! Nightmares!!! PTSD anyone? We are going to have months and months and years with her nightmares, PTSD, and crying aren't we? Which is so stupid, because it was all HER idea!!! *face palm*

    Colt house:

    Sonny and Margoo: So basically,

    Margoo: This is your fault! Everything is your fault! My mother and father, your fault. being in the Colt house. Your fault! Me being turned on by you, your fault!

    CarlyKim's home:

    Brad and Julian:

    "Karen says Brad and Julian. I still think they should have an old fashioned affair."

    ROFL! If it will stop Brad from whining all the time then sure why not?! :)

    Ava's cabin: Ava vs Ryan!!! Delicious!!! Foreplay of death!!! So Kiwi's last words before she died, was tell my mother I'm sorry. Tell my mother I love her? BAHAHAHAHA! He is SOOOO lying!!! Why would a woman who is going to be killed, tell her killer to tell her mother that?!?! She wouldn't want the killer to be anywhere near her mother!!! BAHAHHAHA! Nice try Ryan. :) Ryan tells her he loves her, and Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: Well that's too bad. Because I'm going to kill you.

    ROFL! Come on Ava! Shoot him in the arm! The leg! His butt!!! Oh the cops and Curtis arrive.. Don't shoot? She can still shoot him Curtis! Just not in any serious organs.

    "Karen says OMG WATCH THE END!!!!!!!! UNEXPECTED!!!!!! NICE!!"

    AVA IS THE QUEEN!!!!!!

    *Bows down to the queen*

    Ava will be forever my queen! :) And the look on Chase's face!!! BUG EYES!!! PRICELESS!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Curtis wins face and scene of the day/week for me. :)

  15. Oh forgot 1 thing.

    Sonny and King Mufasa: Flick of the cheek hahaha. I didn't want King Mufasa to leave the show at first, but now I do!!! I can see a who done it coming!!!

  16. So they set it up for Sam to meet with Skank and get tatted and raped. Then when it all comes together they act surprised. WTF. Again I say a 'colt' story was a great idea...and then it became a Jason saving Sam story. It's tired. There is NO chemistry left there.
    It didn't occur to me about the handcuffs. True.
    Maybe Margogo will kill Skank. Did I read a rumor she is heading out?
    Lately I've noticed that things are explained after the fact. Is it bad editing or careless writing?
    Everyone have a safe holiday weekend.

  17. The best who done it was Diane Taylor. If I recall it was Heathers mother. Do I remember that correctly. SO GOOD AND SOAPY

  18. Who killed Shiloh? Have everyone be a suspect. Do it up good.

  19. Wishful thinking that Shiloh was dead


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