Thursday, January 2, 2020


THE PARAPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be still my damn heart!! Tad and Valentin are out on MY PARAPET!! I haven't seen that in ages.
I'm so happy lol. 

They are talking about Ava probably still having the codicil. Valentin finds out she's at the wedding and tells Tad he has a job for him. 

Metro: Michael, JaSam...Michael got an invite to the memorial too. It has to be Nelle!! Oh, Kristina got an invite too. Off camera naturally. 

GH: Nina sees the DNA tests and her hair matched  Donna Mills--meaning she's 100% sure that Valentin staged the Sasha thing. Sasha walks around the corner...Nina drops the test. Sasha picks it up. "how long have you known I didn't work alone"!! Nina says ever since the first day you told me at the wedding. Sasha says that she knows Nina still loves Valentin. Nina says "maybe the person they used to be" 

CarSon is standing in the kitchen..She tells Sonny Nikolas is alive. Sonny is like "JAX could be in legal trouble "!!! LIKE he's not? WTH. Jax knows about DEV!! LOL Anyway, they tell us the entire backstory about the codicil for those that missed it. 


Jax, Ava... Laura... Dr. O.. Jordan Curtis.
I am so pissed at what they put Laura in. You won't believe it... not only is it dark and big she's WEARING A COAT OVER IT. MY GOD!! Genie is spectacular and it just makes me mad. 

Anyway, Charlotte tells her that the "bodyguard" had a ring on just like Papa. She says it's all over the house-- the shield with a "C" in it. Laura is verklempt.  Tad comes up to Ava and says he loves her Gallery. Wants to ask her opinion on a painting he saw in the house. Would she come look with him --and she goes!! OH! He takes her to the PARAPET! WOOT! Valentin is there!! He wants the CODICIL!! Ava says I don't have it.  They barb--and then he grabs her and tells her "you're not going anywhere"!! 
OMG OMOGMOOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH IT!! I was stunned! She went over!!!!!!!!!!

Nina finally shows up... she has to go get ready.  Tells Charlotte 'no matter what, I love you". 
Jax knocks on her door. She answers. 

Sam's house: Parole Officer is there! Dolores...she has to check there's no firearms, alcohol or drugs around. She asks if Danny's father, Jason Morgan lives there. Then Jason comes home and Sam says she can never see him again! AHAHAHAA. OMG. Wait, so he's prob too dangerous to be around her when she's on parole!! 


  1. Off topic but for Julie, is the blog still small on your phone? Still is on mine.
    Back on topic, I cannot wait to get home and watch on Hulu tonight!!

    1. Still teeny-tiny, that I'm almost cross eyed!🙃

    2. Ditto. Still we're the only 2.

  2. I would say that Sam can't associate with Jason because he's an ex-con. And may I add, thank heavens. Hopefully that means they won't be in too many scenes together for the next few years.

    Now I just need Ava to pop into that wedding, cold and dripping, and tell them that valentine threw her off the roof. lol Only thing better would be for Charlotte to have seen it.

    1. I know right! Let Char know Papa isn't so great squeaky clean.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn't it be fab if Ava came stomping in all bedraggled?! 😂

    3. It would definitely be soapy goodness at its best. I just hope they don't spend all of the next episode on weeping Sam and get us right back to the wedding. With all the missed episodes we don't need to wait another 3 or 4 days.

    4. "Di says, I just hope they don't spend all of the next episode on weeping Sam"

      Weeping Sam! ROFL!

  3. does Brenda have a son? and if so could Dev be him. brenda needs to come back. I want her with Jax.

  4. jasam is a joke so is carson break them all up

  5. I stand behind my theory that KM and SB do NOT like each other, so they will never be happy.......which is fine - now let's move on with both of them - SO tiring!!
    Ava must hang on to something - Nina wouldn't have the wedding without Ava - maybe the preview of the shock look of Laura and Nina is AVA dripping wet......not Nicholas walking in.....

    1. I have long suspected this- your theory. I have been listening to SB and BA'a podcast every week for the 2 years it has been going. Over that time they have had most everybody of the large very large cast on as guests one at a time; but they have NEVER had Kelly Monaco on; and neither Brad nor Steve EVER TALK ABOUT HER or refer to her on the pod like they do or have done with most everyone else. Since KM has been a primary scene partner for both of them for many many years, why else could this be?

  6. Lots of sparkly dresses today. I love sparkles. Poor sad Laura, at least she looks that way. Her clothing is holding her down.
    The parole thing is silly like everything has been recently in Sam's world. These two have nothing happening between them.
    The end. Shocking and soapy! Ava will prevail.

  7. I actually liked what Laura had on. I've seen them dress her in a lot worse! I didn't expect the Ava thing. Fun! Happy New Year, y'all!

