Friday, January 31, 2020


So, the show was on today. 

Brando looks JUST like Lucas. 

I still haven't seen the last 2 days before this --so..I don't have a lot to add.

Finn is yelling at Nikolas. Says he will pay for what he did to Hayden. 

Jax tells Liz that Nikolas was the one that sent Hayden outta town. She slaps him. Hard. 

Valentin is yelling at Ava-- which is rich btw. He throws her off a parapet and it's all "Oh well"! Nina tells him "I HELPED them take YOU DOWN"!  Ava tells Valentin he's only pretending to be a Cassadine anyway. heh. Nikolas comes in with a paper for him.  Valentin is orderd to stay away from Wyndemere and Nik wants him to take a DNA test. Valentine says "you are so stupid, Helena is playing you. I AM the rightful heir"! Nikolas looks a bit taken aback, like he could believe that Helena could do that. 

Sasha's all "omg your family"!! WOW it's bad!! Scary!! I don't know if I can live this life!! OMG ANOTHER WOMAN not sure about the whole "life" thing. UGH Seriously? 

Brando's bullet is thru and major damage. 

HOW DID JASON GET A LICENSE AND OR PERMIT for his gun? Writers took great pains to tell us he's all "a felon" so Sam can't be around him but-- what. 
Yeah, can't do that in NYS. Sorry. 


Carly steals something from Brando's personal effect bag at GH, it's a photo of Gladys and Dev that was taken at Christmas

Joss tells everyone Brando is alive. 

We're Back, Baby


So, hopefully you're catching up on the show. Two episodes have been released to, hulu and you can watch on Facebook. Your local channels may have aired them in the wee hours as well. 
Canada, I beleive we are caught up to where you aired last so you should be getting a new show today.
Those that are on the West Coast have gotten some shows in their regular times. THE PEACH is over Friday-- (then again?? who knows, right?) and we can get back to 'normal' on Monday. 

It's been a hella busy week for me and it's the end of the month today so I plan on catching up this Saturday and posting a "summary" report on Sunday

How did you do during the hiatus? I didn't watch a minute of the politics so I found other things to keep me occupied. I also admit it's hard to jump back in!! See you soon with the updates and such. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

ALERT- Jan 21st Episode Will Air Today!

So, ABC is finally doing it-- it will air the "new" episode that was to air Tuesday Jan 21st today in the markets that don't have trial coverage (check your local channel). It will be on overnight to record so make sure you have GH on to tape new episodes. OR Watch it after 8pm on or Hulu.

Hope this helps. My local station is showing the trial. I did recap this show on Sunday Surgery as the Canadians got it and I saw it on the French Streaming place. 

Hope you watch !! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Giant kudos to @SoapJenn on Twitter!! These are amazing. I am loving the Dolly Parton Challege GH Style!

Another day and NO GH. Like I keep saying, ABC should buy a clue from NBC and get it up online!! There's no reason not to--it's just dumb. In the meantime, I started watching the British soap Hollyoaks which is on Britbox and Hulu. OMG so good!!! It's very fast paced and just soapy fun. I started with this January and dove right in. 

Kimberly and me
Kim and Finola at the DGA awards 

It seems Finola has her first directing debut out! It's "Good Trouble" on Freeform. You can catch her episode Wed at 10pm/est. 

Monday, January 27, 2020

General Hospital Look Back: Kelly's Diner

Kelly's Diner and Waterfront Boarding House
324 Wharf Street
Port Charles, New York

The Menu

A bowl of Ruby's Chili and one of Heather Webber's
favorite BLTs. What could be better?

The Origin and a Brief History

Rose: Hi, I'm your stepmom.
Joe: Damn! There goes my chance.

Do you know the year Kelly's started? Way back in 1980!! Hey days of Luke and Laura!! GH needed a hang ou and this fit the bill. The Bucket of Blood was a bar in town and a lot of the 'chit chat' took place in the Hospital cafeteria. The owners were Paddy and Rose Kelly. Did you know that Luke was hired as a waiter in the early days?? LUKE as a WAITER??!! Paddy was killed in (what else) a mob war and Rose sold the joint to our beloved Ruby, Aunt of Bobbie and Luke.  She dispensed Chili and advice to everyone.  When Ruby passed away in 1999, the diner went to Luke and Bobbie. For a few years, Tammy Hansen was the manager. Then Mike Corbin took over. Today, there is no day to day "manager" (much to my sadness). Kelly's is still a great place for hanging out and even has crayons and butcher paper on the table to keep everyone occupied. 

People who lived and worked at Kelly's

So, how are Bruce and your son Ashton?
Many residents have worked at Kelly's some of these include (but might not be limited to): Jimmy Lee Holt, Bobbie Spencer, Felicia Jones, Holly Sutton, Brenda Barrett, Jagger Cates, Karen Wexler, Lily Corinthos, Miguel Morez, Keesha Ward, Luke Spencer, Lucky Spencer, Carly Benson, Elizabeth Webber, Jason Morgan and Mike Corbin.

