Thursday, May 30, 2019

Kiki's Birthday

I came in when Ryan was waking up looking at RoHo!! My two fave guys! yippeee!! Franco is talking to him about Kiki. Ryan calls her boring!! ahahaa. Franco is VERY measured with him and calm. Tells him he's an idiot. Oh damn, it could have been such a good scene. How often do you get 2 serial killers in one room!!?? 
Franco says: You lose, enjoy prison. Leaves. 

Jax and Nina . Jax tells Nina he wants to increase branding--and to up PR. She has to cut issue cost by 1/3 in order to do that. She said she has no idea about business so he's going to help her. Valentin walks in. He's not happy Jax bought the mag. 

Alexis and Lucas. He wants help with keeping the baby secret. She says she'll work on sealing the adoption and not to worry. 
Jax comses to drink champers with her too. Oh no, it's sparkling water.  He says he bought 1/2 of Aurora...Print Division. Niceeee. SO if Billy Miller comes back they'll be partners. I can see that.  

Julian and Sam. He wants help with keeping the baby secret. I missed the start tho, so not sure how's she's supposed to do that. Oh, it appears Julian is telling Sam Wiley's Daddy is Shiloh. 

Curtis and Jordan find out Ryan is a viable donor. He has to agree. Curtis is going to go "talk" to him. He tells him he saved his life-- he'd better give it up. Ryan says.. I have to mull that over. 

Liz and Lulu are going to help Willow keep her job. 

Chase wants to throw FAnna an engagement party. WITH their PARENTS. 


  1. Regarding Curtis confronting Ryan: would YOU say "no" to Curtis in that situation??? Wowza.

  2. Karen, when you said that Jax wants Nina to "increase branding," I thought of Dawn of Day, LOL. Of course, Nina has no business sense. She actually has NO sense, she was brought in to run the magazine into the ground. She DID have Maxie's help, but they run that magazine with NO other staff, drives me crazy . . .

  3. Yesterday was original Kiki birthday (Kristen Alderson co-Starr Manning). She turned 28.

  4. I agree Karen, such a good scene between Franco and Ryan.
    Haha! Loved Jax bought the mag! Nina can suck it! Val is so Jelly!
    LOL!!!! AntJoan that was funny!I forgot she was brought in for that reason. 😁

  5. Too many people now think they know the baby daddy id. How long can that be a secret? It's all in Brad's hands now. Will he let this insanity continue?
    Loved the Franco/Ryan interaction too.
    Yes, that look from Curtis is a jagged one.
    Sam on the Shank case again. Oh no. Jason to the rescue again. Hope not.

  6. is Robert gone/gone??????? hope not....
    I was SO sure Neil was Willow's adopted dad - maybe Daisy is her dad????

    I am waiting for Shiloh to be killed and a great who-done-it...

    1. You meean that maybe Neil is Willow's dad?

    2. Mufasa did you see tomorrow's previews? Robbie boy is in them. 👍😉😁

    3. I JUST did.....Neil said early on he dealt with a loved one who was in a cult and it didn't end I THOUGHT Harmony and Neil were ex-'s....and Willow was adopted daughter......

  7. roger howarth and jon livingston GH most talented actors. should be leading men. notjasonny.

  8. The hospital:

    Finchy and Chase: Oh yes let's invite everyone to the engagement party! Can Robert come? ROFL! Will RayRay and baybay Finchy Jr show up?

    Jordan's room:

    Friz and Jurtis: I was so confused at first about what was going on.. BobTodd won an award! YAY!!!! :)

    Outside Jordan's room:

    Lulu and Friz: Hmmmm Lulu thanked BobTodd. The tone of her voice and the look on her face, it seemed like she was apologizing. I felt it. Well, I accept your apology Lulu. That is as close as we will ever get.

    Ryan's room:

    Ryan and BobTodd: Oh my! They did some eye sex! New Bromance? Ryan wins the lines of the day.

    Ryan: I really can't understand the fascination with that girl. I thought she was boring to be honest. Insipid and dull.

    ROFL! I so agree with you Ryan!!! And here is his other line.

    Ryan: How's the wife? Still kicking?



    Jax and Nina: Great scene!!!!! Yes Jax help her with the spreadsheets or whatever that is. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm struggling!!!! I'm trying not to love them together and I'm trying not to call them by their squish name!!!!

    V.C. and Nina: MAN! Nina is gushing over Jax!!!! :) I don't blame you. :)

    School/Willow's room:

    Chillow: Hmmmmmm. Talking about King Mufasa.

    Suspect number 1: Willow.
    Suspect number 2. Chase.

    Willow, Liz, and Lulu: Awww great scene!!! I'll sign the petition!!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lucas and Julian: Talking about King Mufasa.

    Suspect number 4. Lucas.
    Suspect number 5. Julian.

    Lucas and Alexis:

    Suspect number 6. Alexis.

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Sam: Oh yeah Sam. No big deal about what was in that envelope. Everything is over right? King Mufasa didn't make any copies. *roll eyes*

    Sam's home:

    Sam and Julian: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! Sam lets Julian in, and she rolls her freaking eyes!!!!

    Suspect 7: Sam
    Suspect 8. Julian


    Anna and Robert:

    Robert: You are the love of my life.


  9. Anyone else find it weird that Franco won a mayorial commendation and the mayor wasn't there?

    1. He didn't win a mayorial commendation, it was something from the police department. Then someone mentioned that he also should get a mayorial commendation.

  10. So, ALL DAY LONG EVERYONE came into Willow's empty classroom! And most everyone was walking around without purses! Someone here said that Alexis has a purse, I think that she always does.

  11. Don't like Sam, but did like how she turned around and said "I'm in!!" when she heard the the baby daddy was Shiloh. Julian wants her to go to Albany and steal the birth records for baby Wiley. Wonder if it will somehow be those records that will make them suspect that the baby isn't really Wiley. This story is so convoluted that I cannot even guess on how it will be revealed. The simplest way would be for Nelle to confess, I guess.

  12. People can't just go into someone's classroom. Schools have security and people need to go to the main office and show id. Then the school secretary calls the staff member to see if the visitor is allowed to come down. People walk in and out of Willow's room all the time.

    1. Thanks for saying this, it was driving me crazy. And there are NEVER any students or other teachers around in the halls, just Willow, with people coming in and yelling at her, kissing her, hugging her. . . Teachers do have prep periods where they do work, but they don't just hang around empty classrooms. . .

  13. Very unrealistic,especially in light of what occurs in schools nowadays.

  14. It's a soap so I just watch and not worry why there's no one in a classroom or there are no purses. Stuff like that is so minor. Messing with history then yes, that's a big deal.

  15. Even though it is just a soap, some things just stand out and it is only normal to compare them to reality. Shiloh for one should have never been allowed in the school - no kids and no purpose. I am so thrilled that Jax is back especially seeing him with Alexis. I didn't appreciate Sam initially looking annoyed when Julian asked her for help for her brother, but I liked when she jumped into it. I hope Brad ends up in jail with Ryan, for his deception.


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