Thursday, May 16, 2019

late but here.

Maxie wants to go to the Nurses Ball with she and Peter. Lulu cries over Dante. 

PETER AND Anna. Whatever...talking about Robert. ZZZZZ.

Carly's baby is ok but she needs more tests for other conditions since she's so old LOL 
Yvonne and everyone toasts with cupcakes that Michael brought. Yvonne knows Carly? Um. Okay. Sonny wonders where Mike got the ring--he says he bought it in Brooklyn. 

Sam and Alexis and Neil.. Sam isn't sure if she should talk to Krissy--will it jeopardize her recovery? Alexis says, well you'll have to lie anyway so she doesn't know you're stringing Shiloh along to get her pledge. Neil is like what you talking about? 

Awwwwwww, Finn wants that exact ring for was a Monaco Blue Sapphire. 

Spinelli is in charge of the Porn-taping of Shiloh 

Kim and Drew go over her bills and cards. Jules comes in. 

Molly talks to Peter about doing a story about Dawn of Day since she's A LITERATURE MAJOR?? (HUH?) and is graduating soon. -- he gives her his card. 


  1. A LITERATURE MAJOR and published author! So much for her going into law. Just rewrite her whole university experience for the sake of a story line.

    1. Di, your Amish shirt crack about Sam was hysterical! I just read it this morning. That line was better than a cup of coffee! Hahahahah!

  2. Haven't watched yet, but, how is taping Sam having sex with Skank going to prove anything criminal? So is she ACTUALLY planning to have sex with him? And get branded? Do NOT understand . . .

    And, of course, DER, Skank likely has copies of all of the "pledges," so WHY exactly is Sam doing this? Because if she is in the "inner circle" she will have access to Krissy's pledge? Makes NO sense.

  3. My GH was interrupted by the President at 2:35 until 3.

  4. Haven't watched yet - but how did Molly go from law to literature major - musta been while she was incognito i.e. off canvas - surprised she didn't involve herself into the colt to protect Krissy

    1. Molly looked sooo grown up today, she looks like a woman instead of a teenager . . .

    2. "AntJoan Molly looked sooo grown up today, she looks like a woman instead of a teenager . . ."

      Yeah she does!!! Well in real life she is 20. :)

  5. Can't they just arrest Shiloh after he drugs Sam? Isn't that enough of a crime? Is the plan really for Sam to actually get branded, and then have Spinelli and Jason watch when she has sex with Shiloh? IS THAT REALLY THE PLAN??????

    1. Yes that's the plan!!!! It makes no sense. It's so stupid!

  6. The park:

    Julexis: Julian is free from jail! YAY! Are they getting back together or what? Or is Alexis going to be with Dr. Neil?

    Hiney and Anna: Oh Anna!!!! Just stop! Doth protest too much!!! I think you still have feelings for Robert and you are just skeered!

    Molly and Krissy: Awwwwww sister love! :) That is some huge hug Molly ROFL!

    Molly and Hiney:

    "Karen says Molly talks to Peter about doing a story about Dawn of Day since she's A LITERATURE MAJOR?? (HUH?)"

    EXACLY!!!! HUH!?!!?!?!!

    Molly and Sam: Oh! Sounds like Haley Pullos has a cold all of a sudden.

    Inside Central Perk:

    Lulu and Maxie: Oh dear! Lulu's ugly cry! I'm surprised Maxie didn't tell her that she and Hiney had sex. I am so glad we didn't see the whole thing!!!

    The hospital:

    Chase and Finchy: Angry Finchy wants to go after Robert! ROFL!

    Dr Lady and Carly: OH! That lady again!!!! I forgot her name. I want Michael and that lady to meet!!! They would be so cute together!!!! Oh Carson baybay is okay!!! :)

    Hiney and Finchy: Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: What is it? On the internet?

    ROFL! And then the look on Finchy's face when Hiney said before her ex beats you to it! HAHAHAHAHA. His face cracked me up!!!

    CarlyKim's home:

    CarlyKim and Drew: Awwww bonding. :)

    Metrocourt hotel room:

    Jasam and Spinny: This whole plan is so stupid. Come on Sam why don't you just admit you are attracted to King Mufasa and you want to sleep with him.

    Turning woods home:

    Carson, Michael, Mike, and Yvonne: Are they going to have a fake priest to marry Mike and Yvonne? I don't get this. CUPCAKES!!!! GIMMIE!!!!! :)

    1. Yes, I was surprised they didn't show Miney sex, they almost ALWAYS make a big deal of the first time that a couple has sex and show the whole thing, glad they didn't.

      Sam doesn't just want to have sex with Shiloh, she wants Jason and Spinny to watch! Of course, she had sex with dozens of old men during her "con" years, so I guess she can suffer through it with Shiloh (wink, wink). However, in their stupid minds, does she actually have to go all the way for them to film the "crime"?

      And, yes, those cupcakes looked REALLY GOOD!!

  7. This crap with Sam is so beyond stupid that I can't even type up good snark about it. WTF, man! And her getting all pissy with Molly? I was so glad Molly walked off, she's the only freaking grownup in the room. (I did wonder about the literature major all of a sudden, but she did publish a book)

    Looks like the ball starts today, and we have Laura and Curtis, so all is not lost!


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