Former residents include (but might not be limited to): Diego Alcazar, Jordan Ashford, TJ Ashford, Brenda Barrett, Cooper Barrett, Emily Bowen-Quartermaine, Shawn Butler, Jagger Cates, Lily Corinthos, Dante Falconeri, Tammy Hansen, Jimmy Lee Holt, Felicia Jones, Georgie Jones, Maxie Jones, Ric Lansing, Courtney Matthews, Miguel Morez, Jason Morgan,Sam Morgan, Celia Quartermaine, Dillon Quartermaine, Edward Quartermaine, Lila Quartermaine, Javier Ruiz, Juan Santiago, Rebecca Shaw, Lucky Spencer, Luke Spencer, Holly Sutton, Keesha Ward, Elizabeth Webber, Heather Webber and Nathan West. 

The Q's stayed there.

I do remember the Quartermaine's moving into Kelly's in the mid-80s. Lila, always the most gracious person, took it in stride and was very positive and happy with the atmosphere of Kelly's. Edward, (played by David Lewis) was his usual gruff and stubborn self. (If you have never seen David Lewis as Edward, do yourself a favor and watch some You Tube on him. The man was brilliant). While working and living above the diner, Lila invented Pickl-Lila and brought the Quartermaine fortune back. 

“The Cellar”

Did you know that Carly ran a club out of the basement of Kelly's for a time called "The Cellar"?? It's true!  In 2002 she and Ric Lansing found an old speak easy down there and she decided to open her own place. 

PC's version of the Three Stooges

Kelly's Immortalized

In 2013, Kelly's was immortalized in print. Do you recognized these images? Heather Webber was the artist and it was an abstract of her fave sandwich! 

Kelly's at Disney World

 Opened in 2000 as part of the Soap Opera Bistro, Disney recreated the inside set of Kelly's Diner as one of their restaurants. The Bistro incorporated all 4 ABC Soaps (at the time) Port Charles, All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. There was also Luke's Nightclub and other themes to look like one of the ABC Soaps. It was a really good idea. There were fake acting scenes going on around your table. Lots of stuff to look at and a lot of references to the soaps. Alas, the idea didn't catch on. The area was closed down in 2002. 

What could have been (fan fiction)

We would be remiss without some fan fiction by Dave and bright red editor notes from Karen! So, here it goes... What if Rose Kelly came back to town several years ago. She told Bobbie she missed the Diner and Bobbie said "You want it? It's yours...". And Rose took over the diner, giving advice to everyone along with getting involved in people's lives. The Diner set would be used a lot more, with more interaction. Rose decides to hire Mike into his old position behind the counter. While working and spending time together, a relationship starts between the two, with their first date being at the Nurse's Ball. Platonic at first, but all it takes is one dance. Eventually they get married inside the diner. The alzheimer's storyline didn't happen (not yet anyway) and we have a very happy couple on the senior circuit. Here is a photo of Rose, obviously deliriously delighted on her wedding day to Mike. (Yes, that is a recent picture of Loanne Bishop from a MAYHEM "like me" commercial)

Karen's take: LOVE This idea!! She could still come back-- we need a sage advisor behind that counter to help all the teens in town! 

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Why ABC Why?

Please wait for us...or we'll  BBQ Roxy and have her for a picnic. 

Only one day of GH aired in the US this week due to the 'news' that played on every damn channel on network TV. Unlike NBC, which put Days on in the wee hours and streamed it, ABC decided to release a day to Canada (Tuesday) then show them reruns while we here wait. Oh, did I mention that City TV in Canada actually got the Wednesday show on demand? We can't even get that app here, so don't try. I did link a French streaming service at one point but they ended up with 2 shows as well. 
The west coast could certainly get the shows. They are holding up the entire works for that tiny percentage of the east coast that isn't able to either record or stream.  That has to be maybe 50 people. Meanwhile, we sit and wait. I know GH will lose viewers over this. People get out of the habit and just won't return. BOO

Let's review where we are in the show based on Monday and what has aired in other places. If you don't want to know, don't read any further.  Have a nice muffin and drink your latte and I'll see you during the week. Yes, David and I will try to provide content to keep this blog going even if there's no show. 

NOTE: That photo is from an ABC promo ad that basically says " please wait" to the audience. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

GH Spoilers and Such

Here we are! One show aired this week and that was it. Canada got another show Tuesday (that was the shoot-out). A French streaming service has the Wed Show ....and so far, that's all I have. If you want to know the spoilers, hit the jump.. if not, just wait until ABC gets their head out of their asses and decide to at least stream it. For the 3% of the people that can't either record it in the middle of the night on ABC or see it online it's quite a thing to mess up the rest of us.
Several sites have up spoilers, I'll link them on the next page if you're interested.  I've read a few because of this site but I don't want to know too much. I love the element of surprise.

I really hope this doesn't kill what's left of the show. It's so easy to get into the routine of  not watching. Sigh. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Thought you'd like to see my new outfit for dealing with the preschool germs I face on the daily!! 

So, looks like the Peach will go on today and probably for awhile. Until ABC decides to put it on at night and let people record it and then drop it on a streaming service, we are treading water. 
This is so terrible for the show. People get out of the habit of it. Do other things, watch something else. 

David and I are working on content to share with you all that might keep us at least having FUN during this. I'm in the middle of report month so I'll do as much as I can. 

