Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Got in at the last minute:  NOTE: I started watching at 2:34

Cameron was FANTASTIC. What a great little singer!! Really good. 

Saw FAnna in the hotel room-- and he tells her about the ring and Monaco. 

So, Nina overhears that Willow had a baby. Willow says that she knows why Charlotte is so nasty. Nina says no wonder you can't control your classroom, you couldn't handle a baby. !! WHOA! and she walks away. 

SHE TURNS AND SHILOH IS STANDING THERE!! tomorrow's previews show him just screaming at Willow.

So, Laura calls Kevin to tell him that Ryan is alive AND KEVIN IS KNOCKED OUT!!!!! WOW!! And there's a gloved hand that gets a rose. Ava is singing --oh Maura is just so sexy!! 


  1. so, does anyone else think that 10 year from now we are still going to be watching the Ryan storyline?

    1. No rather that should read 10 yrs from now will Michael have his baby back. Haha!!!

    2. lol I hope not. I'm hoping Shiloh pulls Willow into the room where Ryan is and Ryan kills him.

      And Cameron was fantastic. What a multi talented actor William Lipton is. He actually wrote that song.

    3. It's possible...but first there's the 'Jordan needs a kidney' issue. I agree about the baby story. Makes me a bit sad to watch nice Lucas with bad Brad.
      Cam was great. He's a talented young man.

    4. I didn't see today's show yet. Can't wait to see Cameron perform

    5. Love, Love Loved Cameron!!!!! So talented. That actor is going places.

  2. Nail biting! So Ryan knocked Kevin out. He must have a prosthetic hand but seriously you can't get one that fast! So....at least we confirm he's alive. Loved Cam's act and yeah Anna said yes! So sick of Nina!! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. am i the only one who thinks it odd Robin and Emma didn't come this year? I kept thinking they would surprise Anna - BECAUSE of Finn's proposal... so odd...
    I do not want Robert to leave yet, though. I'm telling you - I just finished watched the old NB on abc.com - and the past two years haven't been all that great either.

    1. I saw a photo on FB of Ned & Olivia at the ball, but I haven't seen them once. At the least they might have put together some communication with Robin. Not a hard thing to do.

    2. Brooke is 13 now and maybe Kim had something going on. She's always directing something. Busy lives.

  4. Kimberly (Robin) is probably directing somewhere. Wonder what little Brooklyn (Emma) is doing these days? She was so great performing. A natural

  5. YES _ no Ned and Olivia ---------------and and and
    No D.A. Margeaux - which again we don't need that character.

  6. Zazu I'm hoping since Ned helped finish the song maybe he can he can help get get up there with Joss?

  7. Yes, no DA Lady, I thought of that. I was SO SAID when I thought that Leisl wasn't coming to the ball this year, I was SO SURPRISED when she performed, no one had mentioned it. LOVED HER!! Leisl and Franco--nothing to be guilty of! Drop the mic!

    LOVED Sonny smiling back at stupid Shiloh! Brilliant!

    Joss looks AMAZING!! Cam is great, as everyone has said.

    1. Not a Leisel fan but loved the act!Sometimes when someone is you dislike is paired with someone you like makes all the difference. Case in point, Franco. It helped that he was Roger Howarth.

    2. LOVED Sonny smiling at Shiloh. Shiloh smiled about Willow or Krissy or someone. I see a murder mystery in the making. Hope it is good!!!!! Good actor who plays Shiloh. So, so creepy

    3. Usually I can't stand Sonny but that smile I liked. Cause the wheels are turning. He's got one up on Shiloh!

  8. Carson's home:

    Joss: Joss watching the Oscar video. :( She is just going to leave the laptop open with the video on pause, to go to the nurses ball? Huh?! Close the laptop Joss! Joss's dress, I like the top half but not the bottom half.

