Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Next to You

Late today!! This will happen more and more--or I'll do the blog at like 3pm or 4 because Wub Hub is back to work next week and I'll have to walk Tillie. MY Schedule goes until 2:00 Tues, Wed..and Thurs. GROSS UGH. 

Jax saw Joss today!! They are all so pretty.  He comforts Joss with a song from Lady Jane. Sonny sees Jax. They have a drink. Sonny wonders if he had trouble getting into the US (remember alll that??!! LOL) Jax says he has a new greencard. They have a scotch. Sonny says Josslyn needs him here now. 
Jax tells them that he's looking at houses to buy and might buy Kate's!! It's NEXT to Sonny's!! LOL I so wanted Alexis to move there!! 

Brad and Lucas-- talking about DOD and Shiloh. Brad says he helps them.. Wills comes out and says "You can't let Wiley anywhere NEAR Shiloh"! ''
Then, like 3 min later, Willow and Chase are in bed--must be after sex because they have water? Weird. 

Sexist-- talking about Krissy and hoping she doesn't bolt. Valerie comes to check on Krissy. Huge height diff--but that's ok. Hmmm not sure about this yet. Krissy tells her that she committed her number to memory. Krissy asks her about someone keeping someone from her to turn her in. Valerie says "turn them in" because it's blackmail. 
YEAAHHHH NO CHEM that I could see. 

St. Jaysus going in to save Sam.. WILL HE GET THERE IN TIME? I'm so hoping not. LOL Yeah, Jason knocks him out. He wakes up and Sam says someone attacked him. --um, DERP. 

Q House-- Drew and Curtis. Nice talk, I love them. 

Jason tells CarSon Krissy's file pages were blank. 


  1. Krissy's pages are blank because he caught Sam near the room. He is on to them I think.

  2. Carson home:

    Joss and Jax: Awwwwwwwwww! Great scene!!!! Love that they were talking about Lady Jane, John, and Jerry!!! Joss putting her head on her father's hand. :(

    Jax and Sonny: Sonny walks in!!!!

    Sonny: Jax.

    Jax: Sonny.

    I said out loud, Oh oh.

    Carson and Jax: Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Carly: You guys getting along okay?

    Sonny: Peachy.

    ROFL! You know Sonny hates Jax!!! :) You can see it on Sonny's face!!! Jax is going to live in Kate's house?!?!!?!?! YAY!

    Carson: Sonny wants to buy Kate's house! ROFL! Glad Carly stopped him.

    Colt house/attic:

    King Mufasa and Sam: Oh yes! Give Sam that tramp stamp!!! Oh oh Saint Jason flies in and knocks King Mufasa out! ROFL!

    Jasam: Oh Sam is bleeding. Yes distract King Mufasa while Saint Jason gets Krissy's file! Don't forget Sam's file! Oh oh File of Krissy is all blank. What about Sam's?


    King Mufasa and Sam: Hmmm doesn't look like Sam is bleeding. She is wearing a white shirt too!

    Alexis's home:

    Krissy and Val: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    "Karen says YEAAHHHH NO CHEM that I could see."

    Yeah I don't see any either. No sparkly. So boring.


    Val and Brucas: Wow Brad!!!! So defensive over King Mufasa!!! What the hell?!!?! Brainwashed already?!!?! He didn't even join the colt house!!

    Brucas and Willow: Yikes!!!! Brucas listen to Willow!!!! Brad snap out of it!!!!

    Q home:

    CarlyKim and Drew: Oh come on!! What the heck is the freakin point of talking about the past again when he doesn't even remember?!!?!?!?! UGH!

    Drew and Curtis: Awwwwwwwwwwww besties!!!! Great scene!!!! :)

    1. Drew and Curtis were great, I really like them together.

      All of the Sam/Shank scenes were soooooo stoopid! I couldn't even pretend that Shank fell for the Mumbler's lies about who conked him on the head. Just ugh!

  3. I like the scene with Lucas yelling at Willow. That is how a protective dad and husband would act. He doesn't really know Willow, so has no idea if she is telling the truth or not. And of course that comment she made about them being bad parents if they let Wiley near Shiloh didn't do much to endear her to Lucas... GH has been really good lately.

    1. I liked that scene, too and was very true to life. Hopefully Michael will tell Lucas a Reader's Digest version of the Krissie debacle.

  4. Being that Krissy spoke to Val about trying to get her pledge back, I am thinking that maybe she really did leave the colt. However, it happened so suddenly, and what is missing is any clue as to her thought process--what changed, she didn't say.


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