I have a question: Who is your all time fave "also ran" background character on GH? Was it Reggie? Or Alfred? Epiphany? Alice?? I really miss Felix-- he was a great addition to the flavor and fun of the show 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

AGAIN TODAY--which is why ABC needs to have an upload every day to keep it in order. 
You can watch it on this site Daily Motion US. It's a French sharing site but it has tons of TV shows up same day!! 

SPOILERS AHEAD if you don't want to know, don't hit the break: 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Peaches For Sale

Show is not on at 2:00 today--UPDATE: ABC has decided to air today's GH tomorrow. IF the trial isn't on that is???  So.. there it is. 

Where are my scissors!? 

How much did you love Charlotte yesterday? WOO HOO!! She's still Helena's grandbaby!! 

Monday, January 20, 2020


A blast from the past! Stay tuned...

Our wubqueen is a little busy today. This is the blog for Monday.
Post your little hearts out and discuss the show below.
She will be back tomorrow!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Surgery: OXYGEN!

Why would Wubsy require oxygen you ask? Because GH is so good right now she can't breathe!! WOW!  Many good things happened this week so let's go.. 

Too excited to eat, sorry! 

Friday, January 17, 2020

ANGER ????? WHAT!!


Nelle is living with BRAD!!!


GAH!! !


Nelle didn't even hear Wiley Cry last night! LOL.. "I can sleep through anything"!! Brad gives her money to get out for the day. She goes to get ready. Willow comes over to nanny and She's like WHY IS SHE HERE?? Brad explains and Willow is like YOU are letting that psycho around Wiley??  Brad tries to make up an excuse. Willow is pissed. Nelle comes back out--tells Willow it's not the job for her 'it might be bad for your health"
I TELL YOU WHAT..when it comes out that Nelle is Wileys' Bio-mama?? OH LORDY!! WOWZa
Nelle ends up throwing Willow out of Brad's while Brad is tending Wiley. 

Carly calls Diane .. Gladys stayed over at CarSon's and Sonny's ok with it I guess. Wants to talk to her about the study for Mike. He's taking Jason with him. Gladys says "girls must be crawling all over Dev"... Dev flashes back to Joss kiss. So does Joss. AND oh boy, big GAY anvil. BIG ONE. 
When Dev leaves Carly wonders if he hit on Joss. OR did Joss hit on him??? Because she wouldn't blam her if she did. Joss feels guilty because of Oscar. 

TAGGERT IS AT MIKE'S!!!!!!! He's still a cop!! WOOT!! Sonny gets there. OMG these scenes are EVERYTHING. Jason walks in and Taggert calls him ANGER BOY. OMG! If you watched back in the day you KNOW THAT IS A TAGGERT LINE!!! "But you're not a boy anymore" ahahahaah DEAD!! Taggert is there because Sonny's truck was hijacked. 

Mike won't go on the trip until he sees "his wife" (Yvonne is in the hospital). Jason gives him airbuds to listen to Tony Bennett on to calm him. Ah, nice. They convince Mike to go by telling him they'll take him by the Apollo Theater. 

Jason and Michael crying about Nelle being out at the Metro. Wah wah..pout pout. Sasha comes in. Blah blah blah. He says Sasha should move in with him becaues Nelle is dangerous. She says no, she likes things they way they are. He wants to go on a trip. She says she's too busy with Deception

Trina and Cam talking at Kelly's about dates for the Winter Formal. They are going to be each other's dates if they can't get anyone else. Dev comes by later. Gladys introduces herself as his "Nana"! pFfffffffft.  When she goes to get coffee Dev says that he doesn't want her to know they know... 

Willow catches Chase at the Metro bar--tells him Nelle is at Brad's. 

END: Taggert goes ito the PCPD and sees Jordan. She says : "you came"...he says "you called"...THEY WERE PARTNERS!!!! WHAT!!!!!!! NICEeeeeeeee. 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Who's Marcus Taggert?

I LOVE this character and actor, Real Andrews! Taggart was someone that loathed Sonny and always got under his skin no matter what!! I have been saying for years I wish he'd show up and welp...previews show him coming on tomorrow!!

Taggert knew Sonny's stepdad Deke and became a police officer because of him. Sonny killed Deke (Also a police officer) and a hatred was born!!! He also kinda liked Lily, Sonny's first wife that was bombed in Sonny's limo so there was that. 

Know who his sister is? GIA... that's right. Nikolas' GIA!! And if he's back, will she be back and be Trina's mama?? Oh my gosh, I can't get ahead of myself, can I??

Read all about Taggert on the Wiki! 

Marcus and ZANDER--that's Cam's DADDY right there!! SO much history!! He last appeared on GH In 2003.


Eden put this on Twitter lol 

SO what I SAW before the PEACH BIZ started:

Todd Martin Gray came in with Nelle and says she has every right to be there. 

Carly flips out when Jason tells her that Nelle has ELQ stock shares. She wants someone to run her over with a truck. Jason says "maybe someone will"....

Julian HELLA POUNDS on Brad's door.. hard. Says Brad needs to get a grip because Sonny could find out what's going on. 

Sam tells Alexis over dinner at the Metro about Nelle marrying Shiloh. 