    Nurses ball:

    Dr. O and BobTodd's performance: That was AMAZING!!!! :) When she was singing, I heard BobTodd's voice.. Then they showed him!!! It was very James Bondish! :)

    Cam's performance: WOW!!!!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!! That was fantastic!!!! :) The pictures made me cry. :(

    Ava's performance: This was hysterical!! I don't know if this was supposed to be comical, but it was. When she did that song last year, she did a great job! She was very angry last year. This time, she didn't seem very angry. Oh oh Ava!!!! Don't drink that alcohol! Oh crap! :(

    Anna and Finchy:

    Finchy: Anna would you marry me?

    Anna: I don't know.

    Oh that is just so romantic! Any man would LOVE to hear that answer! Then when he was going to walk away, Anna quickly stopped him and said yes. No Anna! Your first answer was the REAL answer!

    Doc and Lucy: Lucy jelly over flowers that Doc got for Ava. He has to sign for them. Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: The only tribute that Ava deserves is poison ivy.


    Krissy, King Mufasa and Sam: Boy Sam's girls are all out in display except the nipples. :) Krissy is ticked off!!!!! Where is Molly? She should be there too!! She should be accusing King Mufasa of having a colt!!!! Oh oh Sonny is there and threatens him! King Mufasa is all smiles! Hmmm are we going to have a who done it? Hmmmmm let's see. Who would be the suspects.














    Dr. Neil

    Anybody at the colt house.

    Anybody I am missing? :)

    Joss and CarJax: Awwwww! :) Her parents were so happy to see her. :)

    Willow and Nina: Yeah Willow can't take Nina anymore. :) But oh oh Nina knows Willow had a baybay! OH OH KING MUFASA IS THERE! DID HE HEAR THEM?!

    Doc: OH NO! HE IS DOWN!!!! OH NO RYAN'S HAND!!!!!


    Laura and Curtis: I'm glad they are both okay, but one minute Laura is out, and the next minute she is okay and the EMT's are there.. It would have been nice to see her wake up.

  9. its day 2 and there are still about 40 people in the house. thats a pretty good track record!

    im actually liking this. and you know i am sometimes as negative as Karen about this show

    they are tying the storylines together really good. slowly building suspense and there better be a good payoff. all the vets are present, and not only present but interacting with the newbies. its a good mix. this is how the show should be all the time. (i say that waiting for the other shoe to drop...)

  10. I can't gush enough about yesterday's show. Dr. O and Franco were great, and the mic drop had me rolling. Cameron turned me into a teeny-bopper fan girl. That boy is absolutely terrific. I watched his segment 3 times! I also loved Ava. I may be the only one, but too bad! But I also liked the ending of Game of Thrones too, so oh well! :)

    If I had been Willow, I would have slapped the enamel of Neener's teeth. I absolutely detest her character.

    Lucy is something else. But the brief scenes between her and Ava are kind of reminding me of Lucy and Katherine Bell bickering, especially during the Nurse's Ball. those were good times. Lol!

    1. Yeh Dr O and Franco were great. Cam was wonderful!! Loved the photos in the back it adds to the song😥 Ava was great. Willow should have slapped Nina. She has done nothing but harrass her since day one! And yes Lucy, I love Lynn Herring and the Lucy character but my goodness she needs to grow up.

  11. "I think it's stupid and I think the only thing Ava deserves is poison ivy". I love Lucy!!!!

  12. Nina has sure become the witch of Port Charles.

  13. I am kind of surprised they did have "Eddie Maine" sing

  14. I didn't care for Ava's act, but it was definitely SO AVA. And, a good build up to Ryan. Hope someone kills him. So we need Ryan and Shiloh killed already. Hope one of those story lines is done well.

  15. We need a good "J.R. Ewing" Who done it?

  16. I loved yesterday's show, too, especially the proposal. I just hope Robert stays around hopefully in some adventure. The performances were great - that Cameron kid is a star for sure. I'm glad they brought Liesl back this year. I'm very curious to see how Ryan is functioning with one hand. I'm hoping the DA is going back to Y&R as rumored.

  17. I like that Dr O sang and faded away LOL! Did you see Neerer? She I think was embarrassed and had her head in her arm. LOL!!



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