Wednesday, May 22, 2019




  1. Did Lucas figure things out about their baby? He was talking fast and quiet for me to understand all of what he was saying. Also, Wow is Shiloh a violent guy.

  2. dear lucas,

    you're a doctor. you make a doctor's salary. you CAN afford a comb.

    love, us

  3. The nurses ball: So there was no end song, and Lucy didn't change alot. She wasn't even in her underwear. :(

    Nedlia's performance: LOVE IT!!!!! :) I was waiting for them to go through that door! :) Too bad Lucy didn't introduce him as Eddie Maine. Always loved that song.

    V.C.'s performance: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Joss's performance: Love it too!!!! Love the colors and the background!!! I am surprised she didn't cough a lot with all the fog! She saw ghosty Oscar! :) Was he wearing a wig? Cus he dyed his hair in real life. :)

    Brucas: Oh oh! Lucas is putting 2 and 2 together!!!!

    Willow and King Mufasa: YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mask is off!!!! So glad Michael was there!!!! :)

    Sam and King Mufasa: Oh he is desperate to get her into the circle of life!!!! Sam's girls were quivering. Sam looks so skeered!!!

    Ryan and Scotty: OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scotty thought he was Doc, until he grabbed his hand and Ryan's fake hand fell out!!!Ryan hit Scotty over the head!! He went down!!!! He was going to hit him again, but he heard Lucy and Piffy talking.

    Piffy and Scotty: Piffy thinks Scotty is drunk! NO NO NO!!!!!


    The cabin: Did Ava lock or unlock her door? If she unlocked it, wouldn't Ryan be suspicious?

  4. Awww, Joss was so good yesterday, and I liked seeing ghost Oscar.

    Shank is a violent Skank. Michael should have beat the snot outta him for laying hands on Willow. Looks like the doody is going to hit the fan soon about baby Wiley. And Sam is still an idiot.

  5. I think Lucy only wore 2 dresses :(
    Love Valentin's singing voice, but didn't care for the song this time.
    Ned and Olivia were great.
    Joss was great.
    Wonder if we will ever know Shiloh and Drew's back story. Drew probably knows what a bad guy Hank was. We should find this stuff out

    1. I actually liked Valentin's song and yes I hope to find out the Hank Drew back story.

  6. Ned and Liv were great, as was V and J. Real talent on this show!

  7. Everyone wondered how Ryan tied up Laura & Curtis. How the heck did he fasten Kevin into a straight jacket and hang him up?
    Maybe a little too much going on surrounding the NB, Ryan & baby story. All at the same time. But at least those stories are moving along. Hopefully.

  8. Love how forceful Michael was with Shiloh. Didn't know he had it in him. Neener saw Michael and Willow together so I'm sure she's going to make it worse for her.

  9. I'm here trying not to peek Haha! I'm off and waiting for Hulu at 7!! 30 more minutes 😁😁😁😁


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