Monday, May 20, 2019

Get Down

First Number: Fun, happy!! All the Nurses Dance to The Best of My Love. 

Krissy's with Joss...she didn't want to go to the Ball so she's happy to stay with Joss and watch movies.

Jason and Spin are doing the surveillance stuff...

Cam: Hello, anyone lose a Llama? LOL Yep, it's back 

I think Dr. Neal knows Shiloh..his eyeballs got big when Alexis mentioned him. Jax sits down with them. Nice-- Alexis is all flustered. He finds out Jax is her "Ex Husband" 

Mike bring Yvonne--she has the ring on and everyone's looking at it. Suddenly Finn knows too? Bad editing?? Anyway, he asks Sonny to get it back. 
Sonny tells Mike the ring he bought is fake...Finn suggests he replace it with the ring HE has. 

Anna talks to Robert... she thinks he loves her. She says she loves Finn..he says: I get it. 
Later, Finn tells Robert he got his ring back. Robert wants HIS ring--and Finn says SORRY!! LOL Yvonne loves it. 

Chase sings a Coldplay song... he does a good job. Pulls Willow on stage. 

Cam goes to Joss's house to ask her to come to the ball. He has a message from Oscar for her.

Anna gets up on stage to tell the history of the Nurses Ball. Awww... "Where there is life, there is hope" 
There's a ring on stage at Anna's feet? HUH? 

AGAIN, for another year, the BALL IS NOT THE BALL because THEY DO EVERYTHING ELSE BUT NUMBERS. UGH. So boring.          minutes were between numbers. 


  1. I was SO sure that Willow was adopted by Neil and Harmony - so if he didn't recognize her, then I STILL think he was married to Harmony and she got involved with Shiloh, right????? SO he does know him! Didn't Willow say it was always 'just her and her mom'?
    at LEAST we aren't dealing with the Crimean storyline and Jake's magic act.

  2. Karen didn't you see I drop and then fly across the stage.

    Ok. Loved the first number but wish Liz had been in it.
    Nice to see Krissy and Joss together.
    I wasn't a Cam fan but but he is growing on me.
    Love Dr. Neal and LOL at Alexis because I'm SO HER! I get so flustered.
    Chase did great!!

  3. Finn saw the ring on Yvonne's hand when she extended her hand so people could see it. He was at the bar and just "happened" to be facing toward her. Still at least two acts for tomorrow...... Valentin's number, and Joss/Cameron. And did Ava agree to do a number too? I think so.

    1. Yeh when he was talking to Robert they were standing just close enough see.

  4. No, the NB is not like it used to be but at least it's still held and the actors all seem to have fun. And lots of extras are hired...dancers etc. So that's good.
    There could be other acts besides musical numbers, like comedy...or something creative.
    They are all so pretty to look at. Willow's dress is stunning.

  5. OMG, just LOVED Chase's act, I also LOVE that song, one of my faves!!

    I also thought that Liz should have been in the nurses' number, she was last year.

    1. I thought Chase act was excellent as well.

    2. I agree too, AntJoan. Chase's act was great, and I loved that he dragged Willow on stage. They are just adorably cute together!

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  7. Carson home:

    Krissy and Jossy: Umm huh? How did this happen? Oh wait. Carly DID say they were waiting for Krissy to come. I just remembered that!

    Jam: Awwww Cam you are so sweet! :)

    The nurses ball:

    The nurses number: GO AMY! GO DEANNA!!!! :) The way Bobbie was dancing hahahaha! Love it! :)

    Cam and the Llama: Cam wins the line of the day.

    Cam: Hello? Anyone lose a Llama?

    ROFL! Awww he talks to the Llama!!! Sweet scene. :)

    Chase's number: WOW! Chase was great!!! HAWT! :)

    Anna and Robert: Okay Anna just stop it. You are protesting too much!!! You love him just admit it!!

    Mike, Sonny, and Finchy: Finchy finally got the ring back!!! Now what are you going to do Finchy? Hold onto it for another week?

    Alexis, Neil, and Jax: Uh ooookayyyyyyyyyyy. Alexis why are you so flustered? Do you need a brown paper bag to breath in? :) I miss that!!!

    Jax, Carly, and Cam: Cam has got wonderful manners!!!! Mr. Jax! Mrs Cornithos!!! Jax tells him to just call him Jax. Awwwww. :)

    Jax and Carly: I love how they talk about Joss and she keeps texing her and then she says it's your turn. Awwwww. :)

    Hotel room:

    Scotty, Doc, and Ava: Nice try Scotty!!! ROFL!

    Anna on stage:

    "Karen says There's a ring on stage at Anna's feet? HUH?"

    Finchy was near the stage and so was Robert. Finchy was holding onto the ring, and Robert pushed Finchy's hand and the ring was thrown at Anna's feet!!!

    1. I thought the ring thing was kind of dumb, but I am anxiously awaiting to see what Finchy does today! :)

      I miss Alexis and her brown bag too, she was always hyperventilating!

    2. "Julie H says I thought the ring thing was kind of dumb,"

      Yeah it is dumb. It makes no sense. He had the other ring. Just propose to her and then explain about what happened. Like his brother told him to do. Dumb dumb dumb.

      "I miss Alexis and her brown bag too, she was always hyperventilating!"

      She was!!!!! :)

  8. really loved anna's speech. see Karen? they are reading all my complaints and suggestions that i make when i fill in!

    i think Finn is going to get down to pick up the ring and then on one knee and pop the question to anna.

    i do miss more numbers, but todays ep kept my interest. and there were extras! there was about 40 people in the audience and not ONLY people that speak dialogue on a daily basis. nice.

    1. I loved Anna's speech but Lucy's was weird, maybe it's just because Robin isn't there this yr. She spoke of her as if she were "gone". Was it just me? Because she couldn't be there it would have been nice to have a face time or something like that.

    2. well David tell the the writers fab job but next yr more acts and kudos on the extras.

  9. Usually by the end of Nurses ball there are 6 people in the room. Will watch for that this year

  10. I liked Cameron telling his pain to the Llama. Great scene

    1. cameron has really come into his own as an actor. I think he will be around for a long time.

  11. At first I thought a Llama at the ball was "cooky", but Lucy did have a pet duck. So, it is very Lucy

    1. Felix said the llama walked walked away. I had to laugh must have chained themselves back up 😁

    2. "lindie At first I thought a Llama at the ball was "cooky","

      At first I thought you said, you thought the Llama was cocky. ROFL!

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