I hate everything because I think there will be a ton of interruptions for awhile now. It's not fair, GH deserves better. Yes, it's important but watch a news station or streaming. UGH BOO.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

"It Speaks"

HELLO NELLE! I'm all here for a nice snarky on the evil-side character! WHOOT! YOU GO!! OMG! I'm a Free WOMAN!! And I'm Mrs. David Henry Archer. She says "this was our witness" --it's DAISY!! OMG she rags on Willow for taking something precious from Shiloh and now it's up to her to fight for him! AHAHAA.
OMG YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS!! I can't type everything!

Nelle says she got out because she 'Saved society from Ryan Chamberlain" and I DON'T EVEN CARE THE EXCUSE!! NOPE!! She's OUT! When Jason goes to say something Nelle says: "Oh, it speaks" ahaha. 
Chase arrives. He's all pissy LOL Nelle says: Oh there's something else we shared. First Shiloh and Chase too! She leaves but tells them to save Shioh's portrait because she wants it. Pffffft. After she goes, Willow tells Chase and her Mom she's going to 'watch Wiley". They don't think it's a good idea. 

Metro Ava's acting like Mrs. Cassadine and Nikolas is having none of it. She's like: we should enjoy this!! She has a "post-nup" for him to sign! 
Laura comes in after she talks to Lulu (see below)... she talks about Spencer. Ava can't believe he didn't tell him yet. Nik says he's flying to France tonight to let him know. OMG Ava says she's going too! "It can be our honeymoon" LOL 

PCPD: Brooklyn tries to get Daddy Ned to get her off the charges. He's like NOPE. Lulu and Brooklyn are on sliding screens explaining the fight. And.. the end of that is Brooklyn has to pay the damages and Ned said he'll give her the money to do it. 

CarSon (Who weren't at the Wedding of the Century OR Shiloh's memorial!!) ..Stell comes over -- Carly called her to talk to Sonny about Mike. He's not happy. She says taking him away from his routine won't be good. Sonny says he wants to try everything. Stella leaves when Jason comes in and tells CARLY NELLE IS ON PAROLE!! OH MY GOD. Carly just yells. 

QUARTERMAINES' Board meeting. Some British guy is talking to everyone. Michael finally shows up. THey have to decide what to do with Oscar's shares or something. Ned says since Shiloh is dead, the shares revert to the family. Brook Lynn thinks Ned and Tracy are trying to set up a power grab from Michael. 

LULU's:  Dillon was a song writer and he and Brook Lynn dated. She dumped him and he didn't get anywhere so he became a teacher. 

END: Nelle stomps into the Q house and says "You started the meeting without me"?? AHAHAHA!! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Here are Dave's Top 10 burning questions at the moment. YOU provide the answers.

Karen Here! I'm going to give mine!! :) 

1. How does Brook Lynn know Dustin ("Dusty")

They had a torrid affair during her club singing years. He never really got over her. 

2. Who is trying to take over ELQ? (Observation: According to Wiki, ELQ's main rival is Buchanan Industries. Just saying...)

I'm thinking Nelle somehow with Tad Martin Gray's help? Not sure if there's enough shares there but maybe she'll sue lol 

3. Is Dev gay or just a virgin? Who will he have sex with first in PC? Joss or Cam

Dev is Muslim and therefore left Turkey out of concerns his family would shun him. He's into Cam 

4. Like ALL soap characters throughout history, will Lucas wake up out of his coma with a different face?


5. Will Jax and Nina become a thing?

I think so?? Not sure how I feel about it yet tho

6. WIll Maxie leave Crimson for Deception?

YES! Kicking off something good for her I hope 

7. Will Spinelli and Georgie move to town permanently?

Yes, but I'm not sure Bradford wants contract work, so it will be spotty

8. Does anyone care about Jason and Sam anymore?

Oh plenty of people on Twitter do! GEESH!! They need to be written in a way I can deal with their relationship. Even Sonny and Carly have a healthier bond lol 

9. Will Nikolas and Ava consummate their marriage? And will we be forced to see it?

Oh they'll give in to the CHEMISTRY FOR SURE!! :) Who can stay away from Ava? And I wanna see Nik's abs, thank you very much 

10. It's speculated that Lucky might return. Which of the 3 actors would play him? Or would it be a recast like Nik?

Out of these three I love JJ but-- I don't know... I could deal with a Greg Vaughn too.  I don't think we need Lucky but that's just my opinion

If you haven't guessed, today is a day off for Karen so she had me spring into action. 
Along with commenting on Today's episode, take a shot at some of the above questions. 
I could have done more, and I am sure there are more important characters right now with questions that need to be answered. This was all off the top of my head at 5:00 in the morning. 

Have a great day wubbers!

PS. This is the blog for Tuesday. 

Monday, January 13, 2020

Name Change


Crimson: Peter is acting weird because he's thinking about Anna talking to him about the shooting of David Black and them working together. He goes to wait for Maxie at the Metro dining room. She finishes up some things. AND SPIN AND GEORGIE surprise her later! Oh, Spinelli says If all goes well, Georgie will be in Port Charles..Forever!! Ellie is going for a job in "Queens' Point" which is close to PC. Maxie is hopeful!! Sam comes in later and is happy to see Spinelli. She hopes he stays in town. 

