Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Slim Pickens

I will not tolerate shenanigans in front of the baby !!  

Oh, it's one of those weeks it takes me awhile to remember what happened so.. not TOO exciting I guess! (thinking) NO..not really! 

I had Pad Thai last night for my Mom's Day Dinner! So, leftovers!! By the way, did they even mention Mother's Day on GH?? I mean it was Kim's first Mama's day without Oscar... Ava's first without Kiki... 
I'm sure Carly was moaning about Morgan somewhere!! 

Deary Actress, If you hate your job so much,  basically kill every damn scene you're in, PLEASE take a break. It's painful to watch. 

Look, I realize most people don't like the Cult Club story. I get that. I've liked the Kristina deprogramming stuff and I'm also into Brad/Willow and that part of it.  Sure, Shiloh should have been dead by now, but he's not. That doesn't mean it has to be made 100x worse by someone sleepwalking through scenes. My GOD but that day she was almost getting tatted was  just horrible. I honestly thought she'd already 'drank' the cup with the pass-out drug in it! Just infuriates me. And hey, come at me if you want. but I gave her actress of the year in 2016 so it's not like I dislike KM as an actress at all. Just now, ?? WTH.

Ava (to herself): Oh my ...he looks like Ryan..even smells like Ryan..I wonder if sex would be as hot as with Ryan?? Hmmm, well I know I wanna find out! 


Who couldn't spot this a mile away? LOL.. Maura takes over anything she touches anyway. She and Jon had wild chemistry. Kevin's always been "good" can she turn him 'bad"?/ I can't wait to see! 

Hey,'s it goin?
Well, DINGA! Jayssssin! Thanks for takin' care of my sheila so well. I owes ya a Fostah! 

Jax is back!!! Good to see him onscreen, great timing with the Oscar death and can't wait until he guys Kate's house! I love Ingo and Laura Wright together. Eden "fits" as their daughter so well. I think Jax will be doing a deal with Drew's Aurora company and who knows, maybe he'll be in NuNina's orbit soon. She certainly could be rescued from Valentin! 

Yeah, Sonny is still  a hot head..we've had to replace our barware 14 times since you last visited!! 
Yeah, Sonny... that nutter. 

These two also light up a scene, that's for sure. Carly's usually not being shrill about something either. More please. CarJax2019? No--because I couldn't deal with yet another CarSon break up make up maybe they could have an underground affair? That NEVER happens anymore. I mean an affair that involves hot glances, brush up touches and sex for like a YEAR

So.. you think our kids are ok? I haven't seen yours in months and one of mine is in Oregon and the other is.. Um, not sure?? 

The reason I include the "Nail Gals" is because I do love scenes like this! We need more--everyone ends up eating somewhere! The thing I wish they'd do is put some fun manager in the salon. Maybe a few extras? But, I'll live with bare bones set for now. 


Shall we?
Shall we what? 

Fly away to France??
Sure.. I'd love that!
Ok, but we'll end up in Toronto! 

WHAT. the HELL. Happened here? These two ya-hoos were off to Paris, and all of a sudden they are in the hotel that Curtis and Laura are in? Umm HUH? Whatever. I don't even really care. I was however hoping that their plane would crash and only Maxie crawl out alive. 

Wait, I get to go to Canada with YOU....?? And we get to spend time together? Um.. HELLLL YA~~ I'm all in!!

Lucky Laura, off to Canada to "Find Ryan" with Sexy Curtis. And did I miss something or wasn't Jordan like ready to get Kevin's kidney? Wouldn't both Laura and he want to stay for that?? 

We won Emmys didn't we? I think I remember that!

Mike Sighting ... Remembering Courtney and ..Finding Anna's engagement ring!! 

Krissy is apparently "Deprogrammed" and living at home. She goes back to DOD for her folder information
Willow told Chase Wiley is her son. 
Robert tells Anna to let Peter just be Alex's son. She says she loves him and wants to still be his mother.
Chase and Willow have Zex
Sam almost gets "initiated" by Shiloh but St. Jaysus saves her. She doesn't care tho, she wants to stick with the plan. 
Kidney match: Kevin? Yep...
Curtis and Laura go to Toronto to look for Ryan
Maxie and Peter end up in Toronto on their first date
Ava kisses Kevin. Likes it. Kevin seemingly, does not.
Stupid Brad goes to DOD and basically tells Shiloh the story of his baby Mama. 
Willow warns Brad and Lucas to keep Wiley away from DOD

(Picture Robert here) 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  I didn't get  a photo but Robert yelling at Anna about wanting to keep Peter as her son. He loathes Peter!! Brilliant! 

