Monday, May 6, 2019

Dirty Rotten Martinis

Maurice gets emotional as he accepts his Emmy last night. 

ROBERT AND LAURA!!! He sees her..says "Laura?? My sweetheart!!" they HUG and it's wonderful!! He says he's sorry she broke up with Kevin. He says he's staying in town for awhile and would she like to go to the Nurses' ball with him!! YEAH!!!!!!!

Lucy and Scotty are talking Nurses Ball at the Metro. She sees Kevin and Ava and LOL BUT Scotty's EYEBALLS POP OUT!  I mean HE REALLY DOES!! She goes over to snark on them. Tries to get Scotty to take Ava to the Nurses' Ball because they have "chemistry" LOL Kevin says sorry, I'm going with Ava. Lucy reminds Ava she's singing in the show and then says to Kevin 'Oh, DOC..why don't you just join her onstage??" HE says OK! 
Then Scotty drags Ava to the bar. Orders 2 "Dirty ROTTEN Martinis"!! LOL 
Lucy yells at Doc about Ava
At the bar, Scotty thinks Kevin is Ava's 'bait' now ..she says no, but he thinks Kevin is "cozying up" to her out of guilt. 

Maxie and Lulu getting their nails done. Talking about Peter so don't care. 

Anna tells Jordan she should have told her about her kidney problem. Curtis does too. Anna looks cute in a white/red top today! She goes to talk to Peter who says he's backing away from Maxie because he has Faison's DNA. Don't care

Willow tells her story to the Safe House crew. Her mom was a 'Seeker" and moved them from Commune to Commune and then met Shiloh.  Shiloh liked her mother's organizational skills and they felt alive and volunteering was feeling good. After about a year though, Shiloh "wanted me'. Then she tells about the pledge and "Secret" she had to give him and how he holds it over people's heads if they want to leave. Willow says 'then he put his mark on me' and shows everyone her tattoo. 
Tells Krissy that the women did the tattoo and had her drink something that made her feel weird> Then Shiloh had sex with her. She's not even sure it was rape because he makes you feel like you 'want' it.
Kristina said he'd never do that to her..he knows she's exploring her sexuality. She also said no big deal about the tattoo a lot of people get them for their faith and she thinks that Shiloh is a good man. Willow says NOPE sorry, he's not. 

She leaves.
Alexis goes to hug Krissy and Sonny THROWS A GLASS --scared the hell out of me and says SON OF A BITCH, as only Sonny can LOL. Dr. Neil tells Krissy she can determine her "treatment from now on" .

KIDNEY UPDATE:  Finn gets a call from the lab..goes to the hallway.  SEE BELOW

Laura goes to see Jordan about the drug thing in Canada.. she asks about the women he may have asked to help him since one stole all the drugs. They know she had a bumper sticker on from a certain HS so they may tack her down that way.  Jordan tells Curtis to go-- and Laura is going with him. 
OMG!! KEVIN IS A KIDNEY MATCH!!!!!!!! I did NOT EXPECT THAT!! They'd better tell Laura and Curtis LOL They are leaving in the morning for Canada!!

So, Dr. Neil opens the door and tells Kristina she can leave if she wants. In the PREVIEWS it shows that Chase Ford finds her there. 

OH! And Robert finally says to Anna 'Um, why haven't you thought that Peter's could be Alex's"??? YES!! FINALLY! 


  1. hmmm...If Kevin's a match then Ryan should be a match. They can kill him now and give Jordan HIS kidney.

    And wow! kidney dialysis has really taken a step up in the states. Jordan didn't even need a shunt.

  2. TOLD ya'll last Friday - Ryan is gonna be a match, but Jordan won't like it cause, you know, Ryan's crazy.....
    is anyone going to mention Oscar's WHITE hair at the Emmy's last night? Didn't even look like cute little Oscar.
    apparently also if you leave a show, you get an Emmy.....Kyle from DOOL and Kiki and Pat from GH! LOL!
    HAS Robert seen Mac at all????? anyone?????

    1. Robert mentioned Mac in his talk to Laura today. Loved their hug. ❤
      I didn't see Garren (Oscar) there but watching on note 8 cellphone and then all the live streaming crap. Love that nurse Mary Pat won, one bad ass! Speaking of, loved Judge Judy Lifetime Achievement Award!!

    2. Judge Judy is the best!!!!!! so you saw his white hair? If not, ya'll google the pics with Carolyn Hennessy, who was great with the red carpet!

    3. I love her!!! Carolyn is the best, I'll have to check it out. I watched the pre-show but missed him.

    4. OMG I LOVE IT!!!! It's so non Oscar. Wow!

  3. Damn I missed the good stuff!!
    My neurologist is retiring so was calling all day looking for new one and when do they finally callback? You guessed it. 🙄

  4. Karen when Sonny threw it I jumped too! It was due.....haha!! God Krissy is stupid, feed her to the wolves! Can't believe Kevin is a match!!! Who is the woman?