Metro Dining Room: Friz talk and kiss. He's jealous of Nikolas lol. Jason comes over. They talk about Jake's art camp. Franco says he heard they bonded during his brain-change. "We built a tree house together, right" .. Jason's like "NOPE not with you". Liz tells Franco that Jason talked "Drew" into having the procedure tho. Jason's like: THANKS a lot, LIzzzz.
Peter walks by. They gush about him being a hero. Liz wants him over for dinner. He's like: NOPE. Jason side-eyes him...wonders what's up. Peter leaves. 

Friz eat. Liz says that "Drew" left Franco a message on Cam's phone and she has it. It's a video.

Sam is at the PH but calls Jason to tell her she'll be at the Metro for dinner. Maybe they'll run into each other? Alexis overhears and flips out. Sam tells her about the plan with Robert except who they are going after. Sam leaves and Neil comes in.
He was in Mount Claire seeing family, just flew back in. Awkward moment. Alexis wonders what's going on with him. He says he's losing his medical license because of her! Dun Dun Dun

Anna...and Robert comes over. He found out she had the file on David Black. He asks her if she found anything on Peter.  She lies and says no. He says he hopes she's not covering for him because Peter is going down and he doesn't want to see Anna go with him.  GREAT scenes. So much between these two. He leaves. Shows Anna hiding the evidence she found in the police file. 


Q house: Tracey doesn't care if Nikolas is alive... she's like: Meh. lol  Brook changed her last name to Quartermaine. Since Ned did, she wanted to as well. Tracey is like: What's your angle? Michael said she booked a gig at the Floating Rib. (ergo she can sing under a different name I guess). Michael says she Can't perform even if she does change her name. She says too bad and leaves to go sing. Ned asks Tracey what is up.  She acts innocent. He thinks she wants to take back ELQ and run it. She says no.."but someone else does" OH!! who can it be??! EEK!! NELLE? 

Lulu and Dustin are at the Floating Rib. They are about to leave and he goes to the men's room Lulu turns around and Brook Lynn and she collide and Brook spills a drink all over her. They have a good snarky time. Brook goes to sing and her raggy producer comes in and stops her. He gets in her face and gets gross with her and she decks him. Lulu comes over to help. Dustin takes the guy and slams him against the wall. Brookyn says: Dustin?? Dustin says: Brook Lyn? Oh they know each other!! 

Michael says he's going to the memorial! WHOOT! I think it starts tomorrow and I will be out at a check up.!! I have to get them every year because I work with kids for the county. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Blushing Bride

Of Course we're in love.... can't you tell? 

ANOTHER STELLAR WEEK!! I actually got home as soon as possible Monday to get all set up and in place for GH!! Squee!!  The blog can't begin to capture all that happened so watch the show! 

Let's get to it. I'm going to have all the CAKE I WANT in honor of Ava, Princess Of Wyndemere. 

Friday, January 10, 2020

Who will watch Wiley?

General Hospital:
Nikolas finds Elizabeth. She's like YOU'RE DEAD! "Things didn't go as planned" he says. She hugs him. He's zexy I think. She's mad to find out he's been in town since Sept. HE tells her that he's married to Ava-- She's like AVA? He's like FRANCO? LOL  She tells him that Hayden has a daughter but she's gone. He doesn't tell her Hayden knew he was alive!! 

Michael/Sasha and Brad and Willow. Brad can't find anything. Willow brings him coffee. Michael comes up later and tells him he thinks he should watch Wiley to help Brad out. That way, no nanny and he'll take some time off ELQ. LOL Brad freaks, says no. Says Willow should do it, it's perfect. Willow is like: I teach. Brad pleads. Julian walks up says NOT a good idea. Brad still pleads. Finally Willow says she'll help. 

Crimson: Lucy pitches the new Deception campaign to her, thinking Crimson can partner. BUT! Sasha's face is on the front lol. She offers Nina 5% stake in the company to put Deception at the center of Crimson. Nina is like, ok, but Sasha can't be the face. Then Lucy tells her Sasha is a shareholder LOL Nina @@ . Nina says nope and send Lucy out. Maxie says she will take over the entire Deception part of the magazine. Lucy calls Sasha to come over. Sasha tells Nina she's being stupid about all this. Maxie comes up with a plan..and Nina says she'll consider it. 
Lucy likes the way Maxie handled things. Tells her to maybe give her a call if she wants different work .

Juilan and Sonny talk about the docks meeting. Sonny says he heard that he and Brad were talking about Wiley and Michael. Sonny sayss he'll find out what's up and protect his family. Yada yada. Nothing big happened. 

PCPD: Jordan asks Jason about a truck that went missing. It was found burned out and abandoned. She tells him to take a seat.  She wants to interview the driver.  Jason says to call Diane. She said Diane is going to require a warrant. She thinks someone is trying to take over Sonny's territory.
Curtis comes in, Jason leaves. Curtis was asking about her old friend that died in DC since it upset her so much. He died of a drug overdose. Opiods. His name was BOB. Not sure why this is coming up but there it is.  Jordan calls someone to come to Port Charles ASAP.

Sonny cuts up cheese LOL. 