WUBS FUN OF THE WEEK: Scotty and Lucy freaking out over Kevin and Ava. Giggle 

Dave Suggested's SLIM PICKENS !!

Ok, that's all I can get in. It honestly was an ok week with good scenes but not particularly memorable.  I guess an Oscar Memorial will be coming hence forth? Cam is on Monday which is good--I need to see what's happening there. And here's a tip; Have him start asking about his BioDad??!  Zander is such a HUGE road to go down. Think about how he died.  Suicide by cop. There's a huge backstory there--drug addiction, hostage taking and the like. Dear Writers, do it up. Teen Angst=Gold. 

Have a good Sunday. Wub Hub returns to work next week and it's an hour commute so I'm not sure how the blogging will go... please hang in there. Thanks! 


  1. I wonder if Sam is seeing this out because she wants to be the hero?

  2. what did KM do in 2016 to deserve best actress? I have always thought her acting was zombie like. and her speech mumbles

  3. michael deserves his baby back. this story has gone on to long

  4. Thanks, KD. I'm hoping maybe Shiloh or even Ryan kills Sam but I guess we can't be so lucky.

  5. I think Kristina will be arrested for killing Shiloh - but really Harmony does it - OR Brad - now THAT would be good............anyone but Jason!
    Kristina's deprogramming is WAY too quick which makes me think she thinks she killed him.
    now NU-NINA and Jax - I am TOTALLY down for that!!!

  6. Is Shiloh getting killed? Of course, we all HATE the character, but he is a REALLY GOOD actor--I mean, REALLY GOOD. They keep evil Valentin around--but, of course, he is a Cassadine, legacy family and all. But there is more mystery with Shiloh, which involves Drew, so I think there is more story there.

  7. Great SS as always! Can I repeat again how happy I am that Robert and Jax are back!

  8. I also am SO glad Jax and Robert are back Hope they stay forever. Shiloh is so so creepy. Agreed that he is great actor.

  9. Would like them to test the chemistry with Jax and NuNina. He does like blonds. Except Brenda

  10. Although old Nina is a redhead

  11. Thanks for the SS, Karen. Great as always.
    As far as Kevin being the donor, further blood work showed him to be prediabetic, so he cannot be the donor. Finn explained it pretty well, for a change a doctor giving the explanation. (It kind of drove me up the wall when Aunt Stella was telling Jordan all about renal diets. That is not a job for the social worker. That is for the dietician or the nurse to do. The show is called General HOSPITAL. and the lack of research and attention to detail is maddening.)
    Oh, to all the others who have said they didn't like Jax, I would add myself. When he married Skye and then left her the next day for Brenda I was done with him. That was soooo low and scummy to me.
    But all soap stuff aside, I want to wish all the Wubb Moms a happy mother's day.

  12. Thanks for the great SS! And your mention of Maxi/Peter's trip to Toronto. They must have edited out a whole scene...or two. That is just plain bad. It is no wonder the only ones to get Emmy's were the fabulous actors.
    So they find Ryan eventually. Yata yata...bring him back to PC...he tests positive as a match for Jordan, if she lives that long, passes the tests and uses it as leverage. Just a theory of course.
    Kristina's deprogramming was pretty good even though a bit fast. I love that Dr. Burns. Is he old enough to be Shank's father? Shank's end will probably be a long drawn out who-done-it. We shall see.

    1. I was the first one to mention the Paris/Toronto fiasco, thought I must be going crazy, as I don't miss a minute of GH and almost fell over when Laura and Curtis walked into their hotel room . . .

      It makes sense that you are saying that Ryan is a match, otherwise why would they do the thing where Kevin is a match, then is "prediabetic"? He is so fit, doesn't look prediabetic to me!! I guess he will give the kidney for his freedom, or a lighter sentence or something . . . after all, he already is missing a hand, what's another body part?


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