Thursday, May 2, 2019

Climb That Mountain

Oh boy. Ok, so lots of tears today..Ned and Josslyn were so good and Olivia came out too. Kim and Drew sat with Oscar. Monica came in and cried, told Alan to take care of him.
Billy is doing such a great job..Tams is sobbing. I can't see to type because I'm tearing up. Oy. 

There's a scene with Ned and Drew about Oscar not needing help and Drew wants to just sit on the stairs for now.  Blubber. 
Ned tells Joss Oscar and he finished the song for her. I cry. Carly comes in and Joss loses it "I don't understand, I don't know what to do"..I cry more. GEESZZZZZZUS. 
Drew goes in and talks to dead Oscar. Heartbreaking--
OMG. Cry. 
Jason comes in and he and Monica hug and she cries and I have some tears too. 
Drew tells everyone that Oscar stared a "Kilimanjaro project" for kids who are ill or well to be able to climb the mountain. 
Joss talks to a dead Oscar.
I cried. 

Josslyn calls Carly to go to the Q house. Sees Liz in the hall tells her. Liz tries to find Cameron. He was talking to him about Aiden.  They find him and tell him.. he acts all tough "I knew it was going to happen"... then he walks away. Goes into the stairwell and loses it. Cries. Joss texts him later and he tries to text back. Starts. Deletes. Starts. Deletes. Throws his phone and sobs. 

SHank tells Willow her Mom is back in Beecher's Corners. She says GOOD.. he grabs her and says  she REALLY leaves he'll have to 'release" her from her pledge".  which is the secret she gave up. Whatever that is. Michael goes to see her there and runs into SHank. This stuff could really have been LEFT FOR ANOTHER DAY--it doesn't fit in here at all.  Willow ends up telling Chase that Michael does have Kristina and she's going to go talk to her. 

END:  They come to take Oscar away.  Drew carries him into the foyer to the gurney. Kim covers him..everyone sobs. Even NED IS SOBBING. Damn. Oy, I have a headache now!

THAT was an episode. Wow.


  1. Wow! What a show! I bawled alot more today. Billy killed it. Everyone brought it. Maybe this is what brings Jax back? Can't wait for the nurses ball for the song. 😥

    1. I bawled a lot too!!! When Joss texted Cam, I thought she was texting Jax! :(

  2. I second that Wow! Can't even imagine what it was like taping these scenes. Great job from everyone. Especially Joss. I have to go buy more tissue.
    Didn't care about the Shank today. Or any day actually.

  3. That was so well done. I haven't really enjoyed this story line with Oscar, but I cried like everyone else. Well written, directed and acted for Oscar's death.

    I guess Danny and Scout now live at the mansion. No sign of them though.

    Shiloh gets creepier and more violent all the time.

    Guess the writer's didn't do research that Monica lost 2 daughters. Dawn and Emily. She would have mentioned them while in that crypt. That part was poor writing.

    Overall enjoyed the show. I think Sam needs to lie about her pledge. I am still wondering if Shiloh will wind up dead. Would like to be surprised about who does it though.

    1. I know, why can't Sam just lie, I was thinking the same thing.

    2. Yes, just lie. But even if she said that she knows Jason killed so and so. Then what? She signed it--no witnesses and even if there were I don't think it's evidence. She can say I lied no matter what and doesn't have to testify. What is he going to do with Krissy's confession--that's not evidence either??

  4. As for Danny and Scout I realize they aren't seen much but death isn't really something a child should see. Sick of Shiloh just.don'

  5. Was ok with everything until Cam lost it in the stairwell. That was the most tear-jerking scene to me. Could have done without Shiloh today.Great acting all round!!!

  6. Why didn't they just break into DOD and steal the pledge. Shiloh is not there a lot and no one seems to ever live or be there

    1. That would require too many extras which requires paying said extras and they barely have enough money as it is.

  7. This was a great show today!!!! It made me an emotional mess! It gutted me!!! I can only talk about everything that is related to Oscar. Everything else I will talk about it later.

    Q home:

    CarlyKim and Oscar: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :( TOO SAD!!!!

    Drew and Oscar: :(

    Joss and Oscar:

    Joss: I will love you forever.

    GAHHHHHHHHHH! NO WRITERS NO! Stop it!!!!! :( Oh no! I'm crying again! :(

    Ned and Joss: Ned and Oscar finished the JossCar song!!! :(


    Jason and Monica: OH CRAP! :(

    The hospital:

    Cam and Friz: Cam doesn't want to show them how much pain he is in!!!!

    Closet: Cam hiding in the closet doing the ugly cry, which made me cry hard!!!!!! POOR CAM!!!! :( Joss texted him saying Oscar is gone.. He couldn't text back!!! He should have said I know. :(

    End scene: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So hard!!!!!! Wait the EMT's didn't cover Oscar's face with the blanket! COVER HIS FACE!!!!!! :(

    1. They were from the Coroner's office. They would have zipped him into a bag.

    2. "Di They were from the Coroner's office. They would have zipped him into a bag."

      Oops! Well, they didn't zip him in a bag. :(

  8. Gads, I was a mess after yesterday's show. I usually watch while eating dinner. THAT didn't work at all. Lol!

    I do the ugly cry like Cam, crying, while trying not to cry. I totally lost it with him and Drew. Kim was really selling it, too. Excellent work by everyone.

    Shank is a tool.

    1. LOL were you blubbering in your food? Yeh Cams ugly cry is me too. It was good. Did y'all hear Drew call Monica "mom"? Sweet. ❤

    2. Yes, I had to quit eating, hah! I did hear the mom thing, and it was great!

    3. I heard "mom", too! Great acting until we had to see stone face Sam. Two terrific shows - really heartbreaking.

  9. MY mother died in my home and was taken out on a gurney without her face covered..... just like Oscar. I always thought it was just an act of kindness toward those of us who were watching. Two beautiful shows... back to back. Everyone did a superb job. Even the makeup people. I noticed when Joss was rubbing Oscar's cheek that he was really white against her tanned skin. I think the two scenes that hit me the hardest was Drew sitting on the stairs saying that was where he'd sit to be close to Oscar in case he needed him, but now he won't need him anymore... and the second scene that really got me was that poor kid in the stairwell... Cameron. That kid can act!!! He will be a big star some day. Well done, GH!! This is exactly why I've been a fan since day one.

    1. "Pat..... Sun..... MY mother died in my home and was taken out on a gurney without her face covered....."

      I'm sorry for your loss. :(

      "I always thought it was just an act of kindness toward those of us who were watching."

      Awwww. :(


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