Tracy is on Monday

Thursday, January 9, 2020

DayCare Daddy

Crimson: Maxie feels like she's publishing the mag all on her own. Jax comes in. He talks to Nina. Later, Maxie says she's mad at Nina for not telling her she was fooling Valentin and the whole plan that was going on. 

CarSon's house: They look at the study that Gladys gave Sonny. Carly questions the number of patients in the trial. Sonny wants to get Mike in for the next group. They talk about it and Carly's not sure but finally is ok. Sonny leaves to 'clear his calendar' to take Mike to NYC. 

GH: Brad seems confused about what floor he's on. Michael steps out of the elevator with Wiley (not sure why he has him??) and says things aren't that good? Wiley was fussy in day care. They couldn't get a hold of Brad (his phone is on silent) and Michael is afraid he's in no shape to take care of Wiley. He's going to hire Brad a nanny to help him out. Brad accepts. (I bet its' going to be Willow)


Charlie's. Julian tells Ava no change and wonders how her New Year went. She shows him her giant rings. He thinks she's nuts to seek revenge on Nikolas but she doesn't care. They talk about How everytime Jules looks at Brad, he sees the hole where Lucas should be. 

Anna and Finn talk about her protecting Peter. Is it worth is?? As his mother?? Finn leaves. Anna invited Peter over to talk about the guy he killed. She asks about the security firm they both worked for. He says no big deal. Anna seems to believe him? I hope not 

Jax talks to Finn. Tells him why Hayden left town. Nikolas had someone attack her. 

PCPD: Diane tries to plead with Robert to give JaSam a new parole officer. She sounds dumb. He's like NOPE, sorry, Sam got convicted and I don't make deals with the mob. Go through the proper channels. Then Jason offers up information on Peter August. Robert is like: OH!! WHAT? Jason explains that Shiloh dropped his name when he was in jail and connected him to Drew's plane going down and Maddox getting shot. Robert says if they can get hard evidence he'll consider changing the parole officer.

Michael and Carly decide to support Sonny even if the study isn't going to work

Ava tells Sonny she's married! squee..Sonny tells her not to get Avery hurt or get murdered
Nina pisses off Maxie by being all "I'm editor and chief" after Maxie did all the work when she was gone
Sonny confronts Julian about the conversation he had on the pier with Brad "I know what you were talking about".

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Sonny's Kitchen: Carly's telling Jason about the wedding and Nikolas. She's the old lady in her kitchen just reconning the stories!! ahahhahaha
OH MY GOD STUPID SAM comes in!! She missed Jason for ONE NIGHT? Jeezzzzze. Seriously?  ALEXIS walks in because she has some papers for Sonny to sign. She flips out on Sam.. Actually, CARLY called the two of them over. Anyway, Carly's like: OH Guess WHAT?? Nikolas is alive!!
Alexis: WHAT
ugh..Alexis yells at Sam again and leaves for Wyndemere. 
Carly called them to "put their heads together to get around this" separation thing. What? is she NUTS? I mean how stupid.  She  says they should go "over the parole officer's head".. :eyeroll: 
OMG They go to see ROBERT and have a "proposal for him"! LORD.

Sonny takes Gladys somewhere. Oh coffee shop. She says she loves being with his family. He trist o give her a fancy car she can visit whenever she wants. She wants to stay to see Donna's Christening. He says no ..she says ok. Hands him an article about brainwave things to help Mike. ?? Maybe setting him up? I don't know. He takes the article home to Carly and says he thinks it will really help Mike. Oh boy. 

Nikolas finds the gun Ava had under her pillow. She won't give him the codicil because she thinks he will kill her or divorce her. So he has to put up with her.  She calls Lesil up. They exchange barbs but Ava REALLY wants Lesil to stay at Wyndemere to keep an eye on Nikolas. LOL Dr. O--bodyguard. Dr. O and Nikolas go have breakfast. She lays into him about what he did to Britt. Good scenes.
Alexis comes in..she's happy to see him. Wants to know why and yada yada. Ava walks in and tells her they are married. Alexis wants to know what's going on. 

Lulu's: Laura, Lulu, Maxie and Nina..Tad Martin Gray comes in as Valentin's lawyer. FOUR Ladies in there! Tad wants to make sure Char is safe. Lulu says she is safe and he should leave. Nina is all "Is Valentin ok? Is he in jail"?? Looking all guilty. 
He leaves. Laura asks Nina when she knew Nikolas was alive.
Maxie has on a godawful thing--it's like a hot pink...robe but it's a dress? Lulu is going to go for full custody of Charlotte and hired Diane. 

Robert Scorpio in interviewing Valentin. Val says he didn't do anything and they are 'empty handed" Robert says "Speaking of empty handed, aren't you disinherited"?? HAHAHAHA. He leaves when Martin Gray comes in. Tad says that the codicil looks real, and Val has to submit to a DNA test to prove he's Mekkos' son (or not) he says nope. Tells Tad to get him out. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Let's Get This Goin'!

I was so impatient today for the show!! That's so wonderful to feel 

Carly and Sonny in the kitchen, talking about the wedding to the moss. LOL Carly must HATE not being there! Gladys walks in. Carly's not happy. They yap. Sonny gets word a truck was hijacked, and he's not happy. Weird scenes. 