  8. Happy New year Wubbers!! Karen,I've always loved this blog but right now it's really keeping me up to date like never before. I don't have any kind of internet or cable so watching live is it for me. There have been a lot of days I've missed recently, either just too sick to watch or like today I spent the day in the ER and couldn't find it on the stupid T.V. in my rm. I can't believe he threw Ava off that damn parapet! She better come sashaying into that wedding soaking wet! Hopefully, no hospital tomorrow so I can watch. But,like I've said in the past,I've visited alot of other soap blog sites and this one,with everyone here is the BESTEST and the next best thing! Have a blessed night!

    1. Oh Gracegirl! I can't wait until you have your treatment. :(

    2. Thank you so much Sonya! Me either. Hopefully, surgery the 24th and then again,hopefully, a very small round of chemo. Cancer seriously stinks! Grrr!

    3. Gracegirl, you know that we all are with you, wishing for you a full recovery and a blessed 2020!

    4. Gracegirl, wishing you the very best for your treatment & recovery!

    5. "gracegirl says, Thank you so much Sonya! Me either. Hopefully, surgery the 24th and then again,hopefully, a very small round of chemo."

      Good! I have been praying for you!!! What stage is the cancer?

      "Cancer seriously stinks! Grrr!"

      Yeah. :( Cancer isn't friendly that's for sure. :(

  9. P.S.It's taking a little bit to adjust to the new format though! Lol!

  10. The hospital:

    Nina and Sasha: Oh give me a break!!! Why did Sasha have to see that DNA test?!?!?!!

    Sasha: Nina. You are a good person. You are an honest person. So whatever you are thinking of doing,do you think you can actually go through with it?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously Sasha? SERIOUSLY!!??!!? This is Nina we are talking about. A woman who kidnapped a baby! A woman who cut out a baby from Ava's body!!!! You heard about all that stuff!!!! Shut up Sasha!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jasam and Michael: Oh glad Sam brought up Krissy getting that memorial thing.. I have been wondering if she got one too.

    Sasha and Michael: Damn Sasha is about ready to have a nervous breakdown!

    Carson Kitchen:

    Carson: Carly is all spilling her guts, and all I am wondering is, where is the tribbles?! Did Carly put them somewhere so that they don't hear her confess?! Oh wait there they are!!!!! :) Oh Sonny!!! You don't expect Jax not to retaliate back if you get him in trouble? Do you? I mean YOU would!!! Shut the hell up Sonny!!! Sonny's talk about trust. SHUT UP SONNY!

    Jasam home:

    Sam and Parole officer: Sam has a parole officer! HAHHAAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHA!

    Jasam: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! 13 year old Sam all sad cus she can't be with her 18 year old boyfriend Jason.. Yes mommy parole officer told her to stay away! HAHAHAHAHA!


    Dr. O and Jax: I love Dr. O's crush on Jax!!! :)

    Laura and Charlie: Well.. Is Laura finally realizing that maybe Nik is still alive? Hmmmmm?

    Dr. O and Marty: Hmmm. Will they be a couple?

    Ava and Marty: Or will they be a couple? Which lady will be charmed with Marty's southern charm? :)

    Jurtis: Uhh. Jordan all sad about her friend's death. I don't care!!!! Who is this friend?!?!!?!?!

    Dr. O and Nina: Dr. O wins the line of the day.

    Dr. O: Where have you been?! I was about to tie a little barrel around a neck of a saint Bernard, and send him out to find you.

    ROFL! Karen since you missed Dr. O's line, did you watch it online? :)

    Parapet: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They haven't shown the parapet in a long time!!! :) Ohhh Marty! You tricked the queen!!!! Shame on you! ROFL!

    V.C. and Marty: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! James Patrick Stuart and Michael E Knight scene! LOVE IT! :)

    Ava and V.C.: Oh man!!! The queen drinking her drink and V.C. looking down the parapet while talking to her. Geez I kept thinking does he want to push her down?!?!! OH THEN HE DOES! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I almost screamed. My jaw dropped and I covered my mouth in shock!!!! Then I thought, is he daydreaming?! Oh I can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sonya, I don't think he was daydreaming, I think Ava went down, but who knows?

    Oh, my splendid Dr. O! She was the most charming host of the wedding, she has such Old World charm! I LOVE seeing her with Jax, but, of course, I love seeing her do anything, she is the best character EVER!

    1. Love that Dr. O! Scenes with Ava, Jax and Martin were priceless. She looked lovely, too!

    2. And I thought Sonny was despicable yesterday.

    3. "AntJoan says, Sonya, I don't think he was daydreaming, I think Ava went down"

      Yeah I think she went down too.

      "but who knows?"

      The writers like to trick us sometimes! :)

  12. I'm with you AntJoan she went down! No daydream...and no coat! She's gonna freeze! Maybe Nic will save Ava or she saves herself and walks in like you all say?

  13. I think Ava went down off the balcony but will return shortly. She may come in on Nik's arm and ask for a "dry" martini.Ava's the best actor on the show - they won't get rid of her.This would add some excitement to the New Year.


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