    1. HAHAHAH....feed her to the wolves! Absolutely agree! She's getting to be as stoopid as her sister Mumbles. :)

  5. I thought it might be Hayden........since Finn mentioned her....having the sticker from a school might be a hint....
    I still think Anna is going to think Robert wants to propose------not Finn....

  6. genie and tristan were married on Y&R.

    1. Indeed! They shared the screen on Y & R and since he returned from the dead with the monkey pox storyline on GH, they have been onscreen twice together. First time, he was in the back of the crowd at their remarriage ceremony. Second time was when he stopped by Laura's apartment (after Tony Geary had left the show) and said that Luke had called him with a warning for Laura. I can't remember what it was about, but I remember thinking that it was dang unusal that it was the first time the two characters had spoken onscreen IN YEARS and it didn't really feel like a reunion at all. It felt rushed or something.

  7. In addition to Robert and Laura, giving a shout out to the BIG THREE from the late, great Port Charles: Kevin, Lucy, and Scotty. AWESOME to see them all onscreen together plus they get the greatness of Maura West's Ava with them. Lucy and Scotty scheming team up? COUNT ME IN

  8. So glad they didn't magically give Jordan Oscars kidney! There was no way his kidney was viable for a transplant after all the time he spent at the Q house after he died and sometimes it's annoying when they ignore the obvious. The show has been enjoyable the past couple wks. The passing of Oscar was surprisingly well thought out and emotional. I really bawled through most of it. Loved Laura & Robert it was genuine and not forced. It was a little strange hearing them talk about his relationship with Holly I haven't thought about her with him in forever. I was like "oh yeah,I forgot about them"! Lol! I love Sonny's "son of a bitches!" And he made Alexus & Kristina jump too! Seeing everyone at the Metro was also a treat and flowed nicely! Looking forward to the ball. It seems like they've been investing a bit more in the show with sets and stuff so maybe they'll do a bit more with extras and stuff to make it a little more interesting

  9. Kelly's:

    Robert and Anna: Anna doesn't want to argue with Robert hahahaha. Always love their banter. :) Hey Robert, do you still have Finchy's engagement ring? :) YES ROBERT YES! Ask the tough question!!! Is Hiney Alex's? :)

    Laura and Robert:

    Robert: Laura?! My sweetheart!!!!

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Uh the nurses ball? Is this a date? Writers don't even think about it! I like them as friends and that is it!

    Anna and Hiney: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Hiney hasn't had much experiences with relationships? What are you trying to say Hiney? Are you a virgin? :)

    Nail salon:

    Maxie and Lulu: Oh stop talking about Hiney!!! Talk about some other things.. Talk about Chet. :) Or Michael!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lotty: Scotty's eye balls!!!! ROFL!

    "Karen says, BUT Scotty's EYEBALLS POP OUT!"

    And roll away! ROFL!

    Lotty, Doc, and Ava: Lucy is jelly and so is Scotty!

    Lucy and Doc: Come on Doc tel her the truth! Tell her what is going on! You are really hurting her!

    Ava and Scotty: Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: So one minute VENGEANCE to acceptance?

    BAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA! He is very suspicious. :)

    Lotty: Oh oh! Old Lucy is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Wanting to break Doc and Ava up!!! :) Old Lucy feels like home. :) Scotty wants nothing to do with it hahahaha.

    The hospital:

    Finchy and Anna: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Jordan's room: WHOA! Doc is the kidney match?!!?!?! I did not see that one coming. I guess Oscar's kidney is not going to be the match.

    Hideaway: Yes Willow!!! Show your tramp stamp and talk about all the sex!!!! Oh old school eye liner! :) Did you see the way Sexis looked? Like they were really interested!! Go grab them some popcorn! ROFL!

    Sidenote: On twitter Eden McCoy congratulated Maurice Bernard on his emmy win, and he said to her, Jax is not your father, I am. ROFL! Hysterical! And awww sweet. :)

  10. Good stuff yesterday! Willow was awesome and Krissie is still not the brightest bulb in the pack. Sonny scared me too with his glass throwing. Wow! I thought the reactions from Alexis and Krissie were perfect.

    Doc a kidney donor? Just like everyone else, sure didn't see that coming.

    I think Robert was speaking for the audience about Parking Lot Pete. Why do the writers make Anna so dumb? It's insulting.

  11. So Ryan has one hand and Kevin will have one kidney. I guess note to self.

  12. Yesterday as so great, especially Scott, Lucy & Kevin. And Robert is sticking around for awhile thank goodness. Loved his scene with Laura - they need to keep him permanently. Krissie is so immature for her age. Willow was great. Gee, I had a kidney infection many years ago and was horribly sick and was fortunately treated with antibiotics. Jordan should be sick, too, not just weak. They need to get rid of Peter already.

  13. No one handles and drinks a martini, dirty rotten or otherwise, like Ava. MW should have gotten the Emmy for the very least. Hope this DOD story leads to the end of the baby switch story.

  14. Besides the fact that I hate Peter, he's also sucking all the life out of Maxie. I remember when Robert first came on the show, Laura was a secretary at ELQ and Robert was always going there to flirt with her and make Luke jealous


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