Park: Finn and Anna ringing in the new year. Talking about mushy stuff. FLEA AND MAC come up!! They are in the park too-- watching skaters. Mac wants to talk to Anna about the files she has and trying to find out who shot that guy at the hospital. Anna looks guilty. She says she found nothing. Finn looks at her side-eye. 

Valentin tries to take Charlotte. Maxie and Peter say NOPE.  Val asks Maxie to take Charlotte out so he can talk to Peter alone. She does. Val smashes Peter in the stomach. Goes out and tell Maxie Peter wants to talk to her alone. She goes in, he runs with Charlotte.  He and Charlotte go out the tunnels. 
Lulu finds the flower and realizes they took the tunnels. 

Jax gives Nina a scotch, she's in her street clothes, not her dress. Curtis and Jordan come in and say they have a warrant for Valentine's arrest for fraud..something else and maybe attempted murder if "Ava is telling the truth". Nina wants to leave. Jax follows her. 

Laura and Lulu are gobsmacked that Nikolas is marrying Ava. She figures out that Ava must have the codicil and that's why Nikolas is marrying her. Ava's like So what? Marriages are built on worse. Laura yells at Nikolas again about faking his death. Nikolas says he thinks he and Ava will make a good match. 

Jax and Nina go to that corner coffee shop and he booked her a suite at the Metro. They have coffee, leave. 

OK, so back in the part, Valentin and Charlotte emerge from "the tunnels"-- and Run right into Anna. So I guess they ran under the lake and river in really fast time. He tells Anna the wedding didn't happen and he and Char have to 'regroup'.. she says, really? Why are you out now, after midnight with Charlotte when you live right in Wyndemere? 

Laura goes and talks to Ava..cries, rants. Realizes that Nikolas came to Shadybrook to get Ava to tell him where the portrait was. Says he's SUCH a Cassadine. Tells Ava not to marry him. 

Kevin talks to Nikolas about calling Spencer, giving him a phone. I always thought Spencer probably knew he was alive. BUT?? 
AVA AND NIKOLAS are married! She's in a black gown with feathers! GAH! HOT kiss at the end!! 

Valentin is arrested in the park by Jordan. Everyone watches, even Jax and Nina who are on their way to the Metro Court. Valentin complains that Nikolas should be arrested too. 


Monday, January 6, 2020


Show Opens where we left off--Nik carrying Ava. Valentin makes Charlotte go upstairs and poor Maxie has to take her! LOL.. Maxie!! Who wants to know everything!!! PFft. Laura cries, Lulu cries... they think Valentin had him prisoner!! ahahhaahaha. Valentin says Ava fell because she was drunk. Nikolas is like NOPE you are NOT getting outta this!! Then he says the codicil didn't burn and HE IS THE SOLE HEIR OF WYNDEMERE!!!!! 
Mekkos dishenherited Valintin because because.........
HE'S NOT MEKKO'S KID! HE'S JUST HELENA'S!!!!!!! OH my GOD oh MY GOD!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA. Helena was afraid of Val because she hid it from Mekkos! ahaahahahaaa. AND he was a hunchback!!!
Valentin figures out Nina knew Nikolas was alive.  Nina tells him the whole story. She said he could have stopped it if he'd only told the truth. He said maybe he isn't capable of loving her the way someone should be loved. 
WATCH IT because I can't type up the entire dialog!!

Ava: "UM, hello...he tried TO KILL ME"! (to Jordan) aren't you going to arrest him??? Jordan just stands there. Tad says not to take the ramblings of a drunk woman. LOL GOD Jordan!! She needs a Red Bull or something!!  

Laura and Lulu go into another room to talk to Nikolas. He tells them the story of survival and not telling them he was alive. Laura slaps him. READS him about leaving Spencer and how Spencer tried to get revenge for his death for years and Val threatened him and she had to send him to France. Nikolas is like: Well, it was worth it, I won... 

Joss lights a 2020 candle. She and Dev got each other gifts? Oh in Turkey, it's tradition to give gifts. She got him a lotto ticket and red boxer shorts. Red underwear is also a tradition! He got her a fancy journal pen and a pomegranate, which you smash for good luck. Oh they kiss. Dev pulls Says it's because of Sonny and the family... hmmm, is he gay or is he Sonny's kid? NOT Sonny's kid I hope! 

Cam and Trina in the park ice skating. She's thinking Dev and Joss might be liking each other. The kids go to the park and Joss is mortified she tried to kiss Dev. 

Valentin wakes up Charlotte and tries to leave. Maxie says no!! 

OH MY GOD!! THE END!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHA Ok, so Ava is going to marry Nikolas TONIGHT!!!! YES!! That must be her deal with him for handing over the Codicil! she's going to be QUEEN OF WYNDEMERE!!!!!!
I don't even care if he is married to Hayden still and is double crossing her. I about fell off my damn chair. 

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Wet and Wild!


Thursday and Friday are the REASON I WATCH SOAPS. Oh yes. SO Soapy and SO old-school drama!! My gosh!! I was gasping all over the place. So good to be excited for a Monday show again. 

This week was really short, only 3 days and most of it was wedding prep so not a heck of a lot to report on. If you have given up on GH please consider watching Thursday and Friday's show because they are great. You don't even need to know much about what happened before them! 

I'm chilling with a breakfast burrito today. It's that kind of morning! 

Friday, January 3, 2020


I was in joy yesterday! Someone flipped over the parapet edge....JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS!!
Here we go for today!!

I need an hour of total distraction. 


Jax and Nina.. Jax tells her no to do whatever it is she's planning-- because the only way out is to leave. 

Peter and Maxie show up... they wonder why Dr. O is so drunk already. LOL

Repeat of the parapet scene!! Then Charlotte comes out: Papa what are you doing here? LIulu and she were looking at the moon.  He takes her to Nina and she hugs her and says I can't wait for you to be my step mommy forever and ever. 

Kevin is there Laura tells him about Charlotte and the photo and the ring, yada yada. 

EVERYONE SITS:  Nina comes to the door. Smiles at Valentin. She goes down the aisle. Tad is going to officiate. 

JaSam's PH:

While I"m parole I can never see you again...crying. Jason asks the parole officer's name. He says she was probably gunning for him and none of it is Sam's fault. :eyeroll: They call Diane. They tell her the parole officer 'claims" Sam has to stay away from Jason, known felon as condition of parole.
Diane says: YEP! That's right!! ahahhaahaa. Jason's saying he got out of jail. She said he still plead guilty to a felony-- and was never exonerated. Oh, that's right bucko!!  Diane also says it's never sat with her well all these years how Sonny's children paid and paid for everthing HE did. Warns them not to sneak around. They'll get caught and she'll go to jail for 2 years or more. Then she says Maybe the parole officer has something out for Jason (Oh for godsake) and Spinelli should look into her. Maybe a conflict of interest... :eyeroll: ugh she was doing so good too. 

So Jason leaves. Sam cries.

Chillow in the Metro. In bed. I guess we needed a sex scene? 

More Metro:

Boring Michael and Sasha. NOTHING .Absolutely nothing in those scenes.  They meet up with Chillow. I guess they are all a group now. 

Diane looks over Brook's contract. Ned says Diane can get anyone out of anything. Diane is like "Did you consult a lawyer before you signed this"...?? Brook: NO.  Diane tells Ned the only way to get out is to BUY it out. 

Ned won't but it out. Brook Lynn says that the guy hit on her after and that's why she left. Ned: Did he force you?? she says no..He says "I'm sorry I can't give you the money". Olivia is shocked. Later, Ned says the guy is going to make them pay too much if the give in. Brook should wait out her contract and stay at the Qs. "And give up my music"?? she says. He 's like well, you should have read your contract. She storms off.
Oh, and he calls her "Brookie" LOL. 


Thursday, January 2, 2020


THE PARAPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be still my damn heart!! Tad and Valentin are out on MY PARAPET!! I haven't seen that in ages.
I'm so happy lol. 

They are talking about Ava probably still having the codicil. Valentin finds out she's at the wedding and tells Tad he has a job for him. 

Metro: Michael, JaSam...Michael got an invite to the memorial too. It has to be Nelle!! Oh, Kristina got an invite too. Off camera naturally. 

GH: Nina sees the DNA tests and her hair matched  Donna Mills--meaning she's 100% sure that Valentin staged the Sasha thing. Sasha walks around the corner...Nina drops the test. Sasha picks it up. "how long have you known I didn't work alone"!! Nina says ever since the first day you told me at the wedding. Sasha says that she knows Nina still loves Valentin. Nina says "maybe the person they used to be" 

CarSon is standing in the kitchen..She tells Sonny Nikolas is alive. Sonny is like "JAX could be in legal trouble "!!! LIKE he's not? WTH. Jax knows about DEV!! LOL Anyway, they tell us the entire backstory about the codicil for those that missed it. 


Jax, Ava... Laura... Dr. O.. Jordan Curtis.
I am so pissed at what they put Laura in. You won't believe it... not only is it dark and big she's WEARING A COAT OVER IT. MY GOD!! Genie is spectacular and it just makes me mad. 

Anyway, Charlotte tells her that the "bodyguard" had a ring on just like Papa. She says it's all over the house-- the shield with a "C" in it. Laura is verklempt.  Tad comes up to Ava and says he loves her Gallery. Wants to ask her opinion on a painting he saw in the house. Would she come look with him --and she goes!! OH! He takes her to the PARAPET! WOOT! Valentin is there!! He wants the CODICIL!! Ava says I don't have it.  They barb--and then he grabs her and tells her "you're not going anywhere"!! 
OMG OMOGMOOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH IT!! I was stunned! She went over!!!!!!!!!!

Nina finally shows up... she has to go get ready.  Tells Charlotte 'no matter what, I love you". 
Jax knocks on her door. She answers. 

Sam's house: Parole Officer is there! Dolores...she has to check there's no firearms, alcohol or drugs around. She asks if Danny's father, Jason Morgan lives there. Then Jason comes home and Sam says she can never see him again! AHAHAHAA. OMG. Wait, so he's prob too dangerous to be around her when she's on parole!! 

You're Still IN

  I REALLY need for today's show to be a good one. Dang it.  Scotty and Ava talking about the boring custody case.  She says